Aeramin’s Notes

  • Things have been going okay.  I’ve finished the wedding invitations and I’m half-way done with the spring party invitations for the other guy.

  • I worked hard to get the wedding invitations done on time.  One night, Imralion went ahead to the restaurant.  I was going to finish a few more, then join him, but I fell asleep.  I got ink on one of my older robes.  It didn’t wash out very well, but the robe is dark.  The stain is on the inside of the arm as well so it doesn’t show too much.

  • I guess I was tired.  I had been keeping a very tight schedule.  I still am, but it’s a little better with Im being back from Blade’s Edge.

  • Anyway, the night that I didn’t go to the restaurant is the night that Sanimir, or Hethurin as he wants to be called now, goes there.  Kes told me that she invited him to sit with her and Im.  I had kind of neglected to tell Imralion that Hethurin and Sanimir are the same person.  It wasn’t entirely by accident.

  • I didn’t even think of it before receiving the letter from Hethurin about his apprentice learning fire magic.  I had always called him Sanimir, and that’s what I kept calling him, until that letter.  I still neglected to tell Imralion who Hethurin was, partially because I didn’t want to have a big discussion about it.  I wasn’t even going to see him, just his apprentice, so there really wasn’t anything to discuss.

  • Anyway, Imralion found out.  He was upset, but I think it was mostly because he was worried that he might have said some things that upset Sanimir.

  • Not that it’s overly difficult to upset him in the first place.  He’d be better off talking to people about it, rather than running off to be alone and cry.  I don’t quite get why he does that.

  • And he’s still doing it.  The sister he’s been seeing every weekend was in Shattrath last night looking for answers.  Apparently, he’s refused to see her two weeks in a row now.

  • Am I worried?  I am.  I still love him.  That won’t ever change.  I just can’t handle him leaving all the time.  I’m just trying to move on, and he still finds ways…

  • That’s part of the reason that I don’t mind keeping a busy schedule.  I spend most of my mornings working on invitations, or meeting with prospective clients.  I just received an order from one of the mages who teaches with the Scryers.  He needs some nice looking teaching pamphlets for his classes.  It can be done in a simple script, so it shouldn’t take too long.

  • I have a feeling that if I do a good job on these, it’ll open up more work with the Scryers through word of mouth.  I’m hoping so anyway.

  • This morning, I took a day off from working.  I need a break once in a while.  I went down to the terrace to watch Imralion with the others for their training exercises.  I stayed back out of the way, but I’m sure he saw me.  I saw him smile when he looked my direction.  I left before they finished.  I had some reading to catch up on, and a book to take to Shadowmoon Valley when I went for my lesson and practice.

  • The book that I translated for Raleth mentioned an organization, of sorts, called The Black Harvest.  According to what was in that book, they deal with powerful demonic and shadow magic.

  • That concerns me greatly after some of our other recent discoveries.  The broken soulstone fragments, the missing pieces, and the size of that summoning circle in Blade’s Edge are even more alarming when one considers something more than just a handful of regular summoners is involved.

  • Furthermore, I think the stones were left as a trail.  Someone wants us to find them.  I was discussing it with Kes.  One piece was found in Hellfire and the other was found in Blade’s Edge.  Something that precious is not something someone drops and loses by mistake, at least not more than once.  Someone left them there.  There’s at least one more piece, if not more.

  • Kes and I have decided to proceed with caution, and the more of us there are, the better.  We discussed Vallindra as well.  I don’t trust her, and neither does Kes.  We need their help though, and they’ll need us.  I don’t think there’s any other way.  We have to involve them both.  Embersun is not very likely to work without her.  We’ll just have to hope she doesn’t do anything to put us all in danger.

  • If someone wants us to follow, we need to be careful.  We need to see if we can’t put together why they want us to follow.  At first, I thought maybe it was some plan to arrest summoner’s by luring us into a trap, but I don’t think anyone in Outland really cares that much.  The naaru seem to be okay with us in Shattrath, and it’s not exactly illegal unless you’re doing something else illegal with it.  It isn’t exactly accepted either, but I don’t think anyone’s going to try to turn us in.

  • If it’s something to do with the Black Harvest, and considering the size of the circle in Blade’s Edge, I would be a fool to believe otherwise, then what do they want with us?  Are they looking for more to initiate into their ranks?  Do they want to feed us to something that requires a much larger offering in exchange for its services?  Or could it be that someone knows they’re in over their head, or is with someone they think is in over their head?  If it’s someone associated with the Black Harvest, then it’s likely that they wouldn’t be working alone.  After all, one does not join an organization to work in solitude.

  • I need to take one of the other books that I found in the old school to show Kes in Shadowmoon later.  I mentioned it to her last night, and she wants to see it.

  • The language it is written in isn’t something I’m familiar with.  It’s not something simply put into some secret code, unless it’s another language that I don’t know and a code.  That would complicate things even more.

  • The script is strange as well.  It’s almost as if it’s floating over the pages.  I have the strangest feeling while holding the book.

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