Orledin’s Ranger Log

I asked for another night off. The Captain gave me a look like he wasn’t sure, but then he said yes. He didn’t ask why, which I guess is good, but I have a feeling that if I ask for another night too soon, he will. I don’t know if he’ll accept ‘Trying to get a boyfriend’ as a valid excuse for missing patrol.

That said, I might be asking for a night off again anyway. There’s something else I want to do depending how everything goes.

I got Leinath flowers. That weird night elf death knight with a living wife and kid said he killed orcs for for her. Four of them! I’m not sure I could take four orcs at once. I’m also not sure Leinath would like that, like ‘hey guy, I brought you some orc heads.’ I don’t think that’ll work. So anyway, I got him flowers.

They’re not just flowers. Well, some of them are, but they’re small and just to make the bouquet look really nice. They’re a special flower from the Broken Isles. They’re shaped a bit like tulips, but they’re orange with a bit of white sticking up out of the center, making them look like fox tails.

I hope he likes flowers, and isn’t allergic to flower pollen or anything.

None of this was recommended by the night elf. I spoke to his wife, or mate as he calls her, for a bit too. She seemed wary of me at first, and acted like I didn’t belong in the grove. I don’t know, if one death knight is there, why can’t another visit? Maybe it’s because I’m a blood elf, but then there were a bunch of tauren there, and sin’dorei are better than tauren. Elves don’t poop in bushes or snort through snouts.

It might have been because I wasn’t a druid, and they don’t allow bakers there, or something weird.
The one I went to see calls himself a druid, so I respected that. I think that might have been what convinced her to talk to me. She didn’t say to give Leinath flowers though, so I don’t know. I hope he’ll like them.

He’s been helping me in the kitchen with the baking lately. It’s really nice having him there. I’ll give him the flowers when he comes to help tonight.


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