Aeramin’s Notes

  • With the felguard problem taken care of, I’ve been able to use my practice time a lot more effectively and efficiently.  I’m not constantly worried that someone will wander just a short distance from the inn and find me.  I can go further now.  I’ve found a quiet place near the edge on the other side of the mountains.

  • I’ve been trying to work with Sarwyn on some of his other talents, but he’s been very fickle lately.  He obeys, but will always have some snide comment to make, if I don’t expressly forbid it, and he always looks for loopholes.

  • He wasn’t doing this before.  I have no doubt that he’s just jealous.  I don’t want him to try to take it out on Im.  I brought it up with Kes, and she said I had taken Sarwyn’s reward away.  Of course there’s only one thing a succubus wants as a reward, and that’s a little tricky now that I’m in a relationship with someone.

  • I decided I just needed to look at it different.  Kind of like I did back when I was working Murder Row, except this time, the stakes are a bit higher.  I’ll do that to make sure Im is safe.  I don’t know how else to handle a jealous succubus.  Kes didn’t either.

  • Im had some night practice.  I found out about it only after I had started supper.  His captain gives him little warning about these things, though I suppose the others don’t have anything else going on.  The captain probably likes interrupting their plans to go to the tavern, no matter that Im stays with me.

  • Anyway, after he left, I started making the temporary summoning circle on the floor of the bedroom, in between trips to the kitchen to check on the food.  I was going to have way too much for myself.  I even made bread!  I thought maybe Sarwyn could play along and eat with me.

  • I hadn’t finished the circle when there was a knock on the door.  It was Sanimir’s apprentices.  Of all the nights they could have come, they chose that one.  Oh well, I had someone to share the food with.  The boy even had a second plate.

  • His name is Renner.  He’s really good-looking.  Far too young for me, but I’m happy with Im.  He wouldn’t be too young for Sanimir, though, from talking to him, I don’t think anything is going on.  Still, I can see why Sanimir decided to take him on as a student.  I wouldn’t mind having to see him everyday either.

  • Des was with him, and they both stayed for supper.  Instead of discussing fire magic, we spoke more casually.  She told me about the house being fixed and the wedding and stuff.  Sanimir went to his sister’s wedding, which was rather surprising.  Just when I think I have that family figured out, something else happens.

  • I had a couple of glasses of wine at supper.  It loosened my tongue, probably a little too much.  I told them about having an informant look up things about his family, as well as doing my own research.  He doesn’t even know I did that.  He never asked how I found him.  In his head, I guess I just magically knew everything.  That’s fine with me, but I probably shouldn’t have told his apprentices.

  • Before he left, I was preparing myself to deal with his mother by understanding her.  I found out that Verisna Lightmist, his mother, has had seven children.  Five girls and two boys.  Not one.  Two.  The first boy died in his first year.  I also know she’s from a very well-off family, and actually took a step down the social ladder when she married Isturon.

  • So, we have the rich woman, worried about family lines and names who has two girls, then a boy who dies.  Then she has three more girls.  No wonder she’s over-protective of her son.

  • See, I was prepared to try to work with her.  Then he left me.  Thinking about that day still hurts.  It wasn’t only him.  My mother died the same day.  I needed him, and he was gone.

  • Anyway, I told his apprentices way too much.  Luckily, they had to go before I said much more!

  • I locked the door after they left.  I went back to the bedroom and summoned Sarwyn.  I don’t know why I asked him to look like that.  Maybe it was the wine.  I cried myself to sleep after.

  • It helped.  Sarwyn has been more agreeable lately.


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  1. Aww 😦 And Xan just hasn’t summoned his back since Vallindra has been around, lol

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