Theronil – Theronil’s Log

Surgery is tomorrow.  I’m very nervous about it, and I feel like I can’t even talk to anyone about it now.  I tried talking to Isandri about it last night.  I mentioned that I wanted to relax now that she was home with me.  I just wanted to forget about the surgery for a bit.  I guess she misunderstood or something.  She got angry and said that was all I wanted.  She even mentioned the houses.  I don’t know why she would think I’d go there.

I guess if that’s all I had wanted, I would have?  It’s not all I wanted.

Anyway, I figured she wasn’t going to help me get my mind off the surgery so I got up out of bed.  I knew I wasn’t going to sleep, so there wasn’t much point in being in bed if she didn’t want me there.

My brother had dropped off the rest of the jewelry that I had asked him to make.  I told him to keep some as payment but he didn’t.  I started working on enchanting those last night but then I did get tired after all, so I went back to bed.

Then she wanted to.

I don’t even know what to think now.  I guess it’s okay if she wants to but not if I want to.  Of course, now I can’t talk to her about being nervous at all either.  She’ll think it’s all I want.

I’ve been working on the jewelry enchantments more today.  I’d like to get as many finished as I can so I can have them put for sale before tomorrow morning.  Raleth is still out of town, and I think Sanimir is still in Silvermoon, so I made arrangements with the young mage who has been filling in for Sanimir to give us a portal tomorrow morning.  I’ve been to the bank as well to have a transfer note made.  I won’t be carrying around that much gold.

All this time I keep hearing my father’s voice in my head telling me that I get what I pay for.

I’m scared that he’ll be right.



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  1. I could feel how nervous the poor fellow is and it almost broke my heart *hugs* Everything will be fine, I’m sure.

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