Aeramin – Murder Row

Aeramin pulled his hood up as he hurried through the darker, narrower streets of Murder Row.  He had not found another place for his mother to move to, but Sanimir had been right.  He had to get her out of where she was now.  The inn had still had rooms, and he was able to get a nice two bedroom room for her.  He’d likely have to stay the night as well, so it worked out well.

He came to the small building where she lived and knocked on the door.  There was no answer, but it was getting late.  A drunk who had passed out on the sidewalk not ten feet away from the door moaned as Aeramin knocked again, this time louder.

Aeramin glanced around at the shadows.  He always thought if they lit this part of Silvermoon better at night, the crime would lessen.  He heard the lock unlatch.  The door opened.  He started to open his mouth to say something, but stopped and took a step back instead upon seeing Master Keredin Goldfeather.

The older, taller elf grinned a dreadful smile.  “I’m done here.  Your mother is in the bedroom.  I was just leaving.”  He walked as though Aeramin weren’t there, bumping his shoulder as he passed by, enough to almost knock him over.

Aeramin glared at the man’s back as he continued down the steps to the street.  Anger burned in him, but he held it in.  Master Goldfeather walked further down the street.  Aeramin watched.  Then he remembered the spells he had read about.  Without stopping to think about it, he started whispering a curse.  Shadows gathered around Master Goldfeather.  He fell to the ground screaming.  Aeramin blinked.  It had worked.  Usually new spells needed practice, and he hadn’t even been sure he had remembered this one correctly.  Master Goldfeather stopped screaming, and took a breath.  He started to get up, then fell to the ground screaming again.  Aeramin blinked again.  The spell had worked.  He hurried inside.

“Minn’da!  Minn’da!  We have to go.  We have to go right now!”  He called out as he knocked on her bedroom door.  He heard another scream come from outside.  “Minn’da, We need to go!”

The door opened.  His mother had tossed on a robe.  “Aeramin, what’s all the commotion?  Quiet down.  You’ll wake your father.”

“Mother, pack all that you can as quickly as you can.  We have to go.”  Aeramin twitched an ear as another scream came from outside.  He was sure the curse wouldn’t last too long, and Master Goldfeather would come looking for who did it when it was over.  Aeramin didn’t care to be on the list of suspects, although he knew he probably already was.  The good part about that was the wedding was probably called off.

“Aeramin, what’s wrong?  Where are we going?”  His mother questioned.

“Maena, we’re going to stay at the inn tonight.  It’ll be like a vacation.  You remember how you always talked about going on a vacation with Ann’da and I after I finished my studies?  I finished them.  You remember?”

She nodded, “Well yes, but–”

“Then let’s take that vacation.  Get your things, Maena.  I’ll tell Ann’da and help him get ready.  Quickly now, the inn won’t take us if we get there too late.”

“Oh!”  his mother gasped and went back into the bedroom.  “I’ll hurry!”  She shouted from within.

Another scream came from the street.  Luckily, this was Murder Row.  Things like this happened all the time.  They were almost never investigated.

Aeramin went to the front room and picked up the urn.  “Come on, Ann’da.  You need to get out more.”




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2 responses to “Aeramin – Murder Row

  1. I don’t know why this one has me laughing but it does. Very enjoyable read and I really need to work on my warlock some more.

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