Vallindra Lightmist  (Art by Jinxii)

Full Name: Vallindra Embersun
Race: Sin’dorei
Age: 133
Profession: Magistrix
Hometown: Silvermoon
Current Home:  Shattrath

Priest Isturon Lightmist– Father
Verisna Lightmist – Mother
Priestess Lanthiriel Lightmist – Sister
Nessna Amberlight – Sister
Esladra Lightmist – Sister
Aranae Lightmist – Sister
Magister Sanimir Lightmist – Brother
Magister Xanaroth Embersun – Husband

Vallindra casting a spell. (Art by me!)

Vallindra Lightmist  (Art by Harululu!)

Vallindra Lightmist


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