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Vaelarian – A Date

Vaelarian’s hair was still damp when he approached Stardust Spire.  It had mostly dried, enough to work out most of the tangles and pull it back into a proper ponytail.  He had taken care to wear his best leather as well.  He smiled as he approached one of the sentinels.  “Hello Avaniel.”

“Hello Vael.”  She smiled back and joined him as he continued walking towards the spire.  “How have you been?  Are the orcs staying out of the hills?”

“I’ve been fine.  I haven’t seen many orcs.  I still get a scout now and then, but with their reinforcements to Stonetalon halted, their numbers are lower.”

She grinned, knowing fully well who single-handedly sabotaged the zeppelin carrying their reinforcements.  “Yes, the spire has been a lot more quiet lately as well.”

“Well with things quieter, I’ve had a little more time to hunt and gather vegetables.  Perhaps you would like to join me for stew some night?”

“You forget.  You don’t let anyone know the location of your camp.  I can’t very well join you if I don’t know where it is.”

He stopped outside the door to the spire.  “Would it be okay then, if I came to get you?”

Avaniel smiled.  “I’d like that.  I’d be free tomorrow night, if you can make it then.”

“I’ll be here.”  Vaelarian smiled back.  He stepped inside as Avaniel went back to her post.  “Any mail?” he asked while looking over some of the spices available for sale.

“Another letter from Dalaran.”  The man raised a brow as he handed it to Vaelarian.

“Yes, my granddaughter has gone to stay there.  It’s safer than Ashenvale at the moment.”  Vael frowned as he opened the letter and started reading.  “I need to buy some paper… and postage.”  He thought a moment before picking up one of the spice jars and putting it on the counter as well, “And that.”  He quickly paid then sat at the table to pen his reply.

Dear Latahlali,

All is well here.

Your grandmother is dead.  She most likely didn’t die when your father was so young, but I am mostly sure that she is dead now.  We weren’t mates.

– Vael


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Latahlali – A Visit to Shattrath

The trip to Shattrath was exciting, to say the least.  Raleth had shown Latahlali the massive library the previous evening, and they had chosen a few books to borrow.  The accommodations weren’t exactly all that she had hoped for, but neither were they horrible.  Latahlali had finally figured out that by Outland, everyone meant Draenor, at least that’s where all the draenei she had met said they were from.  They never called it Outland.  She was very nervous about being on a different world.

She had thought that she was crazy at first, hearing voices in her head as she stood next to the glowing, moving thing, right after taking Raleth’s portal to the city.  It wasn’t until Raleth mentioned that it was the naaru, the glowing thing, that talked in your head that she was finally able to relax and start listening.  It didn’t sound like much, just a song.  A relaxing, calming song.  Raleth said the draenei may know more about talking to them.

She woke early the next morning, and set out to find someone would could tell her more.  She approached a female draenei.  A large pink and red dragonhawk hovered beside the woman.

“Excuse me,”  Lali smiled as the woman turned to her.  “Can you tell me anything about how to talk to the naaru?”

The draenei woman raised a brow, “You mean, do you need to speak?  No.  They can hear your thoughts.  They respond in your mind as well.”

“Oh, I mean.  Is there anything you need to do to get their attention?”

“No.  They’ll know you’re there.”

“I tried to listen last night.  All I heard was a song.”

“Then they had nothing to say to you.”  The woman turned and started walking off.

“But they were trying to before.  I didn’t want to hear.  I thought I was…”  Lali frowned as the woman turned back around to face her, “I thought I was hearing things.  I didn’t know.  They aren’t offended are they?”

“I highly doubt it.”  The woman sighed, “Come with me.  I’ll take you to the one I often talk to, V’eru.”  She started towards the large central building.  “What is your name?”

“I’m Latahlali Ashclaw.”

“My name is Sourabhi.  You haven’t been in Shattrath long.”

“No, it’s my first time here.  My mate and I are just visiting.  We arrived yesterday.”  Lali responded as she followed the woman up one of the ramps.

“How long are you going to stay?”  Sourabhi asked.

“Oh, we’ll be leaving later today.”

Sourabhi nodded towards one of the shimmering naaru that floated ahead of them.  “That’s V’eru.”

Latahlali stepped forward cautiously towards the naaru with a deep blue glow, leaving the draenei woman back by the ramp.  The naaru shifted to a lighter green as she approached.  Hello.  She thought timidly almost as if asking a question.

She felt the song in her mind again.  It was a calming, content song.  With it came the voice.  V’eru was talking to her.  You needn’t be frightened.

I’m sorry

You needn’t be sorry either.

Oh.  She stood silently, biting her lip.  I heard you, or one of the others,  she gestured towards A’dal, You were talking to me yesterday.

You were frightened then.  We did not mean to frighten you.

Lali nodded.  What were you going to tell me?

We were greeting you.

Latahlali looked back towards where the draenei woman had been.  She had left already.  I didn’t mean not to listen.  I thought I was hearing things.

V’eru shimmered a light purple now.  You were with the blood elf that came with you.

Lali nodded.  Yes.

You choose a difficult path.  You both do.

I know.

V’eru’s crystals rotated.  Many will not accept you.  You know this already.  You both feel strongly for each other.  Hold onto that.  It will see you through hard times.

Lali nodded again.  The naaru remained silent.  Its color shifted again from purple to blue.  The song continued in Lali’s mind for some time as she continued to stand there watching the color shifts and the crystals rotate.

Her stomach rumbled.  She took one last look at the naaru before turning and heading back to the inn.

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Latahlali – The Flame

Latahlali sat on the bench in the park.  The candle burned in front of her, but she found herself, once again, unable to focus.  She had spoken with Amyn yesterday.  She promptly decided that she and the other woman were nothing alike.  The only similarity that they had was that they both had sin’dorei lovers.  Amyn seemed content to be Fnor’s lover, not his wife, and had even said the sin’dorei death knight that her lover was engaged to was a nice woman.  She had heard about death knights.  Cold harbingers of death, masters of disease and decay.  That’s what they were, not nice women.  All the same, Latahlali did enjoy speaking with her, in her own language, even if she couldn’t imagine living the way she did, as a side affair, something to be hidden, for more than one reason.  She could handle being careful who knew, but not if he were seeing someone else.  Sanimir had taught her the need for some discretion, although his motives for his reaction were spawned out of jealousy rather than disgust, she knew there could be others like him.  Or others like Vael.

Vael.  He had mentioned her grandmother.  She had questions now and had to write to him.  She sighed and took her paper out of her bag.  Since she was having trouble concentrating on practicing her lesson, she might as well do it now.  She uncapped her ink and started writing.

Dear Vael,

I hope everything is well in Ashenvale.  I’ve been thinking about some of the things you said during our visit.

Is my grandmother still alive?  The way you said that things changed and it wasn’t her fault or yours made it sound like she might be, or at least that she might not have died when my father was young, like he told me.  Do you know where she might be if she didn’t die then?  Why would you go separate ways if you were mates?

I don’t want to make you mad by asking questions, but I figure you must know the answers best, not anyone else.  I guess you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.



She glanced at the candle.  It was still burning.  When she had arrived at the lounge, Raleth was sitting with Kestrae and Theronil, speaking in Thalassian.  She didn’t understand a word of what was said, although she thought it must be normal for them to speak it when no one else was there that didn’t understand it.  They switched to common as soon as she sat.  She mentioned meeting Amyn.  They all asked questions.  They had talked about Shattrath– She still wasn’t sure where that was.  Raleth said it was strange there, so she wasn’t sure that would be a good idea.  It would probably be best if they stayed in Dalaran, but all the same she was hoping to find some books at the library later about it.

They talked a bit about her lessons too, and how she had splashed wax all over one of her favorite robes.  Kestrae said it was good that she was making it move.  She supposed it was, it was just the wrong way.  She glanced at the flame again.  It was probably her lack of concentration that caused it.

When she and Raleth arrived home, they had talked further.  He was worried.  She tried to reassure him.  She didn’t want to be like Amyn.  Raleth should know that already, but now he was asking what she would do if Andarthir came back and said he loved her.  The though was ludicrous to begin with.  Andarthir never loved her, although she had tried.  But what if you were angry with me and liked beards that day?  What kind of question was that?  If she hadn’t told him all evening that if they were angry at each other that she would want to stay and work things out, then maybe it would be a valid question.  Not to mention the thought of some old sloppy beard wasn’t likely to come high on her list of likes again anytime soon.  She much preferred Raleth’s smooth chin.  His hair was nice too.  And his ears.

She took out her book.  She had told Raleth a little about it, and he wasn’t happy with some part of it.  Maybe if she rewrote it…

She picked up her quill again.

The handsome battlemage, Rathel, swept down on his magical horse landing next to his beautiful apprentice.  They stood in front of everyone and professed their undying love for each other.  “I will love you forever and no matter what happens, I will always be by your side.”

There was a lot of food, all sorts of kimchi and steamed mandu, and roasted kodo.  Everyone ate a lot.

Rathel took her hand and led her away from the wedding party to go home.  They kissed deeply as soon as they were inside.  Both of them helped the other remove their wedding clothing.  She had the most stunning dress with gems in it.  Only the top half was lowered when she raised up the skirt and lowered herself onto his hips.

She looked up from her writing.  The candle had burned all the way out.  She put the book away and hung her bag over her shoulder.  She had to hurry if she was going to get to the library before it closed.  She made a mental note to check for books about weddings at the library as well as she hurried from the park.

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Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I was able to make it to the lounge again last night.  Kestrae had the book.  I flipped through it a bit last night. It does look interesting.  However, I did get home late, so I didn’t start reading it then.  Maybe if there are none of the comfortable chairs left at the library, I’ll come home and start on reading it instead.

A big day planned ahead of me.  I’m going to need to walk to the herbalist’s shop and ask for something stronger.  She apparently didn’t understand the note I sent with Arelanis last time.  I need more of that numbing balm as well.  It helps a little.

Kestrae asked about my limp last night.  I don’t like remembering that day.  I could have died.  I should have died.  I didn’t die.

I still remember.  So many undead.  We held our position as long as we could, until a massive wave of them assaulted us.  We lost so many.  The front line fell, easily.  When they reached us, I tried to run.  I tried to get away.  I tripped, over a fellow ranger’s lifeless body, then it happened.  Something dug into my leg.  I could feel it piercing my flesh, ripping at it.  It bit me as well, tearing my calf muscle.

Blood was everywhere.  My blood, my friends’ blood.  I still fought.

I remember kicking the ghoul with my right leg.  The left hurt everywhere.  I couldn’t move.  I should have died.  I sat there in a pool of my own blood, and held my bow at an angle to draw it back.  The ghoul had recovered from my kick and was approaching me again.  I sank an arrow in the middle of its forehead.  It crumpled to a pile of bones and rotting flesh before me.  It was then that I blacked out from the pain.

I must have looked dead.  None of the others finished the job.

I woke in severe pain.  Healers were overwhelmed, but had already made a quick healing of my leg.  My brother was there, and told me they would return later to do a more thorough healing.  Then he told me that no one else made it.  Our parents, our older sister, our baby sister, all gone.  He had run and hid instead of going to warn them.  Coward.

And now he needs a place to stay.  I wrote back and told him I couldn’t help him.  I have only one bed, and Arelanis sleeps on the couch.

Besides, I might have company soon.

Kestrae believes there must be someplace safe to go watch the dragons in the forest below.  Raleth has taken the kaldorei girl there, and neither of us think he would put her in any danger, so he must know of a safe spot.  I asked Kestrae that if there is a safe spot, if she would mind if I went with her.

She said that I could, and she smiled.

I need to get started if I plan to make it to the library at a decent time.  Hopefully there will be a comfortable chair left!

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Dinadrian – The Search III

Dinadrian Boughtender sat on a pile of snow on a hill outside a goblin town in Winterspring.  He remembered it was called something, but he couldn’t remember what.  He tilted his head and twitched a half-rotted ear.  Such things normally did not bother him, but this time he found himself struggling to recall the name.

He had been sitting in the same spot for days, watching the town.  Watching the people come and go by hippogryph.  He watched now as another arrived.  The newcomer handed the reins of the hippogryph to the handler, and scurried down the path to the front gate of the town.  The biting wind no doubt the cause of his haste to get to the town.

There was no back gate.  Dinadrian found this strange, but it didn’t bother him.  He could see over the wall.  Perhaps goblins had another way out if the front gate were attacked.  He watched over the wall as the man ran into what looked to be the inn.

The man wasn’t the druid.

He would find him, but he was not here.  Reasonably, if the druid had used a hippogryph or flown himself, he could be anywhere.

Dinadrian stood and started following along the path to the west.  He looked back at the town.  Everlook.  It meant nothing to him.  He frowned and continued on his way.

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Theronil – Theronil’s Log

The herbalist sent a new concoction.  It doesn’t work, no more than the last did.  I made it out to the lounge anyway.  I thought maybe the kaldorei girl had finished translating the book, but she wasn’t there.  I was surprised, instead, to find Kestrae had returned.  Sath’alor wasn’t with her.  She said that he wanted her to go with him, to who knows where, and she didn’t like the idea of leaving Dalaran.

Kestrae didn’t have the book with her.  Perhaps she’ll have it tonight.  Or perhaps the kaldorei girl will have the translated copy done.  Either way, I should go again tonight.  I hope Kestrae will be there again.

In another way, I hope she isn’t.

I know too well how rebound relationships work.  She said she didn’t love Sath’alor, but she could have.  That’s close enough for me to know she probably wants her space.

She probably doesn’t really want a cripple anyway.

I’ve been thinking about going to the landing, and taking a ride to the Argent Grounds to shoot for a bit.  I haven’t practiced in a while.  I haven’t had the need to.  All the same, it is something I miss.  I’m so thankful that both of my arms are in good shape.

Arelanis got to meet Kestrae and the dead girl last night too.  I suppose it is odd for an enchanter to own a dragonhawk.  Both Kestrae and the dead girl seemed surprised.  She’s stayed with me, faithfully going from fighting by my side to delivering messages for me.  She saved my life.  The least I can do is take her to the grounds too.

I got a letter from my brother.  I keep telling him I don’t have much to spare, and now he wants to come live with me.  There’s only one room here.  He can’t.

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Latahlali – Story

Latahlali woke as the sun’s rays peeked up over the horizon.  Raleth still slept beside her, and she kissed him gently.  She had been worried about staying the night in Ashenvale, but everything seemed okay.  She poked her head out of the tent.  She didn’t want to leave Raleth alone in the tent, not without knowing exactly where her grandfather was first.

She spotted him near the lake, fishing.  She walked to him and sat nearby, close enough for him to notice and speak with her, but far enough that she would have time to react should he try to poison her or something.

“Good morning.  I see you’ve managed to switch to sleeping at night just fine.”

“Good morning.”  She wanted to add something about her change in sleep habits, but didn’t.

“Did you sleep well then?  You had enough blankets?”

She nodded, still watching him carefully.

“I’m sorry about trying to bring you back.”

She twitched an ear.

He continued.  “I thought you were being immature and foolish.  I still think you may be, but this is one of those things that you will have to learn for yourself.  Maybe I’m wrong.  He does seem to care greatly for you.”

Lali nodded again.  “I know he loves me very much.  I love him too.”

“It always starts that way.”  Vael looked out across the lake.  “Experience has taught me that it doesn’t always stay that way.  Things can change.”  He paused then looked at her, “How much did your father tell you about your grandmother?”

Lali blinked, “He told me once that she died when he was little and he didn’t remember her.”

“I suppose he didn’t.”

Lali frowned, “What does that have to do with anything then?”

Vael looked back across the lake.  “He didn’t remember.  Things changed.  It wasn’t her fault.  It wasn’t my fault.”

Lali frowned in silence.  “But sometimes it works out, right?”

Vael nodded as he reeled in his line.  “Sometimes.”  He frowned slightly as he turned to her again, “I’ll try to keep word about it quiet around here.  I’ve gotten some questioning looks already at the spire while picking up my mail.  I want it to be safe for the both of you to visit me, for as long as possible.”

“Could you come to Dalaran?”

“I have no way to get there quickly.”  He stood and started walking back to his shelter.

She followed behind him.  “He could come and open a portal.  Or I can, when I learn how to.”

Vael thought for a moment then nodded.  “That would work.”  He leaned his fishing pole against the small shack.  “I need to get some sleep.  You’ll be going when he wakes up, I assume?”  He nodded towards the tent.

“Yes, I think so.”

Vael hugged her.  “Elune be with you, Lali.  Write soon, okay?”

“I will.”  She watched as he crawled into his shelter.  “Elune watch over you, Vael.”  She whispered as she turned and started walking back to the tent where Raleth slept.

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