The Siege

Tsi Ku,

I miss Pandaria.  Kalimdor is full of dust and it stinks.  It probably stinks mostly because it’s so hot here and there’s really no place to bathe.  Cadellus is stinky too.  Have you ever noticed that?  Men smell really bad sometimes, especially if there’s no bath and lots of heat.  It’s gross.

They kept us mostly in our groups so he’s still whining to me about how much he hates it here too.  As if anyone likes it?  Sometimes, I wonder if there’s any earplugs in the supplies.  I bet there has to be.

We’re fighting with trolls now, not against them, so I’m not allowed to kick them in the face here.  They weren’t sure where to put me.  It was kind of amusing when I told them what I do.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that I’m planning to go back to Pandaria after this is all done.  I’m not even sure if Master Cheng thinks I’m done with my training yet.  Maybe I need to kick something bigger in the face yet.

– Aranae


Nessna Amberlight nocked another arrow on her bow and took aim.  Her husband, Vessen, stood beside her and did the same.  They both drew back and released their arrows at the same time, sending them flying towards the orcs rushing down the hills towards the docks.  They had been trying to take the towers for days now.  They were heavily guarded, but were quite possibly their only hope against the large protodrake circling the skies.

They had been staying further south.  She and Vessen were able to share a tent, but many others had to cram into bigger tents.  They weren’t as big as the ones on the isle, but they still didn’t offer much privacy.  She was glad they allowed Vessen to bring and set up his own tent within the camp.

She nocked another arrow, drew back and took aim.  She did worry sometimes if she was doing the right thing.  She could have stayed home with her infant son, but then there would be one less person to bring the crazed orc down.  She wondered if everyone else had a valid excuse for not coming if the orc would just run rampant with power.  No, she had to be here.  Vessen did too.  It was their duty as rangers to protect their people, and in protecting their people, they were also protecting their son’s future.

She let loose another arrow.


My Love, Isandri,

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner.  Things have been pretty hectic here with setting up the tents and scheduling the shifts.  I’ve also had to map out some patrols and assign them.  Being unfamiliar with the area made that take more time than I would have liked.  I have my own tent here.  There’s even a cheap table and chair in it.  I sleep on a cot behind my table and chair.  Everyday, I have to write up the assignments and post them outside.  Most of the time they’re the same as the day before.

Things are settling into a routine here now.  I prefer that.  The alternative means we’re overwhelmed with things to do, or under attack.  Neither of which is very enticing. I’ll gladly take routine.  I think those in my unit prefer it too.  Sometimes I go on patrols with them.  I don’t feel right sitting in my tent all day.

We are quite a ways from the fighting.  We have seen the first few injuries come in.  They are usually ported here and have already received some attention.  From our patrols, we can see the walls of Orgrimmar, and the shore where most of the fighting is now taking place.  We’re still a good distance away, and can not see either from where the tents are set up.

How is everything at home?  How is the baby?  Are you still working on your apprenticeship?  Lanthiriel wanted me to ask you if her father had said anything to you, though I doubt he would have.  She’s worried that he’s upset with her.  How is everyone else?  I miss you so much.  You’re so beautiful, and I love you.  I wish I were home with you.  Arelanis misses you too.  I should have left her with you.  I think she’s bored here.  She brought back two big boars the other day.  There wasn’t much else to do but to cook them.  I think everyone appreciated it, even though her hunting trip was unauthorized.  The mage who conjures our food is awful.  Everything tastes like garlic.

Have you tried sending cookies yet?

I’m about to go on another patrol, this time with a couple of the boys from one of the farms.  I love you.  You’re in my thoughts all the time.




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