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Alinash’s Notes

We’ve finally returned to Stormwind. Harrier seemed worried that I would want to go back to Silvermoon or something because he said it was different going back home. I don’t think it was that different. People in the city are still two-faced liars and all the guards want take me in to make me pay for my crimes or some shit. Nothing’s changed. The only thing that has changed is that I’ve decided not to attempt to write to Syrina anymore. She’s not even my real mother. She’s just a whore who took pity on me at first, then took advantage of me when I was older. I hate her. Harrier thought it was because I didn’t want to get her in trouble. I suppose it’s fine if he thinks that. I’d rather not have to talk about the real reasons. For a long time, I forgave her, and I accepted it as the way things were. I don’t forgive her now.

It was the time I spent at the school in the Ghostlands that made me make that decision. The headmaster there never asked me for anything. I explained, with a lie, that I couldn’t pay the tuition, and he let me stay anyway. I figured there would be some strings attached, but all I needed to do was pass my tests. I was never asked for more than that. I didn’t have to do work, or sleep with him, or anything. Just study, and pass the tests. It was odd, but nice. I felt bad about lying to him in the end. I never really felt bad about lying before either. There’s no need to when everyone else does it, but he had never lied to me. He’d never done anything to hurt me.

I guess I learned a lot at the school, and not all of it was for my studies there. I learned that not everyone is out for themselves. Even that whore, Firewind, was looking out for the others, and I can’t blame him. They are good people, and I’m not, and he knows that. He knows what I used to do.

It was also during the time that we were gone that Harrier and I started sharing a bed. He had a room at the school because he got a job there making clocks, but he always snuck into mine at night. Things weren’t supposed to be complicated. I knew going into this that things had happened between him and the boss, and that things could happen between him and the boss again. And really, it’s not complicated. It’s just sex, but then last night, after getting back, we were talking to Josie, and she mentioned that the boss had missed him. He questioned her on it, and Josie said that the boss said she loved him. At that point, I was thinking to myself that it was done. There would be no way he wanted to see me anymore, but then Josie went to the kitchen to make cookies for us. Then we started talking about sleeping arrangements. At first he said I’d have to sleep on a cot, but then he said I could sleep in his bed. I don’t think he’d offer to let me sleep there if the boss and him are going to be sharing a bed, so I nodded, but now I’m confused. It’s not supposed to be complicated. She loves him, but I think he still wants me, which is odd. No one’s ever really wanted me before, not like that. So it might be more complicated than I thought it would be, but it feels kind of nice to be wanted. We did share his bed last night, and today he’s going out to find some clothes for me. I hope he can find things that fit right. In human sizes, I’m about average height, but I’m still kind of scrawny, even after eating amazing food at the school for the past months. I think I did gain a little, but it doesn’t show much. Humans tend to be a bit thicker than elves. I suppose I can make adjustments on anything that doesn’t fit quite right.


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Letter to Syrina

Dear Syrina,

Hello. I know it’s been a long time again. I’m afraid I don’t get much chance to write. I wanted to let you know that I am doing fine. I don’t know if you worry about me. I think maybe you do, but I also think that maybe I was always a burden to you. I will be leaving Stormwind shortly. I had help sending the other letters, but I’ll be sending this one on my own. I’ve made some very good friends here who help me, and give me work so that I can afford my own place. I know you didn’t expect me to be so independent so fast. You always said you’d be stuck raising me for the next fifty years. I plan to return to Stormwind after this trip. I know it’s dangerous here, but in Silvermoon, they were actively looking for me. They aren’t here. Stormwind is my home now.

My best friend is a kaldorei. He comes from a forest in Kalimdor, but he’s nothing like what I heard they were supposed to be like. He doesn’t have flowers in his hair. He doesn’t live in a tree, and birds don’t land on him and sing spring songs. Though it’s true, we are in the depths of winter here, but even in the spring, that doesn’t happen.

We’re being sent on a job to find a book. It’s supposedly in Thalassian and has no translated copy for the human who’s looking for it. It’s possible I will need someone to check Silvermoon for me. If you are unwilling to, perhaps you can watch for someone who would? My kaldorei friend thinks it’s more likely that the book is in some old school in the plaguelands. We’ll find out more from the mage after we’re there, but it’s possible that I may be in contact again very soon.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m doing fine, and hopefully alleviate your worry, if you worry about me. I feel a lot safer in Stormwind, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to this trip.

  • Alinash

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“Lark, would you mind taking these books back downstairs for me?”

Mikael Larkens suppressed a frown. He was pretty sure Fen’s only reason for becoming a mage was one of pure laziness. Why walk somewhere, when it was easy to teleport? Of course, he could have just teleported the books in the same manner, but asking someone else to do it was easier than casting a spell.

“Sure, I was about to go down anyway.”

“Thanks Lark.”

He picked up the books and started his way down the spiraling staircase to the lower part of the mage tower. He’d been called Lark since he started going to school. There were three Mikaels in his first year as a young lad. The teacher had started out by calling all three by their full names, but within a month, she was calling them only by their last names. The fellow students shortened it even more to Lark, and it stuck. He didn’t mind, as long as no one assumed he could sing.

He reached the ground floor of the tower, and left the books on the table to be sorted and put away. He had been coming to study every day for the past few months, but was unable to find the books he needed to progress in his studies. He was starting to think he’d have to turn to other sources. He’d already started looking into it, though finding people willing to go off the beaten path to look for books was proving difficult. He had started dressing down and going to questionable bars looking for the right people, but hadn’t found anyone yet.

He’d keep looking. He had to until he found the information he needed.

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Letters Home


I hope all is well in Silvermoon.  I’ve been unable to send you mail directly as I am still staying in Stormwind, though things have gone back to normal here.  The increased security has lessened now.  I heard they got the orc who caused it all, and that is good.  A lot of people left for that alone, but now that they are back, Stormwind has gone back to how it was before all of this happened.

I hope they have not bothered you too much about my whereabouts.  I know they must still be looking for me, and that I will likely never be able to return home.  I’m getting along just fine here though.  I’ve made some friends who don’t hold my race against me, though I do have to exercise extreme caution while going anywhere.  I pass well enough as a tall human if I wear a hat and tuck my ears in it.  Lately, I’ve been making sure they press against my head by putting a bandana on first, then the hat.  I can wear a cowl that way sometimes too.

My landlady is blind as a bat and has seen me without a hat, bandana or any head covering one day a few months ago when she came to collect the rent.  I was afraid she might still see my eyes, but I didn’t look directly at her.  It seemed to have worked.  She never said anything, and no guards showed up, though I was on the look out for them over the next few days!

I feel safest with my friends.  I do hope that if I’m discovered, they deny ever knowing me.  I wish not to cause them trouble, though, even more, I wish not to be discovered.  I have had some close calls, such as with the landlady.  Children and gnomes are able to see my eyes if I’m not careful.  I’ve learned never to let my guard down.  Even while at home, I’m careful about looking out at the street.  In the winter, there is often frost on the windows, but I keep the curtains drawn all the same.

Hopefully this letter will not take too long to get to you.  One of my friends has agreed to leave the city and send it through some neutral acquaintances.

Again, I hope all is well.




Dear Minn’da,

I was so relieved when I got the letter from father saying that you had made it back from Kalimdor okay.  Hopefully, there wasn’t that much work for you to do there, but I do know of a few people who were injured, so I guess you must have had some work.  Did your unit go in the tunnels?  One of Magister Fairsong’s sisters was hurt really bad in the tunnels, and the baker lost his father.  The butler was there, but came back with a bunch of stitches on his head.  One of the Magister’s friends stayed here for a while when he came back after being trampled by dinosaur or a dragon or something.  I guess there were both there!

We’re in Shattrath right now, staying on the Scryer’s Tier.  I’m sure you remember it from your own travels.  I think the most impressive thing is the library.  Was it so impressive when you were here?  I really like the city, but I was kind of hoping we would go to Silvermoon first.  I’ve missed you!  Maybe our next trip will be home.

My studies are going well.  I’ve improved a lot with arcane since coming to the new school.  It is weird not being able to visit home more often.  Maybe when I learn how to teleport.  I’m already learning the basics.

I do hope to see you soon!

Your son,


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Aranae Lightmist

She sat on a rock near the edge with her book for writing her daily reflections.  A flimsy fence was the only thing between her and the sheer drop off the side of the mountain.  One of the seasonal streams trickled over the edge nearby.  She was told it would never completely thaw, but spring was here.  Some of it would.

She had been here in Pandaria for a few months now.  To the best of her knowledge, no one at home knew exactly where she was.  Sanimir was the only one who knew she might be in Pandaria, and he lived in Dalaran.  Her oldest sister lived there as well.  She frowned.  Word had finally trickled in about what was happening far to the north.

She glanced back at the large building behind her.  Toruviel had been brought back after she ran and told them he was there.  She felt guilty for that, but Master Cheng had insisted that she had done the right thing.  She wondered if Toruviel’s family was worried about him.

She frowned once more, looking down at her book.  She picked up her pencil and began to write.

Dear Father and Mother…


Teniron Whitemorn

Teniron scrunched up his nose.  Not the soup again.  Of course, normally, soup wasn’t bad, but Kit had spoken to one of the ladies in town and had added things to help him keep up his strength, and gain some weight.  He wasn’t quite sure how making something inedible was supposed to do either.

He looked up at Kit, his eyes pleading, “Do I have to?”

She frowned sympathetically, “It’ll help you get better if you do.”

“Do you have some of that bread from the baker?  It tastes better with that.”

“The baker didn’t have any of that kind this morning.  Did you want to try another kind?”

Teniron twitched an ear.  “No.”  He frowned at the soup as he picked up the spoon.  He wondered if the other prisoners who escaped were being fed horrible soup too.  He hoped they weren’t.


Vallindra Lightmist

“Volnar, I don’t need your commentary.”  Vallindra stated flatly as she slammed another book shut.  “This is useless.”

The imp skulked under the table, hoping to avoid his Mistress’s wrath.  She’d not been happy since returning from her attempts to cure the dragon.  “Those things that you tried were meant to cure elves, no?”

Vallindra glared at him.  The lemons had done nothing.  The spicy food had done nothing.  The oil… well, it had done something.  She was glad she didn’t have to clean it up.  The dragon was still ill afterwards.  “There’s nothing in any of these books that tell me how to cure a dragon.” she explained to the imp.  “I had to come up with something to try, and those remedies do work for sick elves.  So they didn’t work for the dragon.  Do you have any better ideas?”

“No mistress.  Volnar isn’t very smart, but he does as he’s told.”

Vallindra rolled her eyes and shook her head.  “Then Volnar should keep quiet and let his mistress study.”  She picked up another book.


Latahlali Ashclaw

Dear Vaelarian,

I hope you’re still around Astranaar because you still haven’t written, and I’m going to get really mad if I find out you went somewhere else and didn’t say.

You really should come visit.  Naraleth has grown already, and I think I’m doing good at being a mother.  Everything is so different.  I couldn’t even imagine how this would feel before.  I mean I thought I loved him before he was born, but now that he’s here… I can’t even describe it.

I went to buy some new robes the other night and left Naraleth for the first time with Raleth.  I went with Isandri.  Do you remember her?  She was the priestess at the wedding.  Anyway, we were helping another apprentice pick out robes for herself, and she said she shouldn’t pick out pretty robes.  Normally, I’d agree because it usually doesn’t work out.  I mean it did for me, but normally it doesn’t.  But anyway, her teacher likes men, so I don’t see what’s wrong with wanting to look pretty just for yourself.  Isandri got really weird about it.  I don’t understand why.

I don’t know why I’m telling you.  You probably don’t know either, but you are old, so maybe you have some insight on it or something.

Naraleth doesn’t do much yet.  We think he might be smiling sometimes, but it might just be gas.  I burp him just in case.



Xyliah Amberlight

Dear Diary,

This will be a short entry because I’m supposed to be collecting skins for my father.

Berwick is doing better each day and has slowly started to put on some weight again.  I was so worried that I’d break him if I hugged him at first.  I’m glad he’s getting better now.

My father has been letting us stay with him.  I think he likes him.

Berwick’s been helping out some with the shop, but I don’t think furniture is what he wants to do with his life.  I can’t blame him.  I don’t like it much either!  Anyway, I guess Sanimir came and asked him to paint his house or something.  Berwick would like to, but I don’t know how big the house is, or how long he’d be gone, or anything.  It’s in the Ghostlands too.  I know he wants to earn his own money, but there’s no way I’m letting him go alone.  We were separated enough.  I plan to go with him.

Hopefully, Sanimir won’t mind.


Alinash Brightblaze

The snow was slowly beginning to melt off of the roofs in Stormwind.  Alinash was thankful that he had been able to spend most of the winter inside.  I hate snow.  He had gone out at night, but only for short trips to the house where the boss lived.  It’s colder at night.  I hate winter.  He moved the pot of water from the floor and put another in it’s place.  The dripping of the melting snow seeping through the leaky roof continued.

He had already tried covering his ears in an attempt to block the noise of the droplets falling into the pot.  He grabbed the scarf he had received for the holiday and wrapped it around his head, over his ears.  He could still hear it.  I hate dripping.

He threw himself back into his bed and covered his head with his blanket.  I hate not being able to sleep.


Aeramin Firewind

Aeramin woke slowly in the low, pre-dawn light of Blade’s Edge.  His days had been busy lately.  Sleeping late into the morning was not a luxury that he could afford.  Everyday, he would wake early and head to Shattrath to work on the latest set of invitations.  Then he had lunch before teleporting to Shadowmoon for his lessons, practice and time to see the dragon.  All of that had to be done before supper.  He’d often stop in Shattrath on the way to Blade’s Edge, either to pick up fresh food from the market or to get something from the restaurant behind the library.  Thankfully he felt confident enough to teleport to Blade’s Edge now and was able to save the travel time.

It was only after arriving in Blade’s Edge that he could relax a little, and even then, his mind was often still on things from earlier.  The books from the closed school were one of the biggest things preoccupying him now.  The summoning and binding spells in some of them were definitely not made for beginners.

His mind was sometimes on other things too.  Sanimir was back in Shattrath.  He hadn’t seen him, but he had sent his apprentice.  Aeramin hoped he wouldn’t be staying too long.  The less time he was there, the less chance they had of running into each other.

Aeramin turned to look at Imralion.  The blood knight aspirant was still asleep.  He ran a finger along one of Im’s ears, and kissed his cheek.  The blood knight stirred slightly, half-opening his eyes in the pale lighting.  A slight smile formed on his lips.

“Good morning,”  Aeramin whispered.  “I have a bit of time before I have to go.”

Imralion grinned before their lips met.



Tik sighed as he removed the single fish from the pan and placed it on his plate.  The young magister who had recently bought the home that Tik had served for all of his life was away again.  To Shattrath, he had said, for only a week or two.  The magister’s apprentice went with him, leaving Tik to take care of things while they were gone.

He didn’t mind being the only living person in the house.  It had been that way for many years after all, but he was beginning to wonder about the young magister.  The mage was odd.  Some days he locked himself in his room, and it was all Tik could do to convince him to open his door to take the food that Tik had prepared for him.  Then a few days after that, everything would be normal again.

Tik realized, of course, living in the Ghostlands was odd to begin with.  He was in no position to point fingers.  He sat at the small table in the kitchen to eat his fish, after placing a bowl on the floor with some of the uncooked fish.  The magister’s cat ran to it and happily began to eat.


Esladra Lightmist

Esladra stood waiting outside the house in Silvermoon City.  Her sister had promised to come and make a portal for her to visit Shattrath.  Esladra had been looking forward to her break all year.  She still wasn’t sure about going to Shattrath for it, but Vallindra had said there were a bunch of cute blood knights there.  She had also reminded Esladra that she should find her own guy before mother picked one out for her.  She frowned as she watched for her sister.  Mother’s tastes were definitely not her own, and Vallindra was right about one thing, Esladra didn’t want to have to fight and tell mother no.

A minute later, the air shimmered in front of her.  Vallindra appeared and took one of her bags.  “They have a spot in the inn that they’re saving for you.  Are you ready?”

Esladra smiled nervously and nodded, “Let’s go!”

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Alinash’s Letter


I hope all is well with you.  I am doing fine in Stormwind, though I am unable to get out much.  I’m sure you have heard what has happened in Dalaran.  I’m afraid the same will happen to me here in Stormwind if they discover me.  However, I still think it is better than what might happen if I were found in Silvermoon.  The biggest advantage is I’m not specifically being looked for here, which leaves much more opportunity to hide.  If no one knows I’m here, then no one knows to look for me.  I prefer it over being hunted for.

Marjolaine has recently left a letter for me next to the window.  She wants to know where you are.  She is worried about you, and says that you have a way with Pup that she and Josie cannot match.  He is growing and prone to outbursts.  She says that Pup is going mad without your calming presence here.  She wanted me to talk to her about your whereabouts.  I won’t do that, friend, but I will pass on the message to you.  She left the most delicious meat pie next to the letter.

Al diel shala,


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Art – Alinash Colored Sketch

Alinash hasn’t used a scarf before…

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