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The Gnomes – A Report

We set out for Ironforge early in the evening.  We went through Theramore and took the boat to Menethil Harbor.  Theramore looks like an interesting town, even if there is an overwhelming amount of humans there.  I would like to visit it more someday.

We began our search for a gnome as soon as we arrived in Ironforge.  We couldn’t find any at all!  We did see a couple humans, but I definitely don’t want one of them staying in our glade.  We checked where we found a lot of gnomes before, and then we went to the bank.  There was another human inside the bank.  We left the bank and there was a female dwarf standing at the mailbox checking her mail.  Tathariel thought it was cute.  I wasn’t sure but she seemed convinced so I decided I would try the bolts for her.  I worried about how much ale we would have to import to the glade to keep a dwarf content.  I dropped a few bolts and it followed while picking up the bolts along the way.  Tathariel reminded me I needed to get my box so we could get it home, but the batteries on it had to recharge and I didn’t have another.  I thought maybe we could carry it home and started dropping bolts in the direction of the gryphons.  It talked to us as it picked up the bolts.  Just as I was accepting the idea of having a dwarf instead of a gnome, it was frightened by something and skittered off on a ram.  The ram was cool.

We decided to check Kharanos to see if there were any gnome babies.  On the way out of Ironforge, Tathariel expressed interest in a naked worgen.  I said no for obvious reasons, but now that I think about it I wonder if I should be concerned.

We checked all the rooms at the inn in Kharanos but could find no gnome babies.  We did finally see a gnome.  It had an imp following it!  I think the imp might have ate all the gnome babies.  We checked the other buildings.  There was a nice forge and anvil there.  It was warm inside!  There was another building so we went to check that one.  There was a large machine inside and a green gnome in a cage.  There was a vat of green stuff too.  I tried to open it to get a sample, but it was sealed too tightly.  The words on the machine were none that I could read.  I don’t know who would do that to a poor little gnome!  Maybe it was a criminal or something, and that was the punishment?  Still, that seems a little extreme.

There was a machine outside the building.  We didn’t find any gnomes inside it.  They left some tools in the snow.  I took the arclight spanner when Tathariel wasn’t looking.  I needed a new one and they just left it there so they must not have cared about it that much.

We followed a road to more machines.  They were also empty.  There was a strange gate.  Tathariel flew over it.  I wasn’t sure if it was safe but I didn’t want to spook any gnomes that might be around with any sudden movements so I slowly walked through like it was completely natural.  We saw some gnomes there.  They seemed to be working, and were really focused on their jobs.  There were some robots there, but it turns out they were aggressive.  We found a really nice looking gnome who had a big mechanical bird to ride and really fancy, advanced goggles.  I tried really hard to get him to come to the box.  Luckily the batteries had recharged by then!  I put a whole pile of bolts near the box and threw so many out in a trail to the box.  He completely ignored them!  I think he must have other people make his bolts.  We gave up after a time.

We thought about trying Stormwind but decided to book a room at the inn in Kharanos instead.  I think the aggressive robots might have scared all the gnomes into their burrows.

We talked on the way back about how smart dwarves are for living inside a mountain.  It makes a lot more sense than living in a tree when there is a large dragon torching everything.

After reaching the inn, I spread bolts on the ground outside.  We went inside to wait.  Another demon-loving gnome entered the inn!  I couldn’t believe there were so many of them!  We decided to wait outside so we could be sure the demons weren’t stealing the bolts.  I put my cloak around Tathariel to keep her warm.

We saw a few more.  We realized they move really fast!  Maybe a dwarf would have been better after all for Tathariel.  I think I’d be able to keep up with a gnome because I don’t get tired.  Ever.  She can’t do that though.  A dwarf might have been more manageable for her.  There seemed to be more dwarves than gnomes as well.  Gnomes are also sneaky and disappear quickly.

We also saw a couple draenei there.  I hope we didn’t use the same room that Jaeyn used.

Spreading bolts outside the inn worked!  After some time, they came out of their burrows and ran around outside the inn.  We spoke with two orphan gnomes.  They need parents!  They said they eat jerky and bread.  Hopefully we can add fish to their menu.  They’re potty trained too!  They currently live in Stormwind.  We need to finish preparations in Desolace to bring them home.  I also need to write to Kelanori and ask her if she can make clothing for gnomes.  One of them really liked the little robot friends I can make.  I’ll make more of those too.

I’m the happiest elf in Azeroth right now!


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I received a letter from Jaellynn.  I really don’t know what to think.  I know Tathariel doesn’t like me, but does she need to turn him against me too?  I’ve tried being nice to her.  I’ve tried being friends with her.  She just won’t have it.  I spoke with Kelanori about it.  She said it’s probably best to let him go, and let him know he can come back anytime he wants.  It’s hard.  Kel also said we should make sure Tathariel knows she can come to us to if she needs to.  Yeah, well, I’ll let Kel do that.  I’m done trying to talk to her.

I’ve covered for him so much these past months and this is the thanks I get?  I’m never doing that again.  The next time he wants to pass for a living druid, he can do it somewhere else.

I wrote back.  I tried to be nice.

I didn’t see Vass yet today.

(( A row of hearts ))

I can’t wait to see her and forget about all this mess.

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Letter to Jaellynn Evershade


Independent druid studies would be fine, if you were mentally stable enough to be independent were really a druid more advanced in your current studies.  However, I doubt I will be able to convince you otherwise at this point.  I am sure Tathariel has sufficiently turned you against me so I won’t even bother to argue will learn the hard way that you’re not easy to keep out of trouble appreciate your assistance in her studies.  I wish you well and hope you know that you would be welcomed back home at that I’m always here if you need to talk Kelanori’s door is always open.

– Jaeyn

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(( Draws a big heart on the page and forgets to write. ))

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A Letter to Jaeyn Summerleaf

My Dearest Brother,

I wanted to inform you that Tathariel and I will not be attending any of the meetings as we are pursuing independent druidic studies.  We intend to be quite busy in the upcoming months with our studies and will not be able to spare the time.  I hope you understand.

– Jaellynn Evershade


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A Letter to Kelanori Summerleaf

My Dearest Sister,

I felt I should let you know that Tathariel and I are planning to study on our own.  We will be making less frequent trips to Darnassus, but we will still come to visit.  I didn’t want you to worry.  I will be sending some reports to Terivanis.  Hopefully, he will be able to come visit us in the Glade to assist us in furthering our studies as he has agreed to do.  You are always welcome to visit us at our home as well, if you feel up to the travel.

Also I was hoping to ask a favor.  Tathariel would like a pair of sandals from the shop on the Tradesmen’s Terrace.  Since we aren’t planning to go to the city soon, could you pick up a pair and send them by post?  I will pay for any cost incurred.  Thank you!


– Jaellynn Evershade

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My older brother didn’t believe I really have a draenei partner.  I think it grosses him out.  He’s funny like that.  He needs more potions!  I asked him for some of whatever he gave Jaellynn yesterday and he said it was just his regular stuff.  I don’t believe that for a second.  I want to try it just once.

(( Heart doodles appear for a few lines between paragraphs.  ))

I don’t know how draenei do things.  I’ll need to find out.

(( More heart doodles.  ))

It worries me a little that she thinks I would get mad if she has important things to do and can’t always see me.  She seems insecure about that.

(( More doodles. ))

I need to think more about that.

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