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Nessna’s Log

Rylad has a little brother. He was born early this morning and is perfect. I think he looks a lot like Sath. I was at the clinic in town since the night before. Lani has a room for overnight patients which is good as the baby was born overnight. Esladra said I could have had him at home, but I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with growing up with my father’s clinic being just in the front of the house. I felt a lot safer knowing that if anything went wrong, everything was right there.

Lani and Esladra both attended the birth. Lani had sent Vaildor to the school to ask Hethurin to get father from Silvermoon. A portal would be fastest, but Vaildor returned and said Hethurin was on errands. Tik didn’t know when he’d be back! Vaildor went again this morning, after the baby was already here, and Hethurin is still gone. Luckily, one of the students helped him get to Silvermoon and back so father is finally here. He’s staying in Lani’s guestroom, and wants to hold the baby all the time.

Sath passed out at one point during the birth. I think he was just that excited. It was really cute. He likes to hold the baby while he’s sleeping.


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Nessna’s Log

I guess I’ve known for about a month or so. I mean the biggest clue was missing the monthly visitor, but I wanted to wait until I was sure before going to see my sisters in town to confirm. I’ve no doubt they’ve already written to father about it, probably as soon as I left to go back to the ranger building. Anyway, I’m pregnant. Sath is going to be a father, and Rylad is going to be a big brother.

My first clue was being tired all the time. That’s been going on for a few weeks now. There were a few times I wanted to nap on our short break during patrol! We stop by the school for lunch fairly often as Perothis wants to eat there with Desdeyliri. Normally, I talk to my brother a bit, but he’s been busy with his wedding plans so I just eat then go to sit in the garden for a bit. More than once, I caught myself with my eyes closed. As I remember with Rylad, this part does eventually go away, so I’ll be glad when it does!

I’ve not felt sick much this time, only very occasionally, so that’s different from what I experienced with Rylad. I was sick all the time then!

I wanted to do something special to let Sath know so I’ve bought a toy tiger cub, and put it in a box. I left a note with it, telling him that it was his cub to hold until the real one arrives. I plan to give it to him tonight. I can’t wait! I’ll tell Rylad too, but I’m not sure he’s old enough to really understand.

I did speak with my brother for a very short time at lunch once earlier this week. He’s talking about adopting a little girl at an orphanage in Silvermoon, and keeps talking about buying her dolls and everything. Hopefully, he knows there’s more to raising a child than just buying toys. I think he knows. He does run a school after all.

I didn’t tell him that I’m having another. Only five people know right now; my sisters, Isandri, and two of the other rangers. I’m sure Lani’s told her husband, but I did ask her to keep it quiet until I’ve had the chance to tell Sath. He’s going to be so happy!

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Nessna’s Gift

Nessna Silverdawn didn’t have a lot of time. She had left Rylad with Sath’alor while she made a trip to the city, but it was already late in the day by the time she finished patrol. She walked up to a door and knocked.

Thavron Amberlight opened the door a few seconds later. “Nessna! Come in!”

She entered, leaning to kiss the older elf’s cheek as she slipped off her cloak. “Hi Thavron. I hope everything’s well.”

“It is. I’m running ahead of schedule for the holiday rush. Rylad’s things were finished a few days ago.”

“Oh, that’s great! Did you have time to finish Sath’s?”

“I knew you were coming, thanks to your letter. I just finished it last night.”

“I can’t wait to see.”

Thavron nodded and led her to his workshop.

“How are Yara and Xyliah?” Nessna asked as she followed Thavron to the room in back. It smelled of sawdust and varnish. It reminded her of the way Vessen used to smell.

“Yara is well. I think she’s getting antsy to run off again. I’m trying to keep her from going back to the research in Desolace. I’d rather she stay in Quel’thalas. Xyliah wrote recently. She’s still in the Ghostlands, but talking about going places too. Have you heard about the portal?”

Nessna had, though she didn’t know much. Her brother had made the portal for her to get to Silvermoon today. He was off picking up things in the market, and had planned to meet her here later to make a portal to get the things for Rylad and Sath back to the Ghostlands. It was while they were walking together, that he had told her about the portal in the Blasted Lands leading to a different version of Draenor, before it became Outland. She didn’t quite understand how it worked, but had nodded politely and pretended to know what he was talking about. “I’ve heard. Hethurin says there’s lots of orcs there.”

“Yes, there’s been some news about that too. Apparently, the pandaren let that orc escape. After all we went through to capture him, they couldn’t keep a better eye on him? Rumor is, he’s the reason the portal changed.”

Nessna frowned and twitched an ear. It was careless of them. Vessen had died, and she had been gravely injured to capture that orc. How could they be so lax as to just let him escape after all they went through to capture him? “Maybe they can just trap him off in this other world then so we don’t have to deal with him.”

“That would be nice. I’m not sure it’s possible now with all the mages making portals there.”

Nessna nodded silently, remembering that her own brother had told her about going there. Mages going back and forth and taking other people would mean that there was no way to trap a dangerous orc there.

Thavron pulled off the cloth covering the newly made furniture in his workshop, revealing a tiny chair and footstool. “Here are the things for Rylad.”

Nessna smiled as she looked at the furniture. It was a little big for her son now, but he was growing fast, and they wanted something that would last at least a few years for him. The feet of the chair and footstool were in the shape of paws. “Oh, he’s going to love these. They’ll look great in the little house Sath is building.”

“How is that going?”

“It’s looking great. It’s almost done. I was a little worried about it being done on time due to all the rain, but after you get the roof on, I guess it’s easier to work on. Sath’s really proud of it. He had some help from one of the other rangers who was a builder on Quel’danas.”

Thavron nodded as he walked over to another covered piece of furniture. He pulled back the sheet. “Here’s the other one.”

Nessna smiled. It was just what she asked for. It was a tall back chair. A cat’s face had been carved at the end of each armrest, their jaws open and fangs exposed. The cushions were covered with a cheetah pattern, and while they weren’t actual cheetah fur, they were soft and fluffy. At the top of the tall back, a lion head had been carved into the wood. The feet of the chair were paws, just like with Rylad’s furniture. “It’s perfect! The carvings are so beautiful.”

Thavron smiled, “They took a while. I had some fun learning through trial and error with the armrests. Do you have a way to get these to the Ghostlands?”

“My brother is going to come here to help after he finishes his shopping. He said he wouldn’t be long, but knowing him…” Nessna shrugged.

“Come have a cup of tea while waiting. You can tell me all about what Rylad’s been up to lately.”

Nessna smiled and followed Thavron.

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Nessna’s Log

A lot has been going on.

The biggest news is we’ve had the wedding, and we’re now on our trip, which is giving me a little bit of spare time to write in my log.  Just a little.  Most of the time I’m spending with Sath’alor, which I wouldn’t have any other way.  The wedding was gorgeous.  It wasn’t at all like my first one, which is why I asked Sath to do all the planning.  While my mother took care of most things for the first one, I did have a say in the planning.  I wanted this one to be different, and it was.  It was a lot smaller, and I appreciated the more intimate atmosphere, and not having a bunch of people who I didn’t really know there.  We kind of had to leave the party early to catch the boat.  I do miss Rylad, but I know he’s safe with my father, especially with my father staying in the Ghostlands.  He was supposed to be staying in Silvermoon, but I guess something happened at the school.  Hethurin hurt himself or something.  Father said it was a long story, but Hethurin will be fine.  However, he didn’t show up at the wedding, so I guess I am a bit worried about how okay fine is.  I’m planning to stop by sometime after we get back, but that leads to another problem.

Xyliah and her husband are in the area.  I guess they’ve been in Pandaria all this time hanging out on a beach somewhere.  She didn’t even know about Vessen until just recently.  Then she’s upset with me for moving on.  Excuse me, but I think it’s a little more offensive to just run off and forget family exists for a year than it is to remarry!

It makes me a bit nervous because they’re going to be staying in the area for a few months, and I don’t really want her dropping by and calling me names whenever she feels like it.  To make matters worse, I guess they’re staying with Hethurin, so I’ll have to be careful when I go to visit him.

The rangers have been doing well.  The new members have been fitting in.  Sunashe has mentioned that he thinks that Vellira and Perothis are ready to learn the patrol routes, so I think they’ll probably be starting while we’re away.  I find it rather ironic that Sunashe says when they’re ready to learn the routes since he doesn’t know the patrol routes himself.  He should be ready to learn them soon as well.  His new foot is supposed to arrive later this week, and he’ll hopefully be able to walk better with it.  He’ll also have surgery for his shoulder soon.  It was supposed to be last week, but then whatever happened at the school happened, and Lani cancelled and rescheduled his appointment.  He seemed a bit cranky about that.

Speaking about the school, I was able to get one of the kittens and bring it back to the ranger building.  I told Hethurin it was for all of the rangers, but mostly it was for Orledin.  Hethurin doesn’t like him, but he really wanted a cat, so I agreed to help him get one.  I don’t think he had named it yet.  He was just calling it ‘cat’ when we left.  I’m sure he’ll think of something while we’re gone.

Gaelardrim will be moving out of the ranger building in a few months.  He’s working on building a house for himself and Maerista.  We’ll have another wedding to go to soon!  I’m not sure if they’re planning to have it at the ranger building or up at the school.  I suppose it depends how big it is.  I have no idea how big either of their families are.  I haven’t spoken with Maerista much, and Gaelardrim never talks about his.  He was quite happy with the plans being approved though, and was talking to anyone who would listen about them.

The last bit of news is that Sath’s sister is moving to the area, along with her husband and baby.  Iannor is about a year younger than Rylad, but that will make less of a difference when they get older.  Right now, Rylad wants to play with him, but Iannor doesn’t do much yet.  I’m sure that in a few years, they’ll be inseparable friends.

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Nessna’s Log

Sath’alor and I spent a few days in Winterspring.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened.  He asked!  He hid the ring in a cloak, which he had thought of to bring.  It was in a tiny pocket that I didn’t notice at first.  Then he pointed it out.  I said yes, of course.  Actually, I said yes before he really asked.  Then I said yes again when he did.  I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m a little worried about what people will say.  It doesn’t really bother me, but I guess it does a little.  It depends who’s saying things really.

The ring is really beautiful.  I keep stopping to look at it.

I had a large wedding before.  I think this time, I’d like to keep it small.  Maybe just the rangers and close family.  I guess it depends on what he wants too.  After all, he hasn’t done this before.  Something tells me he won’t want anything too big either, so something small will probably be what happens.

I will have to tell Thavron now though.  I guess I’ve put it off long enough.  I don’t want him to think I didn’t care for Vessen.  I did.  I still do.

I talked to Vessen the next day.  I woke up early, which is normal for me, and took a walk around the cottage we were staying at, and I told him then.  I don’t know if he hears me or what, but I feel better about telling him things than just trying to forget and move on.  I think he’d be happy that I still talk to him, and happy that I’m able to move on because of that.

Anyway, that’s the biggest news.  The other news is I’ve made a new friend.  He’s a young adult cat.  Sath wasn’t sure I’d be able to get one to trust me in the short time we were there, but I managed it.  He’s naturally curious, sociable and quite hungry.  He loved the food I left out to coax one over!  I don’t know what to call him yet, but I’ll have to think of something soon so he’ll get used to me calling him that.  He’s pure white so maybe something related to winter or snow.  I’ll have to think more about it.

All this excitement, but part of me can’t wait to get home.  I miss my baby.

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The Imp

Nessna Amberlight wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be looking for.  Sath’alor’s note hadn’t specified, but he had asked her to check around the house.  He wouldn’t have taken Rylad up to the school so hastily without good reason, so she approached the house carefully, walking as lightly as possible.  She wasn’t sure what to expect.

She approached the door, but stopped as she touched the door handle.  It was still locked.  Perhaps it would be a better idea to check around outside first.  If an intruder had gone inside, she thought it would be pretty doubtful that they would bother to lock the door behind themselves.  She walked around to the side of the house, still not sure what she was looking for.  She had read the note over and over on the way here.  It wasn’t a long walk, but it was long enough that she had it memorized now.

Went up to the school. Rylad is with me. Please check the house and around it, I’ll explain when we’re back. I love you. -Sath

She smiled to herself when she thought of the last part of the message.  It was just three little words, but they meant so much.  She loved him as well, though she hadn’t told him.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to know.  In fact, the opposite was true.  She hoped her actions were enough to let him know for now.  She had tried to tell him, but each time the words got caught inside her mind, never making their way to her mouth.  It hadn’t even been a year since Vessen had died.  Many people thought it was too early.  She was aware of that, but she had still fallen for Sath’alor.  He was sweet and loving, not to mention handsome.  Of course, it wasn’t just her.  She had to think of Rylad as well, and Rylad adored Sath’alor.  The people who thought it was too early would just have to get over it.

She didn’t see anything on this side of the house.  She peered into the forest.  The leaves were only just beginning to bud on most of the trees in the Ghostlands, though there were some shrubs which kept their leaves through the winter.  She didn’t see anything.  She rounded the corner to the back of the house, and checked the back door.  It was also locked.  Some of Rylad’s toys had been left outside, but that was nothing unusual.  He loved to play outside.

It was then that she did see something.  It had rained the previous day, and with all the work that had been done, and the fact that it was spring, not all of the lawn had grown in yet.  There, in the mud next to the doorstep, was a track.  At first she thought it was a rabbit track, but what would a rabbit be doing so close to the house.  Rabbits typically didn’t approach people.  Upon closer inspection, the track would have had to come from a rabbit with very deformed feet, or not a rabbit at all.  The most concerning feature of the print was its long claws.  She looked around, finding a couple more tracks nearby.  They led to the small shed behind the house.  It was now that she noticed the door slightly ajar to the shed.  She nocked an arrow to her bow and carefully approached the small building.

She had barely touched the door, opening it just a crack more than it already was, when something rushed out past her leg.  She jumped back, startled as it raced towards the forest.  Then she saw what it was.  An imp!  She drew her bowstring back and let an arrow fly towards it.  It ducked behind a tree just in time for the arrow to thud into the ground.  Nessna ran after it, nocking another arrow as she kept it in sight.  It dropped down over the bank along the Dead Scar.  She ran after it hoping to get another shot at it before it reached the other side of the Scar.  As she neared, she saw the imp already deftly hopping up the ledge on the other side.  She ran faster, slowing only slightly as she neared the edge and jumped.  She drew her bowstring back as she did, and let loose another arrow before the imp could hop out of sight.  The arrow hit its mark, and the imp tumbled back into the dark dirt of the Dead Scar.  Nessna landed on her feet, and rolled forward. It was a fluid roll, almost as if she had planned it, but she hadn’t.  Pain radiated throughout her ankle.  She sat on the ground for a moment before standing, greatly favoring one leg.  Lani had warned her to be careful, and not to overdo it.  She twitched an ear as she limped towards the dead imp.  She picked it up by the arrow protruding from its skull, and started limping back home with it.  Hopefully, it was the only one.


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Nessna’s Log

She’s still watching.  I know she is.  We’ve been splitting up and watching from different areas.  I think I might have taken her spot.  I heard her coming, then I heard her turn away on the first day at my new watch.  Luckily, besides my sister, we’ve seen nothing.  Actually, I’m not sure if that’s lucky or not.  The rangers aren’t many here in the Ghostlands, and concentrating on the ziggurat leaves the other areas unguarded.  That means the longer we don’t see anything here, the longer we’re not able to patrol anywhere else.  In that way, I do wish we’d see something.

I’d like to be able to talk to Vallindra about it, but she’s rather sneaky for a mage.  I start following her sometimes, but she always manages to lose me.  I think she teleports, and it’s a little difficult to track someone who cheats by teleporting.  Maybe I can leave a note for her somewhere to contact me.  Maybe she has found something that we haven’t.  It would be good to collaborate with her to make sure we all have the same information.  However, most of her information will be about ley-lines, I’m sure, and she’ll spend hours talking about them.  I’m not sure I want to listen to that, or subject the others to it.

Our trainees are doing well.  Well, I don’t know much about how the death knight is doing on the night patrol, but he does bake for us during the day.  I’m a little nervous with Rylad getting too close to him, though I do think he’s okay.  I think it’s okay to be cautious where Rylad is concerned, though I do think he can tell.  I caught him telling Rylad that he couldn’t be in the kitchen because he didn’t want to get in trouble with his mother.  It wasn’t his fault Rylad ran into the kitchen. I guess what I mean is that I trust him, but not completely.

There is one person here whom I’ve come to trust completely.  And now I’m sitting here smiling to myself again just thinking about him.  The captain.  He’s sweet and loving.  Rylad already adores him.  He looks a bit like Vessen, but they’re completely different.  Their similarity in looks isn’t the reason I like Sath’alor anyways.  I still miss Vessen.  I know what everyone’s saying behind my back.  It’s too soon.  I don’t know how it’s any of their business anyway, but I am trying to hold off on telling my parents, or Vessen’s father about Sath.  I think my father may already know.  He and Lani are pretty close and she tells him everything.  He’s supposed to visit the school this weekend.  I’m pretending not to know, though Lani knows I know because she told me.  I just don’t want them telling me it’s too soon.  Again, it’s none of their business.  If I’m happy with him, then how is it too soon?

Anyway, I feel very strongly for him.  He’s fueled my interest in big cats now too.  I didn’t have one before, but he’s an expert.  I want to listen while he tells me all he knows.

Not everyone has someone here.  Lin is still staying at the school, though the ranger building is almost done.  She doesn’t have anyone.  But then the way she talks, no one is good enough for her.  I think she’s waiting to find the perfect man, and that’s not going to happen.  No one is perfect.  Everyone has flaws, it’s whether or not you can accept those flaws or not.  For instance, Vessen used to crack his knuckles just before our patrol started.  It drove me nuts, but it’s such a small thing.  I just tried not to be around when he did it.

Anyway, everything is going well.  The building is almost done.  Nothing is happening at the ziggurat, and my brother is going to have another party soon.  Rylad loved the last one.  I’ll be able to dance a bit better this time.


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