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OOC – KS is level 15

Doing fine with 100% less derp, thanks!

We’re faster when we’re dead now.  We also can get that teleport cloak.



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OOC – Finally!

Recently read this on the forums!

“For all intents and purposes, assume that the game doesn’t really understand the concept of a WoW license. The account-level achievement system will all be based on the account and not each individual WoW license attached to it.”

I think it’s safe to assume that account-level achievement system will be applied the same as the account-level mounts and the account-level pets.  Which means I’m very very happy that all of my characters, no matter which account they’re on, will get to pool everything together, achievements and all!

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OOC – It’s Panda Time, Kinda

/Sigh, the pictures say it all.

They finally got around to inviting their loyal players that started during BC.

I've had the client pre-downloaded and ready to go since the first wave of invites was sent out. Come on Blizz, I want to get in and test things.

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 20

Day 20 — How did you come up with your main’s name?

Jaellyn (aka Jaellynn), my pve main, was a play off Jaen (aka Jaene/Jaeyn), because back when I played on a pve realm and was raid leader, it was easier for my guild mates to find me when my characters were all named starting with “Ja”.  There were a few others: Jaevan (aka Terivanis), Jaenella, Jainn and Janey.  When I transferred Jaen and Jaellyn to Wyrmrest Accord, I left their names similar, and just said that they were twins.  Roleplaying a character that has a twin is kind of cliché, although not nearly as bad as having twins (half demon/worgen, in the moonwell type of thing).  I justify it by having more than one account, and I can log them both in and have them stand side by side, if I wanted.  So that’s how Jaellynn was named.

Jaen is a name I made up.  It’s pronounced Jane.  I didn’t worry if it sounded masculine enough.  I just figured it was manly in elven, kind of like how Michel is a nice masculine French name.  He’s an elf, I just wanted something that sounded like he was an elf.  😛

My pvp main, Latahlali, is from the random name generator on the character creation screen.  I created her on WrA before I transferred anyone to see what trade chat was like, to see what the market in the AH was like, and to see what RP was like.  I ran her to Darnassus and found 0 RP.  Kind of funny how it’s still like that today.  I never intended to keep her, but I didn’t need the slot, so I didn’t delete her.  She was saved when I created my third account, and gave her a leveling partner, Vaelarian (whom is named after a herb, btw).  Her name doesn’t really sound very elven, so when I thought of her back story, I had to work around that.  She was raised with tauren, and named after one!

Most of the names I give my characters are ones that I’ve made up.  Jaen, Aerrissa, Dinadrian, Neeah, Kelanori, and many others were named with no assistance from name generators.  I do have a couple of elf name generators that I use from time to time, and sometimes I will make use of the generator on the character creation screen (often I’ll wind up coming up with a completely different name by combining or subtracting elements from one or two generated names.)

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 16

Day 16 — What do you listen to while playing?

Haha, oh boy.  A bit of everything.  Some things more embarrassing than others.  Here’s a screenshot of iTunes.

Of course, often I go with no music, and listen to the kids fight instead… Or the husband’s tv.

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 14

Day 14 — When did you start playing?

I started playing during Burning Crusade, in August 2007.  I remember buying the game, then buying the expansion a few days later so I could make a draenei.  Not sure what else to say, and there’s no way to draw this so I guess this will just have to be a really short post.

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 13

Day 13 — Your favorite Burning Crusade instance?

I chose Tempest Keep because I wanted to draw Kael’thas.  😛  No, but really.  The first time I stepped foot in there, it was as raid lead of a small guild that had a difficult time getting everyone together at the same time in the same place.  This was before WotLK was released, and we did manage to clear up to Kael’thas, and within a few attempts, decided he was much too difficult for our pugs.  We went back the next week with different pugs and managed to get him to phase 3.  The week after that, we had planned one last attempt at him before WotLK.  But then there was that bug, and the servers were down.  We would have killed him pre-WotLK if it hadn’t been for that bug.

We finally went back, like 6 months later.  Jaeyn has his Hand of A’dal title because I didn’t drop the quest.  🙂

Flat color Kael'thas, because shading takes 4 hours.


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