Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • My grant was denied.  No reason was given.  I asked.  They refused to say.
  • So I’m funding my own research.  At least I’m fairly certain I’ll find something, and I should be one of the first few to be writing anything about the ley-lines there.  It should pay off.
  • I met with “Magister” Embersun.  Oh, he won’t admit it, but he’s no mage.  Sanimir said he wasn’t one to throw stones, and that boy is an awful liar.  I believe him this time.
  • I spoke to Sanimir about Aeramin earlier.  I’m certain now that Aeramin meant to be that close to the demon.  He either did not have control over it in the first place or lost control of it.  Xanaroth thought I should be worried about my brother.  I’m not his babysitter anymore.  Thank the light.
  • If Sanimir is learning those things he’s hiding it very well.  I really don’t think he is, but Xanaroth insisted, so I played along.  I guess if he’s going to learn, it would be best if he learned from Kestrae, assuming she knows what she’s doing.  Having some guidance from someone who’s been doing it for a while is better than going about it on his own.
  • I do question why Aeramin was on his own then.  Perhaps it was some kind of test.  I suppose if it was, he failed.
  • Xanaroth didn’t seem to understand how it would be safer with a teacher.  I think he was playing dumb so that I wouldn’t suspect him.  It’s a little late for that.
  • Sanimir wasn’t too late arriving.  He gave us the portal for free, but I’ve heard about how much one can charge for a portal there.  He must be making quite a bit.
  • I was a bit shocked upon stepping through the portal and seeing this grand building.  I was expecting monkey tree huts.
  • We did see a monkey.  Luckily, it stayed where it was.  I’m glad I brought my own bedding.
  • But the building was beautiful and large and has almost everything you could want, except a private room.  They have dividers put up in the inn.
  • Sanimir showed us the inn and the library before he left, awkwardly.
  • My brother is an idiot.  I’m not sharing a room with anyone.
  • I’ve spoken with one of the locals about getting a translation done.  His orcish was surprisingly good.  At least the bear people are intelligent.  I’m still planning to use my own bedding though.  They probably have fleas.
  • Xanaroth asks many questions but answers few.  I’m sure he feels the same about me.  I’m careful about how much information I give out.
  • He denied that he does anything that the others do.  Yet he’s a researcher into the effects of fel on wildlife and just happens to travel with Kestrae and Aeramin.
  • He asked what else I study.  I had to make up a story about wanting to be a healer.  It’s true that I did help my father at one point, so it wasn’t entirely made up.  Although, helping my father just made me sure that I didn’t want to be a priestess.
  • I took a few books with maps back to my room last night.  It looks like there are some interesting temples and monasteries.  The Vale itself is a place of importance.  I may take a walk today and see if I can discover anything.

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