The Dance

Fhorbach watched as the other male lucaja strutted back and forth in front of him. His wings outstretched as he turned around slowly. Of course, he wasn’t actually considering the proposition, not tonight. However, the other male was nice to look at all the same. Fhorbach continued to watch as he sat, making no move to give the other male any indication what he was thinking.

It was common in this dragon’s lair. His pets were solely male, as to prevent any accidents, though they were frequently bred with females in other lairs. Fhorbach’s owner didn’t want the responsibility of training the young and sorting their characteristics. The brand on Fhorbach’s thigh marked him as intelligent and strong, which were desired, but controlled traits.

Too many intelligent lucaja were seen as a threat as far as he could tell. He’d only met a few others, almost all female. There used to be another male in his dragon’s lair, but he had already been old when Fhorbach was bought and homed here. The dragon had taken the older male out only a few weeks after Fhorbach’s arrival. He did not return with him.

His mother was the one who had taught him the most. It was from her that he learned speech, both the lucaja words and the dragon words. She taught him the rules he must obey, and how to write the dragon’s script using ink and a loose feather. He remembered how upset he had been when they took him away from her. She had told him to be strong and obey his new owner. He had, so far. He had heard of some lucaja being used as messengers between the other dragon clans. There were the ones to the southeast and the others to the northeast. He had never been asked to take messages, but he was sure he could. He was strong and smart.

He also wondered at times if there were lucaja settlements outside the mountain lairs of the dragons. If there were, he had never heard of them. However, he assumed they wouldn’t be something they would be allowed to speak of, not to mention, the most conversation he had was with his owner, who often asked for stories of what the others did while he was gone during the day. If his owner knew of lucaja settlements, it was highly doubtful he would say anything about them.

He turned his attention away from his thoughts, and back to the male performing the mating dance in front of him. He rarely had to do such things for the females. It was easier just to talk to them a little beforehand. They both knew what was expected of them, and it was nice to learn a little of what the other liked before starting. His mother had taught him to always respect the females he was put with. He knew the mating dance was another way of doing the same thing. Lacking words, the male in front of him had to express himself in other means, and Fhorbach got the message. The other male eyed him expectantly while continuing his dance.

Fhorbach frowned and tapped a talon on the floor in irritation, and turned to the side. From the corner of his eye, he saw the feathered wings of the other male droop in rejection, but moments later, he began to walk towards another, outstretching his wings as he drew closer, and stepped into another dance.


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