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On Watch

Jaellynn Evershade sat on the hill overlooking the lake next to the glade he called home.  A stream ran next to him, trickling over the edge of the hill into a second lake below.  Normally, he would come here to fish, but today, he faced away from the stream, and away from the lake.  Instead he watched the skies to the east where a sharp ridge rose as a natural border between Desolace and Mulgore.

Tathariel had told him the news she had heard of the trolls and the orcs fighting each other.  Since then, he began to make more trips to this hill.  He didn’t expect to see anything from here, but if the tauren were getting involved, then it was much more closer to the glade than he was comfortable with.

He carried his runeblade with him.  No, druids weren’t supposed to use swords, but he was stronger in combat with one.  He could quickly cut down any danger that approached the glade, within reason.  He was undead, but that hardly made him invincible.  He knew that.

He glanced away from the ridge, looking back towards the glade where he lived.  It was nearly time to eat.  Tathariel would be back with Relanos from their walk on the other side of the glade.  They had gone together to check on the thunder lizards first thing this afternoon when they woke, an activity Jaellynn wasn’t sure was safe for Relanos.  He could yell at the wrong time and frighten one into being aggressive, or hit it with a stick.  He was sure Tathariel was watching him closely, but he would be happy to see them.

He often joined them for meals though he didn’t eat.  Well, he could, but undead bodies do not digest the same as living bodies.  Sometimes, Relanos fed him, perhaps out of concern that his an’da didn’t eat much.  Jaellynn was sure the boy was going to start asking some of the harder questions soon, even though he was barely out of diapers.  He already asked lots of questions about other things and had remarked how an’da was always cold.

Not today.  The hot sun shone down on him as he stood.  Even this late in the day, he could feel the heat from it.  He took one last look at the ridge, watching as a windrider passed along the top of it in the distance.  He waited until it was out of sight, and headed back to the glade.


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Art – Relanos Evershade

I finished Relanos art instead of writing today. Continue reading

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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

Raleth’s asleep on the hammock again.  It rained a little last night.  That made it easier to find more worms today, and it wasn’t so much rain that it soaked everything.  One corner of a blanket got wet because it was sticking out of the tent a bit.  I remember waking up, and listening to it.  Raleth was awake too.  I think he’s having a horrible time sleeping on the ground.  Hopefully there won’t be anymore rain and he can sleep in the hammock tonight.

Yesterday, I found melons to eat with the fish.  I was walking around outside the glade.  I didn’t want to go in again because that death knight is there.  But then I was sneaking past some large basilisks, and I started digging up some wild carrots when I heard splashing, and some voices talking.  I got closer and I saw the kaldorei woman from yesterday, with a baby boy.  He was playing in the water.  The death knight mentioned having a son, but I didn’t really believe him.  He said blood elves lay eggs too.  He didn’t really seem like a viable source of trustworthy information.

I got closer and the woman remembered me from the day before.  She asked me if I had escaped.  I told her I didn’t need to escape.  I think she kind of already knew, and I told her that Raleth and I were more than an instructor-apprentice pair.  Then I had to explain that he was teaching me, so it wasn’t a lie.  I don’t think she really understood what I saw in him, but I guess I don’t really see what she sees in a death knight.  Maybe being with a blood elf is a little weird, but being with a death knight is just gross.  I didn’t want to know too much about it, but I did want to talk to her.  I mean, maybe I think it’s gross and maybe she doesn’t understand, but we’ve both chosen mates most kaldorei wouldn’t.

She said the baby was adopted, because obviously dead guys can’t do things like that.  She met him after too, so she’s only ever known him as he is now.  I guess he pretends to be a druid or something a lot.  She is a druid.

The baby is so cute.  He was walking around in the water and then he sat in the flowers and was eating bugs.  I tried to get him to hold a flower but he kept eating them instead.  She said that the death knight is awake all night and takes care of the baby too.  I find that a little hard to imagine.

When I got back to the camp, Raleth was awake.  I cooked the fish with the carrots, and sliced the melons.  He said it was good.  I think it was too.  I haven’t cooked very much so I was a bit worried about how it would be.

Raleth said we could come back here next year for my birthday too.  I’d love that.  Maybe I could see the woman and the baby again without seeing the death knight.

Maybe I’ll have my own baby by then.  I hope so anyway!

I’m going to hunt for some food before Raleth wakes up.  I’m leaving him a note this time so he doesn’t think I fell off!


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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

I finished gutting the fish.  I’m going to wait to cook them until after Raleth wakes up.  He’s so cute when he’s sleeping, and he’s finally sleeping peacefully.  Last night, he tossed and turned so much that he kept waking me up.  I don’t think he likes sleeping on the ground.  Even though I brought him extra blankets to sleep on, he didn’t seem very comfortable.  I set up the hammock earlier, and that did the trick.  He was really tired.

We went fishing.  Well, maybe I went fishing and he was kinda there making faces at everything.  He really didn’t like putting worms on hooks.  Or taking fish off hooks.  Or, well, he was just really bad at fishing.  I kept telling him that he had to wait until he had a bite then he’d have to pull back on the pole to get the fish hooked well.  He kept losing his bait because he didn’t pull back.  I kept having to re-bait his hook.  Oh and he was really bad at casting too.  Which was funny…  Because it’s casting.  Casting!  Get it?  Anyway, I kind of did all the fishing.  I just had two poles to watch.

We caught 5 nice sized fish though.  I gutted them while he went to try the hammock, and now he’s still asleep. I should go look for some vegetables or fruit to go with the fish.

I’ll just have to avoid the glade.  We went to look there last night.  There are a lot of druids there, both tauren and kaldorei.  There’s a massive moonwell too.  It was so beautiful.  There were hippogryphs and moths and it seemed so quiet and peaceful.  Then a death knight showed up.  Really!

I hadn’t really ever talked with one before.  This one was kaldorei.  I figure not many kaldorei have been places where they could be turned into death knights.  I’ve seen sin’dorei death knights in Dalaran before, but this was the first time I’ve seen a kaldorei death knight.  He might have been crazy.  He had a female with him.  He insisted that Raleth was holding me captive, but now I wonder if he wasn’t holding the other girl captive.

I’ll have to watch for both of them when I go look for edible plants.  I don’t want to run into him, but if I see her without him, I’ll see if she needs help.

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Jaellynn – Journal

Things have been quiet.  That has been good.  It`s been very good.  I don’t think I could have imagined things being better, not for me.  Sure, I’m still dead.  I don’t think there will ever be any way to fix that, but, other than that, things are great.

Relanos is growing well.  He makes me proud.  I got him a child’s fishing pole.  He’s not very good yet, but he can tell when a fish is biting.  Unfortunately, waiting for the fish to bite doesn’t hold his interest very long.  Maybe when he’s older, he’ll have more patience and be less easily distracted.

He’s learning to talk.  His favorite word is “no”.  He knows min’da and an’da too.  Karnum taught him to say “hello” in taurahe.  He can also say, “Eloodoray”.  I think he means “Elune adore.”

Tath has been talking about getting another baby.  She wants a girl.  Maybe she wanted a girl before, but we both like Relanos.  I don’t know what I’d do with a girl.  She probably wouldn’t want to fish or help with the plants all the time.  I guess I could teach her how to use swords and daggers.  Maybe I’d let Jaeyn get close enough to teach her how to use a bow.  Imagine that, a girl learning how to use a bow from a boy!

I don’t know why she isn’t happy with Relanos, but I told her it would be okay.  I think it would be.  I don’t need to sleep so I could take care of five babies if I had to.  I might go crazy if we got that many, but I’d be awake for it!

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Tathariel and I are finally back home in Desolace.  Not much here has changed.  They moved my trees.  They said they had to plant them, and that they were in the way because there is a path out of the glade right next to our home.  Maybe I can convince them that a small row of potted trees closer to the house would be okay.  Relanos is moving pretty fast now.  I don’t want him running out where he would be in danger of being stepped on by someone’s mount.

Phaa did okay watching Relanos.  I inspected him and there weren’t any bite marks or anything, so I don’t think he’ll turn into a demon.  He keeps saying ‘va’ for some reason.  Hopefully he hasn’t suffered any verbal delay due to possible exposure to demon language.

I didn’t like the way the sentinels looked at me in Feralas.  I didn’t wear my goggles when we went to pick him up, and I swear if I hadn’t been with Tathariel, they would have been doing a lot more than staring daggers at me.  I guess they don’t know me yet.  I hope they get used to me coming to visit my family there.

Terivanis said I need to re-do my bird feet drawings.  He didn’t like the ones I did.  Tathariel said I could study her bird form.  I think he’ll know if I try to trace her talons onto the paper.  I hope he doesn’t make me do this for every part of the bird.  I got a note from him after we arrived home.  He wants me to collect kodo dung for some reason.  I guess I have to if I want to learn.

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Letter to Tathariel

My Star,

I miss you.  Relanos and I are well.  I think he misses you too.  He cried a bit last night.  I told him you’re coming back!  I’m not sure he understands.  He did eat, and as usual, he had fun fishing with me.  I have to watch him close.  Sometimes he slides around too fast on the ice.  Sometimes I think I should start fishing from the shore of the lake like a normal person.  He would get dirtier in the grass and mud though.  He would probably find more bugs too.

He’s been trying to stand since last night.  He gets his feet under but can’t get up.  He just sits there and bounces.  It’s funny.  I told him he has to wait for you to get back before he stands for real.

Give Kel a hug for me.  I had hoped she was doing okay.

A demon touched Terivanis’s ears?

Wait, he wanted to know if the demon liked him?  Why are they touching his ears?  That’s gross!

Are you sure you’re okay?  Maybe it was dream?  I bet he had potions if it wasn’t.  I bet the demons had potions too.  He’s shorter than them!

Be careful around the demons.  They don’t sound like they’re okay in their heads.

I eagerly await your safe return home.



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