World of Warcraft – Aeramin’s Notes

  • We’re back from our trip to Outland. He said yes. We spent our first night at the house in Shattrath. I cooked some frogs that we had picked up at the market in the lower city, along with some spicy vegetables. I chose frogs because we had those on one of our first dates, and spicy vegetables because he loves them. Also because they were the first thing we talked about. I remember I was working on my calligraphy jobs on the front step of the house, and he was having supper at the restaurant outside of the inn. I recall seeing him and thinking I couldn’t stand by and watch while he ate spicy vegetables without being warned.
  • I was still with Hethurin at the time, kind of. I mean, he had kind of left too. Things worked out for both of us. At least, I hope it’s working out for me. Imralion did say yes, but I’ve been engaged before, more than once. We know how that worked out.
  • I had a plate painted by Vaildor with a little message on it. I loaded it up with frogs legs and spicy vegetables, and let him eat his way to my proposal. I’ve never been so nervous before. Finally, he saw one of the words, and moved his food around to read the rest. That’s when I got the rings out.
  • I got two rings because we’re both getting engaged so it only makes sense for us both to have one. I had them made out of petrified wood by one of the shops in the lower city. His is bigger than mine because his fingers are larger, but that’s the only difference.
  • The rest of the week went well too. We mostly slept in the city, and made day trips out to see other places, like Nagrand, the swamp and the domes in Netherstorm. We both had a really good time.
  • We’re back now, and we’ve been working on telling everyone. I went to the school the day after we got back. Only two minutes after being there, Hethurin asked me when I was planning to tell him. While I was waiting to see how long it would take him to notice the ring and which finger it was on, I didn’t expect him to take only two minutes.
  • He kept asking if we needed any help planning it, and kept offering the school grounds as a location. I kept saying no, but I might change my mind about needing a little help. There’s no one better to help me pick out a robe. Maybe he can help me pick someone to do my hair too, as long as they don’t put it in a braid.
  • I think I might have offended him by saying no to his offers. Im and I already have plans though. Neither of us want anything big, and I’d like to have it in Eversong, near where my mother’s ashes are. I lived in the area until I was six, and I remember going with her to the stream. She used to wash laundry there, and sometimes we’d catch frogs, which is how I learned to cook them.
  • I miss her.
  • Imralion told my father, which is fine cause I was dreading it, but then my father wanted to see me. I go to redo the wards around the ranger building once a week, and I usually try to go when I know my father is on patrol. I don’t care to see him. I don’t want to get into any arguments about past. I don’t want to fight with him about Lyorri. I’d really rather forget Lyorri altogether. Then he’d say he’d never did that. Well, maybe he should have.
  • Anyway, I went to see him. He refrained from bringing up Lyorri, which was a nice change, but he did start asking when we were planning to have the wedding, and where. I told him he wasn’t invited, and not for the reason he thinks. He asked what the reason was. I told him it’s because I care. There’s going to be alcohol there. He’s sober now, but he might feel like celebrating, and that would be the end of it, wouldn’t it?
  • He said I didn’t trust him. Like hell I’m going to trust him, and I told him that. BUT I care. I don’t need to trust him to care for him. I always have cared. I took care of both him and Maena before. When I went to Dalaran to study, I returned home often to make sure the rent was paid and they had food, I prioritized that over buying things to help my studies. After I passed my exams, I still went to check on them. I helped him move to the Ghostlands, and fixed up a house for him, which he trashed over and over again. He would not be working for the rangers now if I had not cared.
  • I still care. I don’t want him at the wedding. I don’t want him to have any setbacks. I think he understood. He didn’t say much else. He hugged me, which I could have done without, and said thanks.
  • We’ll have to start making real plans soon. I don’t want to be engaged for too long. I’d rather get past the engagement stage as fast as possible. I’ve been with Im a long time and I don’t think either of us have any doubts. We’ve also talked about our hopes and goals for the future, and I think we’re both headed in the same direction, so that’s good too.

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