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Guild Wars

I’ve been wanting to be able to play Guild Wars 2 a little more than I’ve been able to.  Maintenance days for WoW are good for playing other games, for a change.  Anyway, here’s Mimetes, my almost level 21 plant guy weird magic caster type. (Sylvari Mesmer)

Mimetes, exploring new lands!

Mimetes, exploring new lands!


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Screenshots – Guild Wars 2

I like it so far, though I’m only level 7.  I haven’t played all that much since creating my Sylvari Mesmer last night.  He’s fun, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

Meet Mimetes, my level 7 Sylvari Mesmer.  He has a sad mask, and very bright clothing.

Pretty.  This is in the city.

Aww, Sylvari home!

Another screenshot in the city.

Oh sure it’s pretty, but just wait until you want to get to the top of one of these buildings.

I found the most important vendor in the game.









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