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Verisna’s List


Gathrodion Hawkstar:

  • Has a ridiculous name.

  • I’ve heard worse.

  • Older, maybe too old for the girl.

  • Older, maybe better to keep her in line.  Then again, if her father can’t handle keeping her out of trouble, maybe no one can.

  • Met with him over lunch.  His parents are deceased, and he has put himself on the market to find a wife.  He seemed disinterested in anything I was saying, and only looked at me when I was directly answering a question he had asked.

  • Lani doesn’t need anyone to pay attention to her.  He’ll be no worse than her father.

  • Lives in Eversong.  The girl would have to travel quite a ways everyday to get to Silvermoon to work, or start her own practice.

  • Has a large house and his own money.  She’ll be fine traveling.  Or she can just stop working and have babies.


Limben Sin’manar:

  • Met with him and his parents over tea at their home.  He’s a bit on the young side, and they’re not as well-off as I’d like.

  • Lani makes more than enough to cover the expenses of living with a man.  Maybe she’ll like someone thirty years younger than her.

  • He wasn’t bad looking, but I spent the entire afternoon praying to the light he had nothing more to say.  He always had something more to say, and his breath… I could smell it from across the room!

  • Maybe the girl knows of a mouth rinse to recommend for him.

  • Everything I said, his mother had to outdo me.  I mentioned that my husband is a priest.  She said her brother’s wife’s cousin’s hairdresser’s father was a priest for only the most important people in Silvermoon.  It was the same thing all afternoon.

  • After the wedding, the parents of the newlyweds rarely see each other anymore.  It would be Lani’s problem to deal with, not mine.

  • His father kept muttering things under his breath.

  • Again, Lani’s problem.  At least the father’s breath didn’t smell like a skunk had died in his mouth.


Rindir Blazenblade:

  • He’s of the appropriate age for Lanthiriel, but he’s missing a foot.  Most of the eligible men her age are off to fight in Kalimdor now.

  • And the eligible men in Kalimdor are going to get maimed too.  She can get used to a missing foot.

  • He doesn’t work.

  • His parents have money.

  • He wasn’t very smart either.  He asked a couple of the same questions twice, and claimed he forgot.

  • He might have been nervous.  I met him with his mother.  His father’s gone to fight.

  • He’s very gossipy.

  • As long as I’m careful to say nothing about my family, I should invite him to tea sometime.

Faeldaer Dayglow:

  • Fail, dear.

  • That’s one of the worst, to be honest.

  • He was short, and skinny.  Lani may weigh more than him.

  • But he is the right age for her.

  • His voice was nasal and high-pitched.  I spent the whole lunch hoping he’d shut up, and let his mother talk more.

  • There are ways to plug your ears.  I’m sure the girl knows that.

  • He was mouthy with his mother.  He’d probably be mouthy with a wife as well.

  • If I were vengeful, he’d be perfect.


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Alt Appreciation – Druid Week

Yes, another week with no shortage of screenshots and stories!  Continuing with Alt Appreciation weeks from World of Lae, we’re now in Druid Week.  I have six druids over level 80, and about a million under level 10.  Trust me, the hunter/mage problem is worse.

My first druid was Terivanis.  He was originally called Jaevan on a regular PVE realm, but when I transferred him to Wyrmrest Accord for RP, I thought he needed a different name instead of just being a variant on my hunter’s name.  I play him primarily as resto, and he is the only druid I finished the epic flight form quest on.  It’s out of the game now, or I’d do it on others.  He’s level 90, and I occasionally take him into ToT LFR.  Teri has been part of the rp, and has stories on this site.  He’s a grumpy old burd, who is a little less grumpy now.

Terivanis, aka Burd

Terivanis, aka Burd

Terivanis has a tauren friend in his story, a druid named Rohau.  He exists in-game, and has become my banker horde side.  He’s level 83, just gaining a level a couple of days ago.  Go cow!

Rohau is resto too.

Rohau is resto too.

Rohau in his usual spot.

Rohau in his usual spot.

Relanos and Farahlor are the babies.  They aren’t actually role played because IC they’re too young.  I created them just to keep their names from being used.  I wound up leveling them.  Farahlor is feral spec and level 82.  Relanos is guardian and level 85.

Farahlor and Relanos.

Farahlor and Relanos.

Then there’s Jaellynn.  Yes, he was just part of death knight week.  Who says death knights can’t want to be druids?  Jaellynn remembers his life before his death as a druid apprentice, and he wants to continue learning, despite being dead.  His druid version has two dots above the ‘y’ in his name.  He is level 85.


Then there’s Pimzoz.  Pimzoz was created as part of my new army of alts when I transferred to horde side on my main for raiding.  I didn’t want to faction transfer all of my alliance characters, and I had the free space to work with yet on that server.  When I burned out on raiding and decided to try RP, Pimzoz was left behind in this elite top raiding guild.  Two years later, he was still level 12, and to my surprise, still in the guild.  They had done all the gold challenge modes and defeated heroic sha of fear.  I could get things!  I bought the pet, then set about leveling him for the mount, which he was able to learn at level 85.  I have since transferred him to The Venture Co realm.  It’s an RP PVP realm, and one of two realms that are not subject to CRZ.  He sits in Storm Peaks now, hunting a certain protodrake!


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Preparations 2

Latahlali’s Letter:

Dear Raleth,

I miss you.  I think Naraleth does too.  He’s been cranky about everything!  He probably just doesn’t understand where you are.  I keep telling him that everything’s going to be okay, but I don’t think he believes me, or he just doesn’t understand that either.  Maybe it’s because he’s getting a tooth.

Sanimir, or I guess, Hethurin was here earlier and wanted me to watch his baby.  Or not his baby, his sister’s baby.  He’s supposed to be taking care of him because his sister went to fight.  Do you know her?  Maybe someone should tell her that her baby is in Shattrath in the care of a kaldorei.  I’m just kidding, but I bet the look on her face would be funny.  Hethurin said he was taking his apprentices to see the mushrooms.  I don’t think mushrooms have anything to do with magic, but he thought it would be good for Rylad, that’s his sister’s baby, to play with other babies, like Naraleth.  Naraleth is a bit bigger than Rylad.  I put them both on a blanket on the floor.  It was funny how they looked at each other.

It wasn’t funny when they both decided to cry at the same time.  I guess I’m lucky we all have two arms!  I had to hold both of them and try to make them happy.  Naraleth pulled my hair.  Rylad calmed down when I got the goat’s milk out for him.  Hethurin said that’s what they feed them now.

Can we do that?  I really think he’s getting a tooth.

I hope this gets to you okay.  I’m asking Hethurin to mail it when he gets back so that no one asks any questions about me sending mail to Quel’Danas.




Aeramin’s Notes:

  • My visits with Imralion seem so short.  I haven’t the nerve to ruin things by asking him about anything now.  I figure what will happen, will happen.  There’s no point in hastening it.

  • I was talking with Isandri the other night.  She seemed surprised that I’d want a family someday.  No, I wouldn’t be able to go about the normal way, well, unless Im dumps me and I surprise myself.  It’s happened before, the being surprised part.  I guess, the being dumped part has too.

  • It’s usually more complicated than just being dumped, or dumping someone.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  There’s always reasons.  Im won’t dump me, at least not yet, but he has reasons.  I’ve decided to enjoy the time that I can spend with him.  I hope nothing happens to him, but I know that if he does come back, there’s little chance that he’ll stay very long.

  • I have been going to see him fairly frequently, probably a lot more than most people have visitors there.  I think he liked the berry cookies that Isandri made.  We’re lucky that the beach south of all the buildings and tents is usually pretty quiet.  Once in a while, someone will walk by.  I don’t think anyone’s walked by while we’re preoccupied with other things.  If anyone has, I don’t think they’re going to walk up and say hi while we’re busy.  Then again, there’s all kinds of people here.  Maybe some of them would!

  • I don’t think it’s against the rules or anything.  It’s not like someone will see us and run to tell someone that there’s people making out on the beach.

  • I don’t want him to go.  I just have this terrible feeling that something will happen.  Whether it’s something happening to him, or something he does, it’ll be awful.  I’m trying to to not let it show.  I don’t think he’s noticed.

  • I got back the other night to find a note pinned to my door.  It was from Hethurin.  I guess he’s in town and wants to see me.  I sent a note to his room at the inn to arrange to see him at the restaurant near the library.  Hopefully, someone else will be there so they can see that nothing happens.  I guess I could just not tell Im that I saw him.  That might be safer since there’s still part of me holding on to the hope that he’ll come back just fine and want to stay with me.


Isturon’s Letter:

Dear Lani,

I’m sorry it has taken me time to write.  I am, naturally, disappointed that you have chosen to lie not only to me, but to the entire family, as well as the people organizing our efforts.  I still have a hard time understanding how you could do such a thing.  Unfortunately, what’s done is done.  I have tried, on multiple occasions to get them to send you back, but to no avail.  Your mother thinks that I have let you go on purpose, and she and Esladra have gone to live with her sister for some time.

I hope you are doing well.

– Isturon

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I didn’t finish my story today, so here’s a couple of screenshots instead.

Tik meets Tiktik.  It was Tik's first Vaults LFR.  He didn't get much, but it was fun playing from a melee perspective.

Tik meets Tiktik. It was Tik’s first Vaults LFR. He didn’t get much, but it was fun playing from a melee perspective.

Hethurin's new transmog.  Those shades are just fabulous!

Hethurin’s new transmog.  I love the shades.


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Hearthstone Beta

I got in the Hearthstone Beta today.  The first thing you do is a series of games that kind of teach you how to play.  The last one is Jaina vs Illidan.

And it really wasn't fair.

And it really wasn’t fair.

I’ve been having fun with it so far, which is more than I expected.  I’ll probably write more on it eventually, but for now I need to make supper, and hopefully finish some other writing!


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On Watch

Jaellynn Evershade sat on the hill overlooking the lake next to the glade he called home.  A stream ran next to him, trickling over the edge of the hill into a second lake below.  Normally, he would come here to fish, but today, he faced away from the stream, and away from the lake.  Instead he watched the skies to the east where a sharp ridge rose as a natural border between Desolace and Mulgore.

Tathariel had told him the news she had heard of the trolls and the orcs fighting each other.  Since then, he began to make more trips to this hill.  He didn’t expect to see anything from here, but if the tauren were getting involved, then it was much more closer to the glade than he was comfortable with.

He carried his runeblade with him.  No, druids weren’t supposed to use swords, but he was stronger in combat with one.  He could quickly cut down any danger that approached the glade, within reason.  He was undead, but that hardly made him invincible.  He knew that.

He glanced away from the ridge, looking back towards the glade where he lived.  It was nearly time to eat.  Tathariel would be back with Relanos from their walk on the other side of the glade.  They had gone together to check on the thunder lizards first thing this afternoon when they woke, an activity Jaellynn wasn’t sure was safe for Relanos.  He could yell at the wrong time and frighten one into being aggressive, or hit it with a stick.  He was sure Tathariel was watching him closely, but he would be happy to see them.

He often joined them for meals though he didn’t eat.  Well, he could, but undead bodies do not digest the same as living bodies.  Sometimes, Relanos fed him, perhaps out of concern that his an’da didn’t eat much.  Jaellynn was sure the boy was going to start asking some of the harder questions soon, even though he was barely out of diapers.  He already asked lots of questions about other things and had remarked how an’da was always cold.

Not today.  The hot sun shone down on him as he stood.  Even this late in the day, he could feel the heat from it.  He took one last look at the ridge, watching as a windrider passed along the top of it in the distance.  He waited until it was out of sight, and headed back to the glade.

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Preparations 1

Tik huddled close to the ground behind a stack of crates as the two orcs drew nearer.  They spoke to each other in orcish.  Tik didn’t understand a word of the rough language, which was the one thing keeping him from going on the more dangerous missions for the time being.  Some had been sent to overhear or find documents, but Tik and some of the others who didn’t know orcish had been sent to find out what they could by seeing.  They were to count how many orcs they saw, as well as report on what reinforcements had been made just outside of Orgrimmar.

Tik pulled the cloth over his face higher to cover his nose as the wind picked up.  He closed his eyes as the dust pelted his face.  It seemed everything reminded him of how far away from home he was, and how much he was out of his element.

The orcs’ rough voices continued as the gust of wind died down, drawing closer still.  The elves were here only to see and report what they saw.  They were not to be seen.  Still, Tik readied his daggers.  As the scout captain had put it, in the event that they were seen, dead orcs can’t talk.

They do raise questions though.  Tik would rather not kill them if he could avoid doing so.  He watched their feet through a small space between the crates.  He heard them lift one of the crates from near the front of the pile, and watched as both pairs of feet began to walk away with it.  He peered around the corner of the crates on the end long enough to see that both orcs were carrying the one crate.  He quickly memorized the strange symbols etched into the wood on the crates, and made his way south back to the camp.


Theronil’s Letter Home:

My Dear Love, Isandri,

I was so happy to get your letter.  The others must have wondered what got into me, as I was smiling the rest of the day.  Of course, I did share the cookies with them, so maybe they thought that was it.  The cookies were really good.  I didn’t have any place to store them so I thought it would be better to share them with the people I know, rather than have them stolen by someone I don’t know.  They all liked them too and want you to send more.

Arelanis is doing fine here, though I don’t think she enjoys sleeping outdoors much.  She’ll probably be happier when we get to Durotar and I have my own tent.  There are other dragonhawks here, but I think she sees me as being one of her kind, not them.  There are lots of other animals too.  A few of the rangers have large cats, and there’s some other odder companions as well.  One guy has a crocolisk!  I think the weirdest one is this giant blue worm.  What do they even feed that?  Of course, we are responsible for feeding our own animals.  Arelanis hates the food here almost as much as I do, so getting her to share my plate with me is near impossible.  The bread here usually isn’t too bad, so I try to save that for her.  There are apples at the fruit shop, but they’re really expensive.  I bought her a couple anyway.  I know that no matter what, she will protect me.  She deserves all the expensive apples she wants.

I usually eat outside of the tents, with Arelanis, but occasionally, I stay inside and eat at one of the tables.  I’m pretty sure I met one of Hethurin’s sisters the other night.  She mentioned some things about her family, and I’m pretty sure it’s her.  I didn’t catch her name though.  There was also another woman who I think is Imralion’s sister.  He has one, doesn’t he?  Has Hethurin been staying in Shattrath overnight at all?  She said her brother is a blood knight, staying in Shattrath with a friend, who has had an ex stay overnight.

My students are improving, some of them more quickly than others.  I guess that’s to be expected, they come from varied backgrounds with differing levels of experience.  Still, they should be as prepared as possible.  Ensuring the safety of the healers, supplies and portals is an important job.  A plus for protecting the portals is that the mail will come to us first.  I think they’re going to be limiting how big of a package you can send, but regular letters should go through just fine.

I hope it won’t take too long.  I miss you so much.  Some days I wonder how I’ll go much longer without seeing you.  You’re so beautiful, and I love you.

Hope to see you soon,



Lanthiriel’s Diary:

Dear Diary,

We’re still not doing much of anything here.  One guy broke his leg a couple of days ago, but that was the only big thing this week.  It was a pretty bad break too.  He’s been sent home.  I hope it doesn’t give any of the others any ideas.  There are all sorts of people here.  I don’t doubt some of them would be willing to try to break their own leg to get sent home.

I saw my brother the other night, the same night the guy broke his leg.  That cut into the time we were able to spend visiting each other as I was busy taking care of that when my brother arrived. I guess someone told him that visitors weren’t allowed right now too.  Luckily, he didn’t leave, and we were able to talk for a bit.  He seemed quieter than usual, like he was thinking about something but didn’t say what.  I asked him if everything was okay, and he said things were good.  I’m just not sure.  It could be something was wrong, but he just didn’t want to talk about it with his sister.

He said that he took the letter to father.  I haven’t heard from him yet.  I’m really starting to get worried about that.  What if he lets mother pick some horrible man for me to marry now just because he’s mad?  I hope he doesn’t.

Anyway, I wanted to ask Hethurin about the plan for me to move to the Ghostlands.  I found out that he is getting one of the houses on his property fixed up.  I asked him where the office would be, and he asked me where I wanted it to be.  In the town would be ideal, I think, or I thought.  That way they wouldn’t have to travel so far in the woods just to get to me.  It’s not safe to travel in the woods.  But then Hethurin suggested making a semi-permanent portal in the town for people to use to get to the estate.  He swore it could be done, but it would have to be remade from time to time.  I’m not sure if he’s actually done anything like that before, but he said they had some in Dalaran.  Some went to other parts of the city and others to other cities.

He said the house he was having fixed up wasn’t big enough for an office, but I could use the main house if I wanted.  He has a lot of rooms that he doesn’t even use yet.  At one point, he did say that he could give me a portal to the town and come get me at the end of the day if I’d rather.  I really would.  If there’s an empty building in town, I think it would be best if I were there and visible and seen by the people who live there.  That way they know they can come to me when they need to.  I did tell him that, and he said he’d watch for a place that could work.

Earlier today, I saw someone I didn’t expect to see.  My youngest sister is here too.  She said no one else knows, and she wants to keep it that way.  She scraped her elbow pretty bad during her practice.  I’m tempted to write father and tell him that Aranae is here too, but if he’s mad, then maybe he won’t even read it.  I guess, for now, I’ll help keep her whereabouts a secret.

I’m still nervous about going.  Everyone says it’ll be soon.

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