Felarius’s Journal

It’s been a weird day. I guess I should start at the beginning. I woke up, showered and got dressed, and everything about that was normal. I’m the only one in the attic rooms so I basically have a bathroom all to myself which is nice because I never have to wait for it.

Anyway, I went downstairs, and that was my first surprise of the day. We had a whole big breakfast prepared for us. There were pancakes and eggs and even bacon! When I took my plates to the kitchen, I found out why. Tik is back.

I stayed and talked to him a bit longer than I usually do. Normally, I talk to him a little bit because I always go to rinse my plate after I finish eating. Some people don’t. They just leave their dishes there for someone else to pick up, which I don’t think is right, but I guess that’s what they’ve learned to do.

Anyway, we weren’t alone. He had his baby with him in a basket with a blanket. A couple of the other students were already fawning over the baby, so I didn’t get to get very close. Tik said that the baby’s name is Ker’alith, and he’s going to have him at the school everyday. I guess Lilithel is back to work in the stable already. I would have thought it was too soon, but Tik said that Esladra told her that if she felt up to returning to work, then it was fine. Tik seemed confused about it too, but he just shrugged and continued working.

The baby is really cute and quiet, but it’s hard to tell because I think he was sleeping.

Anyway, I had to go to class after that. I still have to take general classes, and I go to those every morning. That part of my day was normal. Vaildor was there today. He only has general classes part-time too because he goes to art school in the city, but he alternates days. He and Kiandris like to goof off sometimes and make Miss Lali mad. I remember I did that too at their age. I guess when you get older, you get more sensible about learning. I mean, I realized that I didn’t want to end up working on the docks for the rest of my life just because my father knows people there. I was already doing it part-time, and I know that if I had stayed there, I would have eventually moved to full-time. I always wanted more, and was always interested in magic, so I’m really grateful for this chance to study what I really want to do.

After my general studies, which was mostly math – yuck, we had lunch. Lunch was so good with Tik back. It was just sandwiches and broccoli soup, but it was amazing sandwiches and broccoli soup. Lunch was really good, but nothing really happened.

I went to my arcane class after, and that was boring because there was a test. It took a long time. I think I passed it, but there were some really hard questions that I think I missed.

After that, I went to my private lesson. It was fire today. Sometimes, it’s Magistrix Mae who teaches it, but usually Magister Firewind does. Luckily, it was Magister Firewind today, which is good because I had been wanting to talk to him, but then I hesitated and figured after the lesson was over would be a better time to ask. He made me go through all the usual exercises with an existing flame. We use a candle for that, and I do different shapes and change the color and size of the flame and stuff like that. After that, we worked on conjuring fire. I’m not very good at it yet, but I did manage to light the candle twice. It was brief both times because the flame was too small to stay lit, but still I did it. He thinks I’m doing well.

He always asks about how things are, not just with my studies, but with my family, and how I’m getting along with the other students and stuff like that. I told him that I wrote home and suggested to my sister that she should apply here. Even if the headmaster didn’t let her bring our father, she still earn more because someone wouldn’t be taking most of it from her. Then she could send enough home to father to help him. Magister Firewind thought it could be a good idea, but she’d have to be careful and possibly change some behaviors. I asked him what he meant, and he told me about Julan and how he had some difficulty adjusting to his new life. I don’t think my sister is that bad, not that what Julan does is bad. I mean I’m not judging him or anyone who has to do that sort of work. Anyway, I asked if he had difficulty adjusting. He said it wasn’t as much of an issue for him because it was more gradual. He was still working like that while he was studying in Dalaran so that he could pay for his room and his apprenticeship! He said that’s why Irael and I are here for free, so that we, as serious students, won’t have to worry about how we’re going to pay for learning.

Then I remembered that I wanted to ask him about the books that I got from Shattrath. I didn’t tell him that I already checked them out, but I told him that I saw them and I wanted to know if it was allowed to check them out. Um, I think he knew somehow that I wasn’t being entirely honest. He started asking which books so I described them a bit, but stuck to size and color and stuff. Then he started asking for titles, and said he needed to know so that he could check with the headmaster. I was kind of asking him to avoid asking the headmaster, so I guess that might have shown in my face, because then he asked if I had already read them.

I figured if I was already in trouble, I could minimize it by being honest, so I told him that I had borrowed three of the books and had looked through them all.

Then he started asking if I had tried anything in them or drawn any circles. I haven’t! Then he asked me to get the books and bring them back to the practice room.

I hurried up to my room and got them. I thought about just running away and going back to the city, but that would be the same as being kicked out of school, so I decided instead that it would be better to wait and see if I didn’t get kicked out.

I took the books back to the practice room where Magister Firewind was waiting, and he wasn’t alone. Magister Fairsong was there now too. They had been talking , but both turned to look at me when I came into the room. I had only heard Magister Fairsong telling Magister Firewind that there was a reason he had asked him to teach.

I didn’t have much time to think about what that meant. Magister Firewind asked to see the books so I handed them over.

He flipped through the first one and called it garbage as he tossed it aside. The other two, he looked at and called ‘suitable’. I was confused about what was suitable about them, but again, I had no time to think about it because Magister Firewind started asking questions.

He wanted to know if I craved power, or if I wanted control over something in my life and that’s why I wanted to learn. I said no because that’s not it at all. I just thought that using demons against demons could be effective if they ever came here.

He kind of smiled really briefly and then he got really serious-looking and looked right at me. It was kind of scary, but he said, and I quote, “Felarius, are you sure you are interested in learning these things?”

I glanced at Magister Fairsong, but he wasn’t looking at me. He was frowning at the books and his ears twitched.

I looked back at Magister Firewind and that’s when it kind of all came together in my head. He was knowledgeable enough to judge the content of the books I had borrowed. He wasn’t asking if I wanted to learn so that they would have a reason to kick me out. He was asking if I wanted to learn from him.

I nodded.

He started to tell me that there would be strict rules in place, but Magister Fairsong interrupted with probably the most important rule. I’m to never, ever, ever practice any of what I learn of fel magic and summoning at the school or on the school grounds. Ever. And if I’m caught doing so, it will result in immediate expulsion for the school with no chance of return. So I think that sounds pretty serious. He said the books and any notes I take will need to be kept where Magister Firewind chooses to teach me, which he reiterated would not be at the school. I’m not to keep anything related to it in my practice room or room or anywhere at the school.

Another rule that seemed pretty important, but set by Magister Firewind is that I can’t tell anyone at all. I can’t tell my family or my friends or anyone.

After they went over the rules with me, and Magister Fairsong left, Magister Firewind told me to meet me in his office tomorrow after classes, and he would take me for my first lesson.

I’m a bit nervous about that because he mentioned it would be at his house and the guy he’s with is really big, and I don’t want to bother him just because I need to go there to study. Maybe there’s another place I could go for reading or something. I’ll have to ask tomorrow.


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