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A Letter to Desdeyliri

My Dearest Desdeyliri,

Hello!  I was so happy to get your letter.  I asked for the day off to come to see you in Lani’s wedding, and I think I’m going to get it.  There should be less going on then, so I don’t see why they would say no.

Right now, there’s a lot going on.  Normally, my post is really boring.  You know that.  You’ve seen it.  However, there’s a fire festival going on right now, and they built a big bonfire in the middle of the city!  Now usually, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but someone gave some stupid humans the idea that they should come in to put out the fire!  I’m not kidding!  There were a lot of them the first day.  I hardly got a break, but it’s slowed down a little now.  I catch about one each hour during my shift.  We’ve been escorting them out of the city and telling them to leave.  I’m pretty sure I’ve caught the same one more than once, so I don’t think they’re listening very well.  It’s not just humans either.  I caught a dwarf the other day!

Did you know dwarves have a lot of facial hair?  I read about them, and saw drawings of them in books, but to see it for real is really quite something!

Anyway, some of the others are roughing them up a bit while showing them out the gate.  I haven’t.  I don’t think it would be good to make them mad.  Some of them do have swords after all.  Being a guard is hard work.  I don’t want to make it harder by being attacked!

The festival is going to last for about another week.  Hopefully, no one gets hurt during it.  I did go to see the bonfire with my family.  They have fire jugglers and everything there, and there were some treats with chocolate and marshmallows.  I heard they have fires set up in other places too.  Is there one in the Ghostlands?  I hope there aren’t any crazy humans coming to the school, and if there are, I hope the Magister takes care of them.

I really look forward to seeing you!  Stay safe and away from bonfires until then!





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Dear Tsi Ku,

Hi!  I wasn’t expecting your letter, but I’m so glad you wrote.  I did return to the temple, as soon as the healers let me.  I had an injury, so I didn’t get to kick the orc in the face, though I think he deserved it.  I heard they let him live, and want him to stand trial.  Like there’s some kind of doubt?  Just put him to death and be done with it.  We all know what he did.

Anyway, I had to stay at the healer’s tents for about a week.  I wasn’t injured badly.  It was just a scratch, but healers tend to get hyper things sometimes.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to come back, but then the orc was captured and everyone could leave.  I was let go when the healers tent was taken down.  I was lucky to find a mage who knew how to make a portal to the Vale.

Oh, the Vale.  I saw it.  It’s awful, and even more reason for that orc to be put to death.  Why are we keeping him alive?  I bet he’s eating too much, and enjoying the fact that no one killed him.  At least he’s captured.

I’m not the only one who has returned.  Cadellus came back too.  He’s still annoying, but he did help me when I injured my foot, so I guess I kind of owe it to him to be nice once in a while.  I think he just wants to be friends, so that’s okay.  He’s starting to train in mistweaving.  I don’t think that sounds as exciting as kicking trolls in the face, so I’ve continued on my chosen path.  Master Cheng says I should look at it as being more than that, but trolls are really ugly.

I don’t think my family is that worried about me.  I had contact with some of them, but nothing’s changed.  They’re the same as before.

– Aranae


Dearest Desdeyliri,

I was so happy to get your letter, and I’m happy to be able to use my new paper!  My sister tried to take it at one point.  I told her she could have one piece, not the whole thing!  Everyone says she’ll be less annoying when we’re older.  I don’t see why she can’t stop being annoying now.  She tried taking your letter too.  Luckily, I got it back before she read it!

You can teleport already?  That’s really good!  How soon will you be ready to teleport to Silvermoon?  Can you make portals for other people yet?  It sounds very exciting.  Is it hard to do?

I wanted to come to see you last weekend, but one of the other guys twisted his ankle, while off-duty.  I agreed to fill in for him a couple of days, but only because they paid me a little more extra than I’d normally make.  He’ll be back next week though, and then I’ll be able to visit again.

I was wondering, do you think the Magister will let me stay there?  I can pay for my room if needed, if it’s not too expensive.  I know you’ve mentioned people staying in the guest rooms before, and since I have two days off in a row next week, I thought it might be okay to visit longer.  If not, that’s okay.  I think the inn is pretty cheap, but from what I’ve heard, they have to be.  I’ll stay there a night if I have to though.

When will you be going to Shattrath?  I hope it’s not on the two days I have off!  That would be the worst luck!  The pie does sound interesting.  How long do you usually stay there for?

Missing you,


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