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Hethurin’s Letters

Dear Lani,

Hi!  I wanted to let you know how everything is.  The school is doing well.  I have three new students, and I’ve hired another person to help.  With Tik gone, there’s a lot of work.

I have someone working on your house too.  I wouldn’t eat any of the cakes or things he’s been baking.  He says it’s how he relaxes, but he’s a bit undead, so he’s not going to eat them, and I don’t know anyone who would be willing to try them.  They might make you sick!  He’s been doing really good work on the house though.  The one wall needed to be completely rebuilt.  That’s almost done.  The stairs are fixed too, as is the ceiling in the one room.  What colors would you like the rooms painted?  Maybe we can wait until you’re back to paint the walls.  You might be too busy to think about that now.

I hope you aren’t too busy.  I mean, that would be a bad thing.

How is it there?  I went to Orgrimmar once, about a year ago, when I was looking for a way to the new land.  I couldn’t afford the very first portals, but after I visited, I was able to make a fortune making portals for others.  I don’t think I’d like to do that again though.  I don’t think I have to as long as the school is doing well.

I’ve started work on my first book.  I’m writing one.  I’ve been teaching teleportation techniques to some of my students and have been keeping my class notes to reformat into a text-book to use in classes in the future.  I don’t really like the books we have now for it, so writing my own is a good option.

I hope everything is okay there, and that you’ll be here soon to see your new home.  It really is looking great.

– Hethurin


Dear Tik,

Hi.  I hope they’re able to get this letter to you.  I know you mentioned that you don’t get mail often, but I’d like to give you some news from home.  Everything is going well here.  I’ve taken on three new students, and hired another person to help around the house.  He’ll be working with you when you get back, but right now, I think he’s a little overwhelmed.  He makes really good cake.

I’ve been taking care of the spiders by myself, so they have been staying back in the forest.  I want to take care of some of the rats in the cellar again, but the new help is opposed to catching them live and using them for Desdeyliri’s teleportation practice, so I’m going to go down and set some that’ll just kill them.  I don’t want anyone getting sick because they get into the kitchen.

The house that’s being fixed up is looking really good now.  He had to take out an entire side of the house and redo it.  I think it’s almost finished.

I am eating good.  Last night, I accidentally ate in Shattrath for supper, but that doesn’t happen much.  We will all be going to Shattrath soon.

I miss you and the confessor and my sister.  I want everyone to come back safe.

– Magister Hethurin Fairsong


Dear Nessna,

Hi!  I hope everything is going okay there.  Are you almost done?  Maybe everyone will be back soon, and no one will get hurt.

Rylad is doing very well.  He really has a tooth now, since yesterday.  I don’t think he’s ready to eat real food yet, but maybe he will after he gets a few more teeth!  He sits up a lot better for his meals too.  He used to slouch to the side of his chair, but now he sits up straight, and he likes to hit the table with his hands.  He gets really excited about food!

I think he’s close to starting to crawl.  I’ve been putting him on the floor so he can practice, and he tries to push himself around with his feet.  It doesn’t quite work.  After he figures out that he should get his knees to help, I’m sure he’ll get it.

I’ll be bringing him to Shattrath for a few days this week.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be with him the entire time, and if we do decide to take a trip away, Isandri will watch him.  You remember Isandri, right?  She’s father’s apprentice, and is expecting her own baby this winter.  I know she would be good with him.  I also know another woman in Shattrath with a young baby.  I might see if they can have a play date while my students are busy studying at the library.

I hope everything is going well there.  Maybe everyone will be back home when we come back from Shattrath.  That would be nice.

– Hethurin


Confessor Morthorn,

Hi.  I wish you were here to talk to, especially today.  I mean, everything is okay here.  No one is sick or hurt or anything.  I just miss being able to talk to you.

The death knight is working still on the house.  I think it’s almost finished.  I have been taking him books to read, though I don’t know how to make sure they’re clean to bring back into the house.  I don’t want to make anyone sick.  I found out he likes baking, and every time I go there he’s made muffins or cakes or pastries.  We’re not eating them.  I don’t think he eats either, so he must be feeding them to the bats.  It almost seems a shame because they look and smell really good, but a death knight baked them so it’s probably for the best.

I have three new students now.  Two women and one man.  They’re all from Silvermoon.  I guess most of the schools there have closed with so many people having to go to Kalimdor to fight.  Maerista is interested mostly in fire magic.  I’m still able to help her, but I think I’m going to need to hire someone to teach fire magic.  There are a few more rooms that need cleaning out, so I can convert one of them into another classroom.

The other two new students, Keyalenn and Xarola, are beginners.  Keyalenn is just a bit behind Des, and Xarola needs to learn her theories before trying any practice.  It’s a lot of work.  I’m still doing a group lesson in the morning, but I have to include relevant material for all of them.  I also see them each twice a week for individual lessons, so that helps.  I can give better explanations to Xarola, and I can elaborate more for Maerista.

I don’t think I need anymore students for now.  I know that eventually, I’ll have to redesign how I do things.  Theory classes are good for everyone, but then there could be an arcane specific class and a fire specific class, and maybe frost too.  That will be something to think about when I have more students, and someone to help teach too.

Of course, with more students, there’s more housework and bigger meals to prepare and everything.  With Tik gone as well, I had to hire someone else to help around the house.  I hope he’ll work well with Tik when he returns.

And that’s where I’m having problems.  I like him.  I mean, I really like him.  Well, I would like to really like him, but I want to get to know him first.  I keep trying, but I don’t think he wants to like me like that.  I took him to Shattrath for my birthday, well, my real birthday.  I didn’t want my age to come up in discussion at the school, so I thought it was best if I celebrated somewhere else.  I’m 93, some of my students are almost as old as I am.  Anyway, at first he was worried about who would do the work.  I mean, I’m the one asking him.  I’ll know why the work wasn’t done.  It’s fine!  I’m not going to fire him if the dust stays on things a day longer.  I finally got him to agree to go with me as a bodyguard.  So we get there, then he doesn’t want to sit, and when he does, it’s not by me.  Then Aeramin showed up, and I kind of freaked out and left, but I wasn’t gone really long, not to them.  I gave everyone some fish and left.

I did have a nice birthday otherwise.  My friend, Kes, got me a nice book about dragons, and my friend, Isandri, got me a really fancy astrolabe for the classroom.

The worst part is that I found out he made a cake at home.  He put my name on it along with the words ‘Happy Birthday’.  So much for not telling the students!  Luckily, no one said anything.  I had my cake in my room.

I thought I’d try again anyway, so I asked him to go fishing.  Again, I had to convince him to go.  I told him that I wasn’t worried about the work.  I guess he thought I was asking him to guard again.  I made a portal to Booty Bay.  I like fishing there, and the goblins aren’t usually that annoying if you stick to the lower dock.  It’s good to be there in case it rains too.  It didn’t rain.  The sun was setting over the water, and everything was perfect, except he kept worrying about home, and just didn’t want to be there.

I think he doesn’t like men after all.

I have reservations about it anyway.  I mean, he works for me.  I don’t want him to feel like he has to kiss me to get paid.  I’m not like that, so maybe it’s better just to drop it.  I’d want him to like me for me, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Anyway, we’re all going to Shattrath soon.  I need to take the students to the library, and hopefully introduce Maerista to some fire mages.  I was just there last night and I saw Aeramin for a bit.  I ate at his place because he was already cooking and he just put on more for me.  I found out that during the short time I was gone on my birthday that he told Terellion that Hethurin isn’t my real name.  My real name is Sanimir Lightmist.  That’s why my father’s last name is Lightmist, but I’m Fairsong.  I like Fairsong better.

Aeramin told me that I should just ask him, but I don’t know.  I mean, I’ve never just asked anyone before.  I hate this part where you like someone but you don’t know if they like you back.  I really hate it.  I probably shouldn’t take advice from Aeramin.  Maybe he has too much experience to really be useful.  Someone with that much experience must be doing something wrong.

Anyway, that’s how things are going.  Things are okay, but I really wish you were here to talk to.

Please be careful!

– Hethurin


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The Siege

Tsi Ku,

I miss Pandaria.  Kalimdor is full of dust and it stinks.  It probably stinks mostly because it’s so hot here and there’s really no place to bathe.  Cadellus is stinky too.  Have you ever noticed that?  Men smell really bad sometimes, especially if there’s no bath and lots of heat.  It’s gross.

They kept us mostly in our groups so he’s still whining to me about how much he hates it here too.  As if anyone likes it?  Sometimes, I wonder if there’s any earplugs in the supplies.  I bet there has to be.

We’re fighting with trolls now, not against them, so I’m not allowed to kick them in the face here.  They weren’t sure where to put me.  It was kind of amusing when I told them what I do.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that I’m planning to go back to Pandaria after this is all done.  I’m not even sure if Master Cheng thinks I’m done with my training yet.  Maybe I need to kick something bigger in the face yet.

– Aranae


Nessna Amberlight nocked another arrow on her bow and took aim.  Her husband, Vessen, stood beside her and did the same.  They both drew back and released their arrows at the same time, sending them flying towards the orcs rushing down the hills towards the docks.  They had been trying to take the towers for days now.  They were heavily guarded, but were quite possibly their only hope against the large protodrake circling the skies.

They had been staying further south.  She and Vessen were able to share a tent, but many others had to cram into bigger tents.  They weren’t as big as the ones on the isle, but they still didn’t offer much privacy.  She was glad they allowed Vessen to bring and set up his own tent within the camp.

She nocked another arrow, drew back and took aim.  She did worry sometimes if she was doing the right thing.  She could have stayed home with her infant son, but then there would be one less person to bring the crazed orc down.  She wondered if everyone else had a valid excuse for not coming if the orc would just run rampant with power.  No, she had to be here.  Vessen did too.  It was their duty as rangers to protect their people, and in protecting their people, they were also protecting their son’s future.

She let loose another arrow.


My Love, Isandri,

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner.  Things have been pretty hectic here with setting up the tents and scheduling the shifts.  I’ve also had to map out some patrols and assign them.  Being unfamiliar with the area made that take more time than I would have liked.  I have my own tent here.  There’s even a cheap table and chair in it.  I sleep on a cot behind my table and chair.  Everyday, I have to write up the assignments and post them outside.  Most of the time they’re the same as the day before.

Things are settling into a routine here now.  I prefer that.  The alternative means we’re overwhelmed with things to do, or under attack.  Neither of which is very enticing. I’ll gladly take routine.  I think those in my unit prefer it too.  Sometimes I go on patrols with them.  I don’t feel right sitting in my tent all day.

We are quite a ways from the fighting.  We have seen the first few injuries come in.  They are usually ported here and have already received some attention.  From our patrols, we can see the walls of Orgrimmar, and the shore where most of the fighting is now taking place.  We’re still a good distance away, and can not see either from where the tents are set up.

How is everything at home?  How is the baby?  Are you still working on your apprenticeship?  Lanthiriel wanted me to ask you if her father had said anything to you, though I doubt he would have.  She’s worried that he’s upset with her.  How is everyone else?  I miss you so much.  You’re so beautiful, and I love you.  I wish I were home with you.  Arelanis misses you too.  I should have left her with you.  I think she’s bored here.  She brought back two big boars the other day.  There wasn’t much else to do but to cook them.  I think everyone appreciated it, even though her hunting trip was unauthorized.  The mage who conjures our food is awful.  Everything tastes like garlic.

Have you tried sending cookies yet?

I’m about to go on another patrol, this time with a couple of the boys from one of the farms.  I love you.  You’re in my thoughts all the time.



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Keyalenn’s Letter

Dear Mother,

I hope all is going well for you.  Father wrote to say you have arrived in Kalimdor.  One of the magister’s friends at my new school has written as well, and he said the fighting has started already.  I hope you’re being careful.  What’s it like there?  Have my sisters wrote yet?

Everything at my new school is going well so far.  Father may write and tell you that I’ve gotten in trouble, but it’s really not a big deal, and I’m really in no danger of being expelled again.  I’ve been good.  There isn’t much to do here.  The school is located in the southwestern Ghostlands, and the biggest excitement we have here is when one of those big spiders gets on the lawn.  They’re really big.  Really, really big.  Because of that, we’re not allowed out much except in the evening around supper.  I guess it’ll be cold here soon too.  The magic that keeps Eversong warm all year round doesn’t come this far south.  I wrote to father and asked him to send my warmer robes.

There aren’t a lot of students here, only five, including myself.  It’s kind of nice because I get an individual lesson twice a week.  My first one is Wednesday afternoon and my second one is Friday before lunch.  I have a little extra time now because the magister wasn’t feeling well today, but I was still able to ask questions on my lessons before he went back upstairs, and it’s still a lot more individual attention than I got at the school in Silvermoon.  There, it was all group classes.  Oh, there are group classes here, every morning, but then there are the private lessons, and I even have my own practice room!  I never had that at the school in Silvermoon.  We had to sign up for use of the rooms there.  So that’s really nice.  My only complaint is that my practice room is bigger than my bedroom.  I’m pretty sure everyone else has bigger bedrooms.  At least the bed is comfortable.

The food is good too.  The magister hires someone to cook, clean and take care of the garden.  He looks really busy all the time.

There are three ladies here about my age.  They’re also studying.  Maerista is a bit ahead of everyone, and I think she thinks she’s better than everyone else or something.  She’s always sitting off on her own, and doesn’t want to talk.  Xarola is really new to studying magic and is still on theory.  Desdeyliri is just a little ahead of me.  That makes it easy to choose who to study with!  Renner is the other male student, but we hardly ever see him.  He likes to study in his room, a lot.

Anyway, everything is going well here.  Maybe you won’t have to be there much longer.  I miss seeing you when we visit Silvermoon.

– Keyalenn


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Aeramin’s Letter

My Dear Imralion,

I was so glad to get your letter, and hear that you’ve made it there safely, at least.  I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and figure the food probably hasn’t gotten any better so I’m sending along a pie in a separate package for you.  I packed it well so that it wouldn’t get crushed.  It should be okay if it gets turned upside down too, so hopefully it’ll get to you.  I hope it won’t take too long either.  I wrote urgent all over the package so maybe that will help!

I’ve been thinking about what you said about the house in the Ghostlands.  My father hasn’t worked on fixing it up at all.  Sometimes I think he’s just using his injury as an excuse.  He seems perfectly able to go buy something to drink, but can’t clean up the place.  I’ve decided, that since I own the place, I have to make it safe or else he’ll try blaming me when a piece of the ceiling falls on his head.  That’s not something I really want to deal with so I’ve decided I’ll be going there this weekend, and staying until the work is done.  Hopefully, once I’m there, I can find someone to hire to help.  All of my letters to the town have gone unanswered.  I’d also like to set him up with some volunteer help to make sure he has food and stuff once a week.  In Silvermoon, he had a priest who came from the sanctum with food for him.  Now all he does is write and say he has no money or food.  Since it seems I can’t set anything up for him through the mail, I’ll have to go there and do it in person.

I’ve asked Kes to check my mail and forward anything that looks important.  She knows that hearing from you is important to me, so I’ll still get your letters.  I do think the work that needs to be done on the house will keep my mind occupied, maybe better than my work in calligraphy.  I’m almost finished with the current orders for invitations, so I’ll be able to go there as soon as they’re done.  I might be able to still work on some too, I’ll figure it out once I get there, and I know how much extra time I have in the evening.

I’ll probably be staying at the house to save money.  I’m really not looking forward to living with my father for the next few weeks.  I do hope I can find someone living to hire to help with the work, and that’s the other thing.  I really, really don’t like anything undead.  In that way the next few weeks are going to be long.  I hope there aren’t too many in the town.  I know they’re supposed to be friendly now, but I don’t trust them.

They scare me.

I haven’t been to Kalimdor.  The way I’ve heard Lali talk about it, there are trees all over, and hills and lakes everywhere.  Speaking of Lali, I stopped by to check on her the other day.  She’s really worried about Raleth.  Do you know which unit he’s with?  Maybe you could let him know that she’s really upset, if you know where he is.

I think about you all the time, so I sort of understand what she’s going through.  Be careful.  I hope for your swift victory so that you may return home soon.  I love you.

Yours Always,


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Hethurin’s Notes

  • My birthday is tomorrow.  Well, Sanimir’s birthday is, and I guess that’s technically mine because I am Sanimir, no matter what it says on Hethurin’s identity papers.  Sometimes I wonder why he got papers that said I’m older than I am.  Hethurin is 104.  I’ll really be 93.

  • Or I already am. All the time I’ve spent sleeping in another time, and the week I spent away, it all adds up, right?  So I come back to the same time that I left, that doesn’t make the time spent there go away.  So I guess that technically, I was 93 years old a few weeks ago.  My birthday is still the day I was born though, so I guess I can still celebrate it in Shattrath with Isandri and Kes even though I’m already 93.  Otherwise, I don’t know when to celebrate.  I guess I don’t really know how old I am now, and it’ll only get worse.  I understand now why my future self told me that I was technically 149 then.  I guess if I’ve already lost track, then it’s not going to get any easier in the future.

  • I still plan to go to Shattrath for it.  Maybe they’ll have some cake there at the restaurant.  I know Terellion would have made a great cake, but I don’t want to draw attention to it here at the school.  I think it’s best if no one questions my age.  I figure they probably already do, just not to my face.

  • I mean, I know I’m young, but that doesn’t mean I can’t teach.  I’ve been doing just fine with that.  Everyone is learning.  I might still be learning too, but I figure I always will be, and if I stop learning things, then that probably means I’m dead.  It’s fine to start teaching while I’m still learning.

  • I told Des about Renner.  It wasn’t easy to tell her, and she was upset.  I don’t think she’s mad at me, and I really hope she understands.

  • I think it’s not time to tell the others yet.

  • I like going out to the garden in the evening.  It’s relaxing, and there’s a nice view there.  Usually some of the students are there too, so it’s a good time to socialize.

  • Terellion has been raking leaves a lot lately.  Probably because there’s a lot of leaves to rake.

  • I got letters from Tik and from the confessor.  Tik wrote one letter to everyone, and then separate letters for me, Des and Renner.  Of course, I don’t think he knows about the others yet, not to mention, he doesn’t know them.  I put the one for everyone from Tik up on the board in the classroom.  That way, everyone could read it, even the new people.  I know some of them have relatives there too, so I was worried that it might upset them to read that the fighting has started, but they seem okay so far.  I’m watching out for them.  I know it’s not easy, and that they’re worried about their friends and family there.  I am too, and I’m trying to remain both positive about and sensitive to how they feel.

  • I’m also not trying to put too much stress on them, but I am trying to keep them busy.  It’s a delicate balance, I think.  Xarola seems a little overwhelmed, but then there’s Keyalenn, who doesn’t seem to have enough to do.  I’m giving Key extra work, and I spend most of my lesson with Xarola going over the basics of the group lessons.  The confessor mentioned in his letter that they could all write to him.  I put a notice about that up on the board next to Tik’s letter.  Maybe some of them will.

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Alt Appreciation – Paladin Week

A week almost as short as monk week, but not quite.

The first paladin.  I wasn't very interested in playing plate classes at first.  Asharen was created off-server and leveled to level 5 before being forgotten about.  During my last RaF, he gained another 8 levels, but time was almost up and I knew that team wasn't going to make it to 80.  So he sits, forgotten again, at level 13.  He does have BoA pants though, so maybe someday!

The first paladin. I wasn’t very interested in playing plate classes at first. Asharen was created off my main server, and leveled to level 5 before being forgotten about. During my last RaF, he gained another 8 levels, but time was almost up and I knew that team wasn’t going to make it to 80. So he sits, forgotten again, at level 13. He does have BoA pants though, so maybe someday!

The second paladin.  Janey was leveled to 75 at the end of wrath.  She has since made it to 80, thanks to tagging along with RaF teams.

The second paladin, and one of my few humans. Janey was leveled to 75 at the end of wrath. She has since made it to 80, thanks to tagging along with RaF teams.

Daanus is my first paladin to make it to max level during Cataclysm.  He is currently leveling in Pandaria and is level 86.  In stories he lives in Feralas.

Daanus is my first paladin to make it to max level during Cataclysm. He is currently leveling in Pandaria and is level 86. In stories he lives in Feralas.  He is one of two male draenei that I play, the other being Jamos.


The Dwarverlord, Olaffe.  I started him out as a way to learn how to play holy.  I still haven't figured it out, but he's level 62 and has healed some outland dungeons.  No one died, so I guess maybe it's okay if I don't figure it out.

The Dwarverlord, Olaffe. I started him out as a way to learn how to play holy. I still haven’t figured it out, but he’s level 62 and has healed some outland dungeons. No one died, so I guess maybe it’s okay if I don’t figure it out.

But then there's Sorrahn.  I leveled him as ret, also to learn how to play it.  Janey and Daanus are both prot pallies.  Sorrahn is level 90 now, and I've given him a second spec, Holy.  I still don't know it, but now people die.  I thought the Proving Grounds feature would be a great place to learn, but unfortunately it doesn't really do much other than show me how fast I can oom on him.  Maybe he's better off as ret.

But then there’s Sorrahn. I leveled him as ret, also to learn how to play it. Janey and Daanus are both prot pallies. Sorrahn is level 90 now, and I’ve given him a second spec, Holy. I still don’t know it, but now people die. I thought the Proving Grounds feature would be a great place to learn, but unfortunately it doesn’t really do much other than show me how fast I can oom on him. Maybe he’s better off as ret.  In stories, he’s Raleth’s jerk brother.  Raleth has him to thank for his invitation to Orgrimmar.



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Letters to Fairsong Academy

To Everyone,

I’m sorry my individual letters are not longer.  Most of my time here in Durotar is spent out away from the camp, and as much as I’d like to, I can’t afford the time to write something longer.  I cannot write very often either.  We are camped in the hills between the city and the sea.  It’s a very dangerous place to be, and we are only visited by the mage once weekly.  He brings supplies and takes anything we want to send back.  I’ll be giving him these letters when he comes next.

The others have arrived.  From where we camp, we can see all the ships in the bay.  It really is a sight to see!  There are ships of all types there.  I’ve heard they’re all up and down the coast.

The mage who brings supplies and takes the mail is staying in a place called Razor Hill.  It’s a small town with huts just south of Orgrimmar.  Last time he was here, he said that many of the people arriving were setting up there.  I know for a fact that the fighting has already started along the shore, and some people are still on the ships while fighting for control of the docks.  We all knew when the first ships were showing up.  The cannons that the orcs had set up along the shore started going off almost constantly.  Sometimes we still hear them, but I think most have been disabled now.

It’s dreadfully hot here, and sometimes the wind picks up and all you can see is dust.  I miss home, and hope to be back with all of you soon.

– Tik


Magister Hethurin Fairsong,

I do hope all is going well at the school.  How is the baby doing?  There are so many questions I’d like to ask about how everything is and everyone’s doing.  Are the spiders staying in the forest?  How does the work on the house near the stable look so far?  You are eating okay, I hope.

I hope you forgive all the questions.  I’m just worried.  Here, I’m not sure if I’ll make it back to the camp each night.  It helps me forget where I am if I worry more about home.  I miss being there and taking care of all of the things I normally do.

– Tik



How are your studies going?  Have you been working on any of the recipes from the book I showed you?  I left it in the same drawer in the kitchen so that you’d be able to find it.  The gardens will need to be prepared for winter soon.  Do you know how to do that?  I bet most of the vegetables are ready to eat.

I hope everything is well.  Have you been to Silvermoon to see your parents lately?  I bet there aren’t many people there right now.  I know there were a lot of people on Quel’Danas before we left.  It looks like, going by the number of ships, most of them have arrived to Durotar now.

I hope to be back home soon.  I miss everyone there.

– Tik



How are your studies going?  I hope the magister has been conjuring lots of cake for you.  Don’t forget to eat real meals as well.  Maybe you could even help the magister remember to eat them as well.  I was working on getting him to understand that he has to eat vegetables before his cake, and I’d hate to see all of my hard work undone.  I do want to make sure everyone in the house is healthy as well as happy.

I miss you all, and hopefully, I’ll be able to come home soon.

– Tik

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