The Draft 4

Cadellus sat at the fire after returning from the latest scouting mission.  It had been mostly clean-up work now, with not much left to scout.  He wished to return to the Peak of Serenity to continue his training there, but so far his captain had not budged on his current assignment.  Cadellus thought he was probably still in trouble for staying longer than he was supposed to the first time.  However, nothing much had been said about it since he had returned to his group.  He knew there were bigger problems to deal with now, so he had simply been given more to do upon finally presenting himself for duty.  Still, with things winding down now on the island, it would be nice if they would let him go back and finish at the peak.

But then there were the rumors.  He had heard that they wouldn’t be staying on the island much longer.  As the rumors went, they weren’t going home either, but to Kalimdor.

He frowned as the captain walked up to the fire, and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.  “Listen up!  We’ll be heading out to our next assignment tomorrow.  Pack up tonight, and prepare to take the tents down at dawn.  I know some of you have been talking about the rumors floating around.  We will be going to Kalimdor, but I have no further information to share with you yet.  We’ll know more after we take our portal to Quel’Danas tomorrow evening.”

Cadellus blinked and stood up, “I wish to request reassignment.  I’d like to go back to the peak to continue my training there.”

The captain frowned, “Maybe after all of this is over.  Only a few can be spared to remain behind for defenses.  You’ll be coming with us.”  He turned and walked away before Cadellus could argue further.

Cadellus grumbled to himself as he sat back down at the fire.


Aranae poked her head out of the tent at the sound of clapping near the campfire.  She heard it all, and it was no surprise.  She had heard the rumors, after all.  She scanned the crowd for Tsi Ku, but didn’t see her.  Of course, Tsi Ku was pandaren, not sin’dorei, but she was often near the camp.  Aranae didn’t see her now, but figured she couldn’t be too far off.

She hoped there was some way out of going to Quel’Danas.  She was a monk.  Had Master Cheng decided that her training was done?  If it wasn’t, could she go back to the peak, or would they make her go, just as they did to Cadellus.  She peeked out the tent flaps.  Most had left the fire now, but a few remained while waiting for supper.  She crawled out and went to join them.


Gaelardrim tied the last rope to the anchor in the ground.  Another tent was set up.  Already, people had begun to arrive.  Most of the tents were to provide temporary shelter while the ships and plans for the portals were made ready, and were lined end to end with closely spaced cots.  One of them was already filled.  Another tent was set up with tables and chairs with a food preparation area at one end.  There was also some training areas set up closer to the docks.  It had been a lot of work.

Luckily, his work on the island kept him from having to go to Orgrimmar.  He didn’t envy any of the people here who had to.  If even half the things he had heard were true, it was not a place he’d ever want to go.  He was perfectly content to stay on Quel’Danas and set up the tents.


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