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The Wedding (Part 3)

Things had been better while sitting next to Isturon.  They waited as each of their sisters came over.  Of course, they were curious about his name.  Some of them mentioned how he had similarities to other family members.  Esladra came out and asked if Vaildor was actually Hethurin’s son.  Isturon had gently insisted that Vaildor was only a local orphan with a coincidental name and likeness.  She seemed to believe it.  All in all, it was going fairly well.

At least it was, until Verisna stepped up to the table where the three men sat.

“Hello, Mother.”  Hethurin said, warning the other two to look up from Vaildor’s drawing.  A glance sideways showed him that Vaildor looked up with a big smile.

“You, you imposter!  You weasel your way into this family by claiming you’re my son!  What are you after?  An inheritance?  I’ll make sure you get none, you little con-artist.”

Vaildor’s short-lived smile faded quickly, replaced with a look of shock.

“Verisna.  There’s some misunderstanding.”  Isturon spoke gently, trying to smooth things over, “Lani has adopted him.  He’s just an orphan with…”

Verisna didn’t let him finish. “Liar.” she called him while looking him directly in the eyes.  “I’ve heard an entirely different story before.”  She looked Hethurin’s direction.

Hethurin bit his lip, “Oh.”

“Hethurin, how much did you tell her?”


“The truth?”

Hethurin nodded, “I was on a roll with the truth.  It just kind of came out.”

Verisna’s brow went up.  She looked at Isturon, “He told me some crazed story about someone kidnapping him in timelines or something.  The boy needs help, and this other boy is just a con artist.”  She looked again at Vaildor, who still sat with a shocked look on his face.  “I know your type.  You crawled out of a gutter on Murder Row, decided you’d find a well off family that you look like and pretend to be a long lost relative.”

Vaildor shook his head.  He was visibly shaking now.

Verisna continued, looking again at Isturon.  “You can’t possibly believe the story that Sanimir’s telling.  No son of mine wastes his time scribbling on paper.”

Hethurin picked up one of Vaildor’s pencils and started doodling some stick figures along the edge of Vaildor’s paper.

“What do you think you’re doing?” his mother asked.

“Getting disowned.  I wish I had known this before.”

Verisna blinked.  “I didn’t mean you.  I meant this imposter.”

Hethurin opened his mouth to reply, with intentions on pointing out that when she said ‘no son’ it meant not any, including him, but he was cut short of saying anything when Vaildor quickly got up and ran inside.  He found himself saying instead, “I’ll go find him.”

He could hear his parents still arguing as he went towards the house.

“You can’t believe that story.”

“No.  I believe he’s an orphan from…”

“You know I’m right!  He’s a con artist.  You can go ahead and be stupid and put him in your will, but at least I know better.”

Hethurin shut the door behind himself, and started looking for Vaildor.


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The Wedding (Part 2)

After the ceremony, Hethurin accompanied Vaildor back to the tables set up where they would eat.  They had sat near the back during the ceremony, along with Terellion, the other teachers and the students.  Hethurin felt it was best if Vaildor was kept away from his mother and sisters during the actual ceremony, and so, had chosen strategic seating in the middle of people from the school.  Renner had kept asking when they would get to the cake part, and Keyalenn kept saying he felt sick and wanted to go upstairs, but, despite a couple of noisy students,  the seating arrangement had worked.  Now was going to be the hard part.

They found a table off to the side.  Hethurin sat in one of the chairs and motioned for Vaildor to sit next to him.  “We’ll wait here.  Father should be sitting with us shortly.”

Vaildor frowned, but sat without protest.  He took out his sketchbook and started updating his drawings from earlier with the correct dress styles.

It wasn’t long before their father, Isturon, returned outside.  He sat on the other side of Vaildor.  “Everything’s okay so far?”

“No one’s come over yet,” Hethurin replied, “I saw Esladra looking though.  Would you stay with him while I get some food?”

Before his father could answer, Vaildor looked up from his drawing.  “I want some food too.”

“I’ll get you a plate.”

“I can get my own plate.”

Hethurin looked to his father, “Tell him it’s better if…”

“Hethurin, take him with you so he get his own plate.”

Vaildor jumped up out of his seat before Hethurin could respond.

Hethurin frowned, “Fine.”

He lead him to the table where the food was at.  Unfortunately, one of his sisters was already there, and it was one of his least favorite.

“Hello Vallindra.  Have you met Vaildor?” Hethurin asked as he took two plates from the pile at the end of the table, and handed one to the young elf next to him.

“I can’t say I have.”  Vallindra replied as she raised a brow.  “I heard Lani adopted a boy from the area.  Is this him?”

Hethurin nodded.  He turned briefly to help Vaildor get some salad on his plate.  Vaildor scrunched up his nose at the vegetables.

“Interesting name.”  She commented as she put some spinach rolls on her plate.  “Did she make him change it to bother mother?  I didn’t think she had it in her to pull something like that.  Then again, I didn’t think she had it in her to pull what she did to go to Kalimdor.  I heard all about that.  Mother’s still quite livid about it.”

“I’ve always been called Vaildor.  Lani didn’t make me change it.” the boy answered her this time.

Vallindra put a few last things on her plate then turned to look directly at Vaildor.  She opened her mouth to say something, but paused and looked at Hethurin.  She looked back at Vaildor after a moment then mused, “You two look incredibly alike.” She turned and joined her husband at one of the tables.

Vaildor looked at Hethurin.

“Finish filling your plate so we can go sit.”  Hethurin said quietly.  “I’d rather not be questioned about you without some back up.”

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The Wedding (Part 1)

“Magister, you asked me to inform you when your mother arrived.  I just led her to the garden only moments ago.”

Hethurin frowned.  He wasn’t even done getting dressed yet.  He had bought a complicated robe for today, and needed help with the buttons and ties in the back.  “Is Vaildor here yet?” he asked, glancing towards the windows overlooking the garden.  He’d go to look for himself if Terellion wasn’t working on buttoning the back of one of the pieces of his robe.

“He arrived with Lani not long ago.  They’re using the second classroom as the room to get ready in.”

“So he’s not out in the garden yet.”

“No, Magister.  He was still with Lani inside, the last I knew.”

Hethurin nodded, “Thank you, Tik.  Let Lani know that I’ll be down shortly.”

“Of course, Magister.”  Tik replied with a short bow before turning to leave the room.

Hethurin waited until the door latched shut before speaking again.  “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Terellion was working on finishing the last of the buttons.  “You don’t have to go downstairs if you don’t want to.  You could watch the wedding from the balcony here, and I would bring up food and cake from the party after.”  He stood after fastening the last button, and took the next piece of the robe which had been laid out on the bed.

Hethurin held his arm up a bit as Terellion started fastening on the pieces that fit over his shoulders.  “I can’t do that.  I have to go downstairs.  It’s my sister’s wedding.  She’ll want me down there, plus someone has to watch Vaildor so that she doesn’t have to worry about him as much.”

Terellion finished fastening on the second piece of shoulder armor.  “You know I’ll be watching to make sure everything’s okay, right?”

Hethurin smiled, and turned to kiss him.  “I know.  I love you.”  He paused, then kissed him again.  “I should go downstairs.”  He kissed him once more before he cast his teleport.

He appeared in the hallway outside of the second classroom.  He knocked on the door.  One of his students, Xarola, answered, opening the door just a crack and peeking out. “Oh, hello Magister Fairsong.  You can’t come in.  We’re changing.  There was a mix up with the dresses, and we have to improvise a little.”

“Oh.  I’m sorry.  I just came to find Vaildor.  He’s not in there now.”

“No! Not right now. Lani sent him to the library.”

“Okay. If you would, please let Lani know I’ll be with him.  Thank you.” he said, while turning to go back down the hallway.  The library was close.  There was no need to teleport.  He breathed a small sigh of relief upon seeing Vaildor sitting alone at one of the desks with his drawing paper.  The young elf looked up from his artwork as Hethurin sat down in a nearby chair.

“Oh, hi.” Vaildor said as he looked back down and resumed drawing.

“Hi.  It’s an exciting day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Vaildor replied without looking up.

“What are you drawing?”

“It’s going to be Lani, but I don’t know what the dress looks like on her yet.  I’m just getting some sketches started ahead of time so that I can add more later.  I’ll eventually turn them into paintings based on the sketches.”  He looked up again, “Is it time to go to the garden yet?”

Hethurin looked up in the direction of the garden.  He wasn’t eager to go there, but he understood that Vaildor was.  He hadn’t met half of his own family yet, and Hethurin knew most, if not all, of them would be there today.  “Lani asked me to make sure you’re inside until the ceremony starts.”  He noted Vaildor’s frown as he stated Lani’s one and only rule.  “Maybe we could go to the sitting room and look out the window.  That way you can learn who everyone is before meeting them after the ceremony.”

Vaildor seemed a little more receptive to that idea.  He nodded in agreement and packed up his pencils.  Hethurin walked with him to the sitting room and peered out one of the large windows looking out into the garden.  A quick glance told him that all of his sisters were there.  He saw his mother holding his nephew as she spoke to Nessna.  Nessna looked eager to take the baby back.  He pointed her out to Vaildor.  “Our mother is the one holding Rylad over there next to Nessna.”

“Who’s that guy with the muscles standing on the other side of her?”

Hethurin scrunched up his nose.  “That’s her boyfriend.”  He glanced at the man who seemed to be posing, ignoring the baby, and looking off in another direction.

“He doesn’t look very old.” Vaildor commented.

“He’s not.”  Hethurin scanned the crowd and spotted another one of his sisters sitting off to the side.  He raised a brow upon seeing who she was talking to.  It was a pandaren woman.  It could be the same one he saw when he visited her in Pandaria, but he wasn’t sure.  They all looked the same to him.  He pointed at his sister.  “You haven’t met her yet, the one next to the bear, right?”

“No.”  Vaildor looked at the pandaren with a puzzled look on his face, but said nothing more.

“That’s Aranae.  She lives in Pandaria, and doesn’t like anyone.  I’d avoid her if I was you.”

“I want to meet her.”

Hethurin looked at Vaildor sympathetically.  The boy had no idea what he was getting into today.  He sighed lightly, and looked back out the window, scanning the crowd outside for another sister.  He found two of them, talking to each other.  He pointed them out to Vaildor.  “There, just on the other side.  Vallindra has her hair up, and is standing next to a blond guy.  His name is Xanaroth.  He’s her husband.  The woman they’re talking to is Esladra.  Vallindra and Esladra are our sisters.  You haven’t met either of them yet, have you?”

Vaildor shook his head.

“You’ll get to later, after the ceremony.”

“Do you think they’ll like me?”

Hethurin hesitated, unsure what to say. At last, he said, “Some of them are very difficult.  As far as they know, you’re Lani’s adopted son.  You probably won’t see them very often, so it doesn’t matter that much if they like you or not.”

Vaildor frowned.

“Let’s go see if Lani and the others are ready yet.”

They both headed back towards the room where Lani and the other girls were getting ready.

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Hethurin’s Bodyguard

Hethurin Fairsong stood at his table in his practice room as he took notes from the open book in front of him.  He hurriedly scribbled a few words on a separate paper before looking back at one of the books he had picked up in Shattrath the evening before.  He had hoped to start reading them in the privacy of the upper rooms of the library, but he found Xanaroth there.  He wound up talking instead, not that he minded.  Xanaroth was okay to talk to.  It was Vallindra he was worried about seeing.

Their wedding would be soon.  Hethurin had no idea if he was invited.  It seemed Xanaroth wasn’t sure either.  Perhaps he had nothing to do with the invitation list.  Hethurin made a mental note to buy a gift anyway.  He would send it.  He thought it best if he didn’t go, invited or not.

He turned the page, taking a moment to write down a few more things in his notes.  Luckily, despite not being able to study it a bit before returning home last night, this book seemed to be exactly what he was looking for.  It had the spell adjustments he needed, as well as a few new incantations to study.  The adjustments were most important.  He needed them now.

He had planned to wait until after Xyliah and Berwick’s wedding to return to the library, but he wound up needing the information before that.  That was why he made a quick trip in the evening by himself.  He had grown fond of taking Desdeyliri with him to visit places, and the library, though they had been there before, was one of the regular spots that they had to visit.  Hethurin’s own library was lacking, despite the number of bookshelves in the home.  He was slowly trying to build it.  He ordered books while in Tranquillien and Shattrath, and he would frequent the market in search for books in the lower city.  He missed having access to the large libraries in Dalaran, and hated making trips to Silvermoon.  He needed to fill his own shelves with relevant books.

He kept his books for his own studies in his room, bringing them out in his satchel to his practice room or study, when he needed to.  Library books on the subject often sat on a separate shelf in his room.  He had brought a few of them down with him tonight.  He closed the larger one after jotting down a few more things in his notes.

He had gone with Desdeyliri to the Bronze Dragonshrine only a few days ago.  Things had not changed much there since the last time he had visited.  The dragons fought overhead, every now and then, stopping time and restarting.  It was a strong spell.  Hethurin thought it might have to do with anchoring at a certain point in time, but to pull others with you was quite powerful indeed.  He and Desdeyliri were able to observe from the stairs into the shrine without being affected by the spell itself.

He wasn’t quite sure why he took Desdeyliri there.  He could have just as easily gone himself, but he wasn’t sure why he wanted to do that either.  Was he looking for permission?  He glanced at the small jar with a bit of sand in it.  It had been taken from the shrine.  It was sand that was on his shoes, and it would have left the shrine anyway.  It was one of the few things he had taken to Shattrath.  When he left Shattrath, it was one of the few things he brought with him.  He doubted Aeramin missed it.

He started looking over his notes and comparing what was written on the loose paper.  He made a few corrections.  This spell made him nervous.  So far, he had only gone to the future on the same day, but this one was made to skip a few days.  He would arrive about an hour in advance, he hoped.  He would have to remember that, in the future when it was really his time.  He thought it best if he used an invisibility spell after arriving as well.  His plan was to teleport to his bedroom, and open one of the windows.  From there, he would have a clear view of the garden.  With the invisibility spell, no one would see him.  If for any reason he tired of maintaining the spell, he could easily move back from the window, and still watch while remaining unseen.

He looked down at the paper with the spell, and took a deep breath.  He noted his position how he was standing and where his hands were.  It was important as he would return to the same moment he left.  If anyone was watching, they wouldn’t notice him gone at all.  He read over the spell one last time in his head, and glanced at the clock.  He closed his eyes and recited the spell aloud.

He opened his eyes.  The time had changed.  The rat that he kept in a cage in his practice room, was now running in a wheel that Tik had made for it.  It had been sleeping before.  The sunlight showered light into the room.  The time he had just left was dark, almost night, and raining.  The clock put him at exactly the right time that he had been aiming for, but was it the right day?  He cast his invisibility spell and teleported to his bedroom.

The window was already open.  A chair had been placed near the window, along with a small telescope.  Hethurin smiled.  He had prepared for himself.

He sat by the window, maintaining his invisibility, and prepared to watch over himself for the next few hours.

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Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • I went to the wedding yesterday for Thero and Isandri.  My father performed the ceremony again.  He’s been doing a lot of weddings lately.
  • He and I went for a walk after.  He told me, again, how he didn’t get to choose, and I should be happy that she’s pretty and didn’t mind moving to Dalaran.
  • He thought things had to be going better because I wasn’t there long for Nessna’s wedding.  I said no, and that we were both busy with separate things.
  • He wanted to know if I had seen the girl I had been seeing before.  I said I hadn’t.  There isn’t any girl, but I can’t tell him that.  I hadn’t seen Aeramin either.
  • We got back to the reception and I know he was watching so I asked Xyliah to hold my hand just to make it look good.  She hesitated but did it.
  • I know I’m going to have to tell him eventually.
  • And mother.
  • I was glad to let go when he finally asked for a portal back to Silvermoon.
  • Isandri had a beautiful dress, and Thero had matching armor.  They looked perfect together.  I wonder if they chose their outfits together?  I don’t think they’re supposed to, but they matched perfectly!
  • Kestrae wanted to go back to Outland after the reception.  I was really nervous.
  • We talked a bit and got her cats.  I couldn’t wait to see Muffins!
  • I wasn’t sure if Aeramin really wasn’t mad at me or not.  I don’t think he is, now that I’m here.
  • Muffins is doing good, but hasn’t had any treats all week.  I feel bad for leaving him, but I wasn’t sure where I was going.
  • Kestrae and I got here the long way.  I made a portal as close to the dark portal as I could.  Luckily, the dragonhawk that I had taken last week had stopped to rest in a small orc outpost.  Orcs are scary, but I could make a portal there.  We rented a couple of wind riders and were there fast enough.
  • I’m not very good at riding at all.
  • The dark portal is really big and scary.
  • I went to my own wedding.  I’m not scared of anything anymore.
  • Except the demons on the other side of the dark portal.
  • They were really scary.  There were some people there keeping them back from the portal.
  • We purchased rides to Shattrath.  We flew over this horrible, barren landscape, and I thought that was all it was going to be, but then we flew into this area with trees.
  • The trees are really different.  You can see them from the Scryer’s Tier too.  That’s where they’re all staying.  Well, I’m staying there too.
  • I haven’t made a portal between worlds before.  It should be interesting getting back home.
  • I guess they’re staying here for a bit.
  • I’m nervous about a lot of things.  About the demons and everything.  Shattrath seems okay.
  • Aeramin wasn’t mad.  He said he loves me, and he’s glad that I’m safe.  He doesn’t want me to go like that again.
  • We walked around Shattrath a bit today.  He said he hadn’t been down from the Scryer’s Tier much.  It was nice seeing the market in the lower city.  Aeramin told me to keep my coin purse safe.  He thought there were pickpockets there.
  • I don’t have much money left anyway so I didn’t buy anything.
  • The Scryer’s library is huge!
  • I saw some of the books that Aeramin is reading.  I can’t believe they let just anyone take them out here.  I got some normal books to read.
  • Vallindra is still in Shattrath.  I haven’t seen her, and I don’t know what I’ll say when I do.  I can’t tell her I came here to be with Aeramin.
  • Maybe it’s time to really consider telling my parents.  I don’t know.

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Theronil – Theronil’s Log

The wedding is later today.  I’m ready.  Everything is ready.  I’m really nervous, but I think it’s a good kind of nervous.  It’s an excited nervous.  I think it will all go okay.  There’s not a cloud in the sky, so I’m not even worried about rain at this point.

We were going to have a pre-honeymoon last night, which would kind of break the tradition of the bride not seeing the groom before the wedding, but we didn’t think either of us were going to have parties.  We were about to leave when we ran into Kes.  She’s back from her trip.  Anyway Isandri and her started talking about whether it was bad luck or not, and it was decided that we should be on the safe side and spend the evening apart after all.  So I stayed at the inn and she stayed at home.  She went somewhere with Kes first.

I played with Arelanis in the park for a bit.  I wasn’t sure where they went so I avoided home, the lounge, and well, everywhere.  I thought maybe Raleth’s place would be Isandri-free so I went there to visit for a bit.  He’s been making Isandri’s portals.  The other mage, Sanimir, disappeared.  If he doesn’t show up soon, I’ll have to find someone more permanent. I don’t think Raleth really likes making portals.

It was just him and his kaldorei wife at their home.  He invited me to stay for tea.  They both noticed how well I’m walking now.  The kaldorei is pregnant.  I don’t think she’s showing much yet, but she insists she is.  They don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet.  I guess, if you get the right healer, they can tell, if you want to know.

So we were having tea, then the kaldorei girl asked if I was having a bachelor party.  I told her that my visit with them was it.  She said we were doing it wrong.  I thought the tea was pretty good.

I went back to the inn after a bit.  I paid a little extra to let Arelanis stay in the room with me.  I didn’t think she should be staying at the stable.  I guess I could have sent her home, but she might have wondered what was going on when I didn’t go with her.  I didn’t want to confuse her.

My armor fits perfect.  My hair has been trimmed and styled.  The rings are ready.  All there is to do now is wait and hope it all goes as planned.


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Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m married.  The wedding was nice.  Everyone complimented me on the dress.  I do think his was nicer than mine.  I hope he doesn’t like those types of robes too much.  I can’t afford to get those.  Only for very special occasions.

This occasion wasn’t really that special except one week from now Yara will get her surgery.  She’ll be able to walk after that.  Seeing her walk again will make it all worth it.  Especially if I can get this annulled soon.  I’ll need the money to cover the cost of the surgery just in case they ask for it.

He cried a few times during the ceremony.  Thankfully, he was quiet about it.  He looked like he was about to pass out a few times.  He said his vows so quietly that I could barely hear him, and the look on his face at the end when he had to kiss me was rather amusing.  I didn’t want to kiss him either.  I made sure it was over quick.

The reception was wonderful though.  I stayed mostly with Kestrae and Isandri the entire evening.  My father and Sanimir’s parents had both gone in on providing the food.  I think his mother overdid it a bit.  My brother was there with Nessna.  They’re getting married next Wednesday.  Father had brought Yara, but had to take her home after the ceremony because she was hurting.  I made sure he took some of the food.  It wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t get any since he was paying for half of it.

I talked to Isandri and Kestrae for a bit.  Isandri is excited about her wedding, and she should be.  She’s getting married to someone she loves, and who loves her back.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Kestrae is still upset.  She didn’t say anything, but I could tell.  Maybe it was just because I knew about it that I noticed.

Sanimir’s mother complimented the dress as well.  We think she wants one like.  She went to tell his father that she wants to go to Dalaran after asking where I got it.

Sanimir’s sisters came over and wished us well.  Most of them did anyway.  The youngest one, I’m not sure what her problem is.  I guess she just decided it was time to cause drama and mentioned that Vallindra had been paying Aeramin to watch Sanimir, while Sanimir was right there.  I’ve seen the kid throw fits before, but I hadn’t seen him that upset.  He just opened a portal and left.  I followed before it closed after quickly saying goodbye.

I didn’t find him right away.  He was on the balcony of the room at the inn, sitting by the wall.  I don’t think he really wanted to see me, but after he stopped glaring at me and started listening, I think he didn’t mind so much.

Of course, I need him to have his boyfriend around in case more reason for annulment is needed.  Plus, what I told him was honestly what I thought.  I told him that Aeramin is from the slums and doesn’t have a lot of money.  Just because he accepted a job watching him doesn’t mean he doesn’t love him, money or not.  The boy needed money to pay his rent.  Sanimir kept saying Aeramin doesn’t love him and that he was just around for the money.  I told him he’d have to talk to him about it.  I don’t know for sure.

We were up most of the night discussing it.  He cried a few times, but less than I would have thought he would.  I think he was more angry than sad.  In the early morning, he got mad at me for ‘making’ him stay up all night and he just teleported away.

I need to check out and start heading back to Dalaran.  Maybe they’ve made up by now, I hope.


My Dearest Berwick,

I should be back late tonight.  As predicted, that horrid child threw a fit and I will be making my way back to Silvermoon by myself.  I’ll find a mage there to open a portal to Dalaran for me.  I would love to see you.  I miss you.


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