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A Month of Art

Over on tumblr, I spent the last month posting sketches of my characters. I decided I should lump them all up here too.

Lyorri Firewind

Lyorri Firewind

Hethurin Fairsong

Hethurin Fairsong

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Sanimir Art

Sanimir aka Hethurin. I did more on this than I originally intended, and I think it turned out nice.


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Day 1:

We’ve arrived to Draenor. Not Outland Draenor, but weird, not-destroyed Draenor. Renner said there was a problem with the portal, but I don’t think any of us were expecting this! There’s a lot of orcs here. Everywhere you look, there’s orcs. We’re staying in a town. I guess it’s a town. I speak enough orcish to communicate, but it’s like one of the weirdest languages to speak. It’s rough, and I’m afraid of spitting on people. Anyway, I asked for the inn. They don’t even have separate rooms here, just a few hammocks and piles of furs. Terellion and I are sharing a fur because sharing a hammock would suck. The fur smells like orcs. Everything smells like orcs here, and the food is all weird too. I might have to conjure food for the duration of our trip. I’m not sure what we’re going to do about bathing. I’m pretty sure none of the orcs here know what a bath is. I don’t think there’s an orcish word for it either. I don’t know it if there is.

I think the weirdest part about this place is that people from our world and time are here too. Renner says it’s too far gone to be fixed and so should be considered part of our timeline now, I guess. I think he’s trying to make the most of it by using it as a teaching tool. That’s what I would do. I don’t think he realized he was going to make us go without cake for however long we’re here. I might die.



Day 2:

Renner thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk. Maybe dragons don’t feel the cold like elves do, but walking in snow and wind is not my idea of a good time. He said it wasn’t necessarily supposed to be fun. Fine, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing it was! He said something felt off to the west of where we’re staying. I haven’t been there before so a portal wasn’t possible, and he refused to carry all three of us. So we walked in the snow and the wind. I don’t think the others were very happy about it either.

It was really cold. I think my ears got frostbite. We saw some strange creatures along the way too. There were these giant things with wings that sat on cliffs over-looking the valley we walked through. Terellion had his hand on his sword, ready to draw it at any moment, but they didn’t swoop down to attack us. We stayed close to the rocks at the bottom of the cliff, so we’d have some cover, and it seemed to work. There were weird spiky pig things too. They didn’t look too dangerous because they were fat, but we kept our distance anyway.

Finally, we started nearing a tower, and Renner said that it was close. That’s when I felt it too. When we got closer to the tower, we could see that there was definitely some strong time magic at work. The whole tower was frozen in time! The outside of it wasn’t. There was an ogre there and it started yelling and swinging a big stick around so I cast I spell and turned it into a sheep. I’m glad Terellion didn’t have to fight it. We were able to walk by it after that. We looked in the doorway. There were some ogres inside, all frozen in their actions. Renner seemed confused, and he wasn’t able to explain what happened. He did say the magic felt familiar. It seemed like sand was swirling around the tower, but it didn’t hit us like sand in a sandstorm would. It was very strange.


We investigated around a bit, but we didn’t find anything. Well, Desdeyliri found some coins, and I found a stack of spare ogre loin cloths, which I didn’t touch because I’m pretty sure ogres don’t know how to wash laundry. We didn’t find any clues as to who froze the tower, or why. I made a portal back to our hammocks and furs.

Terellion and I found a place behind the town with warm water, and took turns keeping watch while the other bathed. The rocks were a bit slippery, and the pool of water wasn’t very shallow. I was careful when it was my turn because I didn’t want to fall in and drown. I found a spot where it wasn’t too deep. When I was done, it was Terellion’s turn. I wanted to watch him, but I didn’t want orcs to see him either so I paid more attention to making sure no one came close! I might have peeked at him though.


Day 3:

I’ve spoken with the orcs a bit, and managed to buy two wolf mounts. I was worried that they wouldn’t be civilized enough to take coins, but thankfully, they did.  They assured me the wolves are trained for riding, and won’t bite anyone. I’m not very good at riding myself, so I’m letting Terellion take the reins, and I’ll just hold on tight behind him. Des and Renner will be riding the other wolf.

The orcs said there is a mountain pass to the east that leads into a place with trees or something. I didn’t quite understand them, but then they said trees. So good, there’s trees. I asked if there’s snow, and they said no. That sounds way better than here. We’ll be leaving later today.


Day 3, again:

The pass was easy to find. Going through the pass was not. I’ve never been so tired from turning orcs into sheep before! There were a lot of unfriendly orcs in the pass. Terellion had his sword out and ready, but I was able to take care of them all. Orcs aren’t very quiet, so we knew when we were coming up on one because it would be grunting orders across the canyon or grumbling about things or just stomping around. It was easy to sneak up on them, and cast a polymorph spell. We had to move quickly though because the spell doesn’t last that long. I know some people who can make it last longer, but I’ve never been exceptional with polymorphing, just average, so mine aren’t the kind that can last longer.

So we got through the pass like that, one polymorphed orc after another. I noticed that as we moved along, it was getting warmer. I had to take my cloak off, and put it in my bag that we had attached to the saddle of one of the wolves. Near the end of the pass, we started seeing plants, and then some trees, and then it opened up into this big jungle! We saw some pools, but there were giant bugs all around them so we kept following the path until we found a town.

We decided to stay here for the night. It’s not much of a town though. It’s just a lumber mill and a few tents, and it’s nowhere near the water, so I know these stinky orcs don’t know how to bathe either, but it’s worse here because it’s hot!

I’m already eager to leave this place.



Day 4:

This morning, I was attacked by mosquitos at one of the pools after I bathed. I guess I’m thankful that it wasn’t one of the giant wasps, but I’m itching everywhere, and all the itching made going further into the jungle even less pleasant. It wasn’t pleasant to begin with. We had to go around this big area with huge three-headed monsters and a bunch of basilisks, then there were a bunch of crazy plant things. Really, the plants here are dangerous! Oh, and the mosquitos got worse, but luckily I wore very covering robes so I didn’t get bit much more, though I do think I almost died of the heat. The orcs said we have to go south to get out of the jungle, so we’re going south.


Day 5:

We’re in Talador. There’s a lot of fighting here. We arrived from the north, and one of the first things we saw was Shattrath! It’s certainly different from the Shattrath I know, even if there wasn’t any fighting. It made me think of the other students. I hope their week is going well and that Raleth and Aeramin are taking care of the lessons okay. I also hope Vaildor is behaving for Raleth, and staying out of trouble because Lani will kill me if anything happens. She was already upset that I had a last minute change of plans.

I think all of us were uncomfortable staying anywhere near a war zone especially with cannons and everything going off all the time, so we worked our way further south, and found a camp full of other sin’dorei. We’re staying here for the night. It’s mostly blood knights here, but they have a spare tent for us. It’s far enough from the fighting, and there’s enough blood knights here that it feels safe. We’re all in the same tent though. There hasn’t been any privacy at all any where here, and I itch literally everywhere.



Day 6:

We decided to head southeast to avoid the fighting in and around Shattrath. We passed along the edge of Shadowmoon Valley. It looks nothing like Shadowmoon Valley, but Renner assured me that it was the same place. There was no felfire or demons or charred ground. There were just trees and grass as far as the eye could see.  Oh, and heavily armed humans, as well as some more unfriendly orcs. We decided to go further south from there and avoid running into crazy humans with guns and swords. We’re now in Spires of Arak, or something, and there’s bird men all over, which probably means there’s bird poop all over. There’s no way I’m bathing in any streams here! We came upon a small bird man town, and they had an inn, but there were only nests or whatever they were, no beds. They hung from the ceiling, and I guess it could be kind of fun to swing in, but I don’t think I can sleep with sticks poking my butt. At least my mosquito bites have quit itching. The bird man innkeeper squawked a lot, but knew some orcish. It was really hard to understand him. He said there was a town with less feathers to the south, so we made our way there. We had to go around some giant wasps.


This town has hammocks and furs again, but it’s not all orcs. There’s trolls too, which makes it worse. Oh, and goblins, and a couple of cows. It stinks. Renner was talking to the barkeep and found out that there was a black dragon being kept in another town just south of here. He was grumbling about that, and calling him a stupid punk. I asked if it was the black dragon’s fault that any of this has happened, and he shook his head but then he shrugged. I don’t think he knows.

I’m sharing a fur with Terellion again tonight, but again, it’s all open so there’s no privacy.


Day 7:

None of us trusted the goblins staying at the town, and we kept hearing small explosions coming from where they were gathering up to play with whatever they were doing. We decided to leave early.

We headed northwest. I recognized the area as we approached it. It was Nagrand. It hasn’t changed much except there’s no floating rocks there in this timeline. It was definitely recognizable though. I’ve only been to Outland Nagrand a few times, even though it’s right next to Shattrath. There’s a lot of orcs there even in Outland so that hasn’t changed much because there’s a lot here too. We found a town with an inn where we could stay. I’m not bathing in the rivers here either. There’s probably elekk poop in the water.



Day 8:

Terellion and I were able to talk a bit in private last night before Renner and Des came in from eating at the campfire, or bonfire, or whatever they call fires here. It was roasted clefthoof though, which is good, but they don’t have cake after. I conjured some pudding for Terellion and myself and we talked. I love him so much. I don’t think he understands. I ask him all the time if he’s going to stay because I worry a lot, and it’s nice to be reassured since he doesn’t want to get married anytime soon. I just hope asking him if he’s staying doesn’t bother him.

This morning we set out to look around Nagrand. We still had the wolves to ride so that helped us cover more ground. We took a break around noon after seeing nothing but clefthoof, elekks and talbuks all day. Oh, and a few orcs, but we stayed a good distance away from them because they didn’t look like the friendly kind. Desdeyliri said she wasn’t learning enough, or fast enough, but she has other lessons in arcane to focus on too. The last thing I want is a burnt-out student because I pushed her too hard. I remember saying the same thing to Magister Daymark in Dalaran. He wasn’t teaching me fast enough. He had an agreement with one of the inns though and every time I questioned him or anything, I wound up doing dishes at the inn. It sucked. I’m not doing that to my students. Des will just have to learn patience, which is a good quality to have, and one that even I probably still need to work on, even though I did dishes a million times.

We continued after a short break to eat, and saw more orcs and animals. There’s barely a difference between the two really, but then we came upon something different. Renner seemed to become more wary and slowed down and was looking around, and then I saw a dead orc in the clearing ahead of us, except it wasn’t an orc, or so Renner says. He said it was a bronze dragon. I asked him why a bronze dragon would take the form of an orc. Did he want to stink? Renner thought it was to blend in. I also thought that if he died, he’d revert to his dragon form, but Renner said that isn’t always true. It’s possible his spirit was nearby, keeping the illusion, which is a bit freaky. Renner didn’t want to stay too long because of that. I guess he believes in ghost dragons! Maybe he was just trying to scare Des. I think it worked.

Anyway, we’re supposed to return tomorrow. I’ll stop in Shattrath, our original timeline one, and pick up the students in the morning. I hope they’ve all found what they need from the library, and hopefully Vaildor hasn’t gotten lost or anything.

I’ll be so glad to sleep in a real bed with Terellion again, and with walls around us, and a locked door. I can’t wait for real cake too.

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Hethurin Art

I felt like practicing shading and getting his arcane burn look down, so here it is.

I felt like practicing shading and getting his arcane burn look down, so here it is. Sometimes I forget to post my finished art here. Most of it goes on Tumblr these days. 🙂

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I had to do the Isle of Thunder scenarios again and was inspired to draw Lor’themar.


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Aeramin Art

I did this.

I think I'm getting a little better at shading.  I did a lot of switching back and forth with greyscale.  I think it helped.

I think I’m getting a little better at shading. I did a lot of switching back and forth with greyscale. I think it helped.

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Colored Sketch


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August 5, 2014 · 7:37 pm