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OOC – Screenshots

I got my Obsidian Nightwing mount on the 7th.  Now the alts get to ride in style!

I got my Obsidian Nightwing mount on the 7th. Now the alts get to ride in style!

I'm killing two birds with one stone.  I'm two reps away from my Beloved title (60 exalted reps).  I never bothered with Gilneas rep in Cata because I already had the Exalted title.  So here I am running alts and working on Tushui Pandaren rep at the same time.  Gilneas is next and that will put me at 60. :)

I’m killing two birds with one stone. I’m two reps away from my Beloved title (60 exalted reps). I never bothered with Gilneas rep in Cata because I already had the Exalted title. So here I am running alts and working on Tushui Pandaren rep at the same time. Gilneas is next and that will put me at 60. 🙂

Raleth, NOOOO!

Raleth, NOOOO!

Looks like the Goldshire inn has been a little crazy lately.

Looks like the Goldshire inn has been a little crazy lately.

Yeah, all at level.  That's fun!  It is a bit slow though since I need to keep track of extra windows.

Yeah, all at level. That’s fun! It is a bit slow though since I need to keep track of extra windows.

Aeramin's not doing too badly for still toting around a green trinket from dread wastes questing.

Aeramin’s not doing too badly for still toting around a green trinket from dread wastes questing.

So I soloed Ulduar, I killed Hodir and went to bed.

So I soloed Ulduar, I killed Hodir and went to bed.

I got achievements along the way.

I got achievements along the way.

And more.

And more.

I tried to solo Tempest Keep.  Kael isn't easy.  The MC makes some funny things happen though. :)

I tried to solo Tempest Keep. Kael isn’t easy. The MC makes some funny things happen though. 🙂

Hey, that tickles!

Hey, that tickles!

Gingersnap did this this past weekend. :)

Gingersnap did this over the past weekend. 🙂















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Ellorian – Letter to Andarthir

Master Andarthir,

Forgive my tardiness in replying.  I’ve not been in Dalaran much as of late, and have only been teleporting to my apartment to get my mail and check on things once every couple of weeks.  I spent a short time visiting my son in Feralas.  He has informed me that his mother has rejoined the sentinels and is currently posted in Ashenvale.  I’m certain to avoid there for now.

My son and his mate are now staying on Draenor.  I spent some time there visiting the library in Shattrath.  It may be bigger than the library in Dalaran.  Like the library in Dalaran, it has books covering a wide variety of subjects.  I spent more time there than with my son and daughter in-law.  They are camping on some floating islands.  They keep talking about plans to get people to visit them with hunting or something.  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the boy doesn’t make much sense.  I blame his mother.

It seems like eons since I have taken an apprentice.  Perhaps I should do as you have and find one that likes to clean during off hours.  My study could certainly use it.  Unfortunately, I cannot seriously consider taking one until I return to Dalaran on a more permanent basis.  Apprentices tend to learn poorly when their masters are gone for weeks at a time.

I may take you up on your offer.  After spending a few weeks visiting my son, some quiet study time would be appreciated.  Let me know when you have a room ready.

– Ellorian

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Vaelarian – A Familiar Face

Vaelarian walked briskly across the field from one building in the old elven ruins to one on the other side.  He had volunteered to check if Latahlali had arrived yet, and, if she was there, ask how long it would be before she was ready.  Raleth had sent one of his friends with him, one of the rangers.  The shorter elf barely kept up with Vaelarian’s longer strides, and upon reaching the building that the ladies were gathering in, sat down on the mossy steps.

“I’ll keep watch out here.”

Vaelarian hadn’t asked him, and didn’t care either way.  He shrugged and stepped through the doorway of the ancient stone ruins.

The women had arrived.  Latahlali was talking to a sin’dorei woman.  Vaelarian remembered having met the woman a couple of times before.  Latahlali looked towards the doorway and gasped, “Vael!  You came!”  She ran to him excitedly and hugged him.

He hugged her back.  He didn’t have much choice after all, as she threw herself in his arms.  That was when he saw the old Highborne in the corner, the one whom had been Latahlali’s transportation to the site.  His gaze rested on him.  He knew that face.  The Highborne had taken notice of him as well and his eyes widened.

“Ashclaw.  Now I remember.”

Vaelarian forced a grin, “Melith’enddare.  I see you lived.”

“I was smart enough to get out.”  Ellorian Melith’enddare frowned, “I see you were as well.”

Latahlali looked back and forth between the two elder elves.  “You know each other?”

Vaelarian ignored her, his eyes locked on the Highborne, and his hands rested on his daggers.  Ellorian was watching him as well, but responded to Latahlali’s question after a moment’s pause.  “He was a servant in my brother’s house.  My brother refused to leave when I did.”  He glared at Vaelarian.  “I wouldn’t have thought you would have left her.”

“I didn’t.”  Vaelarian responded.  “They fled to safety in time.  I went with them.”

Ellorian raised a brow, then frowned.  “I don’t know why he tolerated you.  Are they still alive then?”

“No.  They caught the boat.”  Vaelarian stated flatly.  He explained further as the Highborne’s brow went up again.  “To the Eastern Kingdoms.”

“And you stayed behind then?”

“I had my reasons.”

“Yes, I suppose a lot can happen in that amount of time.”  Ellorian continued watching Vaelarian.  His eyes darted to the daggers from time to time.

Vaelarian grinned.  “I still loved her.”

Ellorian’s ear twitched.  His glare turned into a brief sneer.

Vaelarian grinned again at the old Highborne mage.  He turned to the sin’dorei female, Kestrae, “They wanted to know if everyone is ready here.”  He glanced at Latahlali’s questioning look, and watched the Highborne out of the corner of his eye.

Kestrae turned to Latahlali.  “You’re ready?”  Latahlali nodded.  Kestrae adjusted Latahlali’s veil as she answered Vaelarian, “We’re ready.  We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“I’ll let them know.”  Vaelarian glanced once more at the Highborne before darting out the door.


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Jaeyn – Letter to Ellorian

Dear Father,

Hi!  I hope everything in Dalaran is going well.  Are you still spending a lot of time in the library there?  I like reading too, but not all day.

Vassanta and I celebrated our anniversary.  We might be late celebrating it.  We’re not sure when to count from, so we decided it should be when we noticed each other and knew we liked each other.  We had a good time killing pirates to celebrate.  She wore a dress too, but I made sure she changed before going to the place with the pirates.  It’s easier to kill pirates at night because most of them are asleep.  I found lots of jewelry for her.  She looked like a jewelry queen when we were done!

I was wondering if you could help us get to Shattrath.  We would like to visit our floating islands on Draenor, and start building some of our things that we wanted.  I already asked someone to watch our home while we’re gone, but usually the ogres don’t come inside so everything should be safe anyway.  Would you be able to do that?  We would want to visit our home from time to time too, so you’d probably hear from us a lot!

I haven’t heard from mother lately, other than she went to Darnassus.  That was a couple of months ago though.  I guess she’s happy that all of her children have found mates.

I hope everything is good, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love from your son,

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Ellorian – Visiting Family in Feralas

Ellorian approached the temple ruins in southern Feralas.  He had not written ahead of time, having been asked just earlier that day to help a couple of other people travel to Feralas.  Since one of those people was a blood elf, he didn’t dare put his portal too near his son’s home, instead opening it to just outside Eldre’Thalas.

He walked up the broken stairs to the doorway.  “Jaeyn!  Vassanta!  Are you here?”  He called out, looking inside.  He could see Dog, Jaeyn’s large saber and hunting partner, at the water inside.  He stepped inside and looked around.  “Jaeyn?”  He called out again.  Dog’s ears flicked at the noise, and she raised her head to look at him.  He stopped in his tracks, hoping he hadn’t upset the large animal.

Suddenly, he was knocked forward, large furry paws on his shoulder-blades held him in place.  He started to cry out but one of the paws moved from his shoulder-blade to his head and pushed it down.  A large bear snout sniffed him.

“Tumbles!  No!  Bad bear!  We don’t eat mages!”

The bear backed off from holding Ellorian down.  “I’m sorry.  Tumbles doesn’t know what a threat is yet.”  Jaeyn said while helping Ellorian to his feet.

Vassanta smiled, “Jaeyn has been training him.  He was just practicing on the ogre mages.”

“I’m not an ogre.”  Ellorian grumbled, “And you should be careful how far you go.  I’ve heard there’s a crazy elf somewhere in Feralas now.”

“Mother’s back?”  Jaeyn asked while leading Tumbles away.

Ellorian almost laughed.  “No.  This one very dangerous.  He stabbed one of my friends.  Now he’s fled Ashenvale for some reason.  I gave a couple of friends a portal here to look for him.  I figured I should stop by and warn you.”  Ellorian took a seat at the water, not too close to the large saber, whom appeared to be sleeping again.

“Do you have any idea where he is?”  Vassanta asked as she sat next to Dog.

“Only that he’s somewhere in Feralas.”

“We’ll be careful then.”  Jaeyn sat next to Vassanta and took hold of her tail.

“We should warn the others in town.”  Vassanta said.

Jaeyn nodded.  “We should go soon.  The sentinels should know too.”

Ellorian smiled.  “They should.  The man is very dangerous as I’ve heard.  I’d hate for anything to happen to anyone here.”  Ellorian could have excluded a druid or two, but left it unsaid.

Vassanta opened the bag she had been carrying.  “We still haven’t found any of the orbs we need.”  She looked at Ellorian, “Have you had time to ask the Highborne at the tower to the north again?”

Ellorian rolled his eyes.  “No.  I don’t think they have them.  You could ask in Dalaran the next time you visit.  There might be someone that knows about it there.”  These kids and their orbs.  They had found one, only one, that had shrunk and ogre to fit inside of it, and now they wanted to play with such objects?  It was best that they couldn’t find any more.

“You could ask for us.  You’re always there.”  Jaeyn said.

“I spend most of my time in the library.  You shouldn’t talk a lot there.”

“Oh.”  Jaeyn looked at Vassanta.  She shrugged at him.  He continued,  “We’ll keep looking then.  Were you staying the night?  I could prepare a spot for you to sleep.”

Ellorian shook his head.  “No.  I should be going soon.  It’s late already.”  He remembered the last time he stayed the night.  They had no beds here, and the crumbling stone floor wasn’t the most comfortable to sleep on.

“The sun just set.”  Jaeyn pointed out.

“It’s late for me.”  Ellorian smiled.  “Have a good night.”  He said as he stood.  It was late for him.  He cast his teleport spell as his son and his mate said goodbye.

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Latahlali – A Trip to Darnassus

Latahlali woke early.  She had to get to the library first thing today.  She kissed Raleth, whom was still asleep, grabbed her bag and headed out.  When she arrived at the library she sat near the portal so she could see those that came in.

It wasn’t long before she saw the tall Highborne that she was looking for.  He started to walk by her, pretending to not notice her.

“Ellorian!  Hello!”  She stood in front of him.  He couldn’t not notice that.

He frowned.  “Hello.  This is a library, not the middle of the forest.  You should be quiet.  People are trying to read.”  He started to step around her.

“I have a favor to ask.”

Ellorian sighed, “What this time?”

“I need to go to Darnassus again.”

“Do I have to go with you?”

She frowned, “Yes, I need to get back.  It won’t be long.  I promise.”

He looked at the shelves of books, “It won’t be long, you say?”

She nodded.

“Fine.  Meet me in front in a few minutes.”  He sighed again before teleporting away.


She stepped foot into the temple.  Ellorian, dressed rather plainly, followed through the portal behind her.  She walked towards the exit.  “How well do you know Feralas?”

Ellorian looked at her warily.  “You asked for Darnassus.  We’re in Darnassus.  We’re not going to Feralas.”

“But could you open a portal there?”

“I lived in Eldre’Thalas for a long time.  My son lives in Feralas now.  I could open one, if I had a good reason to.”  He frowned at her.

She continued on towards the Warrior’s Terrace, “I was asking because Raleth and I might need to go there soon.  He hasn’t been there before.”

Ellorian thought about it for a moment then said, “So you wouldn’t need me to stay with you to open a portal back.”

“No, Raleth would be with me.  He could get us back to Dalaran.”

“I may visit my son soon.  I wouldn’t put the portal too close to their home.  I don’t think either he nor his mate like blood elves very much.”

She walked to the clearing on the other side of the terrace and approached a man and a woman who had small tamed owls for sale.  “Which one do you think he’ll like?  There aren’t any rare white ones.”

Ellorian looked at her.  “I don’t know.  I didn’t know he liked birds.  Won’t the cat eat it?”

“Won’t the cat know better?”

Ellorian shrugged.  She looked over the owls.  There was a pretty grey one.  It was calm, and seemed like it would make a good pet.  He must like birds.  He had gotten her a bird.  It was a lot bigger.  It had to be like the rings though, right?  One for each of them?  She supposed if he didn’t like it, she could bring it back.  She paid for it and smiled at the little grey owl.  “Let’s take you home.”

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OOC – Another Screenshot

Ellorian found his last book last night.


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