Hethurin’s Letter

Dear Father,

I hope everything is going well, and that you are not too close to the fighting. I really wish you hadn’t needed to go in the first place, but I guess they need healers there. I have overheard people talking in the market about how bad it is there. I keep hoping they don’t know for sure, but when multiple people say it, then maybe there is some truth in it.

Or maybe multiple people don’t know what they’re talking about. I like that theory better. Anyway, I hope you are safe.

Malwen keeps asking to visit you, and each time I have to remind her that you’re far away right now. She wants to go there to visit you, and again, I have to explain that it’s dangerous there. I think she doesn’t want to remember that because you’re there, and you could get hurt. That’s why she keeps forgetting. She’s a very smart girl, and is doing great in her classes. She said that maybe she doesn’t want to be a mage like me anymore, and that she might want to help people like you do. I told her she has lots of time to decide yet. She’s only 9! I didn’t know I wanted to be a mage for sure until I was 60!

Narise is doing well too. I am a bit sad that she doesn’t like to be carried for long periods anymore. I might have to talk to Ter about visiting the orphanage again soon. Anyway, Narise loves running up and down the halls while yelling and dripping milk out of her cup. I think Tik might be a bit bothered about it, but he doesn’t show it if he is. It only bothers me when she does it outside my classroom while I’m teaching.

She’s starting to speak now. She knows Ter is ann’da. She calls Tik, “Dick”, which makes me laugh. She still doesn’t say arc’ann’da very well to refer to me. She also knows how to say a lot of other small words like hello and goodbye, milk, Muffins, cake, etc.

Vaildor was asking me when you would be back the other day after his class. I think he misses you too. I asked him if he wrote to you yet, and he said he was working on it. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Lali said it’s a chore to get him to turn in anything that involves him writing out words! Maybe I could suggest that he paints you something small to send. He seems better at that.

There are still demons in the Ghostlands, but there have not been any found at all on the estate. Theronil teaches his enchanting class in the morning, and patrols the grounds in the afternoon. He hasn’t seen anything within the area covered by my ward. That’s good because it means the outer ward is doing its job just as much as the inner ward is. I guess there aren’t a lot here to begin with, but it seems when the rangers remove some, others show up to take their place. That’s what Nessna says anyway. She also said they’re looking for how the demons are getting here. It’s most likely a portal. She wanted to know if there was some sort of spell to detect demon portals. If there is, I don’t know it, but I agreed to talk to a couple of people I know who might. If they do, I’ll go to Sath’alor about it.

Terellion and I both wish you well, and we all hope you will be able to come home soon.



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