Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Berwick and I went to Dalaran.  I was able to post some skins to my father.  I hope he likes them!  They’re all so different from what we’re used to.  I’m selling the rest.  I’m certain they’ll fetch a good price.  I also stopped by the apartment and made sure that everything was in order.  I left the rent for the next month with the landlord, although, I’m enjoying the new land so much, I doubt we’ll be home much during the next month.

In fact, I’d say if we keep finding as much as we do, it may be more profitable to just stay in Pandaria.

Luckily, we ran into Sanimir the night before yesterday.  We had just been talking about how we were going to get everything home and get back when Berwick saw him walk in with Kes and Aeramin.  Kes had written about going back to see them.  She said Aeramin had been severely injured, but he looked okay.  I did notice he didn’t turn to say hello.  Maybe he hurt his neck or something.

Anyway, Sanimir agreed to do it, for free, so we met him yesterday and he made sure we were able to get everything transported.  It took a few portals.  I took some of the uncooked noodles to store at the apartment.  I don’t think they’ll go bad unless they’re cooked.  Then there was all the treasure and skins to transport as well.

Ember has grown.  I don’t think he’s suffering from the travel at all.  If anything, he’s enjoying the new food as much as we do.  I’ve been giving him scraps of meat from my kills.  He’s always begging for more!

I’m looking forward to the next site!  I gave father the shrine’s address so he can write to me there.  I think they’ll hold my mail if I’m not at the shrine when it arrives.


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