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Sanimir – Notes

  • I got my things from Xyliah’s apartment.  It’s hers now.  There wasn’t much.  Just some furniture, books and clothes.  I left some things, but the things I brought were things we actually needed.
  • I made sure to get Aeramin’s chair too.
  • He wants to put his chair in the bedroom, and he wants to get one of those bookshelves with doors so he can hide his books and read in private.
  • I guess it’s a good idea to hide them.  I don’t like them in the bedroom, but there isn’t anywhere else.  It would be nice to have a study, but the main room is big enough and we can’t afford a place with a separate room.
  • I don’t worry because the circus isn’t dangerous.
  • Or studying dragons.
  • I guess Aeramin is right.  I should believe something believable.
  • But he was cute on the elekk.  I guess I could still imagine it without believing it.
  • Kestrae said that Aeramin should take me to the faire.  I think she should come too.  I should ask Isandri if she wants to go.  I bet she would have fun there too!
  • I found my swimming shorts.
  • Aeramin said he might be too busy.
  • I feel like he’s doing all the work, but I can’t think of anything else that I can do yet.  I’m working on writing new spells, but it can take decades of study.  I need to study faster.
  • I put up an ad for portals in the library on the board there.  Maybe someone will ignore the 15 other ads up for portals and contact me instead.
  • It’s not easy to find work making portals when you live in a city full of mages.
  • I talked to Aeramin about a lot of things.  I didn’t know he had girlfriends before.  He said there were two and he called it a phase.
  • I don’t want any phases.
  • I asked him how his mother was.  He didn’t want to answer and when he did, he cried a little.  I could tell he was trying not to.
  • He said she doesn’t remember him and hasn’t for a week or so now.  She’s forgotten who he is before but it was brief.  This is the longest she’s gone without remembering him.
  • I don’t know what to do when he cries.  He was trying to pretend he wasn’t, but I knew.  I tried to hug him and he pulled away and said he had work to do.
  • Isandri thought he was older.  If I didn’t know better, I would think so too.  I feel immature around him sometimes.
  • I still haven’t heard from my parents.  At least I know they’re alive and healthy.


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Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • He was hung over all of yesterday.  He drank way too much the night before.  It was his birthday.
  • I couldn’t afford much for him.  I don’t think that was why he got drunk.
  • I got him cake.  He kept saying he was going to conjure cake.  It’s his birthday, he deserves a real cake.  I got one.  I think he liked it.
  • I also got some expensive wine.  I’ve never bought wine that cost so much before.  I think Kes could probably tell.  I’m not sure how well Isandri or Sanimir know their wines.
  • He kept drinking after the wine was gone, until I asked him for his drink and told him he shouldn’t have anymore.
  • I had another gift for him, but I couldn’t give it to him in front of Kes and Isandri.  I wound up giving it to him last night because he was so drunk the night before.
  • He slept on Kes’s couch that night.  I really wasn’t comfortable with him sleeping there, even though I had been staying in the guest room.
  • I have rules set up with him, and myself, about the things I do.  Kes doesn’t.  I think that’s the big thing with my unease with him staying there…  that and I didn’t want him to be sick on her floor.
  • He managed to keep it in the bucket.
  • I cleaned the bucket.
  • Kes only had to deal with hearing him whine about his headache for a short time.
  • I made breakfast, and ate with Kes.  He wasn’t hungry, which was probably good because it would have just wound up in the bucket.
  • I dragged him to the appointment to visit the apartment after that.  He kept fussing on the way there about the sun being too bright.  I got impatient and told him he just turned 92 and he should act like it.
  • I think he got mad at me, but he was quieter.
  • And I think he forgot to stay mad at me.
  • The apartment is perfect.
  • It’s a bit small.
  • But it’s perfect otherwise.  We both agreed on it.
  • The bedroom is small but makes good use of the space.  There’s a raised platform for a mattress and some drawers underneath.  At the end of the platform is a closet to hang our robes in.
  • The bathroom also is not very big.
  • The main room has counter space lining one wall, a cooking area, and the rest is open.  There will be enough room for everything we want to get, when we get it.
  • A table, chairs, couch, bookcase, and everything.
  • I think the first thing we need is a mattress.  We do have blankets.  We arranged them there last night for our first night in the apartment.
  • I’m planning to buy a mattress.  I have the money.  I won’t have to wait to find one that someone wants to throw away.  I finished the invitations for the one person and he paid the rest of what was due.  I’m working on some more now, and the book.  After we get settled in the apartment, I can return to the library and work on the translation as well.
  • I’ll probably have to keep a very tight schedule over the next few months.  Practice, lessons, work and more work.
  • I’m not worried about that.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to spend enough time with Sanimir.  I’m worried what could happen if I don’t.
  • He’s excited about getting Muffins and bringing him ‘home’.  Maybe I worry too much sometimes.
  • He enjoyed the other gift.  I did too.

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Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I’ve been having a wonderful time at the dwarf ruins with Berwick.  We even found a bar inside the fortress!  They have some really strong drinks though.  I think I prefer the frog drink to anything they have there, but it was still fun.  The pretzels were really good.

Last night we ventured deeper into the ruins.  You wouldn’t believe some of the things we saw there!  There were some hounds there that were the size of a house!  We managed to sneak around to the smaller ones to collect some skins.  Unfortunately, we were too close to one of the other larger ones.  It attacked us.  Berwick was so brave.  I let loose some arrows while he drew it away from me.  He finished it off.

We decided it might be too dangerous to go further in, so I gathered what I could from the area we were in.  Father will be so surprised when he gets these.  I’m going to send him half and sell the rest.  They should pay the rent for the next two months alone.  I don’t think many people can supply leather like this!  Berwick was strangely interested in the dogs’ teeth.

We were about to make our way back to the bar for the evening when Thalien started acting weird, like he wanted me to follow or something.  We hadn’t left anything behind so I wasn’t sure why he wanted us to follow at first, but we did.  He landed on the ground near a tiny opening in the cavern wall, and squawked while peering inside.  I looked in to find a pup.  The poor thing was so frightened.  We must have killed its mother.  I think Berwick felt bad, but I told him I thought maybe it was the big one that attacked us.  She was probably protecting her baby, but at that point it comes down to her or us, and I’m glad we’re here still.  I’m not sure if that made him feel better or not.  I tried.

I lured the pup out of the hole with a pretzel.  He didn’t eat it, but he liked to lick it.  I got him to follow us all the way back.  I gave him some jerky once we reached the bar, but they didn’t have any kind of milk.  Figures.  He probably still needs milk, so we’ll have to think of something.  They did have water and he did drink that.  I was worried he wouldn’t, but it seems he isn’t that much different from a normal puppy.

I have to think of a name for him.

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OOC – #31

My 31st level 85 is my banker!  He made it without doing a single quest, ever.

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Alinash – News of Theramore

Everywhere he went, Alinash overheard talk about it.

“Did you hear what happened in Theramore?”

“The entire town was destroyed.”

“I saw survivors arrive at the docks on a boat.  There weren’t very many.”

“I heard there were orcs everywhere.”

Alinash kept his hat pulled low and his head down as he picked up a loaf of bread in the bakery.  He got in line behind the two talking women who were paying for their items.

“I can’t imagine if they came here.”

“I heard there was a bomb made by blood elves.”

This part again.

“It flattened the entire city is what I heard.”

Alinash wasn’t sure how true the accusations were.  A mana bomb had apparently been dropped on the small port town in Kalimdor.  If it was truly a mana bomb, then it likely was of sin’dorei origin.  However, goblins were well-known for their explosives technology, and in most recounts, a zeppelin was seen before the explosion.  Perhaps things were just being exaggerated to include all members of the horde.  Alinash didn’t consider himself on any side but his own.  He had made friends here.  Better friends than he had made in Silvermoon, at any rate.

The ladies ahead of him finished paying and walked out of the shop.  He paid with few words spoken to the woman running the shop.  As he walked out with his bread, another woman and her young daughter were walking in.  The little girl looked up at him as she passed.

“Mommy, mommy.  He’s a blood elf!”

“Don’t be silly, dear.  Blood elves have long ears.”

Alinash decided not to wait for the woman to ask him to remove his hat to prove to her daughter that he wasn’t an elf.  The girl had seen his eyes.  He continued walking out the door and, casually, down the street until out of sight of the bakery.  Then he quickened his pace back to his apartment.  If he was discovered here, he would be killed, especially now with the increased tensions between the two factions.  He knew that.  He’d be blind not to see it.  He’d also be blind not to see they were questioning everyone at the docks and gate.

He had watched the other day, as the guards stopped people at random, asking them what their business was, where they were going and such.  While he supposed he could climb over the wall and escape, he wasn’t sure where he would escape to.  Silvermoon was likely still very dangerous for him to return to.  His friends were here in Stormwind.  Perhaps if he stayed to the rooftops and avoided looking at small children and gnomes, he’d be safer staying here than trying to leave.

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Aeramin – Silvermoon City

The spell had broken earlier in the morning.  After weeks of forced silence, Sanimir could speak again, and cast.  Aeramin now stood next to Sanimir outside the Lightmist home in Silvermoon City.  The mid-morning sun peeked through the branches of a trees lining the street.

“You don’t have to come with me.  I know what I want to say.”  Sanimir spoke.  His voice was soft, almost a whisper.  Aeramin still hadn’t heard him speak any louder.  He had a feeling he was about to find out if he could, or if it was a side-effect of the silencing.

“I want to come with you.”  Aeramin frowned as he said it.  Sanimir remained focused on looking at the house.  He didn’t really want to be here specifically.  Sanimir’s mother likely hated him.  However, he did want to be with Sanimir.  He had to do his best to support him through all of this.  He walked to the door with him and watched as he knocked.  He took a deep breath as the door opened.

One of Sanimir’s sisters, Aranae, stood in the doorway.  Her eyes widened at the sight of her brother.  After a brief moment of stunned silence, she spoke in a low hiss.  “What are you doing here?  Mother won’t let you leave ever again if she sees you.”

“I came to get my stuff.”

Her brow shot up and a mischievous grin crossed her face.  “Oh.  This is going to be good.  Foolish on your part, but good.”  She turned and yelled into the hallway, “Mother, Sanimir’s back!”  She turned back to Sanimir.  “Good luck.  I mean it.”

Aranae was pushed out of the way when her mother, Verisna, rushed to the door.  “Go tell your father.”  She said to her daughter.  She took Sanimir’s wrist and started pulling him inside.  “Don’t you ever do that again.  We were all worried sick about you.”

Aeramin started following Sanimir inside.  Verisna shot him a disapproving look.  “You’re not welcome here.  Leave.”

Aeramin opened his mouth to reply, when Sanimir pulled his arm away from his mother’s grasp. He quietly stated.  “I will get my things another time.  Maybe when my boyfriend is welcome to help me.”

Verisna raised her voice, “How dare you?  You’re not going anywhere except to your room.”  She reached for Sanimir’s wrist again.

“No.”  Sanimir’s voice remained quiet.  He whispered a spell as he took a step back.  He disappeared and reappeared much further back than one step.  He stood behind Aeramin now and just outside the door again.  “I’m going back to Dalaran.  It’s where I live.  I’ll be staying with Aeramin.”

Aeramin smiled nervously.

Verisna glared at him.  “Him?  He doesn’t even have a job.  No, if you stay with him, you’ll be begging for food to eat everyday.”

“Mother, I’m a mage.  I can conjure food… and he has a job.  I have a job too if they haven’t fired me due to not being able to do it the past couple of weeks.  I really hated being silenced.  I just want to get my things today.”  Sanimir was still quiet.  Aeramin was quite sure now that it was a side-effect of the silencing.  If he was in Sanimir’s place, he’d have raised his voice by now.

“Is that what this is about?  You’re so upset about it that you’ll run off with this… this…”  She looked Aeramin up and down, “This good-for-nothing Murder Row tramp and turn your back on your family?”

“Mother!” Sanimir exclaimed.  His voice remained a calm quiet despite the look on his face.  “He’s not like that.”

“He’s not?  I hired someone to do a little research for me.  Do you know what his father did for a living?”

Aeramin winced.  Most of the time it was nothing.  When his father did work, it likely wasn’t anything respectable.  Aeramin didn’t want to find out which job Sanimir’s mother had dug up.

“He’s not his father anymore than I am mine.  It doesn’t matter what his father did for a living.” Sanimir looked past his mother into the hallway.  Aeramin did too, noticing another person coming towards the door, Sanimir’s father.

“Sanimir!  You’re back!”  Isturon hugged his son.  “You’re okay?  You’re not hurt?  We were all worried about you.  I see you’ve told your friend so he won’t worry.  Come inside, both of you.”

Sanimir hesitated.  “I’m fine, father.  I just came to get my things.”  He glanced at his mother.  “Aeramin is going to help me.  We’ll be going back to Dalaran to live.”

Isturon frowned briefly and glanced at Verisna before saying, “Will you have enough money?  I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to give you.”

Verisna scowled, “We won’t–”

“We’ll have enough together.  We won’t need anything.  I just came to get my things.”  Sanimir interrupted.  “I’m sorry, mother.  I wish I could make you happy, but I can’t do that and still be happy myself.”

Isturon noticed Verisna’s scowl deepen.  He answered before his wife could.  “We want you to be happy.  Go get your stuff.  I think it may be best if we discussed things with you another time, after your mother and I have had time to talk about things.  Will you be going back by portal?”

Sanimir nodded.

“We’ll write then.  I’m so glad to see you’re safe.”  He hugged Sanimir again.  “Go get your stuff.  I’ll be in touch.”

Sanimir nodded again.  “Thank you.”  He started walking to his room.  Aeramin followed quickly behind.


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Latahlali – Letters

Dear Makota,

How are you?  How is Nakoma?  She’s really a beautiful kodo.  I miss Mulgore a lot.  I remember when I was little my parents used to take me to one of the small lakes.  Do you remember?  My mother taught me how to swim there.  I remember once, we took a bunch of twigs and stuck them in the mud.  We called it our own little Ashenvale.  We were going to make little elves and tauren, but we never did.  I guess we forgot.

I have some great news.  The healers told us that our baby is going to be a boy!  Raleth doesn’t like the name Bodawai, but he came up with some others.  I like most of the ones that he found too.  He’s still calling him Potato for now though.  I guess we should settle on a real name soon.

The baby is growing well.  I still haven’t found someone to do the delivery.  I’m scared about that, but maybe my baby will be smaller so it won’t be so bad.  I know a couple of priestesses, but I’m not sure if the ones in Ashenvale would remember me, and I don’t know if Isandri can do that.

I hope everything is well there.  Give Ahali a hug for me!



Dear Avanniel,

I hope you’re not mad at me.  I know you shot Vael because you were mad at him.  I was wondering if you had heard anything from Vael lately?  I mean, since after you shot him?  I haven’t seen him for a few months now, and I have no idea where he could have went.  Please let me know if you have seen him.  I have some important news to give to him.

– Lali Ashclaw

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