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A Mess

It’s a mess.

Tathariel’s mother came back with a baby she claims is Ornasse’s.  He said she ran off with a younger male.  She says that’s not true and that she sent messages to both Ornasse and Tathariel.  I would believe her has she claimed only to send messages to Ornasse, but I know Tathariel didn’t receive any.

He said he looked for her.  If she was in such trouble he should have been able to find her.  If Tathariel went missing where there’s a lot of orcs, I’d look where the orcs were first.  I don’t know if that’s what he did.

Naeva said she was going to raise the baby without him.  I guess she’s done that before.  She said he denied the baby was his.  I hope Kel doesn’t have any children with him.  He doesn’t seem to want to raise children.

I’ve decided I’ll call him Shan’do.

Tathariel wants to go talk to them.  I hope it goes well for her.


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Letter to Jaeyn

Dear Jaeyn,

How are you and your demon?  I hope you are doing well.  You, not your demon.  I don’t care about your demon.  I do hope any animals following you around are doing good!

How is Ellorian?  I don’t mean his well-being.  What is he like?  I guess you could include his well-being.

Tathariel may be gone for an evening soon.  Maybe we can set something up for me to meet with him again.

– Jaellynn

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Terivanis – Story

Terivanis perched near the room at the inn at the Shrine of Aviana where his sister was staying.  He had chosen a branch that was back out of the way a bit, and hidden behind some other branches.  He could clearly see the entrance to the room without being seen himself, or so he hoped.  He had not slept.  He had spent much of the morning and early afternoon thinking about the events of the previous night.

He had somehow returned to Mount Hyjal the night before last night.  The details of that were sketchy, but he did recall traveling to Stormwind earlier during the day.  He also remembered mixing alcohol with his potions, something he was sure he had learned his lesson about before.  He recalled sitting on top of a building, scoffing at the humans below.  He could also clearly recall walking into the tavern and renting a room for an hour.

He was quite sure he made a fool of himself that night and Phaa had pretty much confirmed as much last night.  She had promised not to say anything just as Ornasse showed up.  As much as he felt Kelanori was now Ornasse’s responsibility, the man had a knack for losing track of her.  Thankfully this time she had only taken a short walk.  She stayed only long enough to ask the worgen to bite him should he choose to relax and take a sip of his potions before she left with Ornasse to go to their room.

Phaa had shown interest in his potions.  He gave an extra bottle to her, thinking he would be able to watch her, and make sure she was okay until it wore off.  Things were going fine despite the fact the worgen kept growling.  It was when Ornasse returned, and told the worgen to bite him that he was driven from watching over Phaa, and it was at that moment that the fire elemental appeared, racing towards the Shrine.

We all fled.  He told himself.  It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t help Phaa flee.  He wasn’t sure why he felt guilty.  She was able to make it away in time.  They all went to Nordrassil while the guards at the Shrine moved to destroy the fire elemental.

The night had another twist shortly after arriving to safety near the inn under the tree.  Terivanis had chosen to perch on top of the inn to watch, in case any other stray elementals wandered near.  No, in truth, he wished to avoid the worgen.

It was from the rooftop that he watched as a woman approached Ornasse and his sister.  She carried a small baby.  She began speaking with Ornasse.  Terivanis tried to get closer to hear more, but Ornasse bluntly told him to go away.  He watched from a distance.  The woman slapped Ornasse… Twice.  He flew closer when she reached for her blades, stopping himself as the woman stopped herself.  From what little he had heard and what he had seen, Ornasse’s previous lover was not missing any longer.  Kelanori was visibly upset after the woman left, but Terivanis remained back as she left to return to the Shrine with Ornasse.

Terivanis did eventually return to the Shrine.  Vajarra and Phaa were sitting on the steps.  He found a spot to land nearby, quietly and out of sight.  He didn’t feel like talking, his thoughts racing already with what he had observed at Nordrassil.  He couldn’t help but overhear.  They spoke of the elf that Phaa had taken a liking to.  Vajarra admitted to Phaa that she never thought of anyone like that.  It was probably just as well.  He remembered then why he had frostweave.  The night before, he had asked Vajarra to make him a shirt.  She said she would need it to make one for him.  He gave it to her.  She mentioned wanting a potion that would cool someone down instead of the warmth that cinderbloom gave.  He then ran off like a fool to get Icecap to make her a special batch.  I can always blame the potions.

He returned later with the potion made.  Vajarra gave him a shirt that she had already made.  She did try the potion.  Just a sip.  He and she spoke for a while on the steps before he helped her to her bed and left to his current perch.  He didn’t think he could sleep after all that even if he wanted to.

He had waited some time now.  He watched Ornasse leave to go to the Front, but still he saw no sign of his sister.  Perhaps she was sleeping.  She would normally be awake by this time, but the past day had been far from normal.  Perhaps the past weeks as well.  He never thought his sister would ever take a mate, especially not so quickly as she did.  It had certainly been fast.  The fact that all three of his siblings had found mates within the past 6 months was a little unnerving.  He rationalized that the recent cataclysm must have created a sense of urgency among those looking for a lifetime companion.

It was getting late in the day when he finally left his perch.  He landed on the grass next to the cliff that overlooked the regrowth. Opening his pack he took out some stewed rabbit in a container, built a small fire and reheated it.  He quickly put the fire out, shifted back to stormcrow form and flew up to the doorway to the room where his sister was staying.  He knocked.  There was no reply.  It would be just his luck if she left before he reached his perch in the early morning hours.

He called out, “Kel?”

“Teri, come in.”

He entered the room.  She sat upon the edge of the bed, her long white hair braided.  She wore a fancy dress, as was usual.  Her tear-stained face told him she was taking it much as he expected she would.

He sat down on the bed next to her and hugged her.  She burst into tears.  “I’m a slut.”

“We had this conversation before, and you agreed it takes more than one to be one of those.”

“She came back.”

“He came back here with you, that has to count for something.”

She frowned faintly.  “You’re not helping.  She had a baby.”

“And he still chooses to be with you.  He loves you, not her.”

“I’m such a whore.  I’m surprised Elune hasn’t smited me out of existence.”

Terivanis blinked.

Kelanori added.  “What’s worse is I can’t stop.  I love him.  I can’t stop.”  Tears ran down her face again.

“You’re mates.  You’re supposed to love each other.”  He paused before handing her the stew.  “I didn’t see you all day.  I thought you might be hungry.”

Kelanori looked at the bowl of stew.  “I’m not hungry.”

Terivanis got up and placed the bowl on the table in the room.

“Do you remember Calador?”  Kelanori asked.

Terivanis sat on the bench near the table.  “Calador…”

“Calador Starblade.  His mother was one of the priestesses in Feralas.”


“I kissed him.  The next day I found him kissing one of the sentinels.  I feel like that.  Except this time I’m the sentinel.  I was so mad at him.  I hated her.”

She probably put out.  He thought.  He said, “It’s natural for someone to be upset when they find out the one they thought was theirs, isn’t.  I wouldn’t worry about her.  She’ll be okay without him.”

“She said I could have him.  Like that’s her decision…”

“That sounds like verification that she doesn’t want him.”

“I still feel wrong about it.”

“If you love him and he loves you, I don’t think it’s wrong.  I will agree it’s a bit of a mess.”  He looked at her.  “I’m not sure how I can help.  I know you don’t like potions.”

Kelanori twitched an ear then said, “I’d like to go to the moonwell.  Do you have time to take me there?”

“Of course.”

“Okay.”  She said while rising.  She began to walk towards the door when she stopped and went back to the bed.  She reached in a pack and pulled out some ink and paper.  Terivanis waited patiently.

Dearest Ornasse,

I’m at the moonwell.



She folded the letter in two and left it sitting at the end of the bed.

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Kelanori – Letter to Jaellynn and Tathariel

Dear Jaellynn and Tathariel,

I hope you are both well.  I wasn’t able to say goodbye before you left.

I’ve made a couple more things for Relanos.  I’m sending them along with this letter.  I made them a bit bigger.  He should be able to wear them for a few months.

I know you both went to Northrend a few months ago.  Is it safe there now?

– Kelanori

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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

Things have been going well the past couple nights.  Phaa and Vajarra are here now, maybe together we can figure out where the injured are!  I saw some at the Sanctuary of Malorne, but it seems every time I venture away from the Shrine of Aviana, I’m told it’s not safe.  Ornasse did say we could go the three of us together.  I’m not sure what’s different about that.  I’ll just have two youngsters to protect as well.  That’s not entirely true.  I’m sure they’re able to take care of themselves as much as I am.

Ornasse has been giving me gifts.  He gave me a wonderful perfume that smells just like the kind Terivanis used to make for me when we lived in Darkshore.  Then he gave me a pair of beautiful jade earrings.  He said he’ll take me to Dalaran to get a dress soon.  I’m still a bit nervous about going to Northrend, but he says it’s safe there.

I love these earrings.

We went to the moonwell last night, and I was able to get in some proper prayers.  Phaa was there too.  Ornasse showed me a letter he received from Malfurion.  He and the worgen were both given hippogryphs for their work.  I’m so proud of him!

He still has work to do here, but we are discussing where we could go after it’s all done.  I’d still love Feralas, except there’s all those sentinels there.  I bet they would try to take him from me.  I’d rather not have to deal with that.  I don’t want to be too far from Desolace.  I really don’t want to go back to Stonetalon with it’s war zones and burning forest.  Ashenvale wouldn’t be any better.  Darkshore suffered a large amount of damage late last year.  Felwood is, well, still called Felwood for a reason.  Moonglade is far.  So is Winterspring, and Winterspring is also cold, and it has goblins.  Winterspring is a bit special now though.  Maybe Hyjal will be safe after all of this is done.  Maybe someplace in Feralas away from the new Feathermoon Stronghold would be good too.

I’m worried about Terivanis.  He apparently is being overly rude and drinking his potions.  Usually his potions calm him down.  He made extra perfume to give to the draenei priestesses, which is just really weird for him.  I’ll have to talk to him about it.

I’m worried about Jaellynn and Tathariel too.  They left without saying goodbye.  I’ll have to write to him.

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Screenshot – Sunwell finally answered my prayers!

Of course he looked away for the screenshot.

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Terivanis – Going Home

(( This story took place yesterday but I took a nap instead of writing it when I was supposed to. XD  ))

Terivanis Summerleaf had no need to pack for his three day trip home.  He had brought very little, and everything fit in a small pack that he had kept hidden away in one of the upper tree branches at the Shrine of Aviana.  He had finished his shift on the Molten Front earlier in the afternoon, and now sat downstairs at the Shrine of Aviana with his pack ready to leave.

His sister often spent time downstairs.  She would spend her time there writing or sewing.  He supposed she could do the same thing upstairs, but there would be no one asking for Elune’s blessing there.  He waited quite some time before going upstairs to see what was holding her up.  She knew he would be leaving today.  It was unlike her not to be there to say goodbye.  It was when he discovered that she was neither downstairs nor in the rented room upstairs that he knew something was amiss.  He quickly made his way back to the area downstairs, and began asking the guards, the innkeeper, the tradesmen if anyone had seen her.  Their answers were all the same.  No one had seen her today.

He checked the Sanctuary of Malorne first, knowing that she had wandered there by herself at least once already.  Although it was buzzing with activity, he did not see his sister amongst the crowd.  He checked over the surrounding area the east before heading to the area north through the regrowth.  As he passed the Grove of Aessina, he caught a glimpse of someone kneeling at the moonwell.  He abruptly banked into a turn towards the grove.

As he thought, it was her.  Kelanori knelt, deep in prayer, not noticing the stormcrow that landed nearby.  He could tell she had been crying.  He shifted out of form and walked over to where she knelt.  She continued mumbling a prayer in Darnassian as he took a seat next to her.  He waited while she finished.

She remained kneeling, and opened her eyes briefly to glance at Terivanis.  She started crying.  “He hates me.”

He blinked in surprise and raised a brow.  “That’s doubtful.  Why do you say that?”

She didn’t answer right away, but burst into sobbing instead.  Terivanis sighed and put his arms around her.  “Kel, what happened?”

“He won’t even touch me.  He left after I asked him not to.  He only came back because he wanted to be comfortable, not because he wanted to be with me.  He hates me.”

Terivanis twitched an ear.  “No, I asked what happened, not the results of what happened.”

Kelanori sat up straight, making him release her from his hug.  She wiped her eyes.  “He wants me to be miserable.”

He refrained from sighing.  “Why do you say that?”

“If he dies, he wants me to be miserable forever.  He doesn’t want me to remember him in a happier way.”  She looked at him, twitched an ear and added, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Terivanis furrowed his brow in thought.  He frowned, “I’m not miserable.”

She looked at him, a brow rising, “You’re not?  You’d say you’re happy?”

He frowned again, “No.  Most definitely not, but I also am not miserable.”

Kelanori sighed.  “I just don’t want to live the rest of my life with only a rare smile.”

“If he died tomorrow, would you be happy about the way you spent today?  When they’re gone they’re gone.  Worrying about what you’ll do when he’s gone, is a rather silly way to spend time with him now.”

“He’s worried about it.  He’s mad because I won’t be miserable.”  She frowned briefly.  “He thinks I’m a slut too.”

“A– What?”  Terivanis’s surprise was evident.  “No no, wait.  Don’t repeat it.  I heard…  He can’t think that of you.”

“He does.”

“He’s been the only one?”


“You have to be with more than that to be-“, his ears darkened, “One of those.”

“He keeps saying I’ll run off with someone else so he must think I am.”

“He’s had women leave him before.  I imagine he’s worried that it could happen to him again.  I don’t think he means to say you’re that.”  He looked at her closely, only now noting how tired she looked.  “Did you sleep?”

“I couldn’t.  He wanted to be comfortable.”  A couple more tears ran down her face.

Terivanis sighed and hugged her again.  “I hate to leave now but I do need a break.  Promise me you’ll talk to him.  And I don’t think the moonwell here is really that secure.  There are fire elementals just outside this grove.”  He glanced towards the west.

“I’ll go back to the Shrine after my prayers are done.”

“You’ll talk to him?”

“If he wants to.”  She frowned and looked at the sky.  “You should get going before it gets dark.  I don’t want you to hit a tree.”

“Go back as soon as your prayers are done.  It’s not safe here.  Let me know if you need me for anything. I’ll come back immediately.”

Kelanori nodded while wiping her eyes again.  She resumed her kneeling position for prayers.  “Elune-adore brother.”

“Elune-adore.”  Terivanis said before shifting into stormcrow form.  He took a direct route back towards the shrine, making sure he was out of sight before doubling back.  He sat in a branch of a tree not far away from the moonwell for well over an hour as she prayed.  He began to believe she did not intend to finish praying.  At last, he saw Ornasse.  He watched and waited, when he saw Kelanori finally move closer to him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Please, watch over her.  He took to the sky as quietly as possible, and headed home to Stonetalon, in the dark.

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