Vallindra’s Notes

  • The flayers were successfully fed the crystals from Netherstorm, and tagged with bright red cloth.  Ordinicus assisted me with the tagging.
  • First we had to find a good spot to leave the crystals so that they would eat them.  We chose an area next to an unoccupied crystal.  He thought they might be more likely to find it next to their regular food source.  I left various sizes on the ground and on some of the smaller crystals.  We then retreated to a safe distance and waited.
  • We didn’t have to wait long.  A group of four flayers approached the crystals.  They all ate some of the crystals from Netherstorm.  The tricky part was waiting for one to get far enough away from the others so that it could be safely tagged.  Luckily, they left the area one by one.  I turned them into sheep and Ordinicus ran out and tied the red cloth on their tail.  Of course, they run away as soon as the sheep spell wears off, but we could clearly see the red cloth on them.
  • I’ve been watching them over the past couple of days, well one at a time since they’re all split up now.  One of them threw up later on the same day it ate the crystals.  Another seemed sluggish and disinterested in eating more of it’s regular diet.
  • Yesterday, I was able to observe all four at different times.  They all seem a little off.  They’re a bit slower and less interested in anything.  They may be sick.  I’d like to capture one and see if it’s temperature is higher than normal or it’s heart rate is okay, but since I don’t know the normal temperature or heart rate of a flayer, we’d have to capture a second one.  I don’t even know if there’s a cage that could hold an angry healthy flayer, much less a sick one.  Remote observation will have to do at this point.
  • Today has been much the same.  They act as though they may be sick.  I’m thinking it’s a bad idea at this point to kill one to feed to the dragon.
  • It does bring to question, what are the dragons in Netherstorm eating?  We didn’t see a single flayer there.  If the crystals made them sick, and the flayers died, then what is the dragon’s food source?  Did any of them get sick from eating sick flayers?
  • I worry that one of the other dragons will try to eat one of our tagged flayers.  Hopefully, they won’t.
  • I love flashing my ring around in front of Kes.  She looks so sour about it.  I suppose I shouldn’t provoke her too much.  We do have to work with her after all, but a little fun never hurt.

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