WoW – Robe Shopping

“Why are we going here?” Hethurin asked as he followed Aeramin into one of the shops.

Aeramin sighed. Already, Hethurin was questioning his choices. It was going to be a long day. “They have robes here.”

“Sure, but they’re not wedding robes.”

Aeramin turned to face Hethurin, “I went to the wedding robe shop already. Their prices are ridiculous. I’m not paying that much for something I wear once, then hide at the back of the closet because it’s too nice to wear for anything else. So we’re going here.”

Hethurin twitched an ear, but followed Aeramin as he began to look at what the shop offered. It wasn’t as fancy as the wedding shop, but they still did custom orders. Or so the sign in the window said. Aeramin had to find something he liked first.

“What colors are you looking for?” Hethurin asked.

Aeramin hesitated to answer. Of course it seemed like an innocent question, and it was Hethurin who had told him in the first place that the colors needed to match. However, he wasn’t sure how much information he wanted to give before the plans were all finalized. He knew Hethurin wanted to help plan it. Allowing him to help pick out the robe was already enough in Aeramin’s opinion. Would telling him the colors give him the idea to start buying things in those colors for the wedding? Aeramin frowned, and answered, “Red and gold.”

Hethurin scrunched up his nose and raised a brow. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Why?”

“It’s just overdone at this point, don’t you think?”

“Imralion will be wearing his armor. We need to match, right?”

“Oh. Well, yes. I suppose so. What is the accent color?”

“What do you mean? The colors are red and gold.”

“Those are the main colors. What is the accent color?”

Aeramin shrugged.

“You don’t have one.” Hethurin accused.

“Just red and gold.”

“Well, okay. Let’s just find some for you to try on. Are you sure you won’t go to the wedding shop?” Hethurin asked as he started looking at the robes they had out on the display racks.

“I’m fine shopping here.”

“I’ll pay for it.”

“No.” That was the last thing he wanted.

Hethurin had already picked three robes out, and handed them to Aeramin before he could say anything else. “Try these on.”

Aeramin started to look at the robes he was given, but Hethurin put his hand on his back and guided him to the changing rooms. “I’ll keep looking while you try those.”

Aeramin sighed, and pulled the curtain shut. He briefly considered teleporting to just outside the shop and going to one that Hethurin wasn’t at, but that wouldn’t be nice. Hethurin was here because he had asked him to come along to help. He did value his opinion when it came to robes. Aeramin would rather not be in the shop at all. Hethurin was better at shopping than he was. That’s why he was here.

He looked over the robes now that he was alone. He wasn’t sure about any of them. None of them were the right colors, but he supposed if they could promise one in the same style and the right colors to be ready in time, that would be enough. He took the first one off the hanger and put it on. He looked in the mirror in the small room and scrunched up his nose. Knowing that Hethurin would want to see it anyway, he pulled back the curtain. “Well?”

Hethurin looked up from where he was browsing nearby. “No, not that one. It makes you look fat.”

Aeramin glared at Hethurin, but Hethurin looked back at the robes on a rack nearby.

“I’m not fat,” he mumbled to himself as he pulled the curtain shut again. He quickly changed, and put on the next robe. In the mirror, he didn’t think this one was any better. He opened the curtain.

Hethurin looked up again. He made a face and shook his head before looking back down at the other robes. Aeramin noticed he already had a couple more draped over his arm.

The next robe was the same thing except Hethurin gave him three other robes to try on before he went back to change.

Aeramin was beginning to think Hethurin was going to make him try on every robe in the shop. He quickly changed into the next one and stepped out again.

Hethurin looked up and considered the robe. “That one’s not bad. It’s a bit last year, but it looks good on you. You’ll need to get one in the right colors. Are you sure you don’t have an accent color?”

“There’s no accent. It could be black or white or something neutral, I guess. You think this one looks good?”

Hethurin nodded. “Have you lost weight?”

“Yeah, in the ten minutes since you called me fat.” Aeramin’s ear twitched.

“I didn’t call you fat. I said the robe made you look fat. There’s a difference. Turn around.”

Aeramin did as asked.

“Raise your arms.”

Again, he did as Hethurin asked.

“The fit looks good, so they won’t have to do many adjustments. Did you want to try on the others?”

“If this one’s good, then I’m done, aren’t I?”

“If you want to be.”

“I do want to be. Put the others back on the racks. I’ll change, and order this one in the right colors.” He could hear Hethurin sigh as he pulled the curtain closed.


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