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Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • I spoke with Kestrae.  Then Sath was there.  I didn’t see him come in.  I don’t think she did either.  I saw him, and then she did too and she excused herself to go talk to him.
  • She invited him to the table.  I would have left so they could talk, but he didn’t even want to come over.  That scares me.  Maybe he’s going to try to get me fired again.  Or worse.  I didn’t like the look he gave me.
  • He’s a ranger.  Maybe he’s going to shoot me.
  • I went to the park.  I thought it would be quiet there and I could read.
  • Kes and Sath showed up a few minutes later.  They sat near the park entrance, so I couldn’t leave.  I kept reading my book.
  • She was crying sometimes.  It would have been dangerous to hear anything.  I’m glad I was on the other side of the park.
  • Sath left and Kes came to see me.  I wasn’t sure he wasn’t hiding somewhere, waiting to shoot me, but we talked a little bit.  I didn’t get shot.
  • Vallindra hasn’t been coming to check on me for the past few nights.  It’s a little weird.  I’ve come to expect her to visit then.  Sometimes it was annoying, but it was nice to see her and think that maybe she cared.  I don’t think she really does.  She’s worse than Aranae.  Maybe.
  • Sath didn’t show up this morning like Kestrae said he would for the portal.  I’m kind of glad, but now I don’t know if he really went back or not.  I guess Isandri might know eventually.
  • I’m staying in the library for the rest of the day.  Nothing can happen to me here.  Nothing.
  • I will have to go make the portal for Isandri later.  I can come back to the library after.
  • Vallindra told me that mother is speaking to Nessna’s fiance’s sister.  For me.  She said she was sick of babysitting me, and thought a wife could watch me better anyway.
  • I grew up with five older sisters.  I’m not ready to live with a woman, I think.  I don’t know.
  • I think I’ll say no.  I’ll have to meet her, I guess.  But then maybe I’ll like her.
  • I left the discussion room this morning after Aeramin had to leave to go to his translating job.  I didn’t feel like being around other people much, so I got one of the private reading rooms.  I stayed here for lunch.  I’m still here, in the reading room.  No one can find me here.
  • My father is probably going to be angry about the money I spent on the robes.
  • I don’t care.  Let him be mad.
  • He might try to drag me back to Silvermoon, and make me marry whoever my mother chooses for me.
  • I guess I do care because I don’t really want to go back to Silvermoon.  I don’t think I want to get married right now either.
  • Kestrae said some other things last night.  I’ve kind of known.  I’ve noticed his looks.  And sometimes the things he says or does.  He talks to girls though.  He seems interested in them.
  • I don’t know what I want.  I’m a virgin.  I haven’t really thought about it, beyond knowing what’s expected of me.  I know my father has been hinting that I should find a girl myself before mother finds one for me.  It might be too late for that if Vallindra is right about her talking to that girl, but I think I can refuse.  Vallindra has refused so many that they’ve given up on trying to find one for her.
  • They expect me to marry an elf woman and have lots of children, and hopefully have more than one male to carry on the family name, unlike my father and my grandfather, and my great-grandfather.
  • I’m not even considered an adult by some people. I thought I had a decade or two before they found someone for me.  At least!   I can’t get married yet.  Why is mother looking now?
  • I do like him.  I know he cares.  I care for him too.  I wouldn’t have spent so much if I didn’t.
  • I think I’ll just stay here in the reading room today.  Maybe tomorrow too.

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Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I’ve been walking.

Not a lot.  I don’t want to stress it.  I went to the library today.  The stairs to get up there used to seem like a mountain to me.  I expected my knee would start hurting half way up, then Isandri would be mad because I climbed stairs and hurt myself, but no.  Everything’s fine.

I walked around the library a bit.  I went to some sections I hadn’t been to before because there were more stairs.  I’m really glad the enchanting books are on the first level.  I honestly had no idea the library was this huge.

I still limp a bit and the brace is a bit weird to get used to, but it stays hidden under my robe.

I think, one day this week, I’ll go to the forest below the city and explore a bit.  It’s been so long since I’ve really had a walk through the woods.

Another day this week, I need to get to Silvermoon and pick up Isandri to take her out to the woods there.  I know the perfect spot.

I’m still kind of in disbelief that the surgery worked.  I limp, but it really doesn’t hurt anymore.  I’m scared, too, that it might get re-injured if I’m not really careful.  I don’t have the money to pay for the surgery again.

The enchanted jewelry is selling well though.  Isandri should be able to get any dress she wants for the wedding.  I already have my armor picked out.  I wonder if her sister has set a date yet?  I hope things haven’t been messed up because Sath cancelled his wedding to Kestrae.  Maybe they’ll still let the girls get married.  Most families do move on to the next if one child is unmarriageable.

I need to stop by and see my brother later.  He sent a note to me that he had some things that needed to be enchanted.  That reminds me, I need to pick up some raw supplies so he can make some more jewelry for me.  He hasn’t finished with the last things yet, but he did mention that he had been working on them.  Some are done, but not the ones I’ve been waiting for.  Sometime later this week, hopefully.

Isandri has started going back to Silvermoon for her lessons.  I miss her.  She’s also started an apprenticeship with the priest who worked on my leg, and fixed it.  She gets home later, but I know it’s important for her to learn more.

I’m a bit worried about what I’ll do when I’m finally off the waiting list to finish my enchanting training.  I’m already advanced, so it shouldn’t take that long.  I just hope it doesn’t conflict with anything.

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Aeramin – Sanimir’s Robe Shopping Spree

Aeramin and Sanimir had practically picked out all of the robes they were interested in trying on the previous evening, before Sanimir’s father returned from his appointment.  Isturon had frowned deeply when Sanimir told him how many robes he intended to buy.  He had included a few for Aeramin when asking, without saying they were for Aeramin, which doubled the total.  Sanimir had not been discouraged by his father’s frown.  He had continued on, insisting that they were all necessary, and describing certain ones and where he intended to wear them.  One was perfect for the library.  One was perfect for entertaining guests in the new apartment.  Yet another was perfect for walking around town.  Aeramin had almost laughed at that one.  Sanimir wasn’t exactly known for walking anywhere.  Rather, he had a tendency to teleport everywhere.  Luckily, his father did not question his son’s reasons, and in the end, gave him enough to cover the cost of all the robes.

Sanimir had worn his tight, red pants and the red shirt that was open in the front again.  Aeramin did his best not to look as they walked up the steps to the shop where the robes were.  His friend had vowed to wear them until they both had new robes.  Aeramin was glad it was almost over, but he knew he was going to miss stealing glances at his tight pants.  Sanimir quickly went to the racks of robes and pulled off the ones he wanted to try.

“I’ll try these on.  You pick out the ones you wanted to try.”

Aeramin nodded as Sanimir disappeared behind the changing curtain to try on the robes he wanted to get.  Aeramin pushed the robes on the rack, going through them one by one.  His friend had helped him choose at least five different robes the previous evening, but now he couldn’t recall which ones.  There were two dark red ones that looked like they would fit without too many adjustments, and a blue one.  There was a nice green one and a purple one of the same style.  He managed to find three of the robes before Sanimir peeked out from behind the curtain.

“Tell me what you think.  Are you ready?”

Aeramin looked up.  “I’m ready.”

Sanimir stepped out.  He wore a bright orange robe that snugly clung to his thin frame.

Aeramin smiled briefly.  If the robe had been a bit shorter and slightly wider, he would have gotten it too.  “I like that one.  It looks great on you.  You should get it.”

Sanimir grinned, “I like it too.”  He disappeared behind the curtain again, as Aeramin turned back to the rack with the robes hanging on it.

As he continued looking for the last two robes, three other mages came in.  They started looking at robes on one of the other racks.  He didn’t recognize any of them.

He found one of the last two robes he had looked at last night, before Sanimir peeked around the curtain again.  “Are you ready?”

Aeramin nodded, and Sanimir stepped out.  The elegant purple robe had been the least favorite of Aeramin’s while it was on the rack, but now that he could see what they looked like on his friend, he had to approve of it.  “That one looks wonderful on you.”

“You’re sure?”  Sanimir looked in the mirror.  “I wasn’t sure about getting purple again.”

Aeramin nodded.  Sanimir still didn’t look very convinced.  “It’s very handsome on you.”

Sanimir looked at Aeramin, then back in the mirror.  He nodded.  “I’ll get it.”  He ducked back behind the curtain to change again.

Aeramin resumed looking for the last robe.  The other mages, all men, spoke quietly behind him, and moved to look at another rack of robes.

Then he heard the voice.

Summon me.

Aeramin frowned.  The voice was only in his head.
I will summon you when I choose, imp.  I’m busy looking for mage robes.

The imp laughed in his mind.
Warlock.  You’re no mage now.


He looked back quickly towards the changing area.  Sanimir stood there, wearing another robe.

“Are you okay?”

“I was just thinking.”  Aeramin twitched an ear and quickly turned the subject back to robe shopping.  “That looks really fancy.  Are you sure he gave you enough?”

Sanimir nodded.  “I’m sure.  I like the embroidery on this one.”

“It goes well with your hair.”  The dark reddish-brown borders did match his hair well.  The shimmering white fabric nicely accented it.  Sanimir took another look in the mirror, and smiled before disappearing back behind the curtain again.

Aeramin found the last robe just as Sanimir left the changing area with the robes he was going to get.

“Did you find them all?”

Aeramin nodded.  He glanced at the other people again.  They didn’t look ready to try anything on.  “I found them.  I still can’t believe you managed to convince your father to give you that much.”

Sanimir smiled, “I had to.  You don’t have any robes at all.  Go try those on.”

Aeramin went into the changing area, opting for the blue robe first.  Blue had never really been his color, not with his bright hair.  He stepped out, watching Sanimir’s reaction carefully.

“Oh, that looks striking.  The contrast with your hair is nice.”

“It is?”

Sanimir nodded.  “You should get it.”

Aeramin looked in the mirror.  The contrast was a bit much, he thought, but if Sanimir liked it… “Okay.  It does look good.”

Sanimir nodded, and Aeramin returned to the changing area.  Next was one of the red robes.  Sanimir had one of the same style, but it was purple.  He was sure to like them, since he had his own.  While changing into them, he wondered if there weren’t some way he could find out if Sanimir did more than look at his robes.  He could ask, but he had never been that forward.

He stepped out from behind the curtain.

Sanimir smiled his approval.

Aeramin noticed the other people who had come in to shop had moved to another rack of robes.  Before Sanimir could say anything, Aeramin quietly asked, “Sanimir, do you think those guys are looking at us?”

Sanimir glanced at the three men, then looked back at Aeramin.  “No.  Why would they look at us?”

“Because sometimes guys are attracted to other guys.”

Sanimir looked back at the other shoppers.  “I don’t think they’re looking.  That robe looks good on you though.  You should getit.”

Aeramin twitched an ear.  He had hoped for some sort of positive or negative reaction.  He frowned, and with a nod, returned to the changing area.

Aeramin pulled the curtain closed behind himself.  He decided to try the greyish green robes next.  They were one of the two robes that matched in style.  The other was the same, but dark purple.  He stepped out from behind the curtain.

“That one is nice!  It’s slimming, don’t you think?”

Aeramin instinctively looked towards the mirror.  He twitched an ear.  “Slimming?”

Sanimir nodded, “Yes, I bet the purple is even better.  Dark colors are more slimming.”


“You should get them both.”  Sanimir said, oblivious to Aeramin’s ear twitching.

Before Aeramin could return behind the curtain, Sanimir grabbed a robe from the rack he was standing next to.  “Try this one too.” He said while shoving the pale orange robe into Aeramin’s hands.

The pale orange was nice.  Aeramin thought it might match his hair.  He looked at his friend again.  Why was he buying all these robes for him if he didn’t like him?  He retreated back into the changing area.

The imp’s laughter filled his mind.
Fat, gay warlock!  Fat, gay warlock!

Aeramin frowned, quickly removing the ‘slimming’ robe.
I’m not fat.  Shut up now, Rupyap.

The imp’s laughter stopped.  Aeramin couldn’t deny the rest.  He knew what he had become and he knew who he liked.  However, he was not fat.  Sanimir couldn’t have meant it that way.

He tried on the rest of the robes quickly without mentioning, or even looking at the other group of shoppers again.  They wound up getting most of the robes they had looked at the previous evening.  He went outside while Sanimir paid.  He did not want to know the total bill.  He would have to find some way to repay his friend’s generosity.  They both went home to change into their new robes.

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Aerrissa – A Sentinel on Patrol

Things were different now, in many ways.  Aerrissa slipped through the thick underbrush lining one of the steeper hills between Stonetalon and Ashenvale.  The last time she had fully served in the sentinels was well over 300 years ago, and in Feralas.  While she had held a higher rank back then, she found herself doing much of the same things.  Patrols, cleaning armor, sharpening weapons, etc. were all part of her routine again.  What was different was the constant threat of the orcs.

The people were different as well.  She hadn’t made much progress in making new friends yet, and had spent little time in Ashenvale before now.  She had made some efforts, but had been kept busy with her work.  She veered off the path and began climbing up the hill.  Recently, there had been a push to check on the elves that stayed deeper in the forest, and higher up on the hills.  The orc activity had lessened, which made it more feasible to keep watch over the more remote areas.  She knew where many of them lived already.  Some would move around from time to time, but they never strayed too far.

The sentinel captain at the spire had also warned that criminals could be hiding in the hills.  There was a list, some with drawings, most without.  All of them had a basic description, which was never very helpful.  Any number of elves could fit the descriptions.

She checked on the Temil family first.  They had never moved from their spot since she had started her patrols, and as expected, they were still in the same camp.  A young boy, no older than 20, greeted her as she approached.  She met with his mother, uncle and aunt inside the camp.  Everything was fine here.  She continued along her patrol route.

At the top of the hill, she waded across a small river to an island that sat in the middle of it.  A bear resting near an old stump raised it’s head.  “Hello Norr.”  She reached down and rubbed behind the bear’s ears.

“The sentinels have come to check on me again?”  A male voice called out.  Moment’s later, he appeared from the other side of his tent.

“We check on everyone we can, Bear.  Everything’s been fine, I trust?”

Beroleth, whom everyone called Bear, nodded.  “Norr was acting funny the other night.  I thought he saw something in the forest, but there was nothing there.  It might have been a bird or something small.”

Aerrissa smiled, “I’m glad all is well.”  She bent one last time to pat Norr before heading off into the woods along the stream.

She hadn’t went more than 20 yards when she stopped.  She had heard something behind her.  She turned to look, but nothing was there.  She looked around at the surrounding trees before twitching an ear and continuing on her patrol.

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Art – Sanimir and Aeramin

I didn’t really do a background.

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Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I earned the money I needed for my half of the rent on the new apartment.  We were lucky no one had rented it.
  • It’s going to drive me crazy living with him.  I want to ask him, but I can’t.  I’m not a pretty girl in the library.  I’m just his friend.  He finds them intimidating to talk to.  I’m intimidated by him sometimes.
  • Especially when he got out of the bathroom this morning.  He had it first.  I had just woke up and was waiting.  He really doesn’t take too long in the bathroom.  When he came out, he was wearing only a towel.  His hair was perfect.  His body was perfect.  He hardly noticed me there, although he did make a comment about my hair being down.
  • He said “Oh, your hair’s down.  That’s different.”  Is that a compliment?  Does he like it down more?  Or maybe he didn’t like it.  Is different good or bad?
  • I need to get a reading chair for my room.  I don’t have much furniture.  Sanimir’s furniture is in the rest of the apartment.  I need my own chair for private reading.  My bed isn’t the best for reading.  It’s just an old mattress that someone was going to throw away.
  • Well, technically, they did throw it away.  It was free.  I took it.  It’s not good to sit on for reading though.
  • I found a spot to hide the books.  There was a secret panel in the closet.  I guess I’m not the first person living here who’s hidden something.  It’s just a small area, about one foot square.  It’s perfect for the books.
  • Spoke with Kes the other night.  We were being really vague about a lot of things.  I was very vague about what happened the other night when I earned the money I needed.  I think she knows what I had to do.  I don’t like talking about it.  I really don’t like doing that with just anyone.  Right now, there’s one person in particular, but he’s oblivious.
  • I’m not a pretty girl in the library.
  • I’m still sore from the troll, but feeling better.  I should be fine.  I’m not going to the healer for that.  I think they’d laugh.
  • While speaking with Kes and being very vague about other things that need to not be spoken of in public, a stranger came to sit with us.  He had been sitting at another table nearby, and had overheard us.  I didn’t think we had said anything that could be taken the wrong way, but he sat down and told us we shouldn’t speak so openly about it.  We weren’t.
  • He offered a place to practice.  He wouldn’t say what he knew, if anything.  Of course, we were at the lounge.  Judging by other things he said, he knew more.
  • The place is in Dalaran.  That makes me nervous.  I don’t want to summon or practice any questionable spells in the city.  Plus, I don’t know this guy.  It could be a trap.  They could expel us, or worse, for being.. a mage and not a mage.
  • I don’t really want to say what I’ve become.  A mage does not summon imps.  And now that I have, I know I can’t stop.
  • Rupyap is getting a fireball to the face the next time I summon him.  Just because.  And I’ve heard him a couple of times.  That’s reason enough.
  • Kes thought the stranger looked familiar.  She said she knew the address too.  I don’t trust him.  I’m pretty sure he heard the part when I was being vague about what the troll did, and the part about what I was doing in the first place.  Maybe he thought I was still selling.  I’m not.  I hope I don’t have to again.  If I do, I’m not going with any trolls.
  • So this “practice” area, in the middle of Dalaran, probably has nothing to do with actual magic.  He probably just wants to use me for his own pleasure.
  • I do need to find a place to practice.  I plan to go to the ruins in the forest one of these evenings during time when I would normally be visiting my mother.  Sanimir won’t notice.  Maena probably won’t either.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a place down there that is quiet and concealed.  There’s probably enough magical energy in the forest to keep any magic that I do from being detected.
  • We talked about her and Sath too.  I don’t like that guy.  I think he mistreats her.  I don’t think he means to, but he doesn’t trust her.  That leads him to be a bit manipulative and controlling.  I’ve known people like that before.  However, she loves him.  She has spoken often how I can’t be weak.  She can’t either.  She needs to get him back, and she needs to make him understand that she loves him for who he is and that he has to do the same for her.
  • He left because of me.  I want him to come back for her sake.  She can’t be weak either.  She deserves a little bit of happiness.
  • At the same time I dread him coming back.  For her it will be a good thing.  For me… Maybe not so good.  I really don’t want to fight with him.
  • I know, I’m one to talk about love and getting what you want… I can’t even bring up the subject with Sanimir.
  • This morning, while fixing my hair, I rehearsed, in my head, asking him if he would be open to the possibility of being in a relationship with a guy.  I really wanted to ask him if he’d be open to being in a relationship with me, but I thought that would be too much if he wasn’t.  When I got out of the bathroom, he was sitting on the couch playing with Muffins, the kitten.  He hardly looked up and asked me what I wanted for breakfast.  I chickened out.
  • Oh light… the outfit he was wearing.
  • He’s wearing it until I get new robes.  It may kill me.
  • He said he gets his allowance this weekend, and that he was going to take some of his money to buy some new robes for himself.  Now he wants me to come with him, and he said he’d help me pay for new robes too.  I guess I’ll owe him, but it’ll get him out of those tight pants and that sleeveless shirt that’s all open in front.
  • I hope I’m not staring too much.

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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

I’ve been sick.  I think it’s normal.  Raleth says he knows that pregnant women get nauseous, but then he insists that we go see the healer each time I don’t feel like eating, or when I lose what I ate.  So we’ve been going to see the healer every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon too.  They’ve started making me wait longer to see them.  I think they know it’s not an emergency.  Last time they gave me some funny bands to put on my wrist.  I guess they’re supposed to help.  I don’t think they do, but they look pretty so I guess it can’t hurt to try them a little longer.

They did say I needed to find ways to eat and keep it down.  I’m supposed to be eating for myself and the baby now but I can’t if it keeps coming up.  So I’m supposed to make lists of what I eat and when I eat, and see if there aren’t any specific foods or times that are better.  I think the healers are just trying to give me something to do besides seeing them.  Maybe I should make Raleth keep the list.  I understand that he’s just worried, but I think we’ve been seeing the healers too much.

We need to find one who is specialized for this sort of thing yet too.  We need one who isn’t going to freak at the baby’s racial background.

I haven’t gotten out much lately.  I’ve been practicing on the terrace, not with the harder stuff, but just some of the stuff that I already know.  I can light the candle then make little shapes in the flame, or make it bigger.  I’m really careful with that, but then I can have bigger shapes too.  Sometimes I change the color, but I’m not very good at that.  It’s not easy to maintain for some reason.  The healers said I might notice changes in my magic abilities while I’m pregnant, or none at all.  They agreed that it is safe to continue practicing, although they did say changing my own shape or disappearing wasn’t a good idea.  That’s fine.  I can’t even do that yet.  I hope that stupid little gnome who comes into the lounge doesn’t think it’s a good joke to turn me into a sheep.  I’ll break his wand if he does, and he’ll be lucky if that’s all I break.

I keep thinking about going out, but then I get sick again.  Then the only place I can go is the healer.  I hope it doesn’t last like this the whole time.

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