Sanimir and Aeramin References

Here’s a sketch of basically what I’m looking for.  It’s a bad sketch, but it gives the general idea.

Sanimir and Aeramin, two elven mages, in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Sanimir is on a flying cloud disk. Aeramin watches from the balcony terrace.

Sanimir References:

Sanimir is a tall, thin sin’dorei elf with darkish skin, dark red hair and glowing green eyes.  His hair is long and worn loose, almost all pulled back to flow down behind his long ears, with the exception of a few loose strands on his forehead.

As for his outfit, he typically wears mage robes, but I know what a pain they are to draw, so a simplified version will work.  They could resemble something like the screenshot below, but don’t worry about being too detailed with them.

Aeramin References:

Aeramin is of average height and weight.  He has bright orange hair (the color in the first picture of him is most accurate), and glowing green eyes.  He has recently received a burn injury to his left side of his face.  I do not have any reference with the scar in it yet, but I did draw some little marks on the sketch at the top around his left eye where it should be.  If you’re not comfortable drawing scars, that’s okay, just flip horizontally and it’s on the other side 😉

His robes can also be a simplified version of his normal in-game robes.

Flying cloud disk reference:

It’s sort of like a cloud skateboard 🙂 It doesn’t need all of that detail either, so feel free to simplify it.

Location is the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

I went in the game and got a screenshot of the balcony railing and the sky background.


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