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Terivanis – Return to the Shrine

Terivanis had taken the quickest and safest route out of the Firelands with Ornasse.  Ornasse had continued on when Terivanis stopped to ask for the rest of the day off.  He was later getting back to the Shrine than he would have liked to be.  Vajarra was waiting for him on one of the benches.  He landed next to her and shifted out of form quickly.

“Am I too late?”

“No.  It will be a while yet.  Her labor is just starting.”

He put his hand on her tail.  “Someone should be watching her.”

“Tathariel is still upstairs.  Ornasse was here and went up about 10 minutes ago.”

“Where’s Phaa?”

“She’s gone to get Iselwen.”

He supposed his sister would be okay with two people watching over her.  At least, she would be for now.  Early labor didn’t cause him as much worry as what was to come.

He sat there and spoke with Vajarra about other things.  They discussed the soap they planned to make.  He asked if she had seen Jaellynn and if he had said anything about the lye.  She had seen him earlier, before Kel went into labor, but he hadn’t said anything to her.

Tathariel passed through the common area.  She stopped and chatted with them both.  She let them know that it was still very early and that Ornasse and Kelanori had decided to get some rest before the labor progressed much further.  She excused herself, saying rest was a good idea, and headed towards the rooms in the back.

He continued speaking with Vajarra.  Most of the time they discussed soap.  Terivanis explained how to make it.  Vajarra kept him occupied with lots of questions.  He didn’t forget his sister was in labor, but it stayed in the back of his mind.  He felt at ease.  At least he did until Phaa showed up with Iselwen close behind.

The woman started immediately moaning about another draenei being present… and the tauren.  So many tauren.  It was then that Terivanis looked up.  A familiar bird sat watching them from the rafters.  It was also that moment that Iselwen noticed Terivanis.  “At least you’re an elf.  Short but an elf.  Where is Kelanori?”

“Upstairs.”  He answered as he twitched an ear.

Vajarra and Phaa followed Iselwen as she made her way out towards the ramp.  Vajarra lingered long enough to tell Terivanis she would be back in a bit, then rushed to catch up with the others.

Terivanis sat down on the bench.  He looked up.  The familiar bird was still there.  He smiled up at him.

The brown and white bird hopped off the beam that he had perched on, and landed in front of Terivanis.  He shifted out of form.  A large tauren stood in front of Terivanis now.  In his hand he held a box.  He said, in broken common, “Give baby.”  He held the box out to Terivanis.

Terivanis took it and smiled slightly, “Thank you.  I’ll make sure the baby gets it once he’s here.”

Rohau, the tauren, nodded.  Terivanis always felt the tauren understood more that he could say.  They had shared a perch on the front while working to catch people who fell from the floating island above.  As such, they hadn’t spoken much to each other, but sometimes they left the area after their shift together and would exchange a few words.  The tauren knew his sister was pregnant.  Terivanis wasn’t sure how he knew the baby was coming now, but figured gossip could spread quite quickly.  He watched as Rohau shifted back into his flight form and flew out of the shine.  He disappeared a second later over the edge as he dived to the valley below.

Terivanis set the gift aside.  He wondered about how things were faring now that some time had passed.  Maybe something was wrong.  Maybe that’s why Vajarra hadn’t returned yet.  Nonsense.  She just went up not even half an hour ago.  A lot can happen in half an hour.  He had a history of losing those closest to him.  His father, his mother, his mate, his son… all gone.  He couldn’t lose Kel too.  Having babies could be dangerous.  He lost his mate that way.  He wanted to believe everyone when they said everything would be okay, but he knew things didn’t always happen the way you want them to.

He lost track of time as he sat and thought about the possibilities.  He was jarred from his thoughts when Jaellynn sat on one of the other benches nearby.

“Any word yet?”  His brother asked.

“Not for a while now.  Iselwen is here.”

“Oh.  Her.  I don’t think she likes me.”

Terivanis raised a brow.

“She kept looking at me weird the last time she was here.”

Terivanis grunted, “That makes me wonder what you did.”


Terivanis grunted again, but changed the subject.  “Were you able to follow the instructions I gave you for the lye?”

“Yes, but it was raining.  I couldn’t let the old ash dry out at all.”

“You cleaned the barrel before refilling it?”


Terivanis nodded.  Hopefully, Jaellynn had done everything right.

He talked to Jaellynn for some time.   He suggested that he study the characteristics of birds, and how different types of birds varied.  Jaellynn listened intently, only butting in once to state that he had been watching the ones at the shrine already.  “This is a good place to start.”  He agreed.  Terivanis went on to talk to him about the different types of birds, large and small as his brother listened.

The sun rose and they were still talking about flight, when Vajarra returned downstairs.  She didn’t so much as look at Jaellynn, but kept her eyes on Terivanis the whole time.  She told Terivanis that his sister was doing well and the labor was progressing.  Iselwen had estimated it would be only another hour or two.  She asked him if he was okay.  Terivanis nodded.  He hated lying to her.  He was worried.  She rushed back upstairs.

He was left looking at Jaellynn.  “She’ll be fine.”  His brother told him.

Terivanis raised an eyebrow.  “You said that to Kel when you went to the Plaguelands with your shan’do.  You told her you would be fine.”  He glared at Jaellynn.  He couldn’t deny he had been wrong.

Jaellynn shrugged.  “I think I’m doing okay, considering.”

“Considering you died?  Anything you do now is not okay.  It’s unnatural and unholy.”

Jaellynn bit his lip.  Terivanis knew he was holding back saying something.  He knew he wanted his help.  Terivanis looked away.

“I just worry.  I’ve done my best to look out for her.  Now there’s nothing I can do.  If something goes wrong, I can’t save her.”

Jaellynn blinked, twice.  “She’s with three priestesses, one of them specialized in birth, and Ornasse.  I think she’ll be fine.”  He stood up.  Terivanis still looked away.  “I’m going to let Tath know that she’s getting close.”

Terivanis nodded, still not looking at Jaellynn.  He waited for him to leave before getting up himself, and walking just outside the shrine.  He stepped off to the left and walked along the edge of the cliff.  He sat down beside one of the trees there and closed his eyes.

He woke to Vajarra’s voice.  “Terivanis, there you are!”  He opened his eyes to see her run towards him.  “Kel had the baby.  She’s fine.”  She smiled.  “It’s a boy.  He’s adorable.”

He breathed a sigh of relief before catching the last thing she said.


He had a whole new set of worries now.


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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

Farahlor is here.

I started having contractions last evening.  At first I didn’t know what they were.  I thought I had eaten something bad, and it was causing my stomach to cramp up.  Then I realized it was happening at fairly regular intervals, and it kind of dawned on me what was happening.  Ornasse was still in the Firelands, but Jaellynn offered to go get a message sent to him.  Phaa left almost immediately to fetch Iselwen from Darnassus.  Tathariel and Vajarra went with me upstairs, but I sent Vajarra back down in case Terivanis returned.  I asked her not to tell him unless he asks where I went.

I had some berries upstairs and I ate some with Tathariel while waiting.  Relanos likes them too.  We talked a bit.  I hope Relanos and Farahlor get along with each other in the future.  It would be nice if they’ll be able to play together.  Jaellynn returned shortly after.  He told us the message had been sent.  He took Relanos downstairs to get him to bed.  The contractions were regular and still far apart so we figured it would be a while yet.

Ornasse didn’t take too long getting back.  Tathariel went to check on Relanos and Jaellynn after Ornasse got here.  He seemed to think I was having the baby right then.  I had to tell him a few times it was still early labor and it would be some time yet.  He thought I should be laying down and not moving.  He hadn’t washed up after leaving the portal, so I convinced him to ask for the bath to be filled.  He would not be touching the baby with soot all over.  I helped him get clean.  I think the bath helped calm him down a little, and realize the baby wasn’t coming right at that moment.

We rested a bit until the contractions started worsening.  Iselwen had been able to make it in time.  She came to check on me and said it wouldn’t be much longer.  Phaa and Vajarra were both there to help.  Vajarra said that Terivanis already knew.  She had to keep going to give him updates.  At least he stayed out of the room.  Phaa and Vajarra were so helpful.  Iselwen sent Ornasse to boil water at one point.  He was back just in time.  The contractions started hurting a lot more, and I started feeling like I had to push.  I remember saying I didn’t want to do it anymore too.  Iselwen guided the pushing.  She asked me to stop a couple of times.   Our baby was born about ten minutes after I started pushing.  Iselwen said I did great.

Ornasse seemed happy to know it really is a boy.  We’ve been calling him Farahlor.  We would have had to think of something else if he had wound up being a girl after all!  He looks like his father.  He even has a bit of blue hair.

He said that they’re done in the Firelands.  We’ll be able to go home soon.

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A Nephew

I’ll be an uncle soon.  Kel went into labor earlier tonight.  I was sent to get a message to Ornasse.  There is a post just inside the Firelands portal that I was told to meet some people at to get the message sent.  I saw Terivanis there.  I thought he was on the Front, catching cows.  I know by the look he gave me that he saw me too.

Now I’m back at the inn.  I haven’t seen Terivanis, but I wasn’t out in the common area for long.  I did see Vajarra sitting downstairs, but I’m avoiding her right now.  Tathariel and Relanos were up in Kel’s room.  She’s doing okay so far.  She’s still sewing and talking.  It was past Relanos’s bedtime so I brought him downstairs to get him to sleep.  Now he’s asleep and I’m writing.

I’m writing a little more sloppy than usual.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to drain that lye barrel without getting lye on me.  And now everyone’s busy so I can’t ask for healing.  It’ll heal eventually.  I was able to cover the area with my glove so everyone’s attention can be on Kel now.  It would have been nice to speed it up a bit, but I really want things to be okay for her.

I followed all the directions Terivanis wrote out for me.  It took a long time and I was really careful to make sure everything was measured right and I used the right water and everything.  I put the lye that was ready exactly where he said to put it.  It was raining so the only thing I couldn’t do was let the old ashes dry before burying them.  I decided that the rain would take care of it and covered them with just a light layer of soil.

I’m worried that Ornasse won’t want to call me his son anymore.  He’ll have his own very soon.  I think Tath is worried about similar things.


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Terivanis – Flight in the Firelands

Terivanis Summerleaf landed at the post set up near the portal within the Firelands.  He carried good news.  Ragnaros had been defeated and driven back from the assault on Hyjal.  He shifted out of form quickly and smiled as he handed the sealed metal tube to one of the officers there.

The man grinned as he read the note, but before he could comment, another man approached.  He gestured towards the portal while speaking.  Terivanis looked where the man had pointed and saw someone who looked familiar standing near the portal.  He wore all leather and looked like any other druid.  The goggles gave him away.  Jaellynn.  What was he doing here?  The two officers took turns talking and smiling before the first officer finally returned to Terivanis.

“This is great news.  I have a letter I need you to deliver to the captain.”  He paused and looked back at the portal.  The second officer was now talking to Jaellynn.  “I also need you to find a druid called Ornasse Evershade.  His mate has gone into labor.”

Terivanis’s eyes widened, “Now?  I mean– I’ll get him.  I know where he is.”  He shifted quickly, taking the note to the captain in his talons before taking off towards the keep.

He hadn’t expected it to be so soon.  His sister was having her baby and there was nothing he could do to protect her.  He remembered his last moments with Lilindra as she slowly bled to death after giving birth to their son.  There was nothing he could do to help.  They had tried to stop the bleeding.  He was able to say goodbye to her.

He had to hurry.

There were far fewer flamewakers now.  Those that remained were on the run.  The thermal vents were still dangerous.  The fire hawks still circulated above.  Spiders still remained on top of the pillars in their lair.

He had to be careful.

He flapped his wings a few times then settled into a soar in the heated winds.  He banked, rounding spitting pools of lava that were known to have giant lava worms within.  He stayed low to avoid the fire hawks overhead.

He had to reach his destination.

He was tired.  He had been in the Firelands all day.  The heat was near unbearable.  The hot ash was thick in the air, making it hard to breath, and hard to keep his eyes open while flying through it.

He could see the keep in the distance ahead.  He flapped a few more times to gain more speed.  He would have to ask to leave once he returned to the camp at the portal.  He wouldn’t be able to concentrate here.  Even now his worries were distracting him.

He saw Ornasse as he circled over the camp, relying on his sharp vision to spot the elder druid.  He landed softly on the charred ground next to the other druid and shifted out of form.  He said the only two words he needed to say.

“It’s time.”

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Terivanis – Story

Terivanis woke from another bad dream.  It was still dark outside.  He kissed Vajarra lightly and whispered, “I love you.”  It was a ritual that he had started a few weeks ago.  It was one of those that he used to think he would never do again.  He smiled as he got dressed.  He made sure the blankets were pulled up around Vajarra to keep her warm before he left the room.

He walked out to the common area to write his instructions for Jaellynn.  He was surprised to see his brother was already there.  He sat at one of the tables, and he looked to be drawing.  Terivanis took a seat at the same table.  He didn’t take his eyes off the death knight, and the death knight continued to draw, ignoring his older brother’s presence.

“It’s a bit early to be out here.”  Terivanis said while removing the cap from his ink.

“I don’t sleep.”  Jaellynn replied.  He paused in his drawing long enough to look outside then back at Terivanis.  “Apparently, neither do you.”  He looked back at his drawing and continued.

Terivanis grunted, and began writing the instructions.  “I could just tell you what needs to be done, but you’d probably forget.”

Jaellynn continued drawing.  Terivanis looked up from writing long enough to glimpse the flowers his brother was drawing.  He raised a brow then went back to writing the instructions.

After a short amount of time, Jaellynn looked up.  “What else will I have to do?”

Terivanis continued to write.  “I don’t know.  She’s pretty upset still.  I’m not fond of the idea either.”  He twitched an ear.  “If you can behave yourself while making yourself useful then maybe we can both forgive you.  You can consider it the first part of your lesson.  A good bird has the patience to get it right.  You may look like a bird, but you will never fly if you don’t get it right.  If you show me you have the patience and perseverance to want to learn then I may deem it worth my time to teach you.”

“And what’s to stop you from just making me do stuff then changing your mind and not teaching me?”

“You’ll have to trust me.”

Jaellynn raised a brow.  “Seriously?”

“Either that or you wait until Ornasse has time, or find someone else.  Good luck with that.”

Jaellynn frowned slightly as Terivanis recapped his ink.  He handed the instructions to Jaellynn.  “It needs to be done today.  Take your time and make sure you measure everything correctly when refilling the barrel.  If the next batch is messed up because you can’t follow directions then there’s no way you will ever learn your form.”

Jaellynn took the note, and read it over before nodding.  “I’ll do it.

“Good.”  Terivanis replied as he looked outside.  “It’s a long trip there.  You best get started.  I’d like to see you when I get back tonight.”  He shifted into stormcrow form and left as Jaellynn made his way to the hippogryphs.

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Leymon – Story

Millington was up all night making a concentrated paste from the sleeping potion.  He was quiet about it at least.  He left two jars of it on my desk with a note that I couldn’t read.  I could make out enough to know that the two jars had different, yet similar, contents.  Both would need to be tested.  He also left the list of herbs he needs that I asked him for last night.  I took the time to copy the list to make sure it was readable.

Weylenn had just finished his trap.  He thought it was to catch the elf.  I told him I didn’t think so.  If the Lady wanted to catch the elf, she’s had plenty of opportunity to do so without the help of a trap.  The trap is weighted, making it heavy.  It took the two of us to carry it to the Lady’s residence after we put it in an inconspicuous crate.  The trap can also be bolted down.  I hope she has a plan for getting whatever or whoever she’s trapping to run over it.  I have to hand it to my brother.   Despite the trap’s weight, it’s not constructed in a way that makes it stand up very high off the ground.  It could easily be covered with leaves or a small rug.

Weylenn had to run back home to get his darts.  He forgot we were testing the pastes after delivering the trap.  I stopped by the inn and found Nora.  I gave her the list that I had copied of the herbs that Millington needed, and walked to the main gate with her.

We waited for Weylenn there.  She asked a few questions.  Was I bitten?  Yes.  Are my brothers bitten too?  Yes.  Are they really my brothers or are they just friends that I call brothers?  They are really my brothers.  Were both of them coming?  No. Only Weylenn would be going with us.

He ran up to us then and we headed out.

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Leymon – Story

It’s been a busy day.  Weylenn is making a lot of racket with his trap making.  I had to go get some supplies for him.  The lady wants one of those live traps.  I’m not sure what for but by the sounds of the letter she didn’t want to hurt whatever she’s trapping.

Millington has some work too.  The Lady wanted to know how the sleeping draught was working.  I had to go ask around in the tavern.  I saw some of the same faces I saw the other night.  I thought maybe one of them would know the man who passed out suddenly.  A couple of them did.  They never saw me as more than a concerned onlooker.  The guy lived.  He slept for about 10 hours.  They didn’t say if he had a headache or not.  I didn’t ask.  I didn’t want to seem too interested.  Ask too many questions and they’ll start wondering if I didn’t have something more to do with it.

From the way the letter reads, it seems the Lady may want something that is fast acting for now.  I had to go buy more herbs for Millington so he could make more up so we could run a few more tests with it.

Weylenn’s finishing the trap.  We’re going to test the draught on darts, and see if it works with a different means of delivery.


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