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Art – Terivanis Colored Sketch


His nephew, Farahlor, had taken his first steps.  Kelanori had warned him that he was still unsteady walking on his own.  Terivanis walked slowly along the stony beach, holding the young elf’s hand.  He had missed this with Lilindor, having still been grieving at that point.  Technically, he hadn’t been there for Farahlor’s first steps either, but he was here now, walking with him while he was still unsteady on his feet.  That was more than he had been able to do for Lilindor at the same age.

The waves rushed in, lapping at their bare feet before rushing back out again.  Farahlor would pause each time, looking down at the water swirling around his feet and making joyful squeals.  Terivanis smiled softly each time.

He had, occasionally during the last year, wondered how possible a baby with Vajarra would be.  It hadn’t happened yet.  Perhaps they could adopt one, eventually.  For now, he was content to be Farahlor’s uncle.



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Art – Jaeyn

I may revisit the shading on this one after I get better at shading.  I’m happy with it otherwise.  A screenshot was used for the background.

Jaeyn shoots ogres in Feralas.


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Vaelarian – A Talk Over Stew

Vaelarian’s biggest gripe about staying in Feathermoon Stronghold was the open inn.  Luckily, he often woke just before the sentinels started their drills.  No matter the circumstances, it was never pleasant to be woken by shouting women.  His second biggest gripe was all the fresh fruit.  It was nice at first, but now on his fifth day of fresh fruit for each meal, he was ready for something different.  Stew would be good, but with that beast in the forest, he didn’t dare go too far out of town.  Perhaps it had left.  Vaelarian wasn’t too keen on finding out.

He had spent the past few days observing.  He had not run into anyone he knew, yet.  It was bound to happen eventually that one of them would pass through.

He had been surprised to see there were draenei whom had decided to live here.  He had counted three, a male and two females, staying in town.  Another, a female, had come into town with a male elf, and talked with one of the others before going again, probably just visiting.  There was also a special unit of worgen being trained.  They were kept off in their own area, quite far from the elven forces training area.  He wondered if any of them knew of the one in the forest.

Today, there seemed to be a great deal of activity around one of the buildings to the north of the inn.  He had heard, from the sentinels, of a new shop that was opening soon.  Perhaps that was what was going on.  They were supposed to have scented soaps and perfumes.  He’d have to check it out later.  Lali might like something like that.

He had received a letter from Lali with some money to pay for the inn.  She had asked him if he would take part in the wedding.  Apparently there was some way the bride’s family had to show approval by walking with her.  He wasn’t quite sure what to reply to that, as he didn’t quite approve.  He would have to figure it out soon.  Their plans to wed seemed to be moving along.  She wrote about the dress she was getting, and said that they had chosen a place already.  He made a mental note to ask if they had picked a day to wed yet.  He wanted as much advance notice as possible.

He stepped down the stairs on the side of the inn facing the sea.  He stopped midway and sat, looking out towards the island.  He wasn’t sure where he would go after this.  He wasn’t sure to go back to his camp, not with that death knight loose in the forest.  He couldn’t go back to Ashenvale.  Stonetalon was swarming with orcs.  One of the sentinels that he spoke with suggested Desolace, but he hated centaurs.

A fluttering of wings as a white bird landed not far off, distracted him from his thoughts.  It carried a fresh catch in its talons.  Vaelarian was considering trying to scare the bird off and make his stew with the catch, a rabbit, when the bird transformed.  He frowned.  It was a druid.  He couldn’t scare a druid off.  He rose and began to descend the rest of the steps.  Perhaps he could talk the druid into sharing some of it.

The short kaldorei sat on a rock near the shore as he started skinning and gutting the animal.  Vaelarian sat on another nearby rock, noting that the druid had taken some potatoes and vegetables out of his satchel.  Vaelarian smiled slightly.  “Making stew?”

The druid looked over.  “Yes.”  He answered curtly before returning to his task.

Vaelarian noticed the druid had far too much for just himself.  Perhaps he was entertaining one or two of the sentinels.

“I’m sick of the fruit the inn has.”  Vaelarian commented.  “Would you like some help making it?”

The druid looked at the ingredients he had gathered.  “I can handle it.”  He looked back at Vaelarian, and twitched an ear.  “I understand being sick of fruit though.  You can help.  I can’t spare much of it.  Some is for my mate.  She’s draenei.”

Vaelarian raised a brow, but didn’t say anything about the druid’s mate being draenei.  Instead he took one of his smaller knives and started peeling the potatoes.  “Thank you.  My name is Vaelarian Ashclaw.  I’m staying at the inn for a few days.”

The druid started cutting the rabbit meat.  “I’m Terivanis Summerleaf.  I live here.”

Vaelarian wanted to make a comment about living in a town full of sentinels yet choosing a draenei for a mate.  He didn’t.  The druid was being kind enough to share some of his stew.  The last name was familiar.  “You’re the one opening the shop, aren’t you?”

The druid’s ear twitched.  “It’s open today.  My mate is handling the shop.  I just keep it stocked.”

Vaelarian nodded, picking up the next potato.  That explained the faint floral scent in the air.  “I was thinking of stopping by there later to get something for my granddaughter.”

“Oh, is she training here?”  Terivanis asked as he continued cutting the meat into small chunks.

“No.  She did a few years ago.”  Vaelarian frowned.  “She didn’t last very long before returning home.  Sentinel training is rigorous.  She’s still young though.  There’s time to come back to it if she changes her mind.”

The druid smiled.  “Has she looked into the priesthood?  My sister tried the sentinels for a few weeks, but found her calling as a priestess instead.”

“It’s been suggested.  She doesn’t seem so interested in that either.”  Vaelarian added the potatoes to the pot the druid had set out.  He wasn’t about to tell the druid that she was off studying magic.

“She must be interested in something.”

“She likes writing.”

“Some priestesses copy prayer books for other priestesses.”

Vaelarian wasn’t about to specify exactly what kind of writing his granddaughter liked either.  “She’s not the type to enjoy copying.  She writes creative stories, but nothing to do with Elune.  I guess I can hope she can sell her stories somehow.”

“What do her parents think?”

Vaelarian twitched an ear.  “They both died when the orcs pushed further into Ashenvale about a year and a half ago.  She was able to escape.”

The druid’s ear twitched twice.  He looked out towards the island for a moment.  “I’m sorry.”

Vaelarian felt like there was more the druid wasn’t saying.  “I have a feeling they stayed behind to fight so that my granddaughter would have enough time to get to safety.”

The druid responded with only a slight nod.

They sat in silence, continuing to prepare the food.  Terivanis lit a small fire to cook over.  “It’ll be ready in a couple of hours.  If you want to check out the shop you should go now.  I don’t think she intends to keep it open all night.  I’ll keep an eye on the stew.”

Vaelarian nodded as he rose to walk to the shop.


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Vaelarian – The Tower and the Worgen

Vaelarian did not reply to Latahlali’s letter upon receiving it.  The young apprentice kaldorei mage whom was assigned to handle the mail at the tower had already asked enough questions when he arrived there to check if he had any letters.  He wanted to write his reply in peace.  He had asked the girl if he had received any mail, and upon giving his name, her eyebrow had shot up.  “It’s from Dalaran.”  She had said in a curious way as she pulled the envelope out of the pile.  She had started to hand it to him, looking at him closely.  “You’re not a mage.”

He had sighed, “Very observant, aren’t you?”  The Highborne taking apprentices at the tower obviously did not have very high standards.

She was not only observant, but also nosy, “Who do you know in Dalaran then?”

He twitched an ear, “My granddaughter is studying there.”  Telling the truth here shouldn’t cause any trouble.

“Oh really?”  She seemed excited.  “I looked into it, but it was impossible to find a good instructor.  The ones that were taking apprentices were charging a fortune.  She’s so lucky to study there.  It must be so expensive.”

“You have no idea.”  He grumbled while snatching the letter from her hand.  He left the tower rather quickly, while the young mage was in the middle of asking another question.  Her voice trailed off as he walked outside.

He started heading back to his camp before opening the letter.  He read as he walked along the path, looking up now and then to check his surroundings.  With gnolls, ogres, and grimtotem in the forest, it was far from safe.  It would be foolish to completely lower his guard, but he wanted to read what she had written.  He was relieved to read that she was doing fine, as he always was when he received her letters.  He didn’t trust that blood elf, although admittedly, he had no reason not to.  The blood elf had given him information to stop the orcs’ reinforcements to Stonetalon.  He had fought along his side when orcs attacked them at the moonwell, and even saved his life.  He had given him money, then more money, to pay for his expenses during his stay in Dalaran.  In fact, he had every reason to trust him.  Lali seemed happy, and safe, with him as well.

She wrote that she was learning other things, not just magic.  History and geography were listed as two of the subjects she had been studying.  She should learn such things if she were to stay in the city.  She had definitely taken after her grandmother in some ways, no matter how much he wanted to ignore it.  It was for the best that she had gone to Dalaran.

He turned off the path, and started climbing the hill to his camp, tucking the letter in his pocket before beginning his ascent.  He would write when he got to the camp, and send it tomorrow.  He hoped a different apprentice would be taking care of the mail then.  At least they were harmless questions, and they wouldn’t do anything because he let his granddaughter go to Dalaran.  Maybe they would question it if they knew it was a blood elf that was teaching her, and kissing her, but they didn’t need to know anything about that.

As he approached his camp he looked up.  Something was there.  He hid.  He was too far away to make out exactly what it was, but it looked like some large, strange animal.  He slipped closer, behind some bushes.  The thing raised it’s head and sniffed the air.  It’s ears stood straight up.  He could see it clearly now.  It was a worgen.  What was it doing here?  Why was it in his camp?  Vaelarian stepped forward with one hand resting on the pommel of one of his daggers.  “Hello.”  He greeted the worgen cautiously in common.

The worgen turned.  She, it appeared to be female, looked at him, but she did not move otherwise.  He took a couple more steps forward.

“What are you doing in my camp?”  He made sure to look non-threatening and used a gentle tone.  Her cool blue eyes stared at him.  He didn’t remember other worgen having blue eyes.  He paused, staring at her as she stared at him.  Something wasn’t right about this one.  She wasn’t breathing.  Aside from sniffing the air a few times, she had not taken a breath.  He took a step back.

The worgen finally moved.  She picked up something and held her paw out towards him.  He watched warily, before taking one careful step forward to see what she held out.

It was a worm.  Not only had he managed to get a dead worgen in his camp, but she was a dead worgen with worms.  He took a step back again, shaking his head.  “No thanks.”  Did she expect him to eat it?  Was it a pet?  Was she going to stay in his camp?  He eyed his bags that he had left near one of the bushes on the other side of the camp.  He looked back at the worgen.  She stared at him.  He circled around her, giving her plenty of space to get to his bags.

“You’ll excuse me, I need to go write a letter.”  He felt he should say something.  The worgen had still not spoken.  He watched her carefully as he circled back around and backed out of the camp.  He continued looking back, even when he couldn’t see the camp any longer, but it didn’t seem that she was following him.  He made his way back down the hill to the road, and followed it to Feathermoon Stronghold.  He’d take his chances staying in a town full of sentinels.

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Latahlali – Letter to Vaelarian


I hope you’re doing well in Feralas.  Raleth and I are both doing good.  We have been searching for a nice place to have the wedding, but we haven’t had much luck yet.  He found one place, but I’m not really sure it’s safe there for him.  Would you know of any places where it might be nice?

This morning, for my lesson, I showed Raleth the sphere I could make with the candle flame, which I guess is supposed to be more difficult than the ring, but I had been doing it all along to form the ring.  Maybe that’s why it took so long.  Anyway, Raleth thinks I’m ready to start conjuring fire.  I read the texts first thing this morning and then he showed me after I showed him the sphere.  Then I tried what he did, and failed over and over.  He said no one gets it the first time.  He doesn’t want me to practice on the terrace at home with this.  I could with the candle.  He said the park would be safer.  If nothing happens when I try, I don’t see why I can’t just stay at home.  It’s a bit embarrassing in front of other people.  I guess something might happen eventually, and I don’t want to goof up and burn anything that I’m not supposed to.

I’m also learning a lot about geography and history and everything.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library.  I know it’s maybe not as important as learning how to skin and gut an animal, or how to hide undetected in the forest, or where is the best place to aim on an orc to kill it, but things are different in Dalaran.  I feel kind of stupid when I listen to people here.  Everyone seems to know so much more than I do, even the humans.  I guess I do know things, they’re just different things.  No one here speaks Taur-ahe either.

I’m really sorry about what happened in Ashenvale.  I hope Feralas is safe for you.



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Ellorian – Visiting Family in Feralas

Ellorian approached the temple ruins in southern Feralas.  He had not written ahead of time, having been asked just earlier that day to help a couple of other people travel to Feralas.  Since one of those people was a blood elf, he didn’t dare put his portal too near his son’s home, instead opening it to just outside Eldre’Thalas.

He walked up the broken stairs to the doorway.  “Jaeyn!  Vassanta!  Are you here?”  He called out, looking inside.  He could see Dog, Jaeyn’s large saber and hunting partner, at the water inside.  He stepped inside and looked around.  “Jaeyn?”  He called out again.  Dog’s ears flicked at the noise, and she raised her head to look at him.  He stopped in his tracks, hoping he hadn’t upset the large animal.

Suddenly, he was knocked forward, large furry paws on his shoulder-blades held him in place.  He started to cry out but one of the paws moved from his shoulder-blade to his head and pushed it down.  A large bear snout sniffed him.

“Tumbles!  No!  Bad bear!  We don’t eat mages!”

The bear backed off from holding Ellorian down.  “I’m sorry.  Tumbles doesn’t know what a threat is yet.”  Jaeyn said while helping Ellorian to his feet.

Vassanta smiled, “Jaeyn has been training him.  He was just practicing on the ogre mages.”

“I’m not an ogre.”  Ellorian grumbled, “And you should be careful how far you go.  I’ve heard there’s a crazy elf somewhere in Feralas now.”

“Mother’s back?”  Jaeyn asked while leading Tumbles away.

Ellorian almost laughed.  “No.  This one very dangerous.  He stabbed one of my friends.  Now he’s fled Ashenvale for some reason.  I gave a couple of friends a portal here to look for him.  I figured I should stop by and warn you.”  Ellorian took a seat at the water, not too close to the large saber, whom appeared to be sleeping again.

“Do you have any idea where he is?”  Vassanta asked as she sat next to Dog.

“Only that he’s somewhere in Feralas.”

“We’ll be careful then.”  Jaeyn sat next to Vassanta and took hold of her tail.

“We should warn the others in town.”  Vassanta said.

Jaeyn nodded.  “We should go soon.  The sentinels should know too.”

Ellorian smiled.  “They should.  The man is very dangerous as I’ve heard.  I’d hate for anything to happen to anyone here.”  Ellorian could have excluded a druid or two, but left it unsaid.

Vassanta opened the bag she had been carrying.  “We still haven’t found any of the orbs we need.”  She looked at Ellorian, “Have you had time to ask the Highborne at the tower to the north again?”

Ellorian rolled his eyes.  “No.  I don’t think they have them.  You could ask in Dalaran the next time you visit.  There might be someone that knows about it there.”  These kids and their orbs.  They had found one, only one, that had shrunk and ogre to fit inside of it, and now they wanted to play with such objects?  It was best that they couldn’t find any more.

“You could ask for us.  You’re always there.”  Jaeyn said.

“I spend most of my time in the library.  You shouldn’t talk a lot there.”

“Oh.”  Jaeyn looked at Vassanta.  She shrugged at him.  He continued,  “We’ll keep looking then.  Were you staying the night?  I could prepare a spot for you to sleep.”

Ellorian shook his head.  “No.  I should be going soon.  It’s late already.”  He remembered the last time he stayed the night.  They had no beds here, and the crumbling stone floor wasn’t the most comfortable to sleep on.

“The sun just set.”  Jaeyn pointed out.

“It’s late for me.”  Ellorian smiled.  “Have a good night.”  He said as he stood.  It was late for him.  He cast his teleport spell as his son and his mate said goodbye.

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Vaelarian – Feralas

Vaelarian had not rested much.  That was part of the problem.  He struggled to find his next foothold on the steep hill that rose to the southwest in Mulgore.  He slipped, again, sliding down to a small ledge below.  He had made it about halfway up the large hill, but now, at its steepest point, the ascent was proving too difficult for the tired, sore elf.  The sun rose to the east.  The tauren could spot him clearly at this hour.  He had to finish climbing the hill or find a place to hide.

The other part of the problem was that, despite being healed, the area on his backside that took an arrow still hurt.  The young tauren who had found him resting in the valley below early in the night had healed him, before he napped.  He wondered if the same would have happened if he had completely forgotten the language.  Would she have alerted the others to his presence there?  Perhaps if her friends were druids, they would let him pass through, but the young tauren did not seem to be a druid.  She had healed him with the light.

She had alerted him to the presence of gnolls nearby.  They hadn’t bothered him as he briefly napped.  He couldn’t allow himself to truly sleep until he was away.  Mulgore was no place for a sleeping elf.

The Barrens had not been either.  Vaelarian had passed by some areas of intense fighting there.  He could have hidden and waited until night then, but that would not have helped his fatigue any, not with active fighting everywhere.  He had made it to Mulgore as night fell.  Now the tauren town near the hill was waking up.  He could sleep after making camp in Feralas.

He looked up.  The steep cliff loomed above him.  Again, he began to climb, carefully searching for nooks to use to hold onto.  He could not afford to fall now.  One foot up off the ledge, then the other.  He leaned against the hill, reaching up to find the next hold.  First foot up again.  Then the other.  He struggled a moment to find a secure spot for it.  There.  He reached up again, and almost lost his footing.  Pebbles bounced off the small ledge below as he grasped the side of the cliff.  He carefully tried again, and slowly he was able to inch his way up the incline.  He turned his head, glancing down at the village.  He could see them out now.  He hoped they didn’t see him.  If they looked up, they might.

He continued climbing up.  It was slow, but he did reach the top.  He slid down the gentle slope on the other side to where the lush soft grass covered the ground and the tall trees provided shade from the burning sun.  He finally fell asleep.


He woke, well-rested, but hungry again.  The bread and dried meat that the young tauren had shared with him, had helped, but it had been his only meal.  He found a small stream and washed the blood from his fingernails.  He would have to hunt after writing a couple quick letters to send.

Dear Lali,

I am staying northwest of New Thalanaar in Feralas, near Mulgore.  I will not hide my camp until you visit.  Please visit soon.

– Vael

Senior Enchanter Raleth,

I have set up my camp in Feralas.  I will explain everything when you and Lali arrive here.  There is fighting at New Thalanaar.  I trust you will not take her too close to the town.  There are many sentinels there.  I’m staying northwest of the town, and directly north of Camp Mojache.  There is a wonderful view of Mulgore here.  Lali will like that.  I expect to see you tonight or tomorrow.  Please advise me if you will be longer than that.

Master Vaelarian Ashclaw

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