Warcraft – Aeramin’s Notes

((I’m going to start using the title to tell what universe it is set in, since many of these characters appear in World of Warcraft and in Naren.))

  • We’re having an actual break in classes for the summer. Previous years, we’ve only had a week or two off. Still, I’ve been going and helping out around the school with stuff, which has mostly been Hethurin deciding he needs things moved. Books, desks, tables, chairs, are all going into one of the old practice rooms. He’s also cleaned out another room and put a desk and a chair in there and now he’s calling that my office. I was fine sharing one with Raleth, but I guess it is kind of nice to have my own. I can decorate it the way I want, and now Raleth can decorate his too.
  • I think the old practice room is being turned into a classroom which is good, and I hope I’ll be able to use it, but there’s a possibility that it could be for the general education classes. I suppose I should ask Hethurin. I thought he was going to have another classroom built on next to the room that’s already used for the younger students. There’s going to be a lot of new students coming in over the next few years. I know Raleth’s son is old enough, and Theronil’s son is too. I think Nessna’s son is also. It might be okay for this year, but the year after, there will be even more kids. He’s going to have to get them into a separate class so that they don’t slow down the older kids.
  • Anyway, so there’s that. Summer can be less work, but I would rather be teaching classes all day than pushing furniture around. I guess I technically don’t have to go to the school, but then what would I do all day? Also, most of the students stay there for the summer, and sometimes they come to ask me questions, so I need to be around a bit at least. That and I do like to talk to the two from Murder Row and make sure they’re both doing okay. I see Felarius often for his lessons, which we’ve decided to continue during the break, but I see Irael less. I will have to check in on her and make sure things are all good before I go on vacation.
  • Oh, yes, vacation. It’s been a while since Im and I have had a proper one. He’s sure he can get the time off, and I don’t think Hethurin will have a problem with it if I’m not pushing around furniture for a week.
  • We’ve decided to go to the Outland, mostly to the swamp, I think, and I’ve already started planning. Well I had ideas before this, but now I’m really planning. I think I’ve decided. I’m going to do it. I’m going to propose while we’re on holiday.
  • I already found the ring, and I’m having two made the engagement. One is in his size and one in mine. Coincidently, they are also from Outland. Petrified wood can be found in some places there, so I’m having the rings made out of that.
  • I need to talk to Vaildor about painting something too.
  • I’m really nervous about it. I’ve been engaged before, and obviously, none of them worked out. I want things to work with Im. I had a really good talk with him about what he wants and what I want and all that, and I think it went really well. I’m ready to try being engaged again, and I hope the wedding actually happens this time.

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