Aeramin’s Notes

  • We’ve returned from Tanaris. I have to say it was an interesting trip. Not entirely enjoyable, but interesting. We did see all sorts of new types of demons. One of them was the sun. My ears are still peeling from the sunburn.
  • I did stay mostly covered the first few days, but I forgot to bring a real hat. Imralion forgot to remind me too, and I thought I was being smart by bringing the headpiece with a veil to keep the sun off my face and the sand out of my mouth. I guess that was smart, but I still should have brought a hat too. Luckily, Embersun and Vallindra decided it would be best to work at night, so my sun exposure wound up being limited. It didn’t stop the burn from getting worse, but I guess it could have been worse than it turned out to be. I’ve just decided never to go to a desert again. Between the sunburn, the sweat in my robes and the sand in my ass crack, I’ve had enough desert to last the next 200 years.
  • Imralion didn’t get a sunburn, despite spending the same amount of time in the sun as me. He got a nice dark tan. It looks good on him. He managed to take a bunch of notes for the Blood Knights. I managed to take a bunch of notes for myself, and then we exchanged notes. It was interesting to see the things he noticed and how much they differed from the things I noticed.
  • The one part I really enjoyed was binding one of the large imps. I don’t dare leave it alone in the basement with the other imps, so it’s one of those I have to summon when I want to work with him, sort of like Gibrik, though Gibrik has earned the right to be left out now and then. Never when I’m not there, and never for very long. I don’t think I’ll ever trust him that much, but he’s been behaving for training the past year, and not trying to eat Zorkin or Yappy, so if I have to run upstairs to get something, I don’t mind leaving him in the warded basement with the others.
  • The large imp hasn’t even earned the right to be allowed out of the summoning circle. He’s not very happy that he’s bound, and tries to resist and break free. I think Embersun was interested in studying it further, so I’ll probably have to let him some night for a visit.
  • Anyway, that was my real reason for going. I wanted to see the imps, and there are some interesting new varieties so I brought one home. Our other reason for going, and the one that everyone else knows, was to strengthen the wards. It’s easier to ward against something if you know exactly what you’re warding against. So it was important to be able to go there and learn about the new types of demons, and the variations to the new demons.
  • One thing I hadn’t seen before was the structures. Well, they’ve had structures before, but these were larger, and appeared rather quickly. We never saw one being built, but we did note that they would show up in a place where there wasn’t one before. We didn’t seem to be able to catch them appearing though.
  • The other thing was the air ships. They were long and sort of triangular, and just floating in the air. I didn’t see any engine or anything to keep them up there, so it must be some sort of magic, much the way Dalaran floats. Since it’s demons we’re talking about, I’ll assume it’s some sort of fel magic, which could have interesting applications if we could learn how it works. Of course, I’d love to study one of the vessels, but I’m not sure how I could get into one safely. Maybe one will crash and the demons will abandon it. Then I could at least study the traces of the magic used.
  • When I got back, I spoke with Hethurin and helped him fortify the ward around the school grounds, then I went to the ranger building and redid the ward there with the adjustments. I also fixed the one at home, and adjusted my summoning circle in the basement to hold the new imp.
  • Maerista did a good job with the classes while I was gone. I know it was a lot of work to leave her with. There’s all the regular classes and all of the private classes. It looks like she stuck to the plan I left with her.
  • The Row students seem to be doing well in their classes. I try not to give them too much special attention. I don’t want the other students wondering why, but I do like to make sure they’re adjusting to the school and doing well. I spoke with Felarius the other night, and he’s worried about his frost class. He intends to study fire as his specialty though, so I told him not to worry too much as long as he’s doing well in one of the specialties. It’s very rare that anyone does well in all three. I told him how bad I am with frost and that my general arcane spells barely passed for my mage testing. He seemed a little encouraged by that.
  • I need to talk to Irael and make sure everything is going well for her too.
  • Yesterday, Tik showed up in the teacher’s room looking for me. He said Hethurin wanted to see me in his office. I don’t know why Hethurin can’t just come get me himself, instead of sending Tik and making Raleth and Keyalenn look at me like I must be in trouble. Actually, I don’t know if that’s what the look was. Maybe they were just wondering why he sent Tik too.
  • Anyway, I walked all the way to the other side of the building because someone is too lazy to teleport to me, and went into his office. He asked me who I knew in Stormwind. I didn’t think I did know anyone in Stormwind, and I told him so. Then he handed me an envelope. It was addressed to my name, and with the school’s address. The return address was Stormwind, but had no name listed. Hethurin said it came through Dalaran. At first, I thought it must be from the one human I knew in Shattrath. Or any number of humans I knew in Dalaran. Any one of them could have went to Stormwind. So I opened it right there to find out.
  • It was not from a human after all. I told Hethurin after I read the purpose of the letter that a sin’dorei living in Stormwind wanted me to do some research for him at the Spire, since he’s a little far to go himself. He gave me a look like he didn’t quite believe me, but he didn’t question it. I was allowed to leave his office without having to explain anything. I wouldn’t have been able to tell him everything anyway. I’m sure he wouldn’t believe me if I told him it was ‘Lhoris’.
  • Lhoris Brightblade, who is not Lhoris, but actually Alinash Brightblaze, might not even be Alinash Brightblaze. He wants me to name my price for checking the records to find anyone born in a certain range of years with any name similar to his. It would be a big job. He also wants information on the parents, and any other records of any names similar to his. He listed possibilities of similar names and it’s not something where you can just go search the ‘A’ section. It could be Elinash or Valinas or something like that. He thinks that because he didn’t exist when he went to check for himself, then that means his name is wrong. I think he’s probably just another undocumented little shit from Murder Row, but I guess I can look into it for him, or hire someone to. I know the search would be thorough if I did it myself, but I’m busy making up for the time I missed while in Tanaris, and there’s the mask party coming up at the school. It might be better to hire someone.
  • I’ll think about it anyway.
  • Imralion is, thankfully, not going to the Broken Isles like a lot of the other Blood Knights are. He’s staying behind to train new recruits, which there are quite a few of, so he says. One of them is Kuul. I don’t like that he flirts with Im, but I am glad he’s changing his life for the better, just like Julan and the Row students— and I guess my father too. I’m glad to be in a position where I can help get people who want to change their lives off the Row so that they actually have a chance. I’m glad Hethurin helps too. I wouldn’t be able to help as much if it wasn’t for him.
  • Kuul was over for supper the other night, and for use of the training dummy that Imralion has in the yard. I went out to watch while supper was cooling. I don’t really know how to tell if he’s doing well or not, but Imralion says he’s doing good.
  • I’m going to suggest to Hethurin that he helps Kuul with a small house in the spring. He’s been staying at the inn in town for too long. Maybe he’d be willing to flirt with someone else if he had a nice place to show them.



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