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Weylenn – The Darkmoon Faire

The Lady and the others all went to the Darkmoon Faire last night.  I went with them.  Leymon and Millington weren’t able to go.  Leymon had some work to do for his contact, and Millington is nursing another wound.  They both need to learn how to have fun sometime.  The sand box was really fun.  They had little tiger rides, and then there was this guy giving out free candy too.  I took some.  The others didn’t.  It made the fireworks really pretty.

I’m mad at Nora.  She got in the cannon!  After all those times I’ve protected her while she gathers herbs for Millington, and she went to do a crazy thing like that.  She seemed to have enjoyed it, and I’m glad it didn’t blow her dress apart… Well, in a way.  She was wearing a nice dress.  But still!  It was risky.  I tried to get her interested in the sandbox.  It was much quieter there and not possibly lethal, but she walked off with the others.  Maybe Leymon’s right about women.

There was so much food there.  I wanted to spare money for other things though so I just had some cheap beer.  That’s when the guy giving out the candy came around.  I had some and things are a bit fuzzy after that.  We got fireworks and I don’t know how they did it but they lasted a really long time and were brighter than usual.

Oh and there were animals there!  We were allowed to ride the ponies there too.  Nora was asked to leave the ponies alone because she was riding around in circles too fast.  She was able to ride a ram though.  I think she spooked the pony or something.  Leymon’s probably right about women.

There was a place to go fight too.  I wanted to try it, but I got knocked out pretty quick.  I didn’t bring any traps though.  I wonder if they would let you use them.

People’s faces started changing, and sometimes the tents would spin.  Sometimes there were fireworks where there shouldn’t be fireworks, like in some of the animal cages.  Once, I could have sworn the elf was covered with scales, but then I looked again and he was fine.  He seems to think the same thing about women that Leymon does.  I kept pointing out girl elves to him, but he didn’t seem too thrilled.  Maybe he could see their scales too.

I got a balloon before we left.  It was late by the time we got back to Goldshire.  I had to walk back to Stormwind.  Some of us stayed at the inn, but I really wanted to get back to my own bed.  I walked along the poorly lit path in the dark woods.  I felt like someone was watching me, but I kept turning around and never saw anyone.  It must have been my imagination.


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