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Morrainne quickly left the table where Imralion and the others sat and headed to the man they had pointed out was the owner of the house, and the one who was throwing the party. It was a lavish party, and the food was amazing. The wine was really good too, and she knew just how to thank him. She smiled. Maybe if she thanked him enough, he’d let her stay for a bit, and she could get whatever she wanted. She really loved rich guys, and this one was a mage on top of that. His long lavish robe was enough to give that away, even if she hadn’t known ahead of time that he was the headmaster of a magic school. His dark red hair was long and straight, and brushed back behind his ears. Though his robes hide it, his face showed that he was bordering on too thin. Morrainne thought that contributed to a sort of handsome frailty about him, and she did certainly think he was good-looking. His dark skin complimented his bright green eyes. His long goatee would look cute with a little braid in it. She’d have to take that up with him in the morning.

She slid up to where he stood as he sipped a glass of wine next to the wine table. If she wasn’t mistaken, it wasn’t his first. Good, that would make it even easier. She smiled as she poured herself another glass. “Hi, nice party.”

“Hi. Thanks.” He sipped his wine again.

She stepped in closer. He was tall, and he was looking down. If she could just get her cleavage in his way…

He stepped back. “Did you come with someone? I don’t think we’ve met.”

“Oh, yeah. Imralion invited me and my friend Emmaeli. We’re just friends. It’s not like anything’s going on. My name is Morrainne. I thought I’d come say thanks for the party.”

“I see.” The mage responded while glancing across the room. Morrainne followed his gaze. Imralion still sat with Aeramin and Emmaeli. “Imralion has someone anyway, so of course you’re just friends. I’m glad you like the party.”

Morrainne thought it was a good time to step in closer again. The mage stepped back, this time backing into the wall. Morrainne stepped closer knowing he couldn’t back up again.

“Hi, yes. There’s a lot of space right there.” His ears twitched slightly as he spoke, drawing Morrainne’s attention to them.

“I like your space.” Morrainne purred as she pressed her body against him. She felt him tense up, and shift sideways.

“I like my space too, except when I’m with my boyfriend. I like sharing space with him.”

She could tell by his nervous smile and his quick glances towards the door that he was plotting his escape. She glanced around. She didn’t see a boyfriend. The mage started giving some excuse about going to check on things in the kitchen as he turned towards the door. She grabbed his hand. “You know, it’s okay to relax a bit at your own party.”

He looked back at her.  “I am relaxed.”

“You don’t seem like it. You know, I could help.” She winked at him.

He pulled his hand free and hurried towards the door. She followed him as he rushed down the hallway past the library. “Where are you going, sweetie? Do you know a quiet place we can go?” Morrainne didn’t think it was going very well, but it was worth asking. Maybe he’d reconsider.

He didn’t. Instead, he quickened his pace, causing him to trip on his robe at the end of the hallway where it opened up into the sitting room. As he fell, his wine glass flew from his hand and shattered on the floor. She hurried to him to help, but he was already halfway to his feet.

“Don’t touch me!” He stated, pushing her hands away.

At that moment, the butler turned the corner into the hallway, “Magister, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Tik. Where’s Terellion?” he said as he finished getting back up on his feet.

“He’s in the kitchen, Magister. Don’t worry about this. I’ll clean it up.” Tik answered, referring to the broken glass and spilled wine.

Hethurin glanced at Morrainne. “Don’t you dare follow me.” He spun and walked away from the hallway, crossing the sitting room and disappearing through an archway to another room.

Morrainne smiled and crossed her arms.  She could do with the not following him, but that wouldn’t stop her from wandering to the kitchen five minutes later with a spinach roll in her hand. She turned and went back to the ballroom to get another plate.



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Ranger Logs

Gaelardrim’s Log:

The house is done, and the last pieces of furniture just arrived today. I’ve already taken most of my things there. There wasn’t a lot. I’m hoping Maerista is ready to move in as well! I’m willing to bet she has most of her things packed already. It’s been so long since I’ve been so happy. It still feels surreal, like it’s not really happening, but it is.

There is some furniture we don’t have yet, but all we need for now is there. I didn’t want to get things for the baby’s room yet because Ty and Orledin have been helping fairly often. They don’t know so I thought that might be something that would be better to get after Mae and I have moved into the place, and Ty and Orledin aren’t over everyday helping with things. Though it would have been a clever way to let them know that fatherhood is in my future, Maerista and I haven’t told anyone yet.

There’s supposed to be a party at the school soon with masks. I don’t have a mask yet, but I’ve been a little busy with the house. Maybe after we get Mae’s stuff there, we’ll have time to think about masks.


Sunashe’s Log:

I thought she liked me, but now that she’s said it, I’m not so sure. I don’t know, what if she’s only interested because I’m the only available guy? I’m trying but I’m a little mad right now. She’s been driving me crazy for months, then when we talk about it, she acts like I should have been able to read her mind or something. Really!

Early on in our conversation about it, she mentioned something that the others said that I talked about her or something, which I do, but I didn’t tell them to tell her that. So I told her that it didn’t matter if she wasn’t interested. She said “Oh.”  That’s it.  Just “Oh.” She didn’t try to correct me then and say she was interested. She let me believe for half of the night that she wasn’t!  Then she said she was.  So which is it? Could she be more confusing?

Then she thinks it’s just a bet I made with the other guys. I agreed to go shopping with her and still took her to lunch, but now there’s that in the back of my mind the whole time.  She thinks I’m just there for a bet. I pour my heart out to her one evening and it’s just a bet.


Arancon’s Log:

Sunashe says all rangers keep logs, and I have to write in one too because I’m a ranger now. I don’t have much to write. I’ve been practicing a lot. I haven’t gone on patrol yet. I still get periods of dizziness and headaches, but they are lessening. Occasionally, I feel ill, but that hasn’t been as bad lately either. One thing that hasn’t changed much is that I’m tired a lot. Sunashe says I’m like a cat because I want to sleep sixteen hours a day. I think it’s more like twelve. He likes to exaggerate sometimes. I’ve been doing well at the targets though, and I haven’t had a drink since arriving here, which I’m really proud of. I’m getting along with everyone pretty well, too. So overall, I think things are going well.

There’s going to be a party at the school where my son teaches soon, and the rangers have been invited by the headmaster. Luckily, it’s a mask party, so everyone is expected to wear a disguise, which is good because my son will probably be there and I know he isn’t ready to see me yet. So, I’m hoping he doesn’t recognize me. I don’t think he will. He spoke with the Captain a few weeks ago, and asked him to tell me to get the rest of my stuff out of the house in town. I had already taken most of it, but I went to make sure I had gotten everything.

I wish I could apologize and make everything better. I know I’ve not been the father I should have been to him, but as Sunashe says, I can’t dwell in the past. I’ve been doing so for far too long. I can’t change what happened, but I can focus on making the future better.

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Hethurin Art

I felt like practicing shading and getting his arcane burn look down, so here it is.

I felt like practicing shading and getting his arcane burn look down, so here it is. Sometimes I forget to post my finished art here. Most of it goes on Tumblr these days. 🙂

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • I’m still upset. I don’t know what to do. I keep trying to let it go, but I had a lot of time to think about it when I was stuck in my room, alone. It’s funny because I’m sure that if it was just me in one of my reclusive moods and I stuck myself in my room, I’d be fine with it, but I wasn’t fine with it because it wasn’t my choice to stay in there all the time. I have a school to run, and I feel horrible that the students missed half of a semester of arcane theory. I’m sure they don’t mind, but still. Then there’s the arcane lessons too.  Some of them might have minded missing those.
  • Anyway, I was stuck there, alone a lot of the time, and left to just think because all the books were boring. I don’t know why Terellion couldn’t just make fast cakes and spend more time with me. Oh, and he was sleeping on the couch. I wound up crying a lot when I was left alone for so long. I hate crying. Hethurin Fairsong isn’t supposed to cry. I really thought I left that behind when I changed my name. I guess I didn’t. I still don’t like crying though. I feel like Terellion doesn’t care about me enough. He doesn’t want to marry me. He doesn’t spend time with me when I’m sick. He wouldn’t even sleep with me.
  • He said he didn’t sleep with me because he was worried about kicking me and hurting me while we were sleeping. However, this was at the same time he got upset because I didn’t want a mask party. I’m planning his mask party now. I don’t want him to sleep on the couch or hide in the pantry again. I want him with me. I want to know he loves me.
  • Right now, things are okay, I guess. I mean, he’s sleeping in bed again, so that’s good. I feel safe when he puts his arm around me while we’re sleeping. I really love that. I just wish I knew it would always be like this.
  • That’s why I want to marry him. I want to know that even though he sleeps on the couch or hides in the pantry, we have a reason to work things out because we’re committed to each other. Not only do I want him to give me that kind of security, I want to give it to him too. I don’t know why he wouldn’t unless he thinks he’s going to leave sometime.
  • I almost asked him to leave one night when he was on the couch. I cried so much that night. Why is he here if he won’t marry me or even sleep with me? It’s very upsetting. I don’t want to think about it. I guess maybe that’s just something I have to be more careful about because I have money. I hate thinking that’s maybe the only reason he’s with me.
  • But even thinking this, I’ve already written to his mother’s landlord and made arrangements to pay for their rent for the year again for one of his Winter’s Veil gifts. I don’t know what else to get him. I want to get him everything, but I don’t know if he really cares. He won’t give me what I want the most.
  • I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay. Sometimes people don’t want to get married. I talked to Aeramin about it again. I think he’s laughing at me sometimes. I asked him if he ever wanted to get married, and he said he never saw the need. I guess that’s why he’s been in so many different relationships. He didn’t like me pointing that out.
  • I tried to talk to the Confessor about it too, but I don’t think he understood that I’m just trying to accept it or something. I don’t even know. I’d love to change Terellion’s mind, but if I got him to do that, then I’d have to say no. He’s already said no, so it’s wrong to say yes now. So I’m trying to accept that it will probably end sometime. Maybe it’ll be a month from now, or maybe ten years, but I still love him. I just have to accept that. I need to enjoy whatever time I have with him. I could die tomorrow and it would be over.
  • One of the first things I did after getting my last cast off was going to Silvermoon and talking to someone at the Spire about getting something official planned for if something happens to me. I’m leaving my fortune to my husband, if he exists. If he does not, then almost everything is going to my brother, with some percentages going to some sisters, not all of them because Vallindra is mean, and so is Ara, and Esladra is too.  Only Lani and Nessna get some. I’d like to make sure the school keeps going, and Vaildor seems to have some interest in expanding it. I think he’d be able to manage it, even if he has to hire someone to teach arcane while he paints all day or something. Maybe Confessor Morthorn could do his paperwork. I know he does Lani’s, and it’s not more complicated than that. I know! I’ve done both!
  • I’m so glad I got the last cast off, but Lani is still annoying about the arcane burn on my chest. It was really bad, but it’s healing well. I mean, it’s going to scar pretty bad, and I hate that. I don’t think I’m as good-looking anymore. I know Terellion notices that. He probably thinks it’s gross. He says he doesn’t, but I know what I see when I look at it. It’s gross. He must see it too.
  • I’ve been able to go up in the tower. It’s finished now so I have a couch and a light and some books in the secret room. It’s hidden behind a bookcase in one of the rooms in the tower. There aren’t any windows in that part. I almost regret that I planned that part with Terellion. I kind of want to go there to hide sometimes, so I can be alone to cry. I guess I can still go fishing for that because Ter already knows about the secret room. No one else does, except Tik, and it’s hidden really well. I worry that Vyn and Sal might have seen it when it was being built because it’s just outside their windows, but they haven’t said anything.
  • Anyway, we haven’t used it yet. In one of the top rooms, there’s a little covered balcony. You can see all of the Ghostlands from there, and there’s a wonderful view of the sea. It’s the best tower ever.
  • With the tower finished, I’ve had Ordinicus, Ethirdir and Ithorel start on another classroom. This one is going to be for younger students for general education. I’ve written to the Spire in Silvermoon about getting funding for a school out here in the Ghostlands for the young sin’dorei in the region. Hopefully, they’ll help out so I can offer it for free. Otherwise, I might have to ask them to pay for their own supplies. I’d still have to pay for the teacher out of my own pocket, but I think it’s for a good cause, so I don’t mind. I just worry that there might be some poorer families with kids of student age in the area that can’t afford school supplies.
  • I forgot to ask the Confessor if he knew of any families with children who could benefit from the school. I need him and Lani to help get word out that there will be a school here soon for them!
  • Yesterday, Aeramin wanted me to go with him to eat lunch in Silvermoon, but he had this idea that I could help him with a girl. I guess he’s trying to get Im a girlfriend? That’s weird. Anyway, he promised to make ten manaberry pies for me, just like the kind from Shattrath. I’m going to hide them in my tower so I can eat them whenever I want without Tik telling me they’re bad for me. They have berries and berries are good! They’re like fruit and fruit is like vegetables except it tastes a lot better.
  • I had to disguise myself, in case Imralion was around. I guess the girl he wanted to talk to but couldn’t because he told Im that he wouldn’t, is also a blood knight. I cast an illusion so that I had blond hair. Aeramin wasn’t impressed really, I think, because he said he recognized me now, and that I shouldn’t have been such a little shit. Okay?
  • Anyway, we went there to where she usually eats and she was sitting at a table and just getting her lunch out. He pointed her out to me so I went to sit with her while he went to sit at another table. He had a cowl on so his hair and face was hidden, but we had a list of hand gestures and stuff worked out. He wrote them all down for me. He had a book with him too, to make it look like he was reading. He scratched his nose a lot, which meant ‘no’. I don’t know what was ‘no’. I kept trying to fix it, but I don’t know. I think it ended okay. She did agree to talk to Im if things didn’t work out with her friend or something. I don’t even know.
  • He said he’d get the manaberry pies to me by Monday. I’m excited.

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My Week by Vaildor Lightmist

I guess it’s been an okay week. I’m still kind of figuring out what to think about what happened last night. Lani made me sit in the sitting room with her, and I thought we were just going to talk about school or something.  I thought maybe I failed a test, but that wasn’t it at all. She and the Confessor are going to have a baby.

I know it’s supposed to be a happy thing, but this affects me too. I know I won’t have to share a room, at least not yet, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to change a lot. Neither of them will have time for me. What if I need help with some homework? What if they can’t send me to art school because babies cost a lot too? I think Hethurin and Isturon are helping with that, so at least school should be okay, but what if I need a new robe or some books or more art supplies? They need to buy cribs and rattles now, so there won’t be enough for a new robe.

Anyway, I want to be happy, but I’m worried too. Also, I’m not sure if it will be like my brother or sister, or if it’s my niece or nephew. It’s kind of how I feel about Lani and the Confessor too. I kind of think of them as my mother and father, but I have a mother and a father, so I don’t know if it’s okay to call my older sister, Minn’da, and her husband, Ann’da. I mean, he’s my brother-in-law, but he’s raising me.

Sometimes I wish things could be normal, but I guess that can’t happen because I’m in the wrong time, and they can’t take me back without changing a lot of things. I do get to see my real father sometimes and that’s nice. Maybe I can go to Silvermoon again soon.

There’s also some really good news about the school. Hethurin has agreed that the area needs a school for younger kids, and he’s having a whole new room built onto the academy just for that. I heard him talking to the builders, and I guess a new bathroom is being put in next to the room too.  He’s having it added on to where there was a side door, and it’s kind of close to the cliff. I hope I don’t daydream and stare out the window at the sea all the time!

Anyway, the best part is he’s already written to the art school in Silvermoon about being approved to work with the program they have for younger students. I won’t be able to go to the art school full-time, but I’ll be able to go a couple of days a week as long as I’m at a regular school on the other days. I’m really excited about that. That means I’ll be able to go in January if he gets approved! I asked him if he’s going to charge anything for the tuition, and he said he’s already wrote to the Spire in Silvermoon about having it financed by them. He’s not sure they will because the school isn’t in Silvermoon or Eversong, but he thinks there’s a good chance that they might. If they do, he can offer the classes for free so that all the younger people of the area can study there. If they don’t, then he’s still going to try to keep tuition free, but the students will have to buy their own supplies. He said he also put up an ad to find a teacher for it. I hope he finds someone nice!


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Aeramin’s Notes

  • A lot has happened. First, Im has found two girls. Two! I could tell him it’s not as fun as he thinks, but if that’s what he wants, I doubt he’ll listen. I am going to try to talk him into just one. He invited them both for supper. I thought there was only going to be one! I’m not upset really, but we were lucky I made enough for all of us.
  • They were both pretty. One had long blond hair and the other had red hair. The one with blond hair was a bit lewd though… with my spinach rolls and her tongue. I had to get up and go to the kitchen cause I really didn’t want to watch that. I’m okay with her doing that with Im, but I don’t need any visualization at supper! Especially not on our first meeting.
  • He had warned me that she liked bananas at lunch. We decided on no phallic food for the supper, but then we agreed on spinach rolls. I didn’t think of it until it was time to take them out, and by then decided to risk it since they were already made. It was kind of too late to make another appetizer, so I took them out. Of course she decided to lick and suck one.
  • The other girl, Emmaeli, at least seemed to be a bit embarrassed at her friend’s table manners, so there’s that. I don’t like the blond, Morrainne, but I didn’t say the word that Im and I had agreed on because I did like Emmaeli. I don’t even know if he likes her though. Morrainne seems a little obsessed with him. Obsession never ends well. She’s the type to fantasize over one guy, then once she realizes he’s just like everyone else, she’ll get bored and leave. Been there, done that. Know the type too well.
  • That, and her antics remind me of how I used to be. I started working on the streets at a fairly young age. I remember buying ice treats on a stick during the summer, and licking them provocatively while winking at guys walking by. It worked really well, and it was a nice way to keep cool, besides the skimpy outfits I used to stand around in.
  • Watching her molest my spinach roll with her tongue like that made me think of that. I don’t want her here.
  • Emmaeli seemed much nicer. Maybe Im doesn’t like her because he would have to work for her? Morrainne seems to throw herself at him. Emmaeli seems more reserved, and a lot more polite. I think that’s why I like her. She was more pleasant to sit with. She was quieter, so I don’t really know much about her yet, but she does seem like someone I can get along with.
  • Anyway, supper went well, when I wasn’t looking or listening to Morrainne. It was late by the time it was over, so they decided to stay the night. Morrainne stayed in the guest room, and Emmaeli slept on the new couch in the sitting room. I made eggs and bacon in the morning (not sausage!) then Im went to Silvermoon with them and I went to the school. We didn’t have time to talk about it yet. I hope he agrees that Morrainne is a bit too obvious and maybe it’s better to have one nice girl.
  • We need to talk about the party at the school too. I have no idea what kind of mask to get. I joked and told Kes and Ordinicus that I was going to paint the one side of my face to match the scarring on the other side. I guess they didn’t think it was funny because they just looked at me odd. I thought it was funny.
  • I told them about my father too. I’m still angry. I feel selfish for feeling angry, but I can’t help it. I don’t really wish he was drinking, but I’m jealous that others get to have him sober, when he should have been sober and working when I was younger. If he had been working, we would have never wound up in Murder Row. Maybe he never would have hit us. Maybe he would have been able to take care of Maena when she was sick. Maybe I would have never bought ice treats.
  • Anyway, the last I knew, he was still with the rangers.  I think Sath would get word to me if he disappeared.  Maybe he wouldn’t. I don’t know. He’s supposed to be there though, and if he is, then he’s still sober, which means this is the longest he’s ever gone without drinking.
  • I’d like to say I’m happy about that, but I still get angry. It might take some time.

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RaF Round Up

I slowed down in posting for a bit due to another round of Recruit-a-Friend.  I’d like to say I’ll be able to post more now that it’s over, but I’m starting in on a big project, so expect more sporadic stories soon! I will try my best to get two done each week, and get them posted here.  Anyway, this post isn’t a story, but just a lot of screenshots as my RaF has ended.

I’m going to post them in four sections, the teams will have two, the keepers and the throw aways.  The keepers are from the referring account and one I’m going to keep paying the monthly fee as it’s all upgraded and all that.  The throw aways are on the referred account which was just basic and paid for a few months for RaF only. The third group was granted levels up to 85. The fourth group is for those that hit 85 by tagging along. There were also a few lowbies that I’m not listing here, just the 85’s!

Here are the keepers:

Roff, the worgen. I wanted to do a worgen team because I don't have many worgen. The worgen start zone is hell, it's still hell.  Not doing it again.

Roff, the worgen. I wanted to do a worgen team because I don’t have many worgen. The worgen start zone is hell, it’s still hell. Not doing it again.

Bailas, the poolboy.  He has appeared in some stories, as a pool boy, and Verisna's lover.

Bailas, the poolboy. He has appeared in some stories, as a pool boy, and Verisna’s lover.

Haldeith has also made an appearance in some stories as a priest in Silvermoon.

Haldeith has also made an appearance in some stories as a priest in Silvermoon.

Aalaa was my banker on Stormrage for a short time.  Lesith took over and I leveled Aalaa.

Aalaa was my banker on Stormrage for a short time. Lesith took over and I leveled Aalaa.

Thost, a blood elf monk with a funny name, cause why not?  I certainly don't have enough blood elves.

Thost, a blood elf monk with a funny name, cause why not? I certainly don’t have enough blood elves.

Juundia, a draenei monk.

Juundia, a draenei monk.

Champhop, an undead priest.  I'm not sure if it's pronounced champ-hop or cham-fop.

Champhop, an undead priest. I’m not sure if it’s pronounced champ-hop or cham-fop.

The throw aways:

Their names were all randomized.

Their names were all randomized.

Because they were just for the 300% experience bonus.

Because they were just for the 300% experience bonus.

So some of them are really funny!

So some of them are really funny!

I don't even know.

I don’t even know.

But some of them weren't too bad.

But some of them weren’t too bad.

Some were even kind of cute!

Some were even kind of cute!

And one was really good.  I want to re-roll him somewhere.

And one was really good. I want to re-roll him somewhere, but without the dorky stache.

Granted levels:

Vaildor was leveled from mid-40's to 85 with granted levels.

Vaildor was leveled from mid-40’s to 85 with granted levels.

Olaffe was mid-60's when he received his granted levels.

Olaffe was mid-60’s when he received his granted levels.

Colranos was about the same as Olaffe.  They both dinged 85 off the same characters granted levels.

Colranos was about the same as Olaffe. They both dinged 85 off the same characters granted levels.

Ege is a worgen and that's okay because he didn't have to do the worgen start zone.  He was in Hellfire when he got his granted levels.

Ege is a worgen and that’s okay because he didn’t have to do the worgen start zone. He was in Hellfire when he got his granted levels.

Ceronas was also level 60-ish when he got his free levels.

Ceronas was also level 60-ish when he got his free levels.

Guess what level Amarallah was when she got hers... Hint, she was in Hellfire too!

Guess what level Amarallah was when she got hers… Hint, she was in Hellfire too!

Tag Alongs:











And that’s it for the 85’s!


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