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Winter Ball Notes

The winter ball was great! I was a little worried… Actually no, I was a LOT worried. I was worried the ring wouldn’t fit, or that she wouldn’t like it, or that she’d say no for some reason, even if we did kind of talk about it beforehand. I don’t think I needed to worry as much as I did because she said yes! I think she’s really excited too. I hope she can still concentrate on her studies!

She’s going to go for her testing a couple of weeks after the holidays are over. I’m so excited for her! I’ll be going with her, so I really hope we can go to eat after to celebrate!  Magister Fairsong has already offered her work after she graduates, and this spring, as soon as it’s warm enough, he’s having more of the houses on his estate rebuilt. One of them will be for her! We’re already discussing what we want. She’ll need a nice work room and office. We want a nice bedroom too! I’m sure I want a small stable built onto the side for my dragonhawk. I want it enclosed so that it doesn’t get cold, and I can get to it from a door in the house.

Oh, that’s the other thing! I went to pick up my egg from the breeder just before the winter ball. I was told it would hatch in a couple of days, but it hatched the next day! I’m so glad I was there because I got to be the first person the hatchling saw. Now there’s a lot of work feeding it. Luckily, it eats like a bird, literally. That means for twelve hours a day, I need to feed it every fifteen minutes, but the other 12 hours, it sleeps. It’s only for a couple of weeks before it’s older and can eat different food that’ll take longer to digest. It’ll grow a lot during that time too. Its eyes barely open, and it’s only about the size of my hand right now. I carry it around a lot inside my shirt. That way I know it stays warm, and I can still go on patrol and see Des. I take its food with me and feed it every few minutes.

I still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl because when they’re this young, it’s hard to tell. It’s a beautiful blue shade which is good cause that’s what I paid for! I was lucky to have enough left over after the ring, but I had been saving for months so I guess that worked out in my favor. I got her a really nice ring with gems woven in vines. They aren’t large gems, but I think it looks really nice the way it is. I guess there was another proposal at the winter ball and the other girl had a huge diamond ring. It must have cost a fortune! I really hope Des likes hers. I picked it, not because it was cheaper, but because I thought it was the best one for her. I guess if she doesn’t like it, we could always go back and get a different one.




She said yes! I couldn’t wait to tell my father, which worked out well since I invited my family to the Winter Ball at the school. Now he can contact her parents, and get everything arranged! I’m so happy! I’m hoping it’ll be fine for her to move in with me in the house I’ll have in the spring. I asked Magister Fairsong, and he said if we’re engaged it’s okay as long as her parents approve of it. I think if they approve of the engagement, they’ll be fine with it. I hope they are anyway! I guess they could be jerks, and say they won’t allow it until we’re married, which will be after her studies are done. I really love her so I hope they’ll understand that!

I’ve been trying to spend as much time with her as possible, but I also have to dedicate a lot of time to review right now. I’ll be taking my test in just a couple of weeks now. I’m really nervous about it! Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll be fine, but what if they ask something I don’t know? Or what if I just forget? I can’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten something temporarily, but then it comes back to me later and I feel dumb because I forgot! I guess it’ll probably happen, but hopefully it won’t happen too much!




I’ve done it. I’ve finished copying and translating the book. It took a long time because I’m not really good at writing, and I’m sure the translation is riddled with spelling errors. I’m also sure the mage paying us will be able to figure out what I mean. I’m much better with speaking common than I am with writing it.

Harrier is finished with the clocks, but we decided to stay for the winter ball for the free food. There’s bound to be a ton of leftovers that we’ll be able to take when we leave.

This morning, I spoke to the headmaster and told him how much I appreciated everything. I was being mostly honest, though he doesn’t know about the book. He allowed me to stay here free of charge as a student. I think a poor student, but he said that I might have some slight magic ability. I never knew it. I just kept insisting that I wanted to learn theory even if I wound up never able to cast, and he let me stay. I thought I’d be able to find the book, and leave quickly, but it didn’t work out that way. Then the whore had to be a little bitch about it. He found the book. Somehow, he became a fire mage and is the instructor here for that. I guess he’s not a whore anymore, but he recognized me. Being a teacher, he has greater access to rooms that students can’t get into. He managed to find the book, steal it, and let me copy it. He never left me alone with it, which I suppose he knew I’d take it and run if he had. At last, I’m finally done.

Anyways, after I told the headmaster that I appreciated everything, I went back to my lie about my mother. My real mother is long dead. I don’t even remember what she looked like, but my fake rich mother wants me to go back to Silvermoon and go to a very prestigious school there. I told him I’d try to get her to send money here for my tuition expenses for the time that he allowed me to study for free. I don’t know why, but I felt a little guilty saying that. It’s never bothered me to lie before. It shouldn’t now.

Anyway, he knows I’ll be leaving soon. I think he also knows that Harrier is done, so hopefully it doesn’t seem suspicious when we leave on the same day.


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The Ruins Revisited

Julan hadn’t seen him leave, and no one else had. They all had been too busy eating to notice. It wasn’t until Kavia got up and took some of the empty plates to the kitchen that the note was found. They had already discussed when they had last seen Orledin, and had decided it was when he brought the bread out to them. Now they were figuring out what to do next. The Captain wasn’t at the building yet, but should be soon. There was some talk about waiting for him. Someone else suggested a search party going out for him right away, while others waited to tell the Captain. There were two missing rangers in the same morning. Julan put his boots on and slipped out the door, taking care not to be noticed by the others.”

He started heading into the forest when he heard a voice behind him.

“Julan! Wait, where are you going?”

He turned to face the elf running towards him, Perothis. He was the youngest of the rangers, evidenced by the fact that his parents still sent a package for him once a month with cookies and useful things like mittens, scarves, combs and toothbrushes. Julan had never had anyone who cared enough about him to do something like that, and whenever a new package arrived, he started wondering what it was like. He always decided, rather quickly, that it must be annoying, and went on to think about something else.

“Nowhere.” Julan lied in response to Perothis’s question.

“You’re going somewhere. We have a recruit missing, and Orledin is gone. We don’t need you to disappear as well.”

“I’m not disappearing. I’m just checking something.”

“What are you checking?”

Julan paused, trying to come up with something good. “The trees.”

“The trees? What’s wrong with the trees?”


“Then why do they need to be checked?”

Julan shrugged.

“Look, you shouldn’t go alone. I’ll go with you.”

“You can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’ll look at your butt or something, and that makes everyone uncomfortable.”

Perothis looked at him and grinned, “If you do, I’ll tell Des and she’ll turn you into a sheep.”

“I don’t want to be a sheep.”

“Then don’t look at my butt or anything.”

“I have a better idea. You could stay here.”

“You’re not really going to check the trees. There’s nothing wrong with the trees. You’re doing something else, and you better tell me what, or I’ll go tell the others.”

Julan paused again. Trees wasn’t a good answer the first time, but trees were the only thing around. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to tell him the truth. “Look, if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone else, and it’s not because it’s my secret. It’s someone else’s, and I’m very discreet. I don’t tell the secrets of others, but since you’ve caught me, I’ll tell you. You have to promise not to tell the others.”

Perothis regarded him with suspicion. “Is it a bad secret?”

“No, it’s not good or bad, it’s just someone else’s.”

Perothis took a moment to think about it before nodding, “I won’t tell.”

“Okay. Follow me.” Julan began to lead Perothis through the forest. He had learned early on in his life that it was always a good idea to pay attention to landmarks, direction, and distance. He had been slightly drunk when he had come this way before, but he paid even more attention to those kinds of details then. Previous to becoming a ranger, it was mostly useful for getting out of a crowded Murder Row slum, or occasionally, a client would want to take him to a part of the city he wasn’t familiar with. Once he had one ask him to Eversong, which was the furthest he had been from Murder Row in his life, before coming out here. Knowing how to get back home was important. Clients rarely cared about getting him home after their needs were taken care of.

“So where are we going?”

“Some troll ruins. Orledin had some things in some of the huts he fixed up. Maybe he’s there. I don’t know how many people know about it. The path isn’t very visible, and it’s not near any of our routes. I’d rather have him mad at me for telling everyone, so keep it quiet.”

“Oh. If he’s there, he won’t be mad at me, will he?”

Julan shrugged, “I’ve never seen him mad, have you?”


“I hope he won’t be then. He has the troll huts fixed up really nice and has a place to sit and read, and he puts together bones in the others.”

Perothis nodded, “Is that where the reanimated raptor is? I want to see it.”

Julan stopped walking. Of all the things he could forget, how could he forget that? “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

“Orledin might be there. We have to check!”

“It might be there too.”

“So, he has control over it, right?”

Julan twitched an ear, “I guess.” He continued walking again, though a bit more cautiously than before.

Soon, they reached a clearing. They passed the troll huts that were nearly reclaimed by the forest and headed to the ones near the river. Julan warily walked around one of them to the entrance. He glanced inside. Sheets covered the skeletons that Orledin had been wiring together. He saw no sign of the death knight.

“Check the other hut while I check this one over here.”

Perothis nodded and headed towards the third hut, while Julan went around to the entrance on the second. It had been covered by a leather flap. He raised it, and peeked inside. Again, there was no sign of the elf. The cot that Julan had slept on that night was in this room. Julan walked into the hut trying not to think about what had happened that night. He failed as his mind wandered. It hadn’t been bad really, but the thought of it still grossed him out.


He heard Perothis call from the other side of the third hut. He had been trying to be quiet as to not attract the attention of any reanimated skeletons. Perothis apparently didn’t have such fears. Julan quickly left the second hut to join him.

“Look.” Perothis pointed at the ground.

The third hut was the closest to the river. Julan looked at the ground, but it was all mud around this area due to the frequent autumn rain. He looked at Perothis wondering why he had been so excited about mud.

“Don’t you see? Look.” Perothis knelt down closer and then Julan saw it. There were some strange markings in the mud. No, not markings. Those were tracks. Bone tracks. Raptor bone tracks.

“Are those fresh?”

“It rained last night. They have to be, but look over here. See, there’s elf boot tracks too.”

Julan followed him, nodding as he pointed out the other tracks. “He was here then. We could just follow the tracks, right?”

“Well, normally we could follow them until he got to drier ground, but that’s the other thing. They stop down there closer to the river.”

“What do you mean they stop?”

Perothis shrugged, “They just do, go look for yourself.”

Julan followed the tracks down the bank of the river to find the younger elf was right. The tracks just stopped though there was plenty of mud to make more. He looked back up the bank at Perothis. “We need to tell the Captain.”

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Old Drunky

“There are more coming over the hill!”

Sunashe turned away from the blockade overlooking the valley on one side of the town and ran to join the others going up the road over the hill.  The valley below had been partially cleared, but more were coming up from the south.


He looked up to where the voices came from.  Elves moved more makeshift barricades out to block the road.  Some were even moving tables and couches out of homes to the path of the approaching undead army.  There was more yelling up ahead, then he saw them just over the crest of the hill.  There were only a few at first, but more kept coming, and then more.  Sunashe took cover behind one of the tables that had been flipped onto its side in the path of the oncoming Scourge, and readied his bow.  He stood up behind his cover, and drew his bowstring back as he faced the undead army.  They had already poured over the first few barricades at the top of the hill.  Sunashe paused only a moment as his eyes first beheld the horrors in front of him before letting loose his bowstring.  Aim for the neck, he thought to himself as he nocked another arrow.  Though he hit his marks, there were more coming.  He saw the friends he worked with fall in front of him.  He glanced backwards to see that others still stood and fought behind him.  Maybe it would be enough to divert them from the town.  He nocked another arrow as something grabbed his leg.  His bow fell from his hands as he fell to the ground.  He grabbed his dagger from his belt, and started slashing at any Scourge that came close, but was soon overwhelmed.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed.  He heard crying nearby, a whimpering pathetic cry.  It was followed by groans of pain.  He opened his eyes.

Pale moonlight filled the men’s quarters of the ranger building.  It had only been a dream.  That dream.  Again.  He rolled over in his bed and adjusted his pillow before placing his head on it and closing his eyes.  It would be a while yet before dawn, and it would be best if he could get back to sleep.  He closed his eyes, then he heard it again.  It was the same whimpering groan that he had heard in his dream.  He sat up, and looked in the direction it had come from.

While it was dark, there was still enough moonlight that Sunashe could see.  It helped that the source of the sound had chosen a bed near the window.  The new guy, an older man who had quit drinking just before joining, slept fitfully there.  He had tossed and turned on his bed so much tonight that his blanket and pillow rested on the floor.

“Old Drunky,”  Sunashe frowned as he got out of bed, strapping his foot on his leg before standing.  He walked over and bent down to pick up the pillow and blanket.  “You’ll get through this.  Things will be better in a few days.  You’ll see.”  He placed the pillow near the man’s head and put the blanket over him.  While he hadn’t meant to touch the man, his hand came in contact with his shoulder as he placed the blanket, and he paused.  The man felt warm, and he was sweating.

“You’re deep in withdrawal now, aren’t you, Old Drunky.  We’ll get you through this.”

The man mumbled something that Sunashe didn’t understand, as Sunashe looked around at the other beds.  Their youngest member was the only other one who had woken.  His glowing green eyes giving away the fact that he was awake.  “Perothis, it’s okay.  Go back to sleep.”  If Tylenthis or Gaelardrim were awake, he couldn’t tell.  He turned his attention back to Old Drunky.  He put his hand on his forehead.  The man turned his head, and mumbled again as he batted his hand away.  He definitely had a fever.

“Hey, Old Drunky.  Wake up.”  Sunashe said quietly, giving the man a shake. He pulled back as the man swung at him in his sleep.

“What’s going on?”  Perothis had ignored Sunashe’s instructions to go back to sleep, and now stood at the foot of Old Drunky’s bed.

Sunashe sighed, “He has a fever, probably from withdrawal.  We need to get him somewhere to lower it.  Maybe a cool bath.”

“Would giving him a drink help? It could take off the edge.”

Sunashe shook his head as he got up and walked to the bathroom.  He started filling the tub.  “No, that’s the worst thing we could give him right now.  He needs to come through this without a drink.  He’s in the most difficult part right now.  I’ve seen this before.  I’ve seen people fail from this.  I won’t stand around and watch Old Drunky fail.  No alcohol.  He might need some water after we get him awake.”  He started back towards the bed, still speaking in a hushed tone as to not wake the others, “Isn’t that right, Old Drunky?  I’ll have to find something else to call you after you get through this.”

Perothis raised a brow as he followed Sunashe back to the bed, “You could always call him by his name.”

The old man did have a name.  Arancon.  Sunashe shrugged, and changed the subject back to the task at hand, “Help me get him to the bath.”

Arancon mumbled again as Sunashe tried to wake him once more.  This time, his words were slightly more intelligible.  “I won’t go back.” he said as Sunashe tried to get him to sit up, “You can’t make me.”

“Good. Good. No one wants to make you go back.  We just want you to go to the bath to lower your fever.  Come on now.”

Arancon offered little resistance after being told he wouldn’t have to go back.  To where, Sunashe didn’t know, nor did he care, as long as Old Drunky’s fever was lowered. Perothis, who had stayed back out of the way, now joined Sunashe, and helped Arancon to the bath.  Sunashe knew he’d have to get the priestess in town to see the older man in the morning, and that he might have to stay at the clinic in town while his body worked out the withdrawal, but he would do what he could tonight.

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Ranger Logs

Gaelardrim’s Log:

Things here have been going well.  I think the real rangers are starting to think of us newer people as real rangers too, usually.  They’ve put Ty and I on our own morning patrol.  I hate morning patrol, but I think it’s good they trust us to do our job.  It does cut into the time I would normally have to work on the house, but I have adjusted.  Ty and I stop for lunch at the school so that I still get to see Maerista daily at the regular time.  She’s always waiting for me at her window, which is big and has a place for her to sit.  We go meet in the garden then, though I doubt we’ll be able to eat outside for much longer.  The air has been getting chill, and the clouds have been getting darker.  It’s been raining off and on for the past few days.

I was hoping to have the house done before winter, and there is still time, but we won’t be able to work on it if it’s raining too much.  Ty and Orledin have been helping most afternoons after patrol.  Sunashe has been not helping by insisting that we practice our bow shooting right after patrol, which cuts into the daylight hours.  Anyway, it’s starting to look like a house now, so as long as it doesn’t rain everyday for the next couple months, it should be done before any snow falls.


Sunashe’s Log:

Maybe it will work out.  We went to Shattrath, and to the forest just outside the city.  She showed me some of the things she had talked about.  Spiders bigger than the spiders here in the Ghostlands, and funny looking trees.  They were tall and thin, and had cones that dropped from them.  She showed me the birds that lived nearby, and some giant moths.  I also saw some lizards that disappeared and reappeared not far away.  Lin said it was like a mages blink spell.  Magic lizards!  I’d like to learn more about them, and Lin seemed fond of the moths.  I’m hoping we can take a trip back there soon.

I did stop at the library to get books.  I don’t think they get many people asking for lizard books, at least, that’s what I gathered from the look on the girl’s face when I asked.


Orledin’s Log:

I’ve started baking bread in advance to go with supper as I’ve been helping Gaelardrim build his house.  He didn’t seem too sure about having me help at first, but things seem okay now.  I’m happy that things are going well for Ty and him, but I find something that needs being done on the other side of the house if they start talking about girls too much.  It’s not that I mind it, it’s just I don’t want to be asked if there’s any girls that I’m looking at, or worse, asked about my experience with girls!  Hah, there isn’t any.

I don’t want them to find out, still.  I’ve told the Confessor, but I know he’ll keep it secret.  I’ve spoken with Aeramin too, but I don’t think he’ll tell anyone.  He’s not here with the rangers often anyway, so that works out very well, especially since he doesn’t care to see me again.  Sorrowmoss also knows, but I think if she was going to tell anyone, she would have by now.


Perothis’s Log:

It’s been really great finally being able to go on patrol.  Lin has been taking us with her in the afternoon and evening shift.  Not a lot happens on patrol and I feel a bit like the odd one out because I’m the only guy, and I’m a lot younger than both of the women. They talk more to each other when we stop for our break than they do to me, but that’s okay.  It gives me more time to concentrate on learning the route.

The reservations that I had for the trip for Des and I were messed up, but the friend I have there is trying to arrange something for us.  He works at one of the big inns there and said that the prices go down a bit in the winter because more people go in the summer.  Anyway, we should be able to go soon.  I’m really excited about that trip.  I always feel like someone is watching us at the school.  I bet the Magister has scrying orbs all over the place or something crazy like that, which makes me a bit shy to even kiss her!  It’ll be a lot nicer on the trip.


(( And a letter arrives at the ranger building.  The penmanship is sloppy and the letter is written on the backside of a bill from a tavern. ))

Captain Silverdawn,

I am looking for work, and was wondering about the rangers as I’ve recently heard that you’ve taken on someone with a missing foot and helped him get surgery.  I too have some injuries which have prevented me from working, and need some assistance in that area.  I do not know much about archery, but I do have a sword and armor.  If my old injuries can be tended to, I would like to join.

– Arancon Firewind


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Wedding Shorts

Some really short stories I wrote that relate to the guests at the Confessor and Lani’s wedding.  Sorry they’re all out of order.


[[ This one takes place just after the Confessor and Lani’s wedding ceremony. ]]

Keyalenn Goldbrand lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling.  He wasn’t sick.  That was a lie he had told in order to be excused from the festivities early.  While he was happy for the Confessor and Lani, and he did want to be there at their party, he couldn’t take the heartache he felt when seeing Linarelle.  During the ceremony, he had tried to ignore his feelings, but the more he tried , the worse he felt.  So, after the ceremony was over, he told the Magister he felt ill and that he was going to his room.

His stomach growled.  He could hear the music from the party in the garden outside his open window.  The thought occurred to him that he could go out, and get some food to bring back up.  Maybe no one would see him, but then, he thought he might not be that hungry.  It was just his stomach growling.  He didn’t really feel like eating.

If he did go, he might see her, and that was the deciding factor.  He lay still upon the bed, staring at the ceiling as tears welled up in his eyes.  He’d rather not take the chance.


[[ This one takes place the evening before the wedding. ]]

It was a different house, Aunt Lani’s house, and there was so much to explore.  Rylad was faster on his feet now than he was the last time he was here.  He ran from one room to the next.  The stairs were blocked, and the rooms were small, but it was fun.  Aunt Lani wasn’t there, but he wasn’t alone.  Two other elves sat at the table in the small dining room.  One of them used pencils on a book.  That wasn’t right.  Minn’da said it wasn’t good to draw on books.  The older elf here didn’t seem to know there was anything wrong with it.  Maybe it was okay here.

Rylad stopped running and climbed up on one of the chairs to stand on and see better.  The older elf reached over to help Rylad, but Rylad pushed his hand away.  Rylad doesn’t need any help!  The older elf still kept his hand near Rylad’s back without touching him.  That was okay.  Rylad hit the table with both hands and yelled in triumph.

He started to climb up on the table and reached for one of the pencils.  That was when the older elf picked him up.  He took the pencil out of Rylad’s hands and handed it to the other elf who was still sitting with his book open.  The other elf took it.  Rylad screamed.  They took his pencil!  He started kicking and flailing his arms as he continued to cry.  Where was Minn’da?  He cried out her name.  Maybe she would come for him.  He didn’t want to be picked up.  He arched his back and cried louder as the older elf carried him to the other room.

Where was Minn’da?  Where was Saff?  He cried for both.

“Shh.  It’s okay.  Look, here’s your blanket.”  The older elf said as he sat in a chair and pulled the blanket, which had a little tiger on it, over Rylad.  His voice was gentle and soothing.  Rylad forgot why he was crying as the older elf rocked him back and forth.  His eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.


[[ The last three take place the day after the wedding. ]]

Perothis had arrived home late the night before, and wasn’t able to speak to his parents then as they were already asleep.  He woke up early this morning, and started planning what he would say to them.  It wasn’t that they were against him becoming a ranger some day, and preferably, that’s what Perothis would like eventually anyway.  For now, he was working, and training in the city.  He was supposed to be saving up money for further training, but Desdeyliri had introduced him to the ranger captain in the Ghostlands the night before.  He’d be able to join them and receive free training.

Of course, the obvious benefit was that he would be much closer to Des, and would be able to see her more often.  Another obvious benefit would be the free training and immediate work.  He was already saving up to get his own place as well, so being able to do that without worrying about further training would be ideal.

He did think he would miss the city, just a little.  He’d miss his friends and his parents, and maybe even his sister a little too.  He wasn’t sure about buying a house in the Ghostlands either.  Most of them were in need of extensive repair.  It was either that or build his own home, and he didn’t know much about building or fixing!  Of course, the captain had mentioned that he would be able to stay at the ranger building.  That would do to start with.

He heard his mother call out his name.  Breakfast was ready.  He took a deep breath.  It was time to tell them.


Gaelardrim had always preferred to think of himself as being a logical person.  If something didn’t make sense, he didn’t consider it an option.  He was surprised then by his recent thoughts concerning one of the students at the mage school. There was no doubt her parents would not approve of her seeing a ranger.  Mage students often came from the more affluent homes, those that could afford the tuition.  They typically didn’t approve of their daughters running about with guys who didn’t have much, like rangers.  Gaelardrim knew that first hand.  His own family had been wealthy.

Of course, he didn’t have it now.  The money was tied up in the Silvermoon courts as they decided exactly where it should go.  Gaelardrim wasn’t sure he wanted it, even if they did decide it belonged to him.  The mansion he had lived in, sat locked and rotting on one of the streets where most of the homes were in the same state and situation.  His family was gone now.  He was the only one left.  The only one who saw that it didn’t make sense.  The only one who had refused to go.

And yet, while he could see that he was setting both himself and Maerista up for heartbreak, he didn’t understand how he could still feel so powerless to stop it.  He should be able to just say he couldn’t see her anymore and let that be that, but the very thought made him shake his head, almost in panic.  He wanted to be with her, but it didn’t make sense.  He had even kissed her!

“I love her.”

“What was that?”  Ty asked.  They had been practicing at the targets as they did every day.

Gaelardrim looked up, unaware that he had spoken out loud until Ty said something.  “Oh, nothing.  That was a nice shot.” he said, nodding towards the target.

Thankfully, Ty didn’t question any further, and allowed the conversation to turn towards their practice.


They’re hiding something.  I know it.  That was the one thought Vallindra kept having since meeting the boy her sister had adopted.  They had told her that he was a local orphan.  A local orphan who happened to have the same name as her dead brother.  She would have been able to accept that as the truth, if she had never met him, but the moment she saw that dark red hair she had her doubts.  His face was too close to how Sanimir looked at the same age, but he was far too young to be the real Vaildor, besides, she remembered very well that night over a hundred years ago when he had died as a baby.  She frowned slightly.  No.  I won’t feel guilty for that.  I was just a kid.

She shook her head.  Whatever had happened then was done, and in the past.  That didn’t change the fact that there was a boy here who looked like he belonged in the family and had the same name.  She was determined to get to the bottom of it.  She picked up her pen and began inking a letter to the Spire in Silvermoon where they kept the records.

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A Letter to Desdeyliri

My Dearest Desdeyliri,

Hello!  I was so happy to get your letter.  I asked for the day off to come to see you in Lani’s wedding, and I think I’m going to get it.  There should be less going on then, so I don’t see why they would say no.

Right now, there’s a lot going on.  Normally, my post is really boring.  You know that.  You’ve seen it.  However, there’s a fire festival going on right now, and they built a big bonfire in the middle of the city!  Now usually, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but someone gave some stupid humans the idea that they should come in to put out the fire!  I’m not kidding!  There were a lot of them the first day.  I hardly got a break, but it’s slowed down a little now.  I catch about one each hour during my shift.  We’ve been escorting them out of the city and telling them to leave.  I’m pretty sure I’ve caught the same one more than once, so I don’t think they’re listening very well.  It’s not just humans either.  I caught a dwarf the other day!

Did you know dwarves have a lot of facial hair?  I read about them, and saw drawings of them in books, but to see it for real is really quite something!

Anyway, some of the others are roughing them up a bit while showing them out the gate.  I haven’t.  I don’t think it would be good to make them mad.  Some of them do have swords after all.  Being a guard is hard work.  I don’t want to make it harder by being attacked!

The festival is going to last for about another week.  Hopefully, no one gets hurt during it.  I did go to see the bonfire with my family.  They have fire jugglers and everything there, and there were some treats with chocolate and marshmallows.  I heard they have fires set up in other places too.  Is there one in the Ghostlands?  I hope there aren’t any crazy humans coming to the school, and if there are, I hope the Magister takes care of them.

I really look forward to seeing you!  Stay safe and away from bonfires until then!




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Valentine’s 1

(( I have a few more of these planned for this week.  This is just the beginning! ))

Tik had taken to smiling back at Lilithel when she smiled at him.  He was still unsure if it was merely a friendly gesture, or if she was smiling because she liked him.  He was still unsure about himself, too.  It had been years since he had a lover, and she had been the only one he had ever known.  He didn’t know if he was ready or not to move on.

He had told the confessor that she would have, and he believed it was true.  Of course she would have.  Death wasn’t even needed in her case.  Her husband had been alive and well all the while.

Tik was startled when Lilithel stopped and walked up to him on one of her trips through the kitchen.

“Are you busy tonight?” she asked.

“I am.  I’ve had a few requests for private suppers.  Was there something you needed help with?”

She frowned slightly, but quickly put on a smile again, “No, I’ll be all right.  Maybe you’ll be free another evening.”  She turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Tik went back to his work.


Hethurin Fairsong was sure what he wanted to get for Terellion as a special gift for the holiday.  He had recently learned to bring someone with him to the past, and a night out with Terellion did sound like fun.  Of course he had to check with Renner first, but supper in Dalaran sometime during the next week sounded good.  He knew the perfect place, and if he went before he had started studying there, then there would be no chance of running into his younger self.

For tonight, he had asked Tik to serve a special dinner in the room.  There was a table and two chairs there.  It would be a romantic supper by the fire.  Hethurin had caught the fish in Northrend by himself.  He thought those were the best fish.  He hoped Terellion would like it.


Perothis wandered through the stalls at the market in Silvermoon city.  He hadn’t been sure what to get for Desdeyliri, but after speaking to his mother about it, he had a little more direction.  His mother had asked what she liked.  She liked magic, of course.  She was studying it, but he had no idea how to pick out books for her on the subject.  He had actually tried going to look at the books, but left the bookshop more confused than he was when he went in.  His mother had then asked what else she liked.  Dresses.  Robes.  But Perothis didn’t have a lot of money to spend, and anything she had was already better than what he could buy.

Then his mother asked if she liked tea.  Of course she likes tea.  Everyone likes tea.  Even being in a boarding school for magic students, a girl should have her own tea set, according to his mother.  And so, off he went to find the perfect tea set for the girl who intrigued him so much.

He came upon the tea shop, and found a variety of sets, as well as some teas.  Buying the tea was fairly easy.  The woman running the shop was full of suggestions.  He wound up getting some that was from in Quel’Danas.  Perhaps the magic of the sunwell had infused itself to its leaves!  He couldn’t think of a better tea for a magic student.

The set was proving more difficult.  Many of them were flowery, most to the point of being gaudy with bright pink flowers and green leaves painted all over.  He personally couldn’t see how anyone would like that.  There was one set with naked men painted inside the cups, which he thought was funny, but not a very appropriate gift for the holiday.

There was one that caught his eye.  The tea-pot had a dragon head on the spout and the handle was shaped as the dragon’s tail.  Little blue flowers were painted along the bottom of it and another dragon snaked along the opposite side, it’s head being part of the pot’s lid.  The cups and saucers were decorated similarly.  It was perfect.

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