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Leymon – Letter to the Lady

Lady Marjolaine,

Mr. Di Rossi and I have made it back safely from Shattrath.  The shipment has made it to a storehouse along the canals.  Have you had any luck finding potential buyers for the goods?  Mr. Di Rossi inspected them before we brought them back.  He said it’s all very high quality work.

We had no problems in Shattrath and the demon people did not try to force me to bow to their gods.  They even put giant decorations for winter veil in the middle of the city.  They looked like giant snowflakes.  I tried to ask Kedaar, Artero’s contact, about them, but he seemed annoyed by the question and refused to answer.  I thought maybe I said something wrong.  I’m not very well versed in draenei etiquette.  Maybe they have some rule that says you shouldn’t ask about their decorating.

Thank you for your gift. My brothers and I appreciate it.  I had to send yours from Shattrath.  I hope it arrived in time!

– Leymon Evans



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Leymon – Shattrath (Day Three)

((ICly this probably all happened at least a few days ago.  I’ve been a little slow about writing it.  It would make more sense for them to get their  shipment to Azeroth before Winter Veil ended. ))

Artero and I were both awake early this morning.  The big blue guy said the shipment would be ready at the portal by noon.  I had only just finished the finishing touches on the documents last night.

I went to the lower city, leaving Artero at the inn.  The streets there were crowded, and merchants were scattered about.  I walked through some of the areas with clusters of stalls.  One woman had a selection of hair accessories laid out on a blanket.  I bought some for the Lady, Josie and Nora.  As I paid, I spotted some hammers and knives at a nearby stall.

I’m not sure how blacksmithing works, but for writing, I have different quills for different jobs.  I think blacksmithing must have different sized hammers for different types of work.  I got one of the hammers for Kor.  The knives at the same stall were quality throwing knives.  I thought maybe the elf would like them so I got them for him.  I just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone.

I found some shirts at another vendor.  Mill and Weylenn both need new shirts.  I got a blue one for Millington and a red one for Weylenn.  I think they’ll like them.  I kept walking a bit further and found a man selling blankets.  I bought the ones that looked the warmest.  I’m sure with winter in full swing on Azeroth now, the blankets will come in useful for everyone.  I still need to decide who gets which.  I think the Lady would like the royal blue one.  I found a pink one for the elf.  I think the black one with grey stripes would be perfect for Kor.

My bag was full after stuffing all those blankets into it.  I can’t wait to get back home and give everyone their gifts.

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Leymon – Shattrath (Day Two)

Mr. Di Rossi and I met up with the big blue guy this morning to inspect the goods.  No one told me the goods weren’t in Shattrath itself.  No, they’re in this place called Blade’s Edge.  This whole world is full of strange things.  We traveled there by gryphon.  There’s this whole place filled with giant mushrooms.  Oh and there are ogres all over the place.  Blade’s Edge is a mountain range made of pointy spiky mountains.  We met up with blue guy’s contact there.  She had brought one of the smaller packages with her, a box full of gold rings with various gems.  Artero is much better at jewelry assessment than I am.  I watched as he checked each ring.  He seemed to know what he was talking about.  He said they were quality rings.

After we got back to Shattrath, we went to the tavern again in lower city, with the big blue guy.  He talked a lot about some animal he calls a ravager.  He said he has one.  They’re difficult beasts to work with but very loyal when they finally learn to trust you.  So he says.  I’d rather not lose any appendages trying to tame one.

We walked a bit through the market before returning to the inn.  I think one of the ogres at the market kept farting.  Something was really rank.  There was a troll there trying to sell all sorts of useless things.  I felt bad for him so I bought a couple of things from him.  I was going to buy something to eat, but the smell made me lose my appetite.

The inn is on one of the highest rises in Shattrath.  I sat there after we got back and watched the people below for a bit.  There were some Winter Veil decorations up, but I’m not sure if people celebrate it here.  The shopping wasn’t so crowded as it was in Stormwind.  It’s kind of nice to get away from the crowded streets, but still I can’t wait to get back home.


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Leymon – Shattrath (Day One)

I had never been to Shattrath before.  My contact, Mr. Artero Di Rossi, knocked early this morning.  He had secured our transportation via mage portal a few weeks ago with one of the best portal mages, and our appointment with him was quite early.  We left even before Millington left to go to the mines.  Weylenn was still asleep, but he had wished me a good trip the previous evening.  He’ll be going with Miss Nora to pick herbs alone the next couple times.  He better behave himself!

It wasn’t my first time taking a portal, but I’m still new enough to it that it raises the hair on the back of my neck.  Maybe that’s normal after all.  I do find it a bit unsettling to be in one place one second and a completely different place the next.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that.  The portal put me right in front of one of the naaru.  I didn’t know that was what it was at first.  Mr. Di Rossi appeared next to me only a few seconds later, and explained.  He showed me around a bit.  We’re staying at an inn on one of the rises.  We took our bags there first and left them in our room.

There are two rises.  One is full of blood elves and the other has the draenei people on it.  The naaru that the draenei worship are all in the center of the city.  There is also a lower part of the city.  There was another inn there, but Artero insisted that we were much safer where we were on the draenei rise.  The tavern in the lower city was full of a variety of races, even an ogre.  There was a strange bird man there too.  We went and sat at one of the tables in the back rooms.  Mr. Di Rossi’s contact wasn’t there yet.

We ordered drinks and food while waiting.  Artero said we were early so we might as well pass the time.  A comedian was on the stage for a while.  He told a few jokes and did a few impersonations.  He was funny.  Artero’s contact in Shattrath, Kedaar, showed up near the end of the act.  He looked over my papers and suggested some changes.  I have to finish them up tonight.  He was impressed with the detail, and the fact that I even got ink from Draenor.  He said my script was good too.  He said the goods were ready to be shipped.  Artero requested to inspect the merchandise.  He’s going to take us to it tomorrow.


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Leymon – Story

Millington was up all night making a concentrated paste from the sleeping potion.  He was quiet about it at least.  He left two jars of it on my desk with a note that I couldn’t read.  I could make out enough to know that the two jars had different, yet similar, contents.  Both would need to be tested.  He also left the list of herbs he needs that I asked him for last night.  I took the time to copy the list to make sure it was readable.

Weylenn had just finished his trap.  He thought it was to catch the elf.  I told him I didn’t think so.  If the Lady wanted to catch the elf, she’s had plenty of opportunity to do so without the help of a trap.  The trap is weighted, making it heavy.  It took the two of us to carry it to the Lady’s residence after we put it in an inconspicuous crate.  The trap can also be bolted down.  I hope she has a plan for getting whatever or whoever she’s trapping to run over it.  I have to hand it to my brother.   Despite the trap’s weight, it’s not constructed in a way that makes it stand up very high off the ground.  It could easily be covered with leaves or a small rug.

Weylenn had to run back home to get his darts.  He forgot we were testing the pastes after delivering the trap.  I stopped by the inn and found Nora.  I gave her the list that I had copied of the herbs that Millington needed, and walked to the main gate with her.

We waited for Weylenn there.  She asked a few questions.  Was I bitten?  Yes.  Are my brothers bitten too?  Yes.  Are they really my brothers or are they just friends that I call brothers?  They are really my brothers.  Were both of them coming?  No. Only Weylenn would be going with us.

He ran up to us then and we headed out.

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Leymon – Story

It’s been a busy day.  Weylenn is making a lot of racket with his trap making.  I had to go get some supplies for him.  The lady wants one of those live traps.  I’m not sure what for but by the sounds of the letter she didn’t want to hurt whatever she’s trapping.

Millington has some work too.  The Lady wanted to know how the sleeping draught was working.  I had to go ask around in the tavern.  I saw some of the same faces I saw the other night.  I thought maybe one of them would know the man who passed out suddenly.  A couple of them did.  They never saw me as more than a concerned onlooker.  The guy lived.  He slept for about 10 hours.  They didn’t say if he had a headache or not.  I didn’t ask.  I didn’t want to seem too interested.  Ask too many questions and they’ll start wondering if I didn’t have something more to do with it.

From the way the letter reads, it seems the Lady may want something that is fast acting for now.  I had to go buy more herbs for Millington so he could make more up so we could run a few more tests with it.

Weylenn’s finishing the trap.  We’re going to test the draught on darts, and see if it works with a different means of delivery.


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Leymon – Story

I picked up my pay last night.  The Lady gave me a bonus.  I can’t help but think she takes pity on me for having to put up with my brothers.  They aren’t used to this way of life yet.  They’ll learn.  Hopefully sooner than later.  I think she wouldn’t hesitate to make it known they weren’t welcome if it weren’t for me.  I asked her if she had any siblings.  She said no.  She wouldn’t understand.

Millington’s sleeping poison needed to be tested.  I went to the tavern after my visit with the Lady.  I spotted one candidate standing at the bar.  His back was often turned to his drink.  He wasn’t falling down drunk either.  There were enough of those but I needed to know if the potion worked or not.  I didn’t want to mistake falling asleep for passing out.  I found a spot near the man.  When the barkeep was busy and the man’s back was turned, I slipped it into his drink.  He took one sip of his drink a minute later.  Another minute later, he was laying on the floor.  While effective, I think more subtlety is needed.  It may be useful if we need one person to fall asleep quickly.  I’ll see what I can learn about how long it lasts.

I’ve been watching the auction house today.  Well, no, not the building.  I’m watching for someone who might show up there.  He might have something we can use.  I have to find him first.

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