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Nessna’s Log

Sath’alor and I spent a few days in Winterspring.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened.  He asked!  He hid the ring in a cloak, which he had thought of to bring.  It was in a tiny pocket that I didn’t notice at first.  Then he pointed it out.  I said yes, of course.  Actually, I said yes before he really asked.  Then I said yes again when he did.  I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m a little worried about what people will say.  It doesn’t really bother me, but I guess it does a little.  It depends who’s saying things really.

The ring is really beautiful.  I keep stopping to look at it.

I had a large wedding before.  I think this time, I’d like to keep it small.  Maybe just the rangers and close family.  I guess it depends on what he wants too.  After all, he hasn’t done this before.  Something tells me he won’t want anything too big either, so something small will probably be what happens.

I will have to tell Thavron now though.  I guess I’ve put it off long enough.  I don’t want him to think I didn’t care for Vessen.  I did.  I still do.

I talked to Vessen the next day.  I woke up early, which is normal for me, and took a walk around the cottage we were staying at, and I told him then.  I don’t know if he hears me or what, but I feel better about telling him things than just trying to forget and move on.  I think he’d be happy that I still talk to him, and happy that I’m able to move on because of that.

Anyway, that’s the biggest news.  The other news is I’ve made a new friend.  He’s a young adult cat.  Sath wasn’t sure I’d be able to get one to trust me in the short time we were there, but I managed it.  He’s naturally curious, sociable and quite hungry.  He loved the food I left out to coax one over!  I don’t know what to call him yet, but I’ll have to think of something soon so he’ll get used to me calling him that.  He’s pure white so maybe something related to winter or snow.  I’ll have to think more about it.

All this excitement, but part of me can’t wait to get home.  I miss my baby.


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Dinadrian – The Search III

Dinadrian Boughtender sat on a pile of snow on a hill outside a goblin town in Winterspring.  He remembered it was called something, but he couldn’t remember what.  He tilted his head and twitched a half-rotted ear.  Such things normally did not bother him, but this time he found himself struggling to recall the name.

He had been sitting in the same spot for days, watching the town.  Watching the people come and go by hippogryph.  He watched now as another arrived.  The newcomer handed the reins of the hippogryph to the handler, and scurried down the path to the front gate of the town.  The biting wind no doubt the cause of his haste to get to the town.

There was no back gate.  Dinadrian found this strange, but it didn’t bother him.  He could see over the wall.  Perhaps goblins had another way out if the front gate were attacked.  He watched over the wall as the man ran into what looked to be the inn.

The man wasn’t the druid.

He would find him, but he was not here.  Reasonably, if the druid had used a hippogryph or flown himself, he could be anywhere.

Dinadrian stood and started following along the path to the west.  He looked back at the town.  Everlook.  It meant nothing to him.  He frowned and continued on his way.

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Dinadrian – The Search II: Winterspring

Dinadrian Boughtender picked his way down the icy slope.  He had to be careful.  If he fell now, the broken bones and possibly severed body parts would only hinder his efforts to find his master.  He had almost fallen once, near the top, when the ice gave away below him.  Now with each step downward, he froze the ground beneath him, sealing any cracks that may have formed as to lessen the chance of it breaking apart.

At last he reached the bottom.  To either side now, the icy walls of the canyon loomed above him.  He had looked for another way to cross, but the bridge that was out had been the only way.  Now he had to find a way up the other side.

Large, angry frozen elementals roamed the canyon.  He kept his runeblade out as he walked along the northern wall of the ravine.  He kept watch for both the elementals, and the best place to climb up.  He walked along, passing some old elven ruins,  and stepping over some old bones here and there.  Some of them looked to have been humanoid in origin, possibly a dwarf.  Dinadrian did not stop to wonder.  He kept walking.

He came upon a spot where the ravine wall may have collapsed at some point to form an angled slope.  It was very steep, but he may be able to climb here.  It was slick with ice.  About half way up, two large frozen elementals patrolled back and forth.  He started on his way up.

As he was careful descending the first side, he was also careful ascending the other.  A fall now would hinder him.  He carefully picked his way, freezing each step.  As he neared where the elementals were patrolling back and forth on a small ledge, he drew his runeblade.

They saw him before he could get up on the ledge.  They tried to push him off with their icy winds.  He gripped the ledge with one hand, digging his fingers into the frozen surface.  He swung his blade at them with his other hand, and parried their axe swings.  He pulled himself up further.  The closest elemental swung its axe at his head.  Dinadrian ducked, letting the axe pass before pulling himself up enough to lunge towards the first elemental.  He parried another axe swing before stabbing his blade at it.  It knocked a bit of ice off the frozen center of the elemental.  The second elemental swung at him.  Dinadrian dodged, finding himself teetering on the edge of the ledge.  The first elemental had recovered enough to take another swing at him.

He certainly would have been hit by the axe, had he not blocked it with his blade.  He certainly would have been knocked off, if he had not held onto something.  Had the elemental let go of the axe that he had chosen to hold onto, he would have fallen.  The elemental did not seem so eager to lose his weapon, and pulled Dinadrian to safety.  Dinadrian rolled out of the way as the second elemental swung hard towards where he lay on the ground.  The second elemental’s axe lodged into the ground.  He struggled to get it free.  Dinadrian hopped to his feet, and swung at the first elemental, taking out another large chunk of it.  It’s axe dropped to the ground, and it howled an echoing wail as it fell apart.

The remaining elemental pulled at his axe, yanking it free of the ice.  Dinadrian wasted no time getting a first swing in taking out a big chunk of the central core of the elemental.  It pulled the axe up over its head and swung it down at Dinadrian.  He tumbled out of the way.  The elemental swung again.  Dinadrian parried, and turned to stab at the elemental.  The elemental shrieked a hollow wail, as it dropped to the ground in pieces next to the first one.

Dinadrian sheathed his runeblade, and returned to climbing up the icy slope.  There was a town to the north.  He didn’t know how he knew that, but he would go there.  Perhaps someone there had seen the master.

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The Future

I worry what will happen.

Everything is so right for us right now.  I love her.  She loves me.  We love Relanos.  He loves us.

What if Relanos decides, when he gets older, that he doesn’t want a father that doesn’t breathe?  He could.  Is it much different from deciding you don’t want a father that is your sister’s mate to call your mate’s father your own because he became mates with your sister?

Can I still call him that?

I thought I had already made my decision.  I look at Relanos and realize how really complicated this all is.  He didn’t ask for an undead father to adopt him.  He very well could reject me in the future.


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OOC – And In Today’s News

Sakia and Neeah both finished the brewfest meta for the title.  Druid Jaellynn finished his Winterspring Frostsaber dailies and Kelanori looted my first brewfest ram of the year.

Still the wrong character...

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OOC – Second Winterspring Frostsaber

Jaeyn was my first character with the winterspring frostsaber mount.  He got it the old fashioned way.  Today Jaellynn finished the new quests and became my second character with it.  My third will be druid Jaellynn in two more days. 🙂

20 exalted reps was a bonus!

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OOC – Another Screenshot

Druid Jaellynn meets Deathwing.

Uh oh...


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