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Brother forcing me to take a nap.  Too tired to argue.

The box better still be there when I wake up.


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Dress Inspection Report

Primary characteristics of dress:

  • Red.  Very red.  The right shade to set off an interesting contrast with the right shade of blue skin and blue hair.
  • Small top section.  Uses less materials, perhaps making it more efficient for certain activities.
  • Bottom half covers fully, to the ankles, making it less fun than it could perhaps be.

Further inspection was needed of the top section given the fabric’s gravity-defying properties.  Occupant of the dress pointed out small wires located within the the sections with the gravity-defying properties.  Visual and manual hand inspection revealed no use of magnets in the area.  Visual and manual hand inspection also revealed no invisible strings.  Despite this the dress was quite tight and seemed firmly in place.

Two chains in front seemed to be holding the two sides together.  I thought perhaps orally detaching the chains would work best to loosen the dress given my clumsy fingers.  Dress occupant informed me of the clasp in the back.  Orally detaching a clasp seemed less likely.  Clumsy fingers fumbled with clasp until dress occupant assisted.  Proper gratefulness needs yet to be expressed.  Improper gratefulness was thoroughly given.

Dress top

Dress top

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The Dead are Unpredictable

A lot has happened the past couple days.  Engineering projects, fishing trips, blowing up goblin shredders, being a druid, failing at being a druid… All has kept me quite busy.

My engineering projects have been varied and hopefully profitable/useful.  I’ve made some bombs to provide defense when I am unable to use my weapon.  Earlier today I was working on reverse-engineering some goblin bombs that I picked up in Felwood.  I’m taking it slowly as I don’t wish to lose any fingers.  I’ve also made some simple goggles that I wish to sell.  Perhaps I can make enough money to pay my brother back.  Lastly I tinkered a bit with a belt attachment that drops a  decoy to distract an attacker.  The last one was a little tricky.  Getting it to fold up enough to be small enough for a belt, but unfold properly and be large enough to be an effective distraction was not easy.  I think it should work though.

I went fishing with Ornasse yesterday.  I caught a few trout and catfish.  I also got some weeds, a bit of torn cloth and a few sickly looking fish.  We talked about random things.  Life, death, undeath, that kind of thing.  He knew another death knight personally.  He said he could have stopped her, that she wouldn’t have been there if he had.  I didn’t want to pry.  We spoke about engineering and druidism.  I told him how horrible my older brother is at being a druid.  I think he was amused.  We also talked a little about Tathariel and her mother.  She is apparently much like her mother was, although she has yet to yank my ears.  I hope she doesn’t.

I met up with Tathariel in Darnassus later on.  I wanted to try out my bombs and I thought it would be fun to blow up some goblins.  Irony is always a good time.  I knew of some in Felwood, so we went there.  We only found one goblin but there were a lot of shredders.  I had to blow those up.  It was there within the near empty goblin village that I found the bombs that I worked with earlier today.  They had some sort of crystals in crates.  I didn’t know what they were so I didn’t want to touch them.  There were also some funny calendars of female goblins in the larger buildings.  There were some smaller buildings that were too small to be of any real use.  I don’t know why they built them.

Later we went to Darkshore, to help the wildkin there.  I believe we may have succeeded.  I was nervous much of the time, especially when Tularius said for the second time that the dead are unpredictable.  I’m worried he knows, but at the same time I feel he would be more accepting than some of the other druids.  It doesn’t matter what he thinks anyway.  I still intend to do what I can to help.  Tathariel and I built the shrine to help them move on.  Tathariel built it more than I did.  I just gathered more materials and donated a cloth bandage to keep the antlers in place.  The priest blessed the area.  Tularius asked Tathariel and I to cast moonfire to burn the feathers on the shrine.  I tried to very nonchalantly mention I hadn’t learned it yet.  Hopefully more of the spirits went to the shrine after we left.  Sometimes the dead are a bit spooked by the living.

We went home after that.  Tathariel wore a beautiful red dress that made me just want to bury my face in her cleavage.  She was worried that it shows too much.  Maybe it does, but I know I’m the only one seeing the rest.  She wore it again tonight.  I think she knows I like it.

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Still in the temple.  I’ve taken a couple more naps.  I did get out today.

There was a meeting of many different groups today in Elwynn forest in the Eastern Kingdoms concerning the Twilight cult.  I did appreciate news on their activity in the Eastern Kingdoms.  All the same, the human leading the meeting did not come across as being trust-worthy.  I’ve never really felt this mistrustful of a human before.  Perhaps it’s my lack of sleep.  Perhaps it’s the current political climate.  Perhaps I’m finally learning.  It was easy not to commit too largely.  As I told Orravar, large organizations are easier to infiltrate, not to mention more noticeable as a target to infiltrate in the first place.  I’ll allow allying with them only as far as to keep an eye on them for now.

We have our own stuff to take care of.

I had little time after that to return to Darnassus to sit in on the meeting Keeper Andicious had set for the soldiers of the Might branch.  We have some promising newer recruits as well as some more advanced combatants.   It was good to see them in action at the dummies and dueling each other.  I hope I have not asked too much of Andi to train two death knights.  We have another death knight in the Might branch that didn’t show up tonight.  Andi seems to be able to handle them well, and I do try to make sure when I interview them that they will not cause too many problems.  There will always be those that will not be happy about them, but if they want to help, I think that is a good sign and they should be given the chance.

Speaking of which, my brother should have went to Darkshore tonight to help with the Wildkin there as part of the Soul branch’s task.  I hope things went well for him.  I do worry for him.

Vassanta took Dog out for hunting again.  I think the fish have grown.  I think I keep falling asleep when people talk to me.

I’ve been going over the maps Andicious gave to me.

I need a nap.

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Still in the Temple

I’m still in the temple with the Twilight box.  I still feel okay despite the dangers associated with it.  I am tired.  I’ve been napping off and on near the back of the temple.  The priestesses haven’t stopped me.  They either dislike me that much or I don’t snore very loud.  I hope it’s both.

I held a meeting yesterday.  We went over places to move it to.  Someone suggested moving it to Winterspring.  There is a barrow there that we could store it in.  I agreed it’s an option to look into, but I feel it’s not the most viable one.   It would be difficult to keep it warded there and that would lead to a large chance that it could corrupt the area around it.

Some of the other options look more viable.  The mind branch has put forth three locations, all places where it could be stored in an arcane vault.  I don’t really understand how the magic works but it seems it would be safe and the area around it would be safe from the box.  There are already vaults in Eldre’thalas and Dalaran.  I’ve asked Andicious for maps detailing twilight cult and Horde activity in Feralas.  Unless things have changed very recently in Northrend, there should be no twilight cult activity near Dalaran, and I was assured the Horde would not have access to the box.  There was a concern raised about the types that live under Dalaran, in it’s sewers.  I doubt they would have access to it either.

A third location for an arcane vault was touched upon by Councilor Talein after the meeting.  He said he could create one, in Darnassus.  I am wary of how the others would react to that.

Elynia had a suggestion that we consult the keepers of time.  Dragons rarely bother with trivial matters.  They may be able to help, but my reports say there are some camps where these things are found in nearly every tent.  I’m not sure it’ll be important enough for a dragon worry about it.

She also came to see me after the meeting and apologized for her actions the other night.  I’m not sure I fully trust her, but I’m too tired to really think about it.

I’m hungry.

I hope Dog is okay.  Vassanta has been gone with her for a long time.

Jaellynn had told me he wasn’t coming to anymore “stupid” meetings.  I guess he changed his mind.  He showed up… Late.

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I’m not sure what to think anymore.  Maybe I shouldn’t think at all.

We went to Feralas again the other night.  I wanted to check the wildlife further inland.  The stags seemed fine there.  The bears didn’t attack us.  There were some sick dryads  We need to add that to the list of things to do.  She flew home.  I had to walk back to the nearest flight master.  I was upset.  I was more upset before the night was over.

She said our mentor insulted her.  I didn’t realize that being called outspoken was an insult.  It makes me angry now.  I let him get away with insulting her.

I still don’t really understand.  She was angry about the meetings, she doesn’t want to work with our mentor, but when I decide I don’t want to go, she forces me to and gets mad if I don’t.  What is wrong with agreeing with her?  The meetings are a waste of time.  We could have helped the wildkin in Darkshore quicker on our own.  She’s right.  That makes me wrong?  And then she says it’s for me.

I had to take a moment to let it all go the other night, after our second trip to Feralas.  I let it go.  She is more important to me than what I can do within the Kaldorei Shan’re.   I can’t do much.  Almost anything I do would pretty much expose what I am.  Jaeyn would eventually get over it if I stopped attending his silly meetings.  I let it go.

She is more important.

But the moment I do that.  I’m wrong.

We went to Felwood as planned.  She was still mad.  I forgot my weapon and had to resort to using ghouls to defend us from a couple orcs and forsaken in some kind of demonic cult.  The forsaken did make contact with his dagger but I don’t think Tathariel noticed as I don’t really bleed.  It’s repaired itself now.  It did hurt at the time though.  I really should wear my armor when going into areas I don’t know very well.

We found two moonwells in Felwood.  One was clean and the other was heavily tainted.  The cultists were around the tainted one, along with large felhounds.  I saw a banner similar to one I saw near the moonwell in Feralas and there were a bunch of demons nearby.  The sick stags in Feralas were mostly all somewhat near the tainted moonwell.  I highly suspect demonic activity has tainted the one in Feralas even though I saw no other evidence of demons being in the area.  We need to compare the samples we took.  I’m afraid to touch moonwell water, even if it’s tainted.  Maybe especially if it’s tainted.  It could feel as burning as it feels when a priest blesses and heals, and as uncomfortably painful as a warlock’s curse…  At the same time.  I’ll pass.  I’m dealing with enough personal pain right now.

Tonight we have the thing in Darkshore, maybe.  Our mentor hasn’t contacted us to say whether he was able to set things up with the others or not.

She’s right.  We could have helped them faster on our own.

But I’m wrong for thinking that.

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Felwood Sketch

Symbols and drum in Felwood.

Symbols and drum in Felwood.

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