Terivanis, druid of the talon (Art by Riikozor!)

Full Name: Terivanis Summerleaf
Race: Kaldorei
Age: 5998
Profession: Druid of the Talon
Hometown: Feralas
Current Home:  Feralas

Vajarra – Mate
Aerrissa Summerleaf – Mother
Jaellynn Evershade – Half-brother
Jaeyn Summerleaf – Half-brother
Kelanori Summerleaf – Sister
Lilindra Summerleaf – Mate (deceased)
Lilindor Summerleaf – Son (deceased)
Farlahn Summerleaf – Father (deceased)

Terivanis Summerleaf, druid of the talon. (Art by me!)



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