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Naren – Jhinuk’s Mistake

Jhinuk Selfridge may not have been able to see the future, but his intuition told him it wasn’t a good idea as he was doing it. Yet here he was, bursting into the cafeteria and calling out Bilal Elian’s name. He knew he was here. He had just seen him get in the line to get his plate only a few moments before. Jhinuk, as the seer of the past, could see many things that had already happened. Unless Bilal had gotten his food very quickly, he was still here.

Jhinuk was disgusted just by being in the same room as him. Bilal was on the mage council. It was something Jhinuk had sorted out some time ago. While there were ways to block Jhinuk’s ability from seeing much, Bilal was not very good at those specific spells. At first, Jhinuk wondered how he had ever gotten on the council in the first place, but after observing his actions in the past enough, he knew it was because he bought his spot there.

That was bad enough, but what he had viewed just before lunch made his stomach churn. He saw the human mage looking his way, having just received his tray of food.

“You!” Jhinuk pointed and stomped towards Bilal. “How could you!” It was more an accusation than a question.

Bilal blinked in wonder. Of course, he was surprised. Jhinuk had never made any indication he knew that Bilal was on the council.

“These mages trust you to advocate for them. How could you betray them?”

Bilal shook his head, and started to walk around Jhinuk, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jhinuk grabbed Bilal’s arm, causing him to drop his tray. “No? Should I tell everyone here what I saw this morning?”

Bilal shook his head, but Jhinuk had already decided he was going to anyway.

“You disregarded the fear in her eyes when you slipped the adahi guard a few coins while he unlocked the door to her cell. Why should I not disregard yours? You take advantage of those who cannot fight back, who live in the prisons below Thril Gandir, who wear iron mitts and can’t defend themselves. How could you hurt them when you are supposed to be their advocate for better conditions?” He was yelling now. The entire cafeteria was staring.

“I think you are mistaking your twisted dreams for reality. I’ve done no such thing. I’m not even on the council.”

“You are! I’ve seen it. You bought your spot with your family’s money!” Jhinuk felt someone grab his arm. He shook free only to be grabbed again. “And I saw what you did to her this morning. I looked back further. There are others. They all fear you. Those who were deemed too dangerous, and sent to stay in the cells for the rest of their lives. I know what you do to them. I won’t let this go! You will pay for your crimes!”

Jhinuk was pushed to the floor. Wait, they were putting iron mitts on him? “Arrest Bilal! Not me! Ask the ones in the cells what he does to them. I saw it!”


Jhinuk woke with a splitting headache. He went to put his hand up to his head only to find it was encased in an iron mitt. His other hand was as well. It was dark even with his eyes open, but he heard footsteps. A light drew closer as the footsteps did too. His head hurt so much it was hard to concentrate on the sounds or the light. He heard the jingle of coins and the jangle of the keys. The lock clicked, and the barred metal door screeched open. There were more footsteps then the clash of the door swinging shut, then silence for a few moments. The conjured ball of light floated nearer until he saw the face of the mage who had conjured it.

“Hello, Jhinuk. I hope you like your new quarters. The mage council has voted unanimously that you will be remaining here for the rest of your life. You’ll find that I’m not the only one on the council who comes here on a fairly regular basis. What you did in the cafeteria scared them. It could have happened to any of them as well.”

The light dimmed as Bilal continued to speak. “Now, since this is your first time, I’ll go easy on you.”


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WoW – Aeramin’s Lunch Hour

“Aeramin, lunch was supposed to be over four hours ago. Where have you been?” Hethurin asked. Needless to say, he had been a bit upset at finding he had to fill in for the early afternoon fire theory class. Luckily, Maerista was around to take over for the rest of the afternoon, but it had still been unexpected.

Aeramin didn’t even bother taking off his cloak, making straight for the hallway where his office was. “Follow me please, Hethurin.”

Hethurin handed Galandil to Terellion, who had just come inside just seconds before Aeramin returned. “He’s going to be hungry soon, and I don’t want him crying in the middle of figuring out what Aeramin’s problem is this time.” He leaned in to kiss Terellion’s cheek before casting a quick blink spell to catch up with Aeramin.

He was already at his office door, swiftly unlocking it and entering. Hethurin followed behind him.

“Okay. So what’s going on?”

Aeramin pulled back the hood on his cloak.

“You have blood on your face,” Hethurin stated, scrunching up his nose. The bruise around Aeramin’s good eye didn’t look very nice either.

“Oh, do I? I must have missed some.” Aeramin started feeling around his face. “Where is it?”

“Under your nose.”

A knock at the door drew Hethurin’s attention away as Aeramin said, “Shit, it’s bleeding again.”

Hethurin opened the door just a little to find Tik with a bowl of water, some ice, and some clean cloths. “The items you requested, Magister.”

“Oh, thank you. I’ll take it from here. Thanks.” He hadn’t requested them, well, not yet anyway. He supposed he would have to remember to go back and do so later. He glanced at the clock, noting the time before taking the tray from Tik and closing the door.

Aeramin’s nose was bleeding. He dipped one of the cloths in the water and wrung it out before handing it to the other mage. “Here. Pinch your nose to get it to stop, then clean up with this. I still want to know what happened.”

Aeramin did as Hethurin said. While pinching his nose, he said, “It’s a long story.”

“Go on.”

“Okay, well you know I was going to the restaurant to finalize the menu for the weekend. They already agreed to cater for the reception.”

“Yes, you mentioned that right at the start of lunchtime.”

“Yeah, well I went there.” Aeramin pulled the cloth away to check it. He flipped it to a clean spot and pinched his nose again.

“So restaurants usually aren’t that dangerous.”

“Usually, no, but there was someone I knew there.” Aeramin paused to check the cloth again, only to press it back into place. “Cyannah was there.”

“Cyannah? I don’t know who that is.”

“Lyorri’s mother.”

“Ohhh…” Hethurin looked at Aeramin then raised a brow. “She beat you up?”

“No. I saw her first, and you know, I’m still mad and I’d like some answers so I called out to her, and I started walking towards her. I didn’t care if she was with anyone or not, I was going to get answers.”

“Did you get them?” Hethurin asked. He started putting some of the ice into the middle of one of the other cloths.

“No. She walked up to me and grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hallway. I think it led to the bathrooms.”

“She sounds strong. I wouldn’t mess with her.”

“Well, I wanted answers so I figured if I could get them in the hallway, then she could pull me there.” He pulled the cloth away from his nose again, then dabbed a clean section of it under his nose. “I think it’s stopped. Did I get it all?”

Hethurin nodded and handed him the ice wrapped up in the second cloth. “For your eye to help with the swelling.”


“So you were in the hall trying to get answers.”

“Right, I was mad and told her she was an ass for leaving a baby outside on a doorstep in the middle of winter, and she kept acting like I was being too loud, and I kept asking questions like why she did it. It’s worth mentioning here that she had the view of the restaurant and my back was to the room. I was facing her and the wall.”

“Okay.” Hethurin took another cloth and dabbed it in the water. He handed it to Aeramin. “You still have a little right there.” He pointed.

Aeramin wiped where Hethurin pointed. “Did I get it?”

Hethurin nodded.

“So then she just grabs the front of my robe and pulls me closer and kisses me.”

Hethurin’s eyes got big with surprise, “What? Why? Gross!”

“That was my first thought too. I put my hands on the wall to push away from her, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and this huge guy, I mean almost as tall and strong as Imralion, was there. He said, ‘Get your hands off my wife’, and the next thing I see is his fist in my face. I didn’t go down though. I tried to cast a spell, but then he hit me again and the next thing I knew the guards were there and Cyannah and the guy were gone.”

“So why didn’t you come back here then? You weren’t out for four hours, were you?”

“No. I don’t think I was really out at all. It was just all a blur between getting hit the second time to when the guards showed up, and it hurt so I kind of wasn’t paying much attention at that point. Anyway, I couldn’t come back because the guards arrested me.”

“They arrested you?”

“They thought I caused the trouble because the people at the restaurant said that I attacked the woman, and the guards kept asking me who the woman was and where I could find her. Then the restaurant said I caused damage. I guess I pulled a tablecloth off a nearby table after the second punch. I don’t remember doing that, but I broke their wine glasses or something.”

Hethurin blinked, “So you’re in trouble for getting punched in the face?”

“Yeah, they finally let me go after I agreed to pay the restaurant for the damaged glasses, and they warned me that if the woman shows up to file a report that I could be in more trouble. Oh, and the restaurant canceled for the reception. Do you think Tik could do it?”

“It’s short notice.”

“I know.”

“You’re going to get married with a black eye and a bruised nose?”

“I— Yes. Julan might be able to cover it up with makeup”

Hethurin frowned, “I’ll talk to Tik. He might be able to put something together in time.”

“I’m not looking forward to explaining this to Im, but I have to go get him now. Thank you for helping out.”

Hethurin nodded, “Good luck. I’ll let you know what Tik says.”

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WoW – Tea with Zar

Alinash frowned at the tea as Zarellina poured it for him.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, raising a brow.


She looked at him. She knew it wasn’t nothing, but he offered no other words in response.

“Okay. Well, I was thinking. I might like to hear a story about you and Harrier tonight.”

Again, he frowned.

“Oh, come on. I know you have some. You mentioned before that you stayed at a school in the Ghostlands with him.”

“I did. The magister there wanted clocks for every room, then a big one on his tower.”

“That sounds like a lot of clocks.”

“We were there a long time.”

She laughed, but he just looked at her. Perhaps he hadn’t realized he had just told a joke. “Well, you must have some stories about it then.”

“I had to take magic lessons there, and I had to make up a story about why I was coming to the school.”

“You are a bit young to start actual magic classes, so it must have been quite a story.”

“Oh, they believed me when I told them I was fifty.”

“They did?” She was surprised. He didn’t look a day over forty.

“I falsified some documents. I also told them I was taught by private tutors because my mother didn’t want me to be influenced by much outside my home. I had them believing that my mother only allowed certain subjects to be taught and even then they left a lot out.”

“It’s a wonder they let you into the school at all. What sort of education do you really have?”

Alinash shook his head. “I never went to school before that.”

“They didn’t notice? Where did you learn how to read and write?”

“They noticed. I had to take tests. I failed most of them and had to take general education classes along with magic theory class. I wasn’t doing too bad. Oh, and I learned to read and write around the time I was ten from one of the whores on the Row. She visited a lot during the day, and eventually, she offered to teach me how to read and do basic math. I still wasn’t allowed out much then, so it was nice to be able to learn something.”

“You weren’t allowed out much?” Zarellina asked.

“No. Syrina made me stay inside. Sometimes she locked me in my room. I eventually learned how to pick the lock, but then she got a bolt for the door. It wasn’t until I was older that I started climbing out the window.”

“I see. That must have been horrible.”

He frowned and sipped his tea. After a few moments of silence, he said, “The tea is good tonight.”

Of course, the subject change. She was prying too close to things he didn’t want to talk about. From what little she did know, she could hardly blame him. She decided to back up to where she had been trying to aim the conversation. “Harrier only made clocks while you were at the school?”

He nodded.

“Were you two a couple then?”

He looked at her. “I don’t know as if we ever were, but that is when it started. We weren’t supposed to be in the same room, but I climbed out the window and crossed the roof to his window every night.”

“You don’t think you’re a couple?”

“I don’t think he thinks we are. When this all started, he was the one who said he didn’t want things to get complicated. I thought that meant it was just for a short time, until we went back to Stormwind, and then it would stop. I was surprised to wind up still in his bed after we got back, and now it’s more complicated than ever.”

“Why do you think it’s complicated?”

He shrugged, “Because it is, isn’t it? Or maybe I just have to think of it as being complicated or I’ll have to face the truth.”

“The truth?”

“I’m no better than a whore. He doesn’t care for me. He always goes to her when she wants him, and leaves me alone. I’m there for when she doesn’t want him. That’s the uncomplicated way of looking at it.”

“I think he cares more than you know. He’s with you most of the time. You’re not second.”

Alinash shook his head, “Look, just because you have two lovers and it works out great doesn’t mean it works for everyone. He doesn’t care. He wants her before he wants me. It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else says about it because actions have shown me otherwise. If she wanted him every night, I’d be alone.”

Zarellina shook her head, “I still think you’re wrong. Maybe you should talk to him about it.”

“And what, get kicked out of his bed for being complicated? I don’t have my own bed. Where would I go? I’ve thought about getting my own place, but at the same time, I don’t want to. I guess that means I’ve gotten attached, and I hate myself for it. I can’t think of a single time in my life where getting attached to someone has worked out well.”

“I highly doubt he’ll kick you out, and getting attached to someone can be nice if you let it.”

He picked up his tea cup and stared at it a moment before asking, “What kind of tea did you say this is?”

She refrained from sighing. She had tried, hadn’t she? “It’s a special green chai blend. Do you like it?”

He nodded.

She decided he’d been questioned enough tonight, and turned the conversation towards the holiday events of Brewfest.

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Naren – A Tale about a Wand


Mage Lord Athimas Melith’enddare smiled as his children entered the room. They had both tested positive for magical ability, practically ensuring that his line would continue to rule the small city state of Elenduil. They spent most of their time studying under the watchful eye of the adahis and elder mages of Thril Gandir. However, twice a year, once for each of their name days, he paid to have two adahis accompany them home. Tomorrow was Naevys’s sixth name day marking her first full year at Thril Gandir, and her second visit home since going to the mage city.

They both ran up to hug him as the large doors closed behind them. The two adahis approached much more carefully, each giving a bow before taking their place next to Athimas’s own adahi.

His son, Ellorian, who was the oldest of the two, having just had his eighth name day only two quarters ago, said, “I missed you. Is mother feeling better?”

“She hopes to be able to join in on the celebrations tomorrow. We’ll go up to see her and have supper in the suite later. You’ll have to be on your best behavior. Noise bothers her head and tends to make her worse.”

Ellorian and Naevys both nodded. “We’ll be as quiet as deer in the forest.”

Naevys agreed, “Like ones who don’t want the hunters to see them!”

Athimas smiled, “As quiet as deer then. That should do well. What shall we do in the meantime?” He knew the answer already.

“Tell us a story!” They both exclaimed.

It had become somewhat of a tradition, since Ellorian’s first visit home, to tell a tale. Sometimes, Athimas made up the tale, and others he embellished a true story.

“I think I’ll tell you a story that happened not too long ago. In fact, it happened only a few years before Ellorian’s first name day.”

“So it’s like history?” Ellorian scrunched up his nose.

“History is full of stories. I know it doesn’t seem like it so much when your class only wants you to remember dates and events, but it’s the stories that bring history alive.”

“Okay. I guess that sounds all right.”

His little sister was a little more enthusiastic. “So tell the story!” she exclaimed while jumping up and down.

Athimas smiled again, doubting that little Naevys was going to be able to be quiet enough to stay for a very long visit with her mother. They will get to see each other before… No, it was not time to think of that. They were here, and this was a happy time. “Well, as I was saying, it was just a few years before Ellorian’s first name day. The entire world seemed to be at war then. I had only just married your mother. It was a time when many of the cities began to rise up, unhappy with the way the king was ruling.”

“And the king died and that’s why we have city states now.” Ellorian said.

“Yes, but that’s not what this story is about.” He would have to have a talk later on about his youngster speaking out of turn. Even the slightest things like that could get him marks on his record at Thril Gandir. If he had too many, they may decide not to let him leave. That was not just for visits, but even after he graduated. However, now was not the time. Now it was time to tell a story.

“This story is about a magic wand.”

“Father, aren’t all wands magic?” Ellorian asked.

“Yes, but this one was made of diamonds and gold, and was enchanted in a way that all spells cast through it were enhanced. It took very little from the mage doing the casting, but was very powerful.”

The young boy didn’t look impressed, but his daughter was listening intently.

“As you may know, back then, our city was loyal to the kingdom. King Adinath called for all of the mages to gather and fight in his name. As your grandfather was still alive and here to look after the city, I left and joined up with the mages in Kingsfall, which was then called Kingsperch. Before I left, your grandfather gave me the wand and instructed me to use it with caution. It could cause great destruction if it fell into the wrong hands, but with my warding and healing specialties, it would greatly benefit the king’s forces.”

“You had the wand?” Ellorian asked. He sounded as if he really didn’t believe it was true.

“Yes, I did, and it worked just as your grandfather said it would. I cast wards around entire cities, and was able to leave them there with very little drain on my power. My healing spells were more effective without causing any ill effects from the speed of the healing.”

“I’ve learned some basic healing theory in class. They said you can’t do it too fast or it weakens the patient.”

“Exactly, and with this wand, I didn’t have to worry about that.”

Ellorian’s brow furrowed. “Well, where is it now then?”

“Oh, now that’s the real story. You see, they sent me out to heal in the field because I was so effective at it. However, what we didn’t know is that the rebel cities had a secret weapon of their own. I had warded the healing camp, but as I was healing with the wand, the wards weren’t my primary concern. I did have an outer ward to block weak magic. Have either of you studied wards yet or warding theory?” He knew Naevys was still too young, so the question was more directed towards Ellorian.

They both shook their heads.

“Well, when a ward that you’ve cast yourself breaks, you know it. Do you know the feeling when something happens that you weren’t expecting? That jump? It’s like that, but there’s nothing there. It’s just the feeling. While I was healing a wounded soldier’s leg in the camp, I had that feeling. It was so strong, I thought my heart was failing. Time seemed to stop, though I don’t think it really did, and within moments, everything was on fire.”

“How did you get out?” Naevys asked. Her eyes were wide with wonder.

“I cast another ward immediately to block the fire. It didn’t stop all of it. This fire was very strong. I knew I had to find the caster, or the others and I would have no chance at all. There was fire all around, but I waited and watched while continuing to hold it off from the immediate area with the wand.”

Both children stared at him with wide eyes now.

“Then I saw it, a burst of fire rose up over one of the hills. I held fast against the attack, strengthening the ward where the flames fell. Then I cast a spell to translocate to the hill. I looked down the other side and saw him. He stood alone, with only an adahi to guard him. He started to cast again, but I knew if he got that cast off, the troops I had left behind would burn alive.”

“But you said you don’t know offensive spells.” Ellorian said.

“I don’t. I had to devise a way to use the pyromancer’s spells against himself. I quickly cast a ward around him and his adahi to reflect any spells. I hadn’t had the time to think that maybe he had taken time to ward himself. His adahi was unfortunately not warded and instantly incinerated, but the fire mage remained standing.”

“What did you do then?” Naevys asked.

“As you can imagine, he was a bit angry about incinerating his own adahi, but he didn’t know where I was yet. As he was looking around for me, I set to work unraveling his own ward just enough for it to fail. I did not get far when I noticed him looking right at me and casting another spell. At first my ward around him held, but I felt it bowing and bending, and finished a ward around myself just as his fire broke through. So there I was with flames all around me. I pushed back against them with my ward, and he pressed harder with his fire spells. Just as I felt they couldn’t get any stronger, I adjusted my ward to reflect. The fire returned to the pyromancer, and broke through the ward I had weakened.”

“Did it kill him?” Ellorian asked.

“Yes, it did, thankfully. I don’t think I would have survived if it hadn’t. As it was, the wand did not survive. With the last burst of power to change the spell, it shattered in my hands, and pieces of it fell to the ground. All that was left of the other mage was ash. I was fortunate to live, but we lost an advantage that day.”

“Wow.” Naevys said.

“And you know how the rest turned out thanks to your boring history classes, don’t you?” Athimas smiled as Ellorian rolled his eyes. He was definitely going to have to have a talk with him later. “But now, I think you both need to go get cleaned up for supper, and dress up nice to see your mother. I will join you in a bit.” He gave them each a hug and watched as attendants took them to get baths, their temporary adahis following as they left the room. It wouldn’t do to have them dirty from travel when visiting their mother.

His own adahi followed him as he rose and walked down one of the halls. He opened a door to reveal a stairwell leading down. The lower level of the castle was dark, but he cast an orb of light to float along next to him and his adahi as he walked down another hall. He stopped at a door and used a key to open the vault. His adahi helped push the door open, and Athimas approached a box kept on a pedestal in the middle of the room. He opened it and regarded the broken pieces of gold and diamonds in the box.

“Do you think one of them will be strong enough with their magic to put it back together?” his adahi asked.

Athimas sighed, “I can only hope so. I feel it will be needed sooner rather than later. The political climate isn’t as calm as it seems.”


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World of Warcraft – A Walk to Magister Embersun’s House

Felarius caught himself as he stumbled over a raised tree root. If he didn’t know better, it was as if the forest wanted him to fall and mess up one of his few robes. It was bad enough already that he had to wash them every few days. He supposed he could ask Tik to do it as many of the other students did, but he preferred to do it himself. Tik had enough to do already.

He had to walk a bit further lately. When he first started studying demons in hopes of using them against themselves, he had only been studying with Magister Firewind, who lived somewhat close to the school, just off the estate grounds, and down an old path that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. However, shortly after starting his studies, Magister Firewind sent him to study with another summoner in the area once a week, and now he was sent for all three lessons to the other summoner.

Magister Firewind had initially said that learning from more than one summoner would give him two different perspectives to learn from instead of just one. He supposed that was true, but now he was down to just one again. Had Magister Firewind just told him that to get him to accept his new teacher more quickly? Did Magister Firewind really not want to teach him? It could be so, but then again, Magister Firewind had been busy lately. He was even skipping half of his lessons at the school, and having Maerista teach them instead.

It wasn’t that Magister Embersun or Magistrix Maerista were bad teachers, but he did feel abandoned by Magister Firewind. He had been there that night when he was almost too late to meet with the teachers here. He remembered running all the way from his job at the docks, to the small school set up in the Row. He couldn’t miss them, but they were supposed to leave the same time he was getting off work. He lucked out that they had been running behind, and entered the room just in time to stop them from teleporting.

He had recognized him then, and remembered seeing him standing on corners years ago. Felarius was just a child then, but Magister Firewind hadn’t changed much. He remembered, and knew he was one of them. It had immediately given him hope. Seeing someone who used to stand on street corners now work at a school was encouraging. If he could get out, then so could Felarius.

Felarius frowned as he came to the clearing. He had specific instructions not to go to the front door. There was a door in back which lead to the basement. He started walking around the house. It was a bit like the school, built on a cliff overlooking the sea, but much smaller.

He wondered if Magister Firewind would go back to teaching him two times a week after the wedding. Was he going to teach more at the school? He hoped the answer was yes. He opened the basement door and descended into the darkness.

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