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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 25

Day 25 — Who do you play with?

I can most often be found in game with Ornasse (and/or alts) and Phaa (or alts).  Every once in a while I get to play with my sons.  They’re on a different realm than I usually play on so getting a group together to dungeon takes some help.

I drew today’s in a quick doodle style 🙂


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Art – Ornasse



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OOC – Painting: Ornasse and Kelanori


I messed her hair up and decided to leave off the earrings in the end, but other than that, I'm pleased with how it turned out.

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OOC – Painting

Now that the holidays are over and all that, I can finally sit and paint again.  I worked a bit more on the night elf painting.  All I need to do now are her face markings, in my opinion, the worst part now that the skin tones are done.

Here’s Ornasse with finished hair 🙂

Face close up.


Beard close up.



I need to charge the battery for the good camera, so all you get is phone pics for now!


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Dinadrian – Thoughts at the Shrine

Dinadrian Boughtender stood, as he had since the defeat of Ragnaros, outside the Shrine of Aviana.  He had not seen his new master in weeks.  Sakia had said that she needed to return to Ebon Hold.  He was certain their new master, a druid, would not be found there, but she had insisted on going back anyway.  He would have too, except his new master had not said to go there.  His new master told him to guard outside.

He did not say how long.

The thought occurred to him that he had been abandoned.  The druids at the shrine would often scowl at him as they entered or left the building.  Some would tell him to leave.  He would flatly state that he was ordered to guard outside, and unless they had proof that his new master had different orders for him, he could not go anywhere else.

But it had been weeks.

A light rain began to fall.  Perhaps his master was lost or had met with trouble somewhere.  He missed the days of the Lich King being his master.  Being able to receive his master’s orders directly in his mind had been a lot more practical.  Sometimes he tried to talk back to him, to let him know the orders were received and would be carried out.  He never knew if it had worked.  The Lich King had never responded.

He tried now.  Master Druid.  I am guarding outside as you asked.  Are there any further instructions?

He waited.

The rain picked up, pelting against his armor.  There was no reply.  Perhaps his master could not hear him.  Maybe he was too busy to reply.  Maybe he really was in trouble somewhere.

Go guard outside.

Outside was big after all.  Dinadrian supposed it would be within the master’s orders to search for him, but only if he stayed outside.  He twitched a half-rotted ear and began walking.

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“Elanyl Nightmist” – A Shadow in the Trees VI

Again, she found herself running from the town.  This time, for an entirely different reason.  The boy wasn’t the only one in Feralas.

When they first said her name, her first instinct was to run.  That little brat.  What was she doing here anyway.  She had hesitated.  The handsome older druid was a convincing reason to not run, but in the end, she decided she really didn’t want to run into the girl.

The druid, Ornasse he said he name was, had spoken with her for a time.  He mentioned a mate and a child, but she saw none.  He did not protest when she sat close to him, though he seemed not to notice, not even when she pushed her cloak back to reveal more cleavage.  She hadn’t been wearing the most revealing garments.  Perhaps that was the problem.

She slowed as she reached the top of the ridge overlooking the town.  The old druid had mentioned that he also had an adult daughter.  He said he didn’t know about her.  He said his daughter’s mother was angry with him.  How could she be angry when he didn’t even know?  From what the druid had told her, the woman had left him.  She thought of Ellorian.  She had wanted to tell him.  She was going to.  That little brat scheduled their trip to Auberdine a day in advance.  She had told Ellorian that she would come to see him that night.  She wondered how long he waited.  He must have worried, and when she didn’t return at all, he must have worried more.  If anyone had a right to be angry…

She made her way through the brush cover along the path to the small clearing where she made her camp.  She had a great view of the town from this spot.  The demon woman had also come to the moonwell.  She had thought, at first, that the demons meant to taint the moonwell.  They could turn it into a repository for fel energy.  She had seen that happen before, but no, this one wielded the light.  She could channel it.  The old druid had insisted that it was not a trick.  Perhaps Feathermoon Stronghold was not under assault by demons after all.

Not that she planned to take any one’s word for it.  It could have been a trick.  The druid could be under their control, but she wanted to believe him.  She had apologized to him.

That was when the girl’s name was mentioned.  One of the other boys was staying in town too.  She assumed it was the older one.  He made excellent perfumes.  They had mentioned the girls brother was opening a perfume shop.  He had always refused to sell his perfumes before.  He didn’t want to run a shop.  He had refused to help keep Farlahn’s shop open when he passed.  She wondered what could change his mind.

She changed out of her leather armor, and slipped her plate armor on instead.  With orcs on the road, it would be safer to wear it.  The other boy had mentioned his twin the previous night.  She was sure he was a fine druid by now, if he had taken up training when he turned 300 like he said he would.

She peeked over the grass on the ridge, and looked down into the town.  The sentinels were practicing their drills.  Behind one of the buildings she saw a male working.  He was dumping water into a barrel.  She recognized him immediately from his feathery white hair and his short frame, even from this distance.  Her oldest boy.  She smiled as she watched him fill the barrel.

A tear ran down her cheek as he went inside and disappeared from view.

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Kelanori – Diary (A Shadow in the Trees V)

Dear Diary,

Farahlor is taking longer naps now.  I seem to know when he wakes up.  I was taking a nap with him when I woke and he was there smiling at me.

Ornasse wasn’t inside so I took Farahlor out to the moonwell.  I found Ornasse there with Zaethir and Phaa.  There’s apparently a crazy woman about.  She shot Vassanta.  I was assured she was okay and that Jaeyn is taking care of her.  The crazy woman called Phaa a demon, and she called that nice paladin one too.  He’s been going to fight demons as I understand it.  I don’t know how she could think that of any of the draenei.

Phaa said that she wears a hood.  She probably doesn’t want to get caught for her criminal activity, or something of that sort.

Ornasse said that he felt that she was an older elf although he insisted he wasn’t looking.  She apparently sat fairly close to him.  That makes me nervous.

It makes me more nervous that there’s a mentally unstable lunatic shooting people.  Ornasse went to find her.  Hopefully he can coax her back into town so that the sentinels can apprehend her.

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