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Jaeyn – A Shadow in the Trees III

“You’re using too much resin again.  You only need a little.”

Jaeyn nodded.  It was useless arguing with his mother.  He slipped the glued and trimmed feathers into the grooves.  He began wrapping sinew around the end, tightening the glued feathers into place.

“Make sure it’s wrapped tight.  You’re using too much.”  She reached to snatch it from his hands, “Here, I’ll do it.”

He had waited for Vassanta to fall asleep before slipping out to the western side of the inn overlooking the sea.  He looked down at the feathered dart that he held in his hand.  The same one that Vassanta had caught in her arm.  The strange sentinel, or ex-sentinel– she couldn’t be active– had probably made it herself, just as his mother used to.  The fletching was tied exactly the way she had shown him.  They probably taught the same method to all sentinels at Feathermoon Stronghold.

What had bothered him more was how much the woman had sounded like his mother.  Not only in the actual sound, but in the way she spoke to him.  He was not just a boy.  He did not need protection.

He especially didn’t need protection from Vass.

He glanced back into the inn.  Vass was curled up, hugging the pillow.  Sketch lay on the floor beside the bed.  Tumbles slept at the foot of it.  Dog sat nearby, licking her paws.  Sentinels stood at their posts around the inn.  Vass would be safe.  He walked down the steps, and around the northern side of the building.  He walked north along the path there.  He smiled when he saw his brother.  He was outside.

The druid sat at a bench.  He had small bags of herbs and vials spread out around him.  He was crushing some with his pestle and mortar.  Jaeyn sat on the other bench.  “Hello Terivanis.”

Terivanis grunted without bothering to look up, “Hello.”

Jaeyn bit his lip.  “There’s a woman about, trying to save me from my ‘demon’.  I thought you should know so you could keep Vajarra from any harm.  She threw a dart at Vass and hit her arm.”  He placed the dart on the bench near Terivanis’s bags of herbs as he continued.  “We think she’s a sentinel or an ex-sentinel.  She might have been in the forest a long time.”

Terivanis looked up briefly, raising a brow as he did.  He glanced at the dart then returned to grinding his herbs.  “One of the sentinels already came by to warn us about her.  She said that her name is Elanyl Nightmist and she has come to town before, but this is the first time she’s caused any problem.”

“Oh, the others know her then?”

Terivanis shrugged, “I guess so.  They know her enough to know her name.  The one that told me didn’t know much else though.  She apparently doesn’t come into town very often.”

Jaeyn nodded.  “That much is obvious.  She didn’t know the difference between a draenei and a demon.”

“The sentinel said she usually doesn’t stay very long.  She comes to town just to get what she needs, then disappears again for months.”  He paused while looking at the dart.  “Let’s hope she has finished getting what she needed already.”


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“Elanyl Nightmist” – A Shadow in the Trees II

She could only watch in astonishment as the boy took the demon woman’s hand and ran.  He was supposed to run without her.  The demon had seemed startled, surely enough to break an enchantment.  Why then would he run with her instead of away from her?  Perhaps the enchantment was stronger than she first supposed.

She stayed low.  She had wanted to follow them.  Maybe he was punishing the demon.  That would explain it.  She had to dip back behind the tree quickly, as the ogres stomped into the clearing.  She watched closely as they brushed aside grass and looked up at the tree limbs.  There were too many of them for her to take alone, nor was she willing to believe her son had gone too far.  If he came back and saw her–

A low growl disrupted her thoughts.  She turned to find the hyena that had been following the boy.  It had to be his.  Demon’s didn’t have animal companions.  The hyena bared it’s teeth, and made ready to jump at her.

She didn’t wait.  She ran.  She didn’t want to hurt the beast.  It may be enchanted by the demon too.  How horrible of a mother would she have to be to kill her son’s pet?  She scrambled up the rocks towards her camp.  The hyena snapped at her feet.  She kept running back to her camp, and picked up the bow.  She nocked her arrow and drew back, watching the path.  A warning shot.  If she injured it, it would run back.  Hopefully.  She waited, but the beast didn’t come.

Just as she thought she was in the clear, she heard voices approaching the camp.  The chirping bark of the hyena accompanied the sound of a male and female talking.  She rolled her eyes.  Great.  The enchantment wasn’t broken at all.  She grabbed her stuff and clambered up the hill behind the camp.  She watched as the hyena sniffed the ground.  The boy kept checking where the dart had hit the demon, as if he were actually concerned about her.  This was a powerful demon.  She backed away further, and broke into a run towards Feathermoon Stronghold.

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Visiting the Shrine

Vassanta and I arrived at the Shrine of Aviana last night.  I brought my devilsaur because everyone keeps saying how dangerous it is on Mount Hyjal so I thought he would be able to eat anything that tried to bother me.  Nothing did.  We’re even camping here.  Well, we’re camping because of the devilsaur.  They won’t let us take one into their rooms.

I probably should have brought a different one, but I didn’t know!

I thought everyone was staying here, but only Phaa was around last night.  I haven’t seen anyone this morning either.  Phaa said that Ornasse has been tired lately because there’s a lot of work in the Firelands and Kel was probably upstairs with him last night.  Relanos has been sick so Tathariel and Jaellynn were probably in their room with him, and Terivanis was probably somewhere with Vajarra.

I guess they’re back from Draenor.  We think the naaru said yes to them because Vajarra likes jerks and he’s a jerk.  So it makes sense that way.

Vass and I plan to see what’s on the other side of the portal together later.  We’re not going to attack anything unless it attacks us first.  We’re just going to look.

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Brewfest is a lot of fun!  Vassanta and I arrived early and sat with her sister on the fence near one of the kegs.  I think it was one of the ogre’s kegs though.  The weaker beer was on the other side of the festival but Vass got Piglet to hold a bunch so we didn’t have to keep walking back and forth.  I didn’t drink that much anyway.

I left Dog with Vajarra when we went to get pretzels.  Those are like bread but made in a funny shape.  They’re really good.  I’m glad we’re staying here a couple days.  Oh and they have onion cheese.  I wonder if it would keep very long if I took some back to Feralas.  I’ll have to make sure I pack my bags full of it before leaving.

We need to get a dwarf for the islands.  They’re pretty fun to be around.  We met one last night that talked to us for a while.  He said there was a monster in Loch Modan!  I don’t know if I believe that.

Phaa came and sat with us, and we all talked to the dwarf for a bit.  There was a drunk highborne elf.  I don’t know what she was on about.

Terivanis is a lying sack of saber poop.  I thought he would be nice to her, but what he’s doing is just mean.  And then he changes his story almost in the same breath!  I hope I’m just being young and stupid again, and everything is all right.  I’m tempted to put my hoof boots on, and kick him myself!

The inn we stayed at was nice.  I found some dynamite under the bed.  It’s weird sleeping on a bed after sleeping on the moss bed.

The moss bed is nicer.

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Terivanis/Jaeyn – Story

Terivanis took hold of the polearm with one hand.

“No!  Not like that!”  His brother protested.  Jaeyn snatched the polearm back with one hand, and used his other hand to demonstrate.  “It’s a tail.  You can’t be all grabby.  You need to treat it like a precious, special thing.  Like this!”  He showed him by taking the polearm from one hand to the other very slowly.

“I don’t know.”  Terivanis made a face that matched his words.  “That might scare her.”

“No, I was exaggerating for you.  So like that, but not.”

“I see.”  He didn’t really.  “What about tendrils?”

“You shouldn’t touch those.”

“Why not?”

“You’re too old.”

“Too old?”

Jaeyn nodded.

“I’m not too old.  Not that I have that in mind.”

“See?  Too old to even think about it!  You’re already holding her tail.  You know what comes after that.  You should slow down.”

“She touched my ear first.  You’re one to talk about going slow.”  Terivanis was regretting his decision to ask Jaeyn for advice.  “And I didn’t say I hadn’t thought about it.”

Jaeyn wrinkled his nose.

“Can you just answer the question?”

Jaeyn darkened.  “Be gentle with those.  Don’t pull or squeeze too hard.  I think they’re kind of like ears, but maybe more sensitive.  But you really shouldn’t.  She’s a priestess.  And she’s young.  You’re not.”

“Again, thank you for your opinion.”  Terivanis stated bluntly.

“Did Kel yell at you for looking at a draenei yet?  She was mad when I told her about Vassanta.”

“No.  She’s occupied.  Ornasse is missing.”

Jaeyn dropped his polearm and threw his hands up.  “And you’re asking me about tails and tendrils before you tell me about… Ugh, you’re such a jerk!”

Terivanis shrugged.  “She’s probably sleeping.  I gave her a potion to sleep a couple hours ago because she hadn’t been able to.  It wasn’t that I was trying to hide it.  There’s just nothing to be done right now.  There are search parties looking.  My latest information is that nothing has been found of any of them.”

Jaeyn frowned.  “I’ll go look for him too.”

“You promised her you were done going to the more dangerous areas.  You know how much she worried when you and Jaellynn were in Northrend.  Stay out of the Firelands.  Things are bad enough for her already.”  He paused briefly.  “Do you know any recipes that would be good on an upset stomach?  She said she hasn’t been able to eat.  When she did try, it just came back up.  I tried suggesting a couple herbal remedies, but she said it’s bad enough she needs them to sleep.”

Jaeyn stroked his beard thoughtfully.  “I’ll have to go to the city to get some ingredients.  Will you be here later tonight?”

“I’ll be here at the Shrine until later in the evening.  You’ll probably be back by then.”

Jaeyn nodded.  “I’ll catch you before you go.”  He picked up his polearm and quickly made his way out of the building to his hippogryph.

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Letter to Jaellynn

Dear Jaellynn,

Hi.  I’m fine.  Vassanta is fine too.  She’s not a demon.  I left Dog with her, and I am in Dalaran now with our father.

As for how he is… A little weird.  He’s sad about mother.  He does like hunting orcs and surprisingly, naga.  He shoots them with magic.  He likes setting orcs on fire.  It is kind of funny how they scream and run around.

He’s been learning from the mages here.  Hopefully he can open a portal soon so I can take the easy way back home!

I asked him if he would like to visit with you and he said you’re dead to him.  I told him you are dead, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t talk to you.  I think I convinced him that he could try meeting with you again.  Let me know.

– Jaeyn

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Letter to Kelanori

Dearest Sister,

I’m so happy for you!  I know I already said that you’re welcome to visit us at our temple at any time, but you can extend the invitation to him!

We left Stonetalon and spent last night at our home.  Ellorian slept upstairs.  I hope he found some good moss.  We need a druid to grow some more moss for us so we can have a moss bed.  Maybe you could ask Ornasse if he’ll do it!  Terivanis is too bad moody to.

Vajarra and Phaa are still in Stonetalon.  I guess it’s been quiet there with some small spurts of activity.  I’ll probably be sticking around Stonetalon and Feralas for now.  Everyone has run off to Hyjal like a bunch of idiots that forgot there are battles elsewhere as well.  Hopefully the horde has sent a bunch of people too or I worry what may happen to Stonetalon.  I don’t like to think about it.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that I plan to take my awful highborne father to Dalaran later today.  He seems excited to see the libraries there.  I didn’t even know they had libraries.  I’m going to leave Dog with Vassanta so they can go hunting or watch ogres or something.  The mage at that tower to the north still insists the ogres have the orbs we need.  I still don’t see where they might keep them.

I should get ready for the trip.  It’ll be a long one!



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