Sanimir’s Notes

  • I passed out last night.  I think it was too hot in the sanctum and I was dressed too warm.  I remember being dizzy, then the next thing I know, everyone’s trying to get me water and I’m lying on the floor.  It was really embarrassing, but I didn’t want to fall again so I just stayed on the floor for a bit.
  • I guess it wasn’t really that hot there, but I was nervous.  Xanaroth was there and he said Vallindra would be coming back and I kind of freaked out.  I had to hide it though.  I hope no one could tell.
  • Well I fainted, I guess they might know.
  • Sometimes I think things would be better if I just stayed in the Ghostlands and didn’t leave for anyone or anything.  I can’t wait until this trip is over.
  • I told everyone I was tired.  I guess they believed me since I passed out.  I would have preferred going back to Shattrath, but I don’t think it would have been good to strain myself and make a portal right after passing out from the anxiety that Vallindra would come back while I was there.
  • Of course, I wound up staying.  I sent my apprentice to speak with the innkeeper.  They had two rooms free, thankfully.  Staying just made the anxiety worse because I knew Vallindra would be coming back to the sanctum at some point.  I pushed things against my door after I got to the room.  I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t at first, so I started going over my work notes on the dragon.
  • I had went to Netherstorm while she went shopping the other night.  I had observed the basilisks along the ridge, and discovered they eat the dirt there.  I thought at first that I was wasting my time because they weren’t eating the crystals after all, but after they wandered far enough away, I checked the area where they had been feeding.  There are smaller crystals in the dirt.  I teleported home to my study and set up some experiments with the dirt and the crystals.
  • So I had a lot of notes to go over from that.  I was also double checking my notes with the icethorn.  I tried adding some of that to the dreamfoil solution, based on Desdeyliri’s research with the crystals.  It may help.
  • Or it might do nothing.
  • It shouldn’t have any adverse effects anyway.
  • Hopefully, Kes will be giving that to the dragon today, along with the other to help his throat.  I might have something else ready for tonight.
  • In the morning, I made a portal back to Shattrath for Desdeyliri.  I took it as well, but I sent her to the library there, while I teleported back to the Ghostlands to check my experiments.
  • Tik knew I was back when I started yelling.  I think I scared him because he wasn’t expecting me.
  • But some of them worked!  The crystal, and the dirt and rocks had been broken down.  I couldn’t believe it!  I’m certain that the smaller crystals in the dirt are the same as the larger crystals in Netherstorm.
  • I think it’s the other rocks that help break the crystals down, when both are exposed to acid.  I set up a couple of other experiments this morning with some of the herbs, the rocks and crystals.  I put one of the bigger crystals in too, just to make sure the crystals in the dirt and the bigger ones really are the same.  They have to be.
  • Hopefully, I’ll have something ready to try for the dragon tonight.  I’m going to spend some time in the library in Shattrath to see if I can find any studies done on the soil in Netherstorm.

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