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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

I hate writing in this stupid book, but Master Cheng still thinks it helps.  Yeah, it helps my hand cramp up!  Thanks a lot!  I mean, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but not by a lot.

Cadellus is still around.  He keeps wanting to follow me for walks, or join me for meditation.  Look buddy, I’m not meditating with you, or anything else.  Go meditate by yourself.  I don’t care.  I don’t know why he keeps trying to talk to me.  It’s freakin’ annoying, and he doesn’t seem to get it.  Oh, he says he does, but then he’s back to trying to talk to me about how beautiful the sunrise was or some shit like that the next day.

Master Cheng says I’m not allowed to kick Cadellus in the face.

My training is going well.  Master Cheng says I need to keep my anger in check, like I’m mad or something? I’m not mad!  I’m passionate.  He can go jump off a cliff if he thinks otherwise.  There are plenty of cliffs around here.  I’m sure he could find one.

I think the biggest news is the letter that I received from one of my sisters.  I was just going to fold it up, and toss it off into the air next to my thinking spot, which is by a cliff.  I usually do that whenever one of them write to me.  I don’t want to hear about how I should come home, or do this, or do that, or how I’m not living up to my potential.  As if they’d care anyway.  I didn’t though.  I went to my thinking spot with it and almost started folding it up, but I wound up opening it instead.

It was from Lani.  She’s getting married.  Out of all of my siblings, she’s the only one who never did anything to wrong me… well, not counting the time she made me stay in that stupid healer tent outside Orgrimmar.  I guess she might have been worried about my foot.  I’m fine.  Anyway, now I kind of feel obligated to go, but the rest of my family will be there too.  I guess she’s having it in the Ghostlands at my brother’s school or something.  It’s supposed to be a big place, so maybe I’ll find a good spot to hide if too many of them are there.  Mother might not even be there.  I can’t see her wanting to travel to the Ghostlands.  There’s probably like too much mud or something.

I’ll probably have to go to the Vale to find someone to make a portal there for me.  I know Sanimir or Hethurin or whatever he’s calling himself now, knows how to make portals to Pandaria, even to the Peak of Serenity, so I won’t have a problem getting back.

In the letter she said I could bring a guest.  I’m going to ask Tsi Ku.  She’s my best friend.

Maybe I should wear shoes.


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Dear Tsi Ku,

Hi!  I wasn’t expecting your letter, but I’m so glad you wrote.  I did return to the temple, as soon as the healers let me.  I had an injury, so I didn’t get to kick the orc in the face, though I think he deserved it.  I heard they let him live, and want him to stand trial.  Like there’s some kind of doubt?  Just put him to death and be done with it.  We all know what he did.

Anyway, I had to stay at the healer’s tents for about a week.  I wasn’t injured badly.  It was just a scratch, but healers tend to get hyper things sometimes.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to come back, but then the orc was captured and everyone could leave.  I was let go when the healers tent was taken down.  I was lucky to find a mage who knew how to make a portal to the Vale.

Oh, the Vale.  I saw it.  It’s awful, and even more reason for that orc to be put to death.  Why are we keeping him alive?  I bet he’s eating too much, and enjoying the fact that no one killed him.  At least he’s captured.

I’m not the only one who has returned.  Cadellus came back too.  He’s still annoying, but he did help me when I injured my foot, so I guess I kind of owe it to him to be nice once in a while.  I think he just wants to be friends, so that’s okay.  He’s starting to train in mistweaving.  I don’t think that sounds as exciting as kicking trolls in the face, so I’ve continued on my chosen path.  Master Cheng says I should look at it as being more than that, but trolls are really ugly.

I don’t think my family is that worried about me.  I had contact with some of them, but nothing’s changed.  They’re the same as before.

– Aranae


Dearest Desdeyliri,

I was so happy to get your letter, and I’m happy to be able to use my new paper!  My sister tried to take it at one point.  I told her she could have one piece, not the whole thing!  Everyone says she’ll be less annoying when we’re older.  I don’t see why she can’t stop being annoying now.  She tried taking your letter too.  Luckily, I got it back before she read it!

You can teleport already?  That’s really good!  How soon will you be ready to teleport to Silvermoon?  Can you make portals for other people yet?  It sounds very exciting.  Is it hard to do?

I wanted to come to see you last weekend, but one of the other guys twisted his ankle, while off-duty.  I agreed to fill in for him a couple of days, but only because they paid me a little more extra than I’d normally make.  He’ll be back next week though, and then I’ll be able to visit again.

I was wondering, do you think the Magister will let me stay there?  I can pay for my room if needed, if it’s not too expensive.  I know you’ve mentioned people staying in the guest rooms before, and since I have two days off in a row next week, I thought it might be okay to visit longer.  If not, that’s okay.  I think the inn is pretty cheap, but from what I’ve heard, they have to be.  I’ll stay there a night if I have to though.

When will you be going to Shattrath?  I hope it’s not on the two days I have off!  That would be the worst luck!  The pie does sound interesting.  How long do you usually stay there for?

Missing you,


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More Screenshots

Done solely on eggs off Huolon.  Still no mount.  I hate RNG.

Done solely on eggs off Huolon. Still no mount. I hate RNG.

We went and got horde shells for our cute belfs.  You can't get them for lowbies, unfortunately.

We went and got horde shells for our cute belfs. You can’t get them for lowbies, unfortunately.

I accidentally an 85.  All classes at 90 before the expansion ends is looking better now!

I accidentally an 85. All classes at 90 before the expansion ends is looking better now!

Fourth time collecting secrets.  It seems to be going even slower than before.

Fourth time collecting secrets. It seems to be going even slower than before.

It's one of those times where I'm glad my horde pally has those already.

It’s one of those times where I’m glad my horde pally has those already.

I think I like monk healing.  Look at that dps!

I think I like monk healing. Look at that dps!


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Preparations 3

Gaelardrim finished digging another stake out of the ground.  Putting the tents up had been a lot of work, but taking them down was proving to be worse in some ways.  The canvas part came down easier, but the stakes driven into the ground to hold the frames and anchor the tents were a pain to get out.

Of course, not all of the tents were coming down immediately.  There were still the healers, the rangers protecting the healers, and a couple of supply groups left.  A lot of the new supplies being brought in were being taken to some of the empty tents.  It would be another day or two before they were gone.  It wouldn’t be until then that things would almost be normal.  There would still be some left behind for moving supplies through the portals, but they would most likely all fit at the inn.

Gaelardrim put the stake on the cart and moved on to dig up the next one.


Aranae Lightmist sat on one of the benches on the deck of the boat.  She gazed out over the passing waves glittering under the moonlit sky.  While a few people were above deck now, most were below, sleeping.  Aranae almost thought the tents on the island had been nicer.  The boats seemed even more cramped.  She found it easier to sleep during the day, and without the training exercises that they had on the island, she could.  It almost seemed quieter then than it did at night.  Some people snored too loudly, and the smell wasn’t all that great either.  Hopefully there would be a place to bathe once they landed and made camp.

She was glad the training on the island was over.  They had originally been undecided where to put her.  When they asked what skills she had, she plainly stated that she knew how to kick trolls in the face.  It wasn’t as easy as one might first assume.  She didn’t want to impale her feet on their tusks.  They had thought she was kidding, at first, but after seeing her in action at a training target, they seemed to realize she was telling the truth.  She wouldn’t miss being stared at everyday by curious onlookers.  In the end, they decided to place her with the scouts.  She had previous training with them before she had left for Pandaria, and it seemed a better fit for her than with any other group.

She jumped as she felt the weight of another person drop down on the bench.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Aranae turned and glared at the other elf, “And I’m supposed to take your word for it, Cadellus?  You’re probably disappointed that I didn’t jump higher.”

Cadellus smiled.  He had also trained in Pandaria, and was originally part of a scout group sent to learn the local customs and fighting techniques.  He had wound up at the Peak of Serenity, and started training as a monk.  Aranae met him there shortly after.  There weren’t many sin’dorei at the Peak, so she spoke to him and Toruviel, the strange elf who came to wash his clothes in the hot springs at the peak, fairly often.

“I couldn’t sleep.  I thought maybe getting some fresh air would help.”

“It would help if they put the people who snore too loud overboard.”

Cadellus smiled again, “I suppose that could be one solution, but we might need them when we get to Kalimdor.”

Aranae frowned, “I think it would help more if everyone was able to sleep before getting there.  How many more days do we need to be on this boat anyway?”

“I think they said tomorrow is when we’ll arrive.  We’ll be there soon.”

Aranae nodded silently, and looked back at the moonlit sea.  If Cadellus wanted to talk more, she could pretend to listen.

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The Draft 4

Cadellus sat at the fire after returning from the latest scouting mission.  It had been mostly clean-up work now, with not much left to scout.  He wished to return to the Peak of Serenity to continue his training there, but so far his captain had not budged on his current assignment.  Cadellus thought he was probably still in trouble for staying longer than he was supposed to the first time.  However, nothing much had been said about it since he had returned to his group.  He knew there were bigger problems to deal with now, so he had simply been given more to do upon finally presenting himself for duty.  Still, with things winding down now on the island, it would be nice if they would let him go back and finish at the peak.

But then there were the rumors.  He had heard that they wouldn’t be staying on the island much longer.  As the rumors went, they weren’t going home either, but to Kalimdor.

He frowned as the captain walked up to the fire, and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.  “Listen up!  We’ll be heading out to our next assignment tomorrow.  Pack up tonight, and prepare to take the tents down at dawn.  I know some of you have been talking about the rumors floating around.  We will be going to Kalimdor, but I have no further information to share with you yet.  We’ll know more after we take our portal to Quel’Danas tomorrow evening.”

Cadellus blinked and stood up, “I wish to request reassignment.  I’d like to go back to the peak to continue my training there.”

The captain frowned, “Maybe after all of this is over.  Only a few can be spared to remain behind for defenses.  You’ll be coming with us.”  He turned and walked away before Cadellus could argue further.

Cadellus grumbled to himself as he sat back down at the fire.


Aranae poked her head out of the tent at the sound of clapping near the campfire.  She heard it all, and it was no surprise.  She had heard the rumors, after all.  She scanned the crowd for Tsi Ku, but didn’t see her.  Of course, Tsi Ku was pandaren, not sin’dorei, but she was often near the camp.  Aranae didn’t see her now, but figured she couldn’t be too far off.

She hoped there was some way out of going to Quel’Danas.  She was a monk.  Had Master Cheng decided that her training was done?  If it wasn’t, could she go back to the peak, or would they make her go, just as they did to Cadellus.  She peeked out the tent flaps.  Most had left the fire now, but a few remained while waiting for supper.  She crawled out and went to join them.


Gaelardrim tied the last rope to the anchor in the ground.  Another tent was set up.  Already, people had begun to arrive.  Most of the tents were to provide temporary shelter while the ships and plans for the portals were made ready, and were lined end to end with closely spaced cots.  One of them was already filled.  Another tent was set up with tables and chairs with a food preparation area at one end.  There was also some training areas set up closer to the docks.  It had been a lot of work.

Luckily, his work on the island kept him from having to go to Orgrimmar.  He didn’t envy any of the people here who had to.  If even half the things he had heard were true, it was not a place he’d ever want to go.  He was perfectly content to stay on Quel’Danas and set up the tents.

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Runaway Monk

Aranae Lightmist peeked out from the small opening in the rocks.  It was still raining.  She had lucked out on finding the small cave by the shore.  The opening had been just big enough for her to squeeze through, but was spacious enough inside for her to lay down her bedroll with a little room to spare.  The opening to the small cave was hidden away under shelf of rock along the outcropping of rocky cliffs on the coast.  She had originally planned to take shelter under the rock shelf.  It was purely by luck that she found the cave there.

She frowned as she gathered together some of the dry wood she had stashed just inside the opening.  It would have to stop soon or she would run out.  She put them on the blackened area just outside the cave entrance, but still under the shelf of rock.  She had no need of the fire for warmth as the summer temperatures provided that, but the vegetables she had found were best cooked.  She took her tinderbox from her pack to start the fire.

She had thought about her decision to leave.  It had been a few days now, and she was still trying to decide whether it was the right thing to do or not.  She was certain no one at the camp cared what happened to her.  No one had come to find her, though that was a good thing.  Of course, after thinking about it, she realized she wouldn’t know if they were looking or not.  Probably not.  Maybe Master Cheng would miss his reports on her progress.  Maybe.  Overall, it felt more right than wrong.

However, living on uprooted wild vegetables and whatever else she could find, wasn’t as easy as she had thought it would be.  Her sister, Nessna, had spoken of wilderness camping with great fondness, but Aranae was beginning to figure out it wasn’t for her.  She wouldn’t be able to stay in the cave forever.  She’d have to make it to the mainland at some point, hopefully soon.  Maybe she could stowaway on one of the boats.

But then where would she go?  She thought about returning to Silvermoon and immediately dismissed the idea.  She would never go back there.  Maybe the bears wouldn’t bother her much if she built a home in the hills and only came into town for supplies once or twice a year.

The fire caught, and she turned her attention to the vegetables.  She had already peeled them, and now she set about sliding them onto a sharpened stick to hold over the fire.  As good as they were, she hated cooking in all forms.  Her mother had always been good at cooking.  She had never missed an opportunity to tell Aranae what she was doing wrong, when she was still being asked to help.

“I’m better off without them all.” she muttered to herself.

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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

So I’ve been scolded again for not writing more.  Master Cheng should just get a book for himself or something.  It’s not that he reads mine, but he does check if I’ve written anything.  If he wants so much writing done, maybe he should do it himself!

Toruviel is back from his trip.  He didn’t say much about it, but then he really doesn’t say much about anything.  I do think he’s been a little more talkative since coming back, but it’s not a huge change from before.  Just slight.  He’ll talk for a bit, and then there’s those long awkward pauses where he just looks at me before falling silent.  It’s usually up to me to keep the conversation going, but I don’t mind the quiet sometimes.  I don’t think he does either.

Then there’s the times I almost regret talking to him in the first place.  We were talking about Cadellus, the other sin’dorei here.  For some reason, light knows what, Toruviel thought Cadellus and I were a thing.  I wouldn’t even think about it!  I suppose he’s good looking, and he may be training here.  However, he is still a scout.  I kind of ditched my training to come here.  I guess it would just be a little embarrassing if he knew that.  I mean, he could tell the bears and then they’d think I’m going to ditch my training here too.  I don’t want that.

I was telling Toruviel that I want to finish my training here.  He was interested about what I planned to do after.  I really don’t know.  I might stay here after finishing, at least for a bit, to help with new trainees.  I might go home to Silvermoon.  I’d like to see my nephew.  I wonder if Nessna plans to go to Vallindra’s wedding?

That’s another thing, I don’t really want to go.  Vallindra and I aren’t really the best of friends, but I guess she’s my sister so I have to go.  Things would be so much easier if you could pick your family.  I’d pick parents who only wanted one child for starters.  I guess that’s not really fair to Ness or Lani though.

So I have to go to a wedding, I have no dress and no shoes.  I’m sure mother will remedy that situation the moment she sees me.  I just hope she’ll let me come back.  Maybe something will happen and the wedding won’t happen.  Then I won’t have to go.  That would be perfect.

Anyway, somehow the conversation with Toruviel got turned into me staying in Pandaria forever and screwing bears.  I am curious now if they have fur everywhere, even, you know, there.  I’m 100% certain their butts must be hairy.  The girl pandas must have hair over their nipples too.  I mean, I already hate it when I find fur in my food.  I don’t really need more ways to ingest fur!  And this is all if you can look past the fact that they’re all fat.  Chances are I’d suffocate the first night if I married one.

I don’t even know if they get married.  I should ask Master Cheng.


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