Theronil Whitemorn, Ranger of Silvermoon (Art by Diane Kraus)

Full Name: Theronil Whitemorn
Race: Sin’dorei
Age: 130
Profession: Enchanter/Ex-Ranger
Hometown: Silvermoon City
Current Home:  Dalaran

Isandri Whitemorn – Wife
Teniron Whitemorn – Brother
Tedralyn Sunblaze – Sister (deceased)
Thesera Whitemorn – Sister (deceased)
Solonnae Redhawk – Fiancée (deceased)
Risslas Whitemorn – Father (deceased)
Saerella Whitemorn – Mother (deceased)

Isandri and Theronil (Art by Taru Sama)

Theronil and Isandri  (Art by The Dancing Hare)

Theronil Whitemorn (Art by Jinxii)

Theronil Whitemorn


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